This online memorial was created in memory of one of the greatest men that ever graced this earth, a loving father, a compassionate husband, a wonderful son & brother and the best friend some of us ever knew... Jim Singer, 29, born on February 22, 1982 and given his angel wings on July 16, 2011. We will remember Jim forever.  Please share your stories, pictures or a favorite song that reminds you of Jim.  This website is gifted with love to Jim's children, J.R. and Ashlee so they may "visit" with and remember their phenomenal Daddy that we all loved so dearly. Jim, Kelly, J.R. & Ashlee - we love you, the Combs Family




Posted by A Friend on July 16, 2019
Sending our love to you above and to J.R. and Ashlee. Never forgotten.
Posted by A Friend on July 16, 2018
Went to the beach today in remembrance. The ocean always makes you feel closer to heaven. Thinking of you today and always, especially that pink towel you rocked!
Posted by A Friend on February 22, 2018
Happy anniversary of birth, my friend. Miss you.
Posted by A Friend on February 22, 2017
This day always brings tears. This website is wonderful to have and reflect on. A collection of memories. I just went back and read all the "stories" that were shared and it brought back so many memories that were forgotten. thinking of you today, Jim. Birthday wishes to heaven!
Posted by Ruth Singer on July 18, 2016
Just thinking of Jim today.
Posted by Brandi Combs on July 16, 2016
Although we haven't written in some time, there's not a day that goes by that we don't think of you... This week has been especially tough... It would have been your 13th wedding anniversary... I took Kelly out & did my best to make her laugh, our memories of you always bring smiles & tears. As we said our goodbyes, DeeDee received his angel wings! I saw so many rainbows this week, I know you and other loved ones were waiting to bring him home. I still can't believe it's been 5 years since we lost you! You would be so proud of your children! They are both growing into wonderful little people. I know you watch over them! We love & miss you so!!! ❤️, Brandi, Scott, Logan & Layni
Posted by Amy Robertson on February 22, 2015
Thinking of you an extra-much today, my friend. Birthday wishes to heaven. Happy 33rd. We miss you always and keep your memory close to our hearts.
Posted by Brandi Combs on July 16, 2014
It never rains all day in Florida, but today tears are pouring down from Heaven... I know you're waiting for the right time to send a rainbow. You would be so proud of J.R. and Ashlee and the incredibly strong mother Kelly is to them. I just know you're watching over them and smiling from above. We love & miss you!
Posted by Brandi Combs on February 20, 2014
This summer Ashlee was on the boat with us & Layni was yelling to go faster, AJ climbed into my lap & said she didn't like to go fast. I said "you don't??? Do you remember your Daddy's boat, you loved going fast on it." Her reply "I don't remember Ms. Brandi, but will you please tell me about it".  I remember how much they idolized you and times like that simply break my heart, but I'm happy to tell them all the stories they'll let me. Gone, but never forgotten! xoxo
Posted by Brandi Combs on February 20, 2014
It's so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember... we had some great times! Really wish we were planning your bday celebration instead of planning on releasing balloons to Heaven...
Posted by Brandi Combs on December 16, 2013
Logan put the ornament with your picture at the top front of the tree so that we can all remember the great times with Mr. Jim, and he wanted "you" at the very top with the angel. During this holiday season please be with us and continue to remind us of your eternal presence. Hugs to Heaven!
Posted by Jeremy- Katie Gravante on July 16, 2013
After 2 years your still in our hearts and your family in our prayers! We miss you like crazy! We can't wait till that day we get to reunite and catch up on some great memories!
Posted by Amy Robertson on July 16, 2013
Thinking of you today and always. We love and miss you very much and find comfort in the daily things that remind us of you! Hugs to heaven my friend!
Posted by Brandi Combs on July 16, 2013
After wiping my eyes & beginning work, I made my first call of the day. I needed to secure a storage unit, so I called Judy. She is out of town, but says her brother will call me... his name is Jim. She calls back and says Jim is not available today, so she'll send another... his name is J.R. *Every day reminders that you're not gone, but have only slipped into the next room...
Posted by Brandi Combs on July 16, 2013
For some moments in life there are no words.
We adapt, we accept, but we never forget!
Missing you like crazy, but embracing your memory!
Posted by Kari Barnes on February 22, 2013
Just celebrated ur 31st bday, like u would have wanted us 2!!! Love u & miss u all the time
Posted by Brandi Combs on February 22, 2013
Find me an angel to send a birthday wish to Heaven... today would be your 31st... The girls have BFF broken heart necklaces & Logan said they remind him of you, not bc your heart broke, but because he has a broken heart since you went to Heaven. You're so greatly missed, but we treasure each & every memory we were blessed to share with you!
Posted by Amy Robertson on February 18, 2013
