Jim McGrane
  • 59 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 18, 1954
  • Date of passing: Mar 13, 2014
One Band... One Sound... Let the memory of Jim live on forever.

This memorial website was created to celebrate the life of our colleague, friend & loved one, Jim, born on November 18, 1954 and passed away on March 13, 2014.

Jim was an extraordinary person and words cannot express how much we will miss him. He was one of the most inspirational, thoughtful and generous people we've ever known.  We are all better for having known him.  

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We will remember him forever.

Obituary and funeral information.

Donations may be made in Jim's memory to the Amyloidosis Foundation.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Eric McGriff on 18th November 2017

"Thinking of you on your birthday and missing you as always!"

This tribute was added by Bill Adams on 13th March 2016

"Hard for me to believe it has been two years since Jim's passing.  He continues to inspire me on a routine basis and I think of Jim often.  The impact we have on others last way beyond our mortal existence.  Jims impact was unique and powerful.  Love you Jim.   My love and thoughts to his family.  bill adams"

This tribute was added by albert maggio on 18th November 2015

"In celebration of your birthday, I am having an old favorite munchie- Freihofer's chocolate chip cookies, Kahlua, and milk!
Happy trails!"

This tribute was added by Hilary Fein on 18th November 2015

"This is the first time I am writing here. I knew Jimmy when we were both freshman in college. This goes back to 1972. His friends at that time included Stu Stanley, the Pollochino family and a few other members of his band. Even back when he was 18 years old, Jim was always looking to grow in business and he loved music. He sold Steed oil part time while going to college, as well as performing in a band as a singer, harmonica player and conga player - all self taught.  Every time I hear a Gladys Knight song or other songs from that era, I think of him. He turned me on to Spyra Gyra, Traffic, Sonny James and Brownie McGee, blues and jazz.  I met his grandparents, the McGranes, in Florida and learned that his grandfather had been a famous musician who performed with Tommy Dorsey in the Big Band era.  His grandma taught me to make cheese blinzes and pepper steak and I still have the recipes to this day.  I loved Jimmy and my memories of him will always be powerful.  Happy Birthday J.D.  Maryann, Geoff and Sam...you don't know me, but I just wanted to reach out to you all send love and say hello.  I hope you are doing well.  Warm thoughts go out to Don, Gloria, Lisa and Tommy. xox"

This tribute was added by Bill Adams on 18th November 2015

"Happy Birthday to my/our friend Jim.  My thoughts and prayers are with Jim entire family today.  I know that I miss Jim and think about him everyday.  His impact and friendship live on and I am blessed to be part of that circle.  Thoughts and love to Maryann, Geoffrey and Samantha.  bill adams"

This tribute was added by Mike Sweeney on 18th November 2015

"I think about Jim at some point every day. Jim's passion and creativity always inspired me so much. Miss you my friend."

This tribute was added by Holly Wolfert on 18th November 2014

"Thinking of you Jim and the family.  Not easy to come back to this site on the one hand but when trying to look positively, it is great to see the pictures and read the tributes.  It reminds me how lucky we were to have known you.  You are missed and yet I am looking forward to the better days up in heaven with so many who are there before us."

This tribute was added by David McDonald on 18th November 2014

"Jim ,I don't know what pulled me to your website today but happy birthday-I do really miss you
love your friend

This tribute was added by June Castoro on 18th November 2014

"Happy  Birthday in heaven Jimmy.  We all miss you.

The Castoro Family"

This tribute was added by Brad Critchell on 21st April 2014

"I worked with Jim a number of years ago and just wanted to say that he was a warm, caring person, who thought about others constantly; he also happened to possess a strong business sense and a great work ethic.  I am so sorry for your loss.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Carol Pace on 1st April 2014

"I had the great pleasure of working for Jim 15 years ago and the experience left a tremendous impression on me; he was one the the few truly unaffected, kind and generous people I've ever known.  He always took time to teach, share and mentor, and to laugh out loud.  What a joy to have known him.  Hopefully, his memory will continue to offer comfort to his family, and may God bless them."

This tribute was added by Woody Sutton on 24th March 2014

"Jim's infectious smile and caring persona made every ELFA or ELFF event special when he was in attendance. He always went the extra mile on behalf of the industry, and was always supportive as a volunteer. Those of us here at ELFA and ELFF were truly blessed to have known and experienced such an outstanding human being."

