The MG

Shared by Samantha Haver on July 28, 2011

 We all (the gang) spent many a nights watching the cars driving up and down main street standing under the street light in Mel's parking lot..all of us were to poor to waste the gas.We were laughing and joking Jimmie loved driving up to Fremonts Peak him and the red MG..I guess I was one of the special ones he picked that night .So off we went to the mountain. We got up there had many laughs and on the way down Jimmie says lets make this interesting he shut the lights off and we came down in the dark.(At the time I thought he was out of his mind) but little did I no he had been doing this for years..It was so exciting and scary at the same time..Well that was the first and last time I went with Jimmie up there when we got down he pulled over and I jumped out and kissed the ground we got out of there all in one piece..Jimmie laughed so hard and ribbed me about that for years.We had many fun times together back in the late 60's..To know Jimmie was to love him.Gosh if we only could turn back time

Snow Day

Shared by Brandi Casey on April 11, 2011

I have a lifetime of stories and memories, but here's a recent one that sticks out in my mind..   I have never seen snow..  Me and Daddy always kept track of the temperature here in Salinas, hoping it would snow..  I have pictures of us standing outside in the middle of winter in front of a bulletin board where he'd put down the date and how many degrees it was... We took a picture like this in the backyard every winter for years...  Last February on the 26th, daddy was too sick to go outside, but it got really cold here in salinas... I was on the phone with him, we were talking about how exciting it would be if it actually snowed here...  AInd then, almost like magic, I felt a snowflake fall on my hand...  I looked up, and sure enough, it was snowing! Daddy was too tired to go outside and see it for himself, but he was watching it from his surveilance camera... He was laughing so hard because of my reaction to the snow, said he was glad I finally got to see it. After 36 years, I finally got to see it snow, and I just happened to be on the phone with him...  That was a great day, I'll never forget! It was unusual, because it never snows here. I have lived here my entire life and never saw a single snowflake...He was so happy I got to see it, and that he got to see me acting like a little kid because I had never seen it before  :)

Imaginative Mind

Shared by Carol Villagran on April 11, 2011

 There was a bunch of us at a party one night.  I guess Jimmie was bored and so decided to make up a game board.  He found some cardboard and some dice and whatever he could find I guess as players markers.  I don't remember the whole game anymore or the purpose, probably wasn't any. That was so many many years ago. The parts I do remember is some of the squares had stuff like close your eyes until someone rolls a 4.  Then there was one where you had to walk to the tree in the front yard and back.  That was easy unless you had landed on the close your eyes previously and noone had rolled a 4 yet!  Then there was the usual, take a shot,  kiss the person on your left, didn't matter what gender they were! Put your hands behind you until someone rolled a 2.  That was fun trying to roll with your hands behind you.   Don't think there was a finish to that game, just went on and on. LOL But that's the kind of person he was, always ready to make everyone smile.

dr stalker

Shared by Richard Hawthorne on April 10, 2011

when brandi and i went to a cheeky show at the bullwackers, we busted jimmie spying on us disguised in a surgons costume being it was a costume party. he had clampers to the left clampers to the right. it was quite unnerving until we exposed his disguise. the point i am making is he loved his daughter so much he made sure i wasnt gonna try anything with his princess. he finally came and sat with us. right then i learned what a great guy he was. just wish i had more time to spend with him. jimmie u will be forever branded in my memories. the angels are celebrating ur arrival. u made it home my friend. <3


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