Thinking of you Jim. Another new year has come and your birthday is 4 days away.... just popping in to send you our thoughts and love. Forever missed.
Posted by Scott Combs on July 16, 2012
1yr has come and gone. As I look back on the year that was it's hard to imagine you wouldn't be around to enjoy the ups and downs the highs and lows the goods and bads but that unfortunately was the case. I've missed you dearly even thought I saw you a couple times when we went on the boat this past saturday. It may not have really been you but it felt good believing just for a sec it was.
Posted by Brandi Combs on July 16, 2012
1 year ago... you had finally convinced Scott to take the boats to Clermont & go to the tikibar on Lake Minneola. Instead we got that call that changed so many lives forever. This past Saturday we celebrated your memory at that tikibar. Every song reminds us of you, every smile, every cowboy hat, every salt & pepper head... Not a day goes by that we don't wish for just one more!!!
Posted by Amy Robertson on July 5, 2012
It's been almost a year since you left this earth and I don't think there has been a single day that you haven't been a topic of conversation or a thought in our minds. We miss you more than words can say. I don't think you can truly understand what an impact someone has on your life until they are no longer here with you. We continue to pray for you, for Kelly, & kiddies. Lots of love!!
Posted by Brandi Combs on July 4, 2012
4th of July just isn't the same without you! Last 5 years our families spent it together making some crazy memory. My last convo with you, you said "I PROMISE, ONE OF THESE YEARS WE'RE GONNA HAVE A GREAT 4TH". What I wouldn't give for one more... This one's for you!
Posted by Brandi Combs on April 25, 2012
Celebrate J.R.'s 6th birthday with him yesterday. I know you were there, saw so many signs all day that pointed to you. We miss you dearly & think of you always!
Posted by Amy Robertson on April 23, 2012
No words to tell you how much you are missed! We are always thinking of you!
Posted by Brandi Combs on April 12, 2012
We should be planning our Memorial Day weekend trip to Singer Island discussing where to stay & if we'll get another ticket for parking the boat trailer at the ramp b/c the Manager at Marriott will cause a stink again. If I can catch more hermit crabs & stink up your boat again? If J.R.'s buddy will be at the Sailfish Marina? You're missed, but not forgotten!
Posted by Brandi Combs on February 17, 2012
About to walk out the door headed to Singer Island. I know you would've LOVED to be here with us this weekend, celebrating your 30th birthday next week... all your closest friends together. Brandi & Scott, Katie & Jeremy, Amy & Mitch, Kari & Robert, Mary Beth & Tony, etc. We're gonna light it up for you buddy! "Just don't use the ice bucket, not for ice at least"! Miss you so much! xoxo
Posted by Brandi Combs on January 11, 2012
It was our first New Year's Eve without you in over 5 years. We sent our love to Heaven and reminisced about the good times gone. We spent the evening with friends, knowing very well what you & Scott would’ve been doing. It was hard without you there, but in our hearts we know you weren’t far. You will never be forgotten as a part of us went with you that day. We love & miss you!
Posted by Brandi Combs on December 29, 2011
Life is eternal, and love is immortal,
and death is only a horizon;
and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.
~Rossiter Worthington Raymond
Posted by Brandi Combs on December 29, 2011
It sure left its mark on us, we sure left our mark on it.
We let the world know we were here, with everything we did.
We laid a lot of memories down, like tattoos on this town.
Posted by Brandi Combs on December 27, 2011
So, you got to spend Christmas with Jesus this year... but, you were greatly missed here! I gave Scott an ornament with your pic in your cowboy hat that you always wore on the boat (I cut out the pink towel, but we all remember it being there), it brought tears to us all. We miss you so and I know Ashlee Jo & J.R. do too! Layni always says "I love you up to Mr. Jim in Heaven & back".
Posted by Amy Robertson on December 26, 2011
Merry Christmas up in heaven Jim, you're in our thoughts this Holiday season and we really miss you!
Posted by Jeremy- Katie Gravante on December 14, 2011
Hey Jim just letting you know we were thinking about you this holiday! Couple of days ago Brody asked where Ashlie Jo daddy was, and we tryed our best to explain, then he said is that why Ashlie is sad sometimes? And with a tear in my eye I said Brody anytime Ashlie is sad you go up to her and give her a BIG HUG! He said ok Daddy I will. Your in our hearts this holiday season!
Posted by Jeremy- Katie Gravante on November 27, 2011
Well the Gator season is over! I guess it started as bad as it ended! Tailgating was as good as it could be I guess! Was a little hard getting used to you not being there! We missed you this season and always thinking about you!
Posted by Brandi Combs on November 22, 2011
I ♥ my kids...
Layni: "Mommy, I really wish Mr. Jim would come back to Ashlee, Ms. Kelly & J.R.", Mommy: "Me too baby, but you know he can't, he's in Heaven & he has his Angel wings already", Layni: "But Mommy, if he hurt his Angel wings, he already has bad knees, so if he hurt his wing & fell back to Earth, I would give him my Dora bandaiids". ♥
Posted by Jeremy- Katie Gravante on November 21, 2011