This tribute was added by Rick Wolfert on 24th March 2014

""Jim was an incredibly special person. Very Intelligent and thoughtful; deeply principled; a visionary; passionate about what he believed in with great compassion for all.  In the business world he proved to be an outstanding leader who garnered the respect of all whom knew him. An as a friend, you couldn’t ask for more.  He always was available to speak and provide counsel, and would do anything for his friends. As a husband and father, he was a role model for us all.   So, Jim on behalf of your family and friends, I thank you. I salute you for your brilliant mind, for your passion and vision, for your nurturing of others, for your generosity, for your leadership, for your patience and understanding, for your spirituality, for your deep devotion to your family, and finally, for your unconditional friendship and love.""

This tribute was added by Steve & Susan Baumgartner on 22nd March 2014

"We did not know Jim personally, but we spent many hours over dinner with his brother Tom listening to him talk about Jim.  You could tell Tom loved, respected and admired his brother.  Even though we didn't know Jim, it's obvious he affected many people in very positive ways ... Even two people from Colorado who only knew of him through his brother's stories.  Maybe that's the definition of immortality - Affecting those around us and living on through the memories and small influences we leave with others.  God bless the McGrane family."

This tribute was added by Bob Anderson on 21st March 2014

"I met Jim on two occasions, so I do not know him nearly as well as many others who will leave a tribute.  My only knowing of him is work related.  At our first meeting, I was unprepared to be as impressed with Jim as I was.  He was an extraordinary person.  He knew more about Organizational Transformation, in a deeply informed way, than any leader I had ever met.  He was a very personal and engaging.  I was drawn into relationship immediately.  I had been looking forward to getting to know him much better.  I will miss that opportunity.  My prayers are with Jim as he journeys on and with his family as they grieve his loss."

This tribute was added by abe Schwartzbard on 20th March 2014

"Jim McGrane was a class individual in every sense of the word.  He knew how to balance his professional life with his personal life and yet still made time for everybody.  He was my first sales manager over 25 years ago and gave me tremendous encouragement and for that I remain forever grateful.  Over the years I had contact with him at various times and he always was warm and generous and gave me his wise counsel and advice.  A person like Jim comes along very rarely.  Our thoughts are with his family who have a lot of great memories to remember."

This tribute was added by bob pollichino on 19th March 2014

"On behalf of me, my brother Paul, Michael Turturro,Cynthia William and John Botti as well as our families..... we would like to extend our condolences to Maryann, his family and his parents.

All of us and Stu Stanley spent thousands of hours and years together as friends and members of a band called Somethin' Sweet.

In fact we also recorded a disco record with Maryann's brother Freddie.

Although we lost touch when they moved out of NY I have thought of Jimmy many times and was hopeful that we could get the old gang together to refresh friendships.

I agree with his friend who said he was a passionate musician learning the congas, harp and as a singer. I still see his head tilt as he stared into the sky to hit the high notes.

I am glad to see that his life was full of friendship and love and wish we could have been more a part of it but I am glad that he is shining down on his family and in peace.

Jim.......as you once sang " don't take away the music...it's the only thing we got.....it's our piece of the rock""

This tribute was added by Dan Morse on 19th March 2014

"I had the great honor of working with Jim at two companies, US Leasing and AT&T Capital.  Jim was always the kind of guy you could count on to be there when you needed him.  He was open and ready to lead & support and never to busy to help.  We will all miss him."

This tribute was added by JEAN MARC MIGNEREY on 19th March 2014

"I met Jim more than ten years ago when we were looking for growth opportunities on the US market. At that time, he was a recognized specialist of vendor finance and the founder of USXL,one of the rising stars of small ticket finance. Since then, I had regular contacts with Jim and I could appreciate the qualities of the man, not only those of the professional strongly involved in our industry. I discovered that he had simple and true values based on family, friendship and respect of others. He was a good man. Repose en paix mon ami !"

This tribute was added by Susan Carol on 18th March 2014

"Jim was kind to everyone, an inspiration, and someone I always enjoyed seeing at industry events. He will truly be missed. My deepest condolences to Jim's family and friends."

This tribute was added by Hugh Connelly on 18th March 2014

"Jim was one of the "good guys" in leasing.  I appreciated his help when I started my company in 2006.  I enjoyed ELA functions with him.  He and I lobbied together on Capitol Hill days in DC for the ELA.  I have a great amount of respect for him and tried to emulate his leadership style in some small way.  He is missed."

