Though sorrow may impede our hearts, it is of great love to have known you.
  • 57 years old
  • Born on August 19, 1955 .
  • Passed away on April 18, 2013 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jim MacKenzie, 57, born on August 19, 1955 and passed away on April 18, 2013. We will remember him forever.  

Please add your photos, memories, stories and comments to this site so that Megen and I, along with all those who loved him can share in the memories.

Posted by Ed Pack on 23rd April 2018
Thinking of you our friend, hard to believe it's been 5 years. Spoke with Sherm recently about possible upcoming FROTH adventures and those past - including "nose hairs of death"; Rocky Grass, shared CA beers, and so many others
Posted by Ed Pack on 19th August 2017
Happy birthday Mac! Your kindness & generosity to others, and numerous great hikes, will always be treasured !! So glad you were part of our lives, and a greatly valued friend !
Posted by Joan Noland/Jardine on 19th April 2017
Happy Birthday Jim! See you again some day.
Posted by Ed Pack on 22nd August 2016
Happy belated birthday Mac!! We've been thinking of you a lot this summer as we go camping in your tent, and using the other gear you generously gave me. Thanks for your gracious gifts, the most important one being your treasured friendship and the role model for what an exceptional, kind, non-judgmental human being should be. Cheers FROTH buddy!
Posted by Christine Russo-Robertson on 20th August 2015
Jim, I miss you and I love you. Happy Birthday. I toast you from down here to up in heaven. Heaven is an even better place with you in it. Just wish you didn't have to leave us so soon.i think about you all the time. You are and will always be a kind and wonderful soul. Sending much love to your Mary Lynn too. Xxoo
Posted by Joyce Hora on 19th August 2015
Happy Birthday, Jim. Wish you were here to celebrate your 60th, but hopefully you are celebrating with Mom and Dad and Dern. Love you.
Posted by Ed Pack on 19th April 2015
Thanks Jim, for making the lives of all of us luckily enough to have known you better. Your laugh, love of life, and incredibly positive spirit will never be forgotten!
Posted by Ron Goettsche on 18th April 2015
What a loss to all who knew him all who would have.
Posted by Ed Pack on 20th August 2014
Happy (belated) birthday Mac! I know that each of your FROTH and other friends & family are grateful for all the good times we shared with such a special & treasured person. Cheers my friend (as I add a photo from one of our friendly, Friday beer tastings) !!
Posted by Mark Reinking on 21st June 2014
My wife and I knew Jim from our days working at MCI in the early 90s. We were sadden to learn just recently about Jim's passing in 2013. He was a good man and will always be in our in hearts. Mark & Rose
Posted by Jane Johnson on 19th April 2014
Today we mark a year without Jim. We all miss him every single day, especially his loving wife, Mary Lynn, my sister. It is unbelievable that it has been a year already because it seems like it was just yesterday, sometimes pain has a way of sticking around. I know that Jim would want all of us to remember him with a laugh and a smile and that he would want us all not to mourn his loss but to celebrate his life. I pray every day that Jim's family, especially Meg and Mary Lynn, can grow to remember Jim through tears of laughter and joy rather than through painful tears. Losing those that we love is just not fair, especially someone as wonderful as Jimmy. His legacy of positivity, love, laughter and kindness lives on through all of us who knew and loved him. I for one am going to make a special effort to remember that from this point forward and to try to honor Jim's memory by living life the way that he did. We love and miss you Jimmy. Thanks for keeping an eye on Mary Lynn, she will always love you so.
Posted by Jane Richards on 19th September 2013
Thinking of Jimmy a lot today. I know you are with Mary Lynn and keeping her strong through these most difficult months. I miss your smile and your inquisitive nature so much. You are always in our hearts and we have so many wonderful memories to keep us warm.
Posted by Robert Mackenzie on 2nd September 2013
We had a wonderful gathering of Jim's Connecticut family on his birthday. We through together a pot of chili, made like Jim used to do it. Had a few to many beers and a roaring camp fire in the back yard. That's what he loved. We miss you Jim. Love Bob and family
Posted by Ed Pack on 28th August 2013
Happy belated birthday Mac! Next month will be the 4th anniversary of our Rocky Mountain NP FROTH gathering, when we will all lift a glass to toast to our beloved & deeply missed friend. Thanks so much to Mary Lynn for sharing all these great pics and memories, they're greatly appreciated.
Posted by Jack Jardine on 20th August 2013
It's Joan. I haven't logged on to Gmail in months. Logged in tonight and realized that today was Jim's birthday, Jim, you will always and forever be in my heart. I could have never asked for a better best friend of a boy friend in my life. So happy to see that you enjoyed your life to the fullest and have a wonderful support group and family behind you. You will always be remembered.
Posted by Ed Pack on 29th April 2013
