How we first met

Shared by marlita costa on May 29, 2016

Jimmy drove a friend of my brothers to our house one afternoon.  I needed a ride to my friends house and was told to ask Jimmy if he could drop me off.  Jimmy said yes to my request.  Unaware that Jimmy was a car/speed enthusiast I climbed into the backseat of the Chevy Vega he was driving.  The ride stared off very normally but soon took a turn toward his need for speed.  I was scared beyond belief which Jimmy found very funny.  I was screaming for him to pull over and let me out.  Once out of his car from that day on whenever I'd see him driving around town I would refer to him as that crazy @$$hole who didn't know how to drive.  Whenever we would see each other in person he would just smile at me like a little angel.  Eventually that smile won me over and I accepted his request for a date.  From that first meeting until this very moment in time he has never left my thoughts..or my heart

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