This tribute was added by John Brophy on 18th March 2014

"My deepest condolence to the McGrane family on Jim’s passing. I knew him for many years; first with AT&T Credit & now with USXL/Everbank. Like so many others have already expressed, Jim wasn’t the typical corporate executive. I don’t think he laughed at my corny jokes to be nice – I think his sense of humor was as corny as mine.

My favorite story; Me & my band played a few holiday parties in the early days of USXL.  Jim was a blues enthusiast & wanted to blow the harp on a particular song. I knew he was a great musician & told him, no problem. But he wanted to rehearse & asked where we practice. I told him we play in our drummer’s barn on Wednesday nights. I gave him the address, but didn’t expect him to really show up. Well, sure enough, the following Wednesday, there was Jim in the barn, with me & the band, working on the old John Mayall song he wanted to do. When he left, my band mates said, “What a cool guy. You say he’s a co-worker of yours?” I said, “No, he’s the president of the company I work for.” Needless to say, they were surprised."

This tribute was added by Bob Sciarello on 18th March 2014

"Maryann, Samantha, Geoffrey, I am deeply sadden to hear of Jim’s passing. I had the pleasure to work with Jim on several fund raiser projects at St. Matthew’s. Jim was a friend for many years and member of the fund raiser team, his inspiration, guidance and enthusiasm helped make many fund raisers a success.  My prayers are with you and your family at this sad time."

This tribute was added by Brian Agront on 18th March 2014

"To Maryann, Samantha, Geoffrey and family.  My family and I are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.   I do hope you find some comfort in the kind words and happy memories that we are sharing with you.  Jim was truly special to all of us.

Jim was the first person in a Senior Management position that I really got to know personally.  After working at large companies, with little or no interaction with upper management, I started working at a small startup called US Express Leasing.  I’d like to share some amazing story about how I started to get to know Jim but there really isn’t one.  Getting to know Jim was just like getting to know any other coworker.  Jim wasn’t “President of USXL – Jim McGrane”, he was Jim and his job just happened to be President of USXL.  There was no pretense when interacting with him.  No air of superiority or feigning concern.  He was very special because he was one of us.  He had his job, and you had yours.  But first and foremost, he valued you as a person.  And what’s most amazing is he never had to go out of his way to show you this.  It was simply who he was.

Jim will be missed by so many.   It’s a rare blessing to have had the opportunity to know such an intelligent, visionary and inspiring leader.  Rarer still to have that same person serve as an example of how to strive to simply be a great person.  To me, that was Jim."

This tribute was added by benoit chenu on 18th March 2014

"I had the chance to meet Jim 10 years ago and since, I saw him once a year at the ELFA Convention. Each time I saw a man who radiated empathy and concerns of others. He was not only a great professional but an exceptional individual. My prayers and deepest sympathy to Jim's family.""

This tribute was added by Anthony Cheng on 18th March 2014

"Jim was my mentor and my boss durinng the Heller's days.  His unforgetable smile and easy-to-approach personality will remain in my heart forever.  He gave me excellent advise and help even when I left for another company.  Good bye - my mentor, boss and friend!  I will surely miss you!"

This tribute was added by Allen Sailer on 17th March 2014

"I met Jim while working at Charter Financial. He was always a charismatic, creative and positive individual. He would always great you with a smile. We stayed in touch from time to time after that and he remained that positive and bright person.

Rest in peace Jim."

This tribute was added by James Drake on 17th March 2014

"Julie and I would like to share our deepest condolences with Maryann, Geoffrey and Samantha as well as with all of those that had the pleasure of calling Jim their friend. What a special man who touched so many.... He will be greatly missed but forever remembered."

This tribute was added by Michael Rubin on 17th March 2014

"Jim McGrane hired me to join him in starting a Vendor Leasing group at Charter Financial in New York.  Although we worked together for only a brief period of time, I saw then, what many of the comments reflected in this tribute are saying today.  Jim was, plain and simple, a good person in every way possible.  A great listener, teacher and someone you could talk with about anything.  Jim was a visionary who believed anything was doable or possible.  My heartfelt condolences to all of Jim's family and friends."

This tribute was added by Marc Gingold on 17th March 2014

"I briefly worked with Jim in a consultant engagement 20 years ago. It was a new experience for me that opened my eyes to a completely new perspective on leasing. I can echoing the comments above, he was a good listener and always had time to chat no matter how busy or remote the topic was. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and the equipment leasing community has lost one of its truly good leaders."