Jim is one of the finest, most positive people this world will ever know. His handling of this terribly unfair illness is an inspiriation to us all. I will cherish so many fond memories - from hiking & FROTH to visiting AZ, DE & especially the late night laughs in CA & our last phone chat in March. Rest in peace my friend, you are so terribly missed, & will never, ever be forgotten!
Posted by Faye Cooley-healy on 26th April 2013
I worked with Jim at MCI in 1987 have remained friends with him since that time. I will always remember Jim as gentle and kind, fun loving and perpetually smiling. He was a true gentleman with a quirky sense of humor, an abundant vocabulary and was one of the few men I knew who blushed when teased. Jim took nothing for granted and lived and loved life well.
Posted by David Pettorini on 25th April 2013
Jim was like a big brother to me. Although I did not get to see him much over the last few years, our group forged a lifelong fellowship that was important to each of us. All I can say is that everyone should have a "Mack" in their life. I know my world was and is a better place because of him. He leaves behind a generous gift of wonderful memories. I will miss him beyond words.
Posted by Linda Laituri on 25th April 2013
When Megen was born Jim was positively over the moon! He called her "Megen Scooplet Booplet" & used to hold his infant daughter high overhead proclaiming that she was "100% milk!" A father's love...
Posted by Linda Laituri on 24th April 2013
I will always remember Jim as a kind & gentle soul, comfortable to hang with & easy to talk to. I can't help but to think of him with my husband Jonathan, huddled around a barbecue, football game on, talking Volkswagon Bugs. I suspect Jon rolled out the red carpet for Jim & that they are frolicking among the stars.
Posted by John Laituri on 24th April 2013
My Buddy, James MacKenzie was one of the finest men I had the goodfortune to know in our time on this earth. I will miss him and remember him the rest of my days and hold him in high regard forever. Mary Lynn I will remember too and it was a blessing you found each other and had a good life together. I will never forget you two, never.
Posted by Jessica Hewitt on 23rd April 2013
Uncle Jim was by far one of the kindest, happiest, most approachable people I've ever known. He left the same impression on everyone he met. Just a genuinely good person. I think now we all know that we can add strong and brave to that long list of character traits to admire. I feel blessed to have Called him my uncle. He will be missed and thought of everyday. We love you uncle Jim!
Posted by Abbey Jessee on 23rd April 2013
Uncle Jim was one of the most genuine, kindest, and strongest men I will ever know. I think he picked up those traits from his big brother, my dad. When they were together there was always laughter and the "we know something you don't" smiles. The sadness is visible now and my heart aches. Our family is broken, our smiles have faded but in time we will heal. We will miss him everyday.
Posted by Ann Kufta on 22nd April 2013
Jerry and I remember Jim as as fine, honorable, kind and caring man who loved his wife, family and friends. His positive attitude as he faced his challenges was an amazing example to us all. Mary Lynn, words cannot express how sorry we are that Jim has passed on. We loved seeing you both in Cape May for those fun-filled summer visits with Gail and Andy. God bless you.
Posted by Sherm Kempp on 21st April 2013
So many memoiries. Fridays. Great Beer and Stories. Great Hikes, Spectacular Summits, Many tents and campfires. A friendship never to be repeated. FROTH and DEJS written in stone. Never saying a bad word about anyone and never complaining be it a hangover, bloody stumps, or the cancer that took him. Damn I'm going to miss that man. Via con Dios Mack. Bless you MaryLynn.
Posted by Diana LaMarche on 21st April 2013
I was so impressed with Jim's positive outlook from the stories my brother-in-law Bob & sister Debbie told. I love the story about how he & Mary Lynn met. They were truly meant to be together. So glad I was able to meet them when they came to Connecticut. We all loved the MacKenzie Super Bowl parties!!! My heart goes out to his family & I send my sympathy & prayers.
Posted by Steve Hora on 21st April 2013
Jim was my uncle, one of the nicest guys I have ever met...truly someone to look up to, the way he handled himself, especially when he was sick...always with a smile, appreciative of every day he was given...I hope I can live my life like that and be half the man he was. Rest in Peace
Posted by Robert Mackenzie on 21st April 2013
Jim was my little brother and I miss him. He never got the chance for his Jimtoberfest and I am tempted to be mad at something I just don't know what. Jim wasn't mad or angry, he never asked "why me". I am so proud of that kid, so proud to have called him my brother . Next month is Jim-May at our house
Posted by Judi Balisciano on 20th April 2013
Unfortunately, I didn't meet you all until Jim was already ill. However, when I came to pick-up Lucy for her walk, his warm smile always warmed my heart. It didn't even matter if he wasn't feeling especially good at that particular time. I will miss that warm smile. If there's anything that I can do for you, please let me know. May your pleasant memories stay in your hearts forever.

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