Congrads on Tony Stewart winning the Cup!!! It was a exciting race and I was pulling for him! Well this weekend is FLORIDA vs florida state, and was suppose to be your first game going to it! Kinda Sucks! I miss you man! Hope you and the Big Man will be looking down on the Gators Saturday, Heaven knows we need it!
Posted by Amy Robertson on November 19, 2011
We're thinking of you a lot lately! I've been having several photo shoots down by the lake and there isn't a single time that I look out at the lake that I don't picture your truck pulling your boat and all of us out on the water. This past summer was definitely the best! I can't believe how quickly the time goes :( Really miss your radiant smile and personality!
Posted by Jeremy- Katie Gravante on November 9, 2011
Hey Jim things are not going so well with the Gators this season! Just one of those years! We sure do miss you at the tailgates though, not a game goes by that your memory doesn't come up! Last Saturday we were talking about your great tailgate skateboarding:) You can never be replaced and your memory will live forever among us!!! Go Gators!
Posted by Brandi Combs on October 20, 2011
We will hope, We will pray, We will re-live everyday. We will shout out your name. We will laugh, We will cry, shake our fists at the sky. But we will not say goodbye... Love & miss you, Scott, Brandi, Logan & Layni
Posted by Brandi Combs on September 22, 2011
We're all holding on to something that used to be there hoping it will come back, yet knowing it won't. Missing you!
Posted by Jeremy- Katie Gravante on September 18, 2011
Oh Yeah Jim the Gators won 33-23 which I'm sure you were watching from Heaven. Miss you man and Go Gators!
Posted by Jeremy- Katie Gravante on September 18, 2011
Sept 17,(Tennessee @ Florida) As we started setting up the tailgate at 6a.m. Everything was going as usual except for one thing, one void, Jim was not there! Not in person that is! With his memory on the side of the trailer & his picture on the door He was there in all our hearts
Posted by Brandi Combs on September 8, 2011
God did not take you away from us... He gave you to Heaven so your light could shine over all the world. We miss you & think of you everyday!
Posted by Brandi Combs on August 30, 2011
7.16.11 was the worst day ever, everyone was at the Singer house crying when J.R. (5) grabbed my hand & said "Ms. Brandi, why is everyone crying, don't they know my Daddy's in Heaven relaxin' with God. No work, no chores, just relaxin' with God."
Posted by Kari Barnes on August 28, 2011
I thought of you today, but that is nothing new.I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, from which I'll never part. God has you in his arms,I have you in my heart! Miss u so much Beans
Posted by MaryBeth Klima on August 28, 2011
We think of you everyday and share stories between ourselves wishing we could relive some of the happier times. You are so missed, we love you
Posted by Kelly Singer on August 28, 2011
Thanks for flashing the light in J.R.'s room to let me know you're still watching over us. We love and miss you!
Posted by Brandi Combs on August 25, 2011
Jim always lived by the 2nd golden rule...
"If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."
Posted by Brandi Combs on August 25, 2011
8 rainbows in under 4 weeks... 4 of them in one week alone... Jim knows how much we all miss his smile, but just look around, he is smiling down from Heaven for all the world to enjoy! We miss you terribly!
Posted by Kelly Singer on August 17, 2011
Jim-I know you are with me, I see your signs...the rainbows and lightning bugs. Can't remember seeing so many in my whole life. I love you!
Posted by Kelly Roberts on August 13, 2011
"I have only slipped away into the next room, I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to eachother, that we still are. Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the easy way which you always used. Play, smile, think of me. All is well." -Henry Scott Holland
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Posted by A Friend on July 16, 2019
Sending our love to you above and to J.R. and Ashlee. Never forgotten.
Posted by A Friend on July 16, 2018
Went to the beach today in remembrance. The ocean always makes you feel closer to heaven. Thinking of you today and always, especially that pink towel you rocked!
Posted by A Friend on February 22, 2018
Happy anniversary of birth, my friend. Miss you.
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Shared by A Friend on July 16, 2022
The 4th of July holiday was one of my last memories with your father here with us.  11 years ago now and you kids are very grown up, I don’t know you, J.R. and Ashlee, anymore… but you’ll always be a big piece of my heart and I’ll always wish great love and success to your life. I see so much of your dad in you both and he truly lives on with you. 11 years later, I finally have a boat of my own, after a longtime dream of wanting to live on the water. We just celebrated the 4th of July on our new boat watching the fireworks from the water… and I couldn’t help but think…. Dang, I need to get some big American Flags to drape from the boat. When I think of your dad, I remember holidays… memorial weekends, 4th of July weekends, always boating, cookouts, and large American flags flying in the breeze. Anyhow, I imagine today is not as easy as others… he’s never forgotten. Sending love from afar.