This tribute was added by Eric McGriff on 17th March 2014

"When I met Jim 26 years ago, I was a wet-behind-the-ears kid just beginning my career; Jim was a bright, young executive leading a nationwide team of sales professionals. Why on earth would Jim squander time talking to a rookie like me?? Because, well, he was just being Jim.

Over the years, myself and many others have been privileged to be treated to the full ‘Jim experience.’ There were so many wonderful aspects to this man: Jim the bold visionary...Jim the dynamic leader...Jim the compassionate fellow-traveler...Jim the unrivaled instigator of jokes and pranks...Jim the mentor par excellence. And, the role most cherished by me, Jim my friend.

Words simply cannot express the depth of sorrow and acute feeling of loss at Jim’s passing. He was a person who touched the lives and hearts of all around him in a profound way. At the heart of the sorrow of losing such a gem of a human being, is the realization that we all have been bestowed a great blessing in life by having known Jim.

My own & Kym’s hearts and prayers go out to Maryanne, Geoffrey, Samantha and Jim’s parents. Jim lives on for us all through each one of you."

This tribute was added by Chris Enbom on 17th March 2014

"Rest in peace Jim.  All in the equipment finance world will miss you."

This tribute was added by John Rizzi on 17th March 2014

"Always a smile, always a leader, always a model of integrity, always a friend who will forever live on in each of us who had the honor to know him. Rest in Peace Jim!"

This tribute was added by laurie bakke on 17th March 2014

"My heart is heavy with the loss of Jim.  Not only was he an admired and respected man, he was a thoughtful and kind man.  Jim was a friend, mentor and sounding board, always quick to compliment and equally quick to dispense advise.  An avid cyclist who posted crazy stats!  Will continue to use Jim as my virtual partner for posting miles.  We'll miss you my friend.  My thoughts and prayers are with Maryann, Samantha, Geoffrey and his family.  God bless."

This tribute was added by Kim Andreatta on 17th March 2014

"I remember first meeting Jim at the Parsippany office.  Immediately I was at ease.  Jim's genuine interest in how he could help us better understand the business he so passionately enjoyed was immediately evident.  Over lunch he educated us, got to know us, shared about himself and made us laugh.  I am very fortunate to have worked with such a great man.  Much peace to his wife, children and parents.  May all of the wonderful memories sustain you."

This tribute was added by Joe Lane on 17th March 2014

"In our business and personal lives, we are sometimes blessed to meet, work with, create and share memories with, and enjoy the company of a few all-around wonderful people we call "friend". Jim was truly one of those special people. Friendship only begins when we are together in this life - building on the foundations we construct together, we keep our friends' memories alive by honoring them throughout the rest of our own lives.  I will truly honor the memory of Jm McGrane as a man of character, a man of principle, a man with talent. And I will miss him as a dear friend."

This tribute was added by Micah Thompson on 17th March 2014

"Having worked with Jim at Heller, I had not seen Jim in person for a number of years, until six weeks ago when we bumped into each other at Jacksonville airport. He was just the same, we did not stop talking until we landed in Newark. His effervescent character, reminded me of just how much passion one can have for our industry, he will be missed by many of us. My prayers and thoughts are with his family.."

This tribute was added by June Castoro on 17th March 2014

"I met Jim and Maryann around the time they had Geoff and Samantha, and our families became the best of friends.  We spent some wonderful times together.  Jim, we will all miss you, your zest for life, the love and devotion you showed for your family, and your warmth and good nature.  Thank you for sharing those things with us, we are a better family for having known you."

This tribute was added by John Gougeon on 17th March 2014

"I was hired to run Asset Management for Heller GVF a week before Jim started with the company.  When news came that Jim McGrane had taken over leadership at Heller I thought my days were numbered.  Little did I know that a long friendship was about to begin.  After a difficult year at HF, Jim had taken the leadership team to a "team building" event in Tucson, AZ.  I was on the cusp of accepting a position with a competitor but after having spent several days in the desert with Jim and learning about his passion and compassion, my mind was made up - I would go through a wall for this guy.  I'll never forget the day in his office when he told me of his true passion, Latin percussion.  Here was a guy, a captain of industry, a leader, a motivator, who just really wanted to play the drums...

I was saddened by the news of his passing, but saddened even greater knowing the world has lost yet another kind, loving, passionate person.  Eternal rest Jim..."

