Let the memory of Jimmie be with us forever
  • 64 years old
  • Born on October 24, 1946 in Morrilton, Arkansas, United States.
  • Passed away on April 7, 2011 in Salinas, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jimmie Reynolds 64 years old , born on October 24, 1946 and passed away on April 7, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Sandy Harmon on 10th April 2017
6 years of living with great memories. Have you got the Golden Hills ready for me yet?
Posted by Brandi Casey on 11th April 2016
It's been forever and a day it seems...actually it's been 5 years, and 4 days. I'm realizing time doesn't heal all wounds after all. I miss you even more today than I did yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that. Mom too, and Kaden and Ron. We've had to say goodbye to a lot of people this year, people we shared your memories with. The longer time goes on, the more people who knew you are joining you, and I'm making a lot of new friends. My only regret is the new people in my life didn't have a chance to meet you. I can't possibly explain how much I love and miss you to someone you've never met, they just can't understand. Words can never represent my feelings enough. I'll be keeping your memory alive until the day I see you again. I love you daddy, I know you know that already, but it's always worth repeating. ❤
Posted by Vicky Rodoni on 7th April 2015
Thinking of you today, please know you are missed as much as ever. Keep shining that light down from Heaven Jimmie - it's what sustains your family and reminds your friends that love lives on forever. ~Vicky and Bud Rodoni
Posted by Brandi Casey on 7th April 2015
I miss you daddy. People keep telling me time heals all wounds, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It's been exactly four years this evening that you've been gone, and I miss you as much as I did the day you left, and it hurts just the same. One day you, mom, and I will be together again, but until then I keep your memory alive. I live you daddy.
Posted by Sandy Harmon on 7th April 2015
Hey Bro - I imagine that you have the Golden Hills are wired up for wifi by now. Looking forward to seeing you again. Before and After...
Posted by Bobbe Leviten on 7th April 2015
Missing you, Jimmie. I know you're watching over your family from Heaven.
Posted by Bobbe Leviten on 24th October 2014
Happy Birthday, Jimmie. You're missed, Dude! So glad to have been blessed to know you, even for such a short time.
Posted by Brandi Casey on 24th October 2014
Today you would have been 68 years old. I still celebrate your birthday, because the day you took your first breath, is the best reason to celebrate. The day you took your last breath was the worst day of my life, but the beginning of something beautiful. Since that day, I appreciate everything and everyone in my life so much more than I did before. I have gratitude that can't be measured, only appreciated. I love my life, I wish you were still physically in it, but I feel you with me every moment. Butterflies perch on me, white feathers often fall upon my shoulders, I know that's your way of letting me know you're still with me and always will be. You are the best daddy a girl could ever wish for, I love you beyond measure, and I'll always be daddy's little girl, no matter how old I get. I would do anything to have just one more day with you, one more hug, and make you one more banana cream pie. Kaden has your mannerisms, it brings me comfort, and makes me smile from ear to ear. You made huge footprints and left a legacy, I'm so proud of you for being everything you were and are. I miss you. I love you. I think of you often. You are missed by so many people, you made a huge impact on this world, I love you so much, Happy Birthday daddy!;❤❤❤
Posted by Dottie Stevens on 24th October 2014
Happy Birthday my friend.
Posted by Bobbe Leviten on 7th April 2014
Hard to believe it's three years already. Jimmie, you were da bomb! I'm blessed to have spent time with you.
Posted by Marilyn Hankins on 24th October 2013
It is great to have such wonderful memories of our loved ones that have gone on before us. Those good memories sustain us through good times & bad. I was not aware your father was from Morrilton, AR. That is just down the road from my home town where I grew up.
Posted by Richard Hawthorne on 24th October 2013
happy birthday ol' timer. have a heavenly day!!