The gift of family

Shared by Patrick Riordan on October 20, 2011

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Jim through Lee, his father-in-law. I did not know Jim that well but my first impression was that this is a fine young man that any father would be proud to call his son.

Lee and I served together in the Navy, he and Nancy are dear, life long friends. I remember their daughters as infants, over the years growing up and how proud and happy they were with their beautiful girls. 

The joy that Jim brought into this family was obvious. When Lee & Nancy would speak of him, you could see the glow in their faces and feel the love he had helped create, he truly was a gift. 

My deepest condolonces to all the family for your loss, in his short time here, he has left a legacy of love and family that will live forever, we should all hope to do as well.  

Daddy's Day

Shared by Brandi Combs on October 20, 2011


Her hair was up in a pony tail,her favorite dress tied with a bow.Today was Daddy's Day at school,and she couldn't wait to go. But her mommy tried to tell her,that she probably should stay home.  Why the kids might not understand,if she went to school alone.
But she was not afraid;she knew just what to say.What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today. But still her mother worried,for her to face this day alone.And that was why once again,she tried to keep her daughter home. But the little girl went to school eager to tell them all. About a dad she never sees, a dad who never calls.                              There were daddies along the wall in
back, for everyone to meet.Children squirming impatiently,anxious in their seats.
 One by one the teacher called a student from the class.To introduce their daddy,as seconds slowly passed. At last the teacher called her name,every child turned to stare.Each of them was searching fora man who wasn't there.
"Where's her daddy at?"She heard a boy call out."She probably doesn't have one,"another student dared to shout.
And from somewhere near the back,
she heard a daddy say,"Looks like another deadbeat dad,too busy to waste his day."The words did not offend her,as she smiled up at her Mom . And looked back at her teacher, who
told her to go on.
 And with hands behind her back,slowly she began to speak.And out from the mouth of a child,came words incredibly unique. "My Daddy couldn't be here,because he lives so far away.But I know he wishes he could be,since this is such a special day.
And though you cannot meet him,I wanted you to know.All about my daddy,and how much he
loves me so.
 He loved to tell me storieshe taught me to ride my bike.He surprised me with pink roses,and taught me to fly a kite.We used to share fudge sundaes,and ice cream in a cone. And though you cannot see him.I'm not standing here alone."Cause my daddy's always with me,even though we are apartI know because he told me,he'll forever be in my heart" With that, her little hand reached up,and lay across her chest..Feeling her own heartbeat,beneath her favorite dress. And from somewhere there in the crowd
of dads, her mother stood in tears.
Proudly watching her daughter,who was wise beyond her years. For she stood up for the loveof a man not in her life.Doing what was best for her,doing what was a right.
 And when she dropped her hand back
down, staring straight into the crowd.
She finished with a voice so soft,but its message clear and loud."I love my daddy very much,he's my shining star.And if he could, he'd be here,but heaven's just too far.But sometimes when I close my eyes,it's like he never went away." "I know you're with me Daddy,"to the silence she called out.And what happened next made believers,of those once filled with doubt… Outside the window of that class two rainbows were painted across a clear blue sky. And a child was blessed, if only for a moment, by the love of her shining star.And given the gift of believing,that heaven is never too far.