This tribute was added by Rocco Castoro on 17th March 2014

"We will all miss Jim. His smile would light up a room. It is hard to understand when someone is taken from us much too soon. Jim was a good Father and Son. My condolances to the family as they suffer through this loss. The good Lord has a plan. Someday Jim, we'll all be together again."

This tribute was added by Seth Waller on 16th March 2014

"Maryann, Geoffrey and Samantha, my condolences to you on your loss.  Like many others on this page, I knew Jim through work.  In the short time we worked together he made a huge impression on me.  He was a fantastic leader and mentor, and all of our lives were richer for having known him."

This tribute was added by Rebecca Sheriff on 16th March 2014

"Jim was a great leader, during good times and hard times. You could tell he loved what he did. He had compassion. He was caring. I will remember the smile he had on his face during company events. I will especially remember how he loved to play the harmonica. My thoughts are with his entire family."

This tribute was added by Mike Sweeney on 16th March 2014

"“You work with Jim McGrane? What a great guy”. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that phrase over the past 10 years, it would be like winning Powerball. Jim was admired and revered by all who knew him.
The most genuine and charismatic leader I have ever known, what set Jim apart was that he could immediately connect with anyone. A trip with Jim was a chain of human interactions from discussing the best wine with a waiter to talking cars with a parking attendant to watching Jim wow any audience.
Jim invested personally in all of us to be better leaders, but it wasn’t just to help our business, it was because he believed in our human potential and his belief that if we were better leaders, we could make a difference.
Jim, I will miss your laughter, your friendship, your sage counsel and I am grateful for the time we had together. I know the world is a better place because you were here. God Bless the entire McGrane family."

This tribute was added by mike jones on 16th March 2014

"Maryann, Geoffrey and Samantha, years ago I had the fortune to introduce your husband and father to a group of very talented young people. My feelings for Jim then and today have never wavered. His impact on my life and the life of so many will never fade. I will remember him always but wanted you to know what I and so many felt about him. I thought this introduction summed up my love and respect for Jim better than anything I could have written on this day. There are very few men that have meant so much to me and I doubt that I will ever feel the impact of his greatness again. I was blessed and honored.

MVP Dinner March 2008-MJ to introduce JM
Jim McGrane
We have one more award yet to give but before we get there I have the opportunity to introduce our final speaker of the evening. This is the first time in 5 years I have been given this opportunity (probably for good reason) so sit back and relax, it will only take a minute or two. Let me preface what I am about to say, most of you know me but for those that don’t, I am the furthest thing from politically correct that you are going to find, I don’t blow sunshine or smoke so if I am saying anyting it is from the heart. So if this sounds a little sappy, suck it up and if you think I am kissing up, tell me so at the conclusion of this meeting we can discuss it further. OK disclaimer concluded.

In preparing for this evening the term leadership continued to be at the beginning of every thought. When the World Trade Center was hit it was leadership that got the city and the country through the visual carnage depicted on every TV screen. When great battles waged were almost lost but somehow won it was leadership that motivated normal people like you and me to reach down and react. When you look at organizational success and pending failure, it is always leadership that provoked people to do what they otherwise would not have done. Most people in this country will never know what it is like to work for an inspirational leader, follow a person to the end. In 25 years I have had the opportunity to work with only two and if my life were to end tomorrow I have been blessed more than the millions of people that surround me and so have you.

The first was Lt. General “Mad” Max Thurman who among other things promoted the phrase “Be all that you can be” he did not come up with it but he made it mean something to so many.

The second promoted the phrase “One band, One Sound” but he too made it mean something to so many.

You won’t see quotes from vendors or the people we work with, he won’t be given an award, he seldom gets the recognition that he deserves nor does he ask for it because he is our leader. He does not ask you to be silent, in fact he provokes you to the point that you can’t hold back.  He is not the emperor who has no cloths he is the guy who fights for you every hour of every day. Most of the time you don’t see him in combat, you don’t see the scares or the internal bleeding but make no mistake about it over the years he has laid his career and his honor at the feet of men who are much less leaders then he.

I came here 5 years ago almost to the date because of his dream, his vision, his passion and his reputation. I had no intensions of leaving the phenomenal organization I was with but after months of getting to know who he was and what he was trying to do I knew that we may have only one thing in common. That was the dream to build something very special, something that nobody has been able to build before and possibly never to be built again.