Posted by Pam Johnson on 7th April 2013
Calm Seas and Fair Winds Jimmie Hugsss
Posted by Richard Hawthorne on 7th April 2013
has it really been two years? i didnt know u long but in the time i did i knew u to be a standup guy a great dad and a wonderful husband. its terrible ur time came way too soon. that Halloween in monterey will be forever etched in my brain dr. enjoy the view till we all get together again. rich
Posted by Bobbe Leviten on 7th April 2013
Jimmie, it was too short a time that I knew you, and that time is precious. You'll be in my heart forever!
Posted by Sally Reynolds on 25th October 2012
Happy Birthday darlin'. You've been gone for 18 months yet it seems like years to me. My love stills grows stronger each and every day. I will worship you until the day I die. Thank you for choosing me for life. ♥♥♥
Posted by Dottie Stevens on 24th October 2012
Happy Birthday my friend.....I know you are up there watching over your family. Bless your soul, JR. Dottie
Posted by Chuck Frazer on 24th October 2012
Happy Birthday JR. I think about ya daily as I check the server and your amazing great websites that are still runnin & workin good. We'll all raise a drink to you this weekend at the annual Cyber-Whang event that is now dedicated to you. Miss ya big time Bro . . . . .
Posted by Thomas Whiteford on 24th October 2012
Happy Birthday IRJR, every time I log on to the Gazette I always think of you. Your missed a lot from your brothers in redshirts. I hope you and the others in the golden hills are gather and passing one to the next brother.
Posted by Pam Johnson on 24th October 2012
Keep saling Jimmy Hugsss
Posted by Steve Myers on 24th October 2012
Happy Birthday JR! We will miss your bright cheery personality this weekend at TS9! Love you and miss you Brother!
Posted by Sandy Harmon on 9th April 2012
You weren't one for beating your own chest, JR but I hope you are pleased and humbled by just how many people hold you in high regard. And we all watch out for your widder and orphan. Can't believe that you've been gone for a whole year. Bet you have the Summerlands rockin'.
Posted by Chuck Frazer on 8th April 2012
Sure do miss you JR . . . . . .
Posted by Vicky Rodoni on 7th April 2012
Gone but not forgotten, holding you and yours in our thoughts today JR. ~Bud and Vicky Rodoni
Posted by Pam Johnson on 7th April 2012
Sail on Fair Winds and Calm Seas Jimmy
Posted by Steve Myers on 7th April 2012
While you are now in the Golden Hills, you will never be forgotten by the Brothers of E Clampus Vitus. My thoughts are, you have been joined by John Loomis and John Wright, sitting by a clampfire in them Golden Hills. Monterey Viejo will never be the same. May God bless Sally and Brandi, as you are already blessed!
Posted by Bobbe Leviten on 7th April 2012
Jimmie: Thank you for touching my life and my heart. You will always be missed and always be loved!
Posted by Brian Cobb on 7th April 2012
Greatly missed but never forgotten. Jimmy you were definetly one of the good ones
Posted by Pam Johnson on 24th October 2011
Happy Day Jimmie. All is well with you now. So many miss you but your love carries on. The pain of loss doesnt go away but we have to Celebrate LIFE. Death then has no dominion.
Posted by Richard Hawthorne on 24th October 2011
happy birthday in a couple hours jimmie.. wish i coulda known u better.
Posted by Brian Cobb on 24th October 2011
Jimmy you will always missed and forever loved. Happy Birthday Jimmy I will never forget you live forever in my mind and heart
Posted by Steve Myers on 24th October 2011
it's your birthday today, but not real happy since you're not here to enjoy. TS8 was this weekend. Sally and Brandi were there. We set around the "Clampfire" and reminised on the times we all had with you. You are missed!
Posted by Carol Villagran on 24th October 2011
Just wanted to light another candle in your memory and to wish you a Happy Birthday. Sally and Brandi are doing okay, they are strong ladies. So be at peace my friend.