Over the years as we traveled to meet with many partners I witnessed a man who was immediately accepted in a world who accepts little, a guy from NY who could find one thing in common with a guy from SC, enough to build immediate trust, a quality that few have and many seek. He is a natural.

The last year has been tough on us all but you will never know how tough it has been on him, he will not let you see his worn torn battle scars but when you look into his eyes you will see a man who is the epitome of what this world, this business, this company needs. A compassionate, objective, push you to your limits and then ask you for more, leader of our business. I am honored and proud to have served with him. He is my captain, your captain….Jim McGrane."

This tribute was added by Lee Wright on 16th March 2014

"I worked with Jim during USXL's initial years.  I will always remember Jim for his leadership skills, intelligence, and wit.  Furthermore, he always impressed me with his kindness, patience, and desire to see the best in everyone with whom he worked.  I was very saddened to hear the news of his passing.  My sincerest condolences go out to his family."

This tribute was added by Doug Tucker on 16th March 2014

"So sad to hear the news of a great man who has left us too soon. I met Jim through Cornerstone at St. Matthews. I enjoyed being in his company and I knew Jim was good people the instant I met him. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, his kids and family. He will be missed."

This tribute was added by Ted Edgar on 16th March 2014

"We were saddened to hear of Jim's passing.  He and I were colleagues in the 80's and 90's and our family lived in Randolph for a time.  We will remember Jim as youthful, energetic, quick-witted and fun.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you; God bless your family."

This tribute was added by Charles Wendel on 16th March 2014

"I consulted to Jim's firm and knew him from the ELA. Jim was intensely intelligent and a person who wanted to drive to practical solutions. He was also very well respected and admired by his work people who found him to be a strong leader with integrity and great humanity. Very sad."

This tribute was added by Rick Nelson on 16th March 2014

"Jim provided me my first introduction to the leasing industry as my BST Sales Trainer at US Leasing in 1982. He was a mentor then and someone I always looked up to, admired and enjoyed getting together with over the years. He was one of the smartest and savvy guys I've ever had the privilege of knowing - but totally unpretentious, witty and down to earth. The world was a better place with his presence and he will be greatly,greatly missed."

This tribute was added by Melisa Carter on 16th March 2014

"For over 30 years, Jim has been a wonderful friend and colleague. I remember when we had offices next to each other at USL in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to work with him very closely, as well. Sometimes our conversations would get pretty heated. One time someone walked up to us during one of these discussions and asked why we fought so much. Jim and I both burst out laughing and Jim said we weren't fighting, we were just behaving like brothers and sisters do. He was always giving me good advice, even if I didn't always want to hear it, the mark of a real friend. Thank you, Jim. You'll be missed!"

This tribute was added by Frans Jansen on 16th March 2014

"I have had the pleasure of working together with Jim at AT&T Capital and Heller Global Vendor Finance. Jim is one of the nicest people I have met in my life. My thoughts go to his wife and family."

This tribute was added by Tom Blackburne on 16th March 2014

"Life grants each of us a few precious close friendships that last decades.  Jim was one for me.

Jim and I have enjoyed our friendship since the days before we married our wonderful wives.  We watched our families grow and shared numerous reasons for celebration.  

One of the most interesting characteristic about Jim was his enormous intensity for life and its potential for accomplishment.   From his achievements in his work life, the friendships he forged and nurtured, his cycling, church, music and especially the pride he had for his family, he managed his life in the most excellent way with an overwhelming passion for everything he did.

But there was also something magical about Jim ... it was his unique ability to positively motivate others.  

I will miss his engaging voice and mannerisms.  Joan and I had many great times together with Jim and Maryann – boating, dinners, vacations, birthdays, graduations, movies, watching the Super bowl each year, just hanging out together.

If the worth of a person’s life is how many lives they affect in a meaningful way and the amount others love and respect us, then Jim certainly is a very wealthy man.

Jim, my buddy, I cherish the many experiences that we have shared.  Joan and I will miss you greatly.  You will always be in our thoughts.

Maryann, Geoff, Samantha, Christopher and family and Jim’s mom and dad – the hearts of everyone in my family go out to each of you.  Please know that we will continue to be there for you.

Lastly, God, please Bless Jim.  And ... enjoy Jim's company [I am sure You will].

"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”~Author Unknown"

This tribute was added by albert maggio on 15th March 2014

"Maryann, Geoffrey, and Samantha, your husband and father was a good friend with a great wit and sense of humor with whom I had the pleasure of sharing the joy of the season of Easter and the celebration of the Resurrection. May you take comfort in knowing that he truly believed In the circle of birth, death, and eternal life."

This tribute was added by lisa garcia on 15th March 2014

"Lisa and George Garcia and children are sending our most sincere heartfelt sympathy to Maryann, Geoffrey and Samantha and all of Jims loved ones….we are neighbors and through St. Matthews have come to know Maryann and Jim.   Heartbroken…we will be keeping you in our deepest prayers for such a lovely man…."

This tribute was added by karen larson on 15th March 2014

"I met Jim in 1984 and I can truly say I owe my career to him.  Throughout the years he has given me advise when asked, an ear when needed and a friendship forever. He will always be remembered and loved by the many, many people he touched during his life including me."

This tribute was added by Johanna Garcia on 15th March 2014

"I only knew Jim for the past year when I started cycling.  While going through difficult times, you always remember the people that share some wise and good advice with you; and I can say Jim was one of them.  He was always kind and thoughtful; he always had something nice to say about his wife and kids.  But I specially remember the way his face got brighter when he talked about riding his bike with his son Geoff.  We will miss you forever Jim."

This tribute was added by Holly Wolfert on 15th March 2014

"Knowing Jim for many, many years the things that stand out when I think of him are:  kind, brilliant, great husband and father, man of faith and of course, beautiful blue eyes.  I also have fond memories of our trip to Italy, the many, many ÉLA (and all names it was called by) conventions and of course getting together with kids when we lived close enough to do so.  I will miss him and am comforted knowing that Maryann, Geoffrey and Samantha have such beautiful memories of a husband and father to sustain them."

This tribute was added by Jennifer Peyton on 15th March 2014

"Though my time knowing you, Jim, was very short…I feel like I’ve known you for years.  You are such a great, genuine, down-to-earth person and leader.  It’s hard to believe that I won’t get to have random chats about cycling with you, but I will always remember you trying out my new mountain-bike (with pink wheels) in your dress slacks, shirt & tie – so funny!  :-)

Things will not be the same without you.  Your light heart, passion, enthusiasm, energy and drive for the business were infectious to those around you – and certainly were to me.  You will be greatly missed dear friend."

This tribute was added by Stuart Stanley on 15th March 2014

"Jimmy was....is.....and will always be my best friend.  A dear, loving, friend of more than 45 years.  There are no words that could possibly convey the bond that we shared.  I Love You Jimmy, as I Love My Own.

Shelly, David, Jacob, and I will miss you profoundly.......while smiling quietly.....remembering all the adventures we had, all the growing up we had, all the family raising we had, all the life we had.

Maryann, Geoffrey, Samantha, Don, Gloria, Lisa, and Tommy........, Shelly, David, Jacob, and I wish you Strength, we wish you Comfort, we wish you Peace.  We know, you will Endure, we know you will Thrive, we know you will Love.  

In due time our tears will dry, our hearts will mend, our spirit will lighten.  In due time we will smile again, we will regain our balance and move ahead.  And as we heal Jimmy will never, ever be forgotten.

Jimmy graced us with love, he showed compassion, he radiated heartfelt warmth.  His laughter came easily and often, his wisdom settled amongst all of us, His friendship was genuine and true and most of all....he gave and shared Life with us all.  For that you will always be a part of us.  

Our sorrow is the measure of our Love.....Thank You Jimmy.

I Love You

This tribute was added by Alan Frankel on 14th March 2014

"I had the pleasure of working with Jim in several capacities over the years. He was a true professional and one of the nicest people in our business. He made a lasting impression on our industry and on all hios colleagues."

This tribute was added by Jim Brehove on 14th March 2014

"Jim was a very special person and I can't seem to comprehend that he is no longer with us.  I can't think of a kinder, nicer and  warmer person.  Jim got me into road cycling for which I will always be grateful and I am sure I will think of him each time I ride.  Good bye friend."

This tribute was added by Lee Barther on 14th March 2014

"Jim was a dear friend and riding buddy.  We spent a lot of time on the road and shared a kindred spirit.  My wife and I suffered the unimaginable loss of our 24 year old son last year as the result of a tragic accident.  Jim spent a lot of time consoling me and just being there to buck up a friend.  With a heavy heart my thoughts and prayers go out to Maryann, Geoff and Samantha.  I know there is no way to ease their pain but just to say that Jim was a person with a good heart who I greatly admired and who truly was the salt of the earth.  I will miss you buddy."