Posted by Jean DeSena on 24th October 2011
Thinking of you on yur Birthday Jimmie. Sending all our love to you Sally, Brandi & family. Always in our prayers dear friends. Hugs,Jeanie, Joe Darla & family xoxo
Posted by Ladonna Daniels on 28th July 2011
J.R. I hope that your life was good and you still had your great laughs all along the way... I get the feeling you did, from all the great reviews you've gotten... Yeah Pac Man in Steve and Lorries garage, Great times..... You were always a step ahead.. Love ya... La'Donna
Posted by Samantha Haver on 28th July 2011
My dearest Jimmie, What a wonderful life you had.I never thought I would be telling you Good bye.Jimmie hold your head high honey you left this earth with a young beautiful daughter to carry on for you..We all miss you with all our hearts. BYE BABE love you
Posted by Lori Plumlee on 27th July 2011
Dear J.R. you knew me as Lorrie Walker...We were King & Queen of the Pac Man game. we spent thousands of hours playing that game together with just as many laughs . You were highly intelligent and extremely witty. You were a great friend. Rum & Pepsi forever......
Posted by Jean DeSena on 23rd May 2011
You fought so long, hard & cared so well for your Girls Sally,Brandi,Miss Sassy & family. Jimmie,Sally & Brandi you are such an inspiration to your Dogster pals. Sending all our love,prayers &Deepest condolences to you all. RIP
Posted by Pam Johnson on 23rd May 2011
Jimmie.I never met you in person but I did in heart.I met Sally through Dogster & followed the struggle for Life that followed for you both.You are ,were & ever will be an inspiration & demonstration of pure stubbon unfailing LOVE. Sail on Fair Winds
Posted by Peter Duvall on 25th April 2011
Jimmy you & I survied many aweekend clamping to together I will greatly miss them times but I will remember for ever,I know your still clampen in them golden hills..........
Posted by Trudi Taylor on 17th April 2011
I never had the honour of meeting you but I am blessed to know your daughter who is one of the most wonderful, inspirational women I have ever met. Truly a credit to you. You will be missed by your family please look over them and keep them safe.
Posted by Tammy Chriss on 17th April 2011
Dear Jimmy in peaceful heaven...I just met you on this earth via Facebook and I got to know your daughter and wife as well. I adored how close you all are and the love you all have for each other. Please keep your spirit alive on this earth and watch
Posted by Margaret Hartley on 15th April 2011
Jimmie- you were one of the most extraordinary people I have ever talked with. It was so apparent how very much you loved your family and life in general. You will be missed by so many more people than you could ever imagine-
Posted by Paula Cushman on 11th April 2011
A man loved by many, a father who loved his daughter and a wife he was devoted to, three of the best traits any man can have in life. RIP Paula Mae, Irma Vance, Joey Vega, Monroe & Mikey Hoskins
Posted by Joanne Galasso on 11th April 2011
I have not met Jimmie,Sally or Brandi in person.First met Sally on Dogster and came to know the wonderful caring person she is.Jimmie has been there for his family through all the bad times what an incredible man.Its your time to Rest,till your reuni
Posted by Marilyn Hankins on 11th April 2011
Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Jim, I am so very sorry to hear of his passing. I noticed that he was born in Morrilton, AR. It is a small world as I grew up in Arkansas. He married the granddaughter of my Uncle and they both resided i
Posted by Dennis Holschlag on 11th April 2011
Yeah what a bummer.All I can say is that it was a real treat to have known him....Sigh......R2G
Posted by Wolfie (Kay) La Valle on 11th April 2011
I never knew Jimmie but heard of him through his good friend & mine Talon or Tim Busby. I want to send my condolences to his wife and family. I am sure being a good friend of Talon's that Jimmie WAS a wonderful person. Talon is my good friend.
Posted by Brandi Casey on 10th April 2011
My Daddy..... I can't believe you're gone... You told me someday I would have to live without you, but I wasn't ready yet.. I love you and I miss you already.
Posted by Carol Villagran on 10th April 2011
I will miss you my dear friend so much. I will miss your intelligent yet witty conversations. You were a good man, a devoted father and husband. They don't make them like you anymore. Even when you were struggling to breathe you had a ready smile

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