This tribute was added by Lauren Malone on 14th March 2014

"I will always remember our great times spent in OBX.  Jim always had a great sense of humor and our families shared many moments laughing til we were practically rolling on the floor.  We will miss you dear friend, but I know we will meet again some day in heaven.  Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by marty epstein on 14th March 2014

"Jim, Lee, Rey, Tom, Jim B., myself and many others loved to ride our bikes. We all enjoyed riding fast, talking and sharing our lives and just enjoying our time together on our bikes. We had a great trip planned together to go on a trip together to Napa on a Trek Travel trip. Jim was so looking forward to this trip.
I will still go and celebrate and remember our wonderful friend and ride in his honor."

This tribute was added by Sara McAuley on 14th March 2014

"We are all better people and leaders thanks to Jim. He will be missed greatly by so many folks.  Prayers and deepest sympathy to Jim's family."

This tribute was added by Teri Gerson on 14th March 2014

"Jim was  a completely unpretentious person who gave freely of himself. I remember when I wanted to get a solid opinion about something I was considering for my business I asked Jim if he'd help me evaluate my plan. He graciously agreed to meet me for lunch and shared his time, experience, and wisdom as if that lunch meeting was the only thing he had on his plate. For years Jim and I shared personal and business thoughts and ideas on a vast array of subjects. My heart is very heavy and the world is diminished without him in it."

This tribute was added by Curt Brantl on 14th March 2014

"Thank you friend.  Thank you for helping all of us see the world through a positive light and drawing out the best in each of us.  ECF made it through many tough years because of that vision and will thrive in the years to come from the momentum you created.  No worries.  The house is in order.  Peace."

This tribute was added by Laura Anger on 14th March 2014

"I will always treasure the time I was privileged to work with Jim.  Maryann, Geoffrey and Samantha thank you for sharing yourselves with us and sharing your husband and dad during the time you were in Michigan.  We miss all of you.  We are keeping you in our prayers.  I'm thinking that God must have really needed an awesome leader in heaven right now."

This tribute was added by Pascal Bouillon on 14th March 2014

"I first met Jim in 2005-2006, when Societe Generale was exploring the creation of an equipment finance subsidiary in the US.
Jim gave us a lot of thoughtful advices, based on his in-depth experience of the US market. Always willing to help, a great person to work with.
On a more personal matter, we discussed last year doing some bike ride together, but unfortunately this will never happen.

I will miss his enthusiasm, energy and always positive attitude. I can also deeply relate to his staff, having already been twice in a similar situation of losing a highly respected leader close to me."

This tribute was added by Jeffrey Hilzinger on 14th March 2014

"For close to 20 years, Jim was my partner and mentor - but most importantly, my dearest friend.  He was a very special person and probably the biggest influence on my life other than my parents and my wife, Hollie.  He's already deeply missed. . ."

This tribute was added by Laura Osborn on 14th March 2014

"My deepest condolences go to Maryann, Geoffrey and Samantha, there are just no words to take away your pain right now.

Jim was an incredibly special man - a one of a kind leader.  He was my dear friend and mentor.   He always had time for people, connected deeply with them, shared his knowledge and even more importantly opened his heart.  He brought out the best in people.  He inspired us to be better. We all learned so much from our time with him and I am grateful that we had that time, even though he was taken from this earth too early. God is now graced with an incredible angel.   Luv you Jim - I will miss you terribly."

This tribute was added by Jeff Teucke on 14th March 2014

"For over 30 years, Jim has been my friend, mentor and colleague.  He is viewed this way by so many and the world is a poorer place now that he is no longer with us.  I will miss his wild and crazy laugh, his intensity and drive to get things right - but most importantly, his caring heart. My family and I have been so blessed by his kindness and his wonderful way. I can truly say, I am a better person because of Jim McGrane's influence on my life.  Goodbye my friend - I will miss you."

This tribute was added by Denis Stypulkoski on 14th March 2014

"Jim was a true friend, colleague and brother.  I have had the joy of knowing him since 1991.  He gave the best of himself to bring out the best in others.  Jim was a true leader who was able to establish a heartfelt connection with everyone who had the privilege of meeting him.  I will miss him immensely.  My thoughts and prayers continue for Maryann, Geoffrey, Samantha and Jim's entire family."

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