Let the memory of Jimmy be with us forever
  • 25 years old
  • Born on October 19, 1974 .
  • Passed away on April 16, 2000 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jimmy Bell, 25, born on October 19, 1974 and passed away on April 16, 2000. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 22nd November 2018
Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven! Love and miss you and all the family there. Love you kiddo.
Posted by Tonna Chase on 19th October 2018
Miss you much my friend. Cold and rainy day...stomp around a little, make some noise! It is a special day after all!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 19th October 2018
Love you son.. Happy Birthday.. miss you much. Know your having gr8 day.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 18th September 2018
Good Morning son! Love you! This time of yr always brings my heart and mind to you. Fall is coming, Halloween and most special, the 19th of October, God gave me you. So many memories of fun Halloween. Making memories with your son, we love it.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 10th August 2018
Your on my mind this morning boy, just saying hey, LOVE and missing you, nothing new. ❤❤
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 4th July 2018
7-4-2018... Happy 4th son watch fireworks with us from Heaven.. Love you.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 13th June 2018
Morning kiddo.. few days late but you know me, better late then never. Celebrated Nico Bday Sunday.. good time, as always missed you. Your Bday and Nico Bday HARDEST days for me. Guess cause I think how long and how much missed. Can't believe one more yr and he won't be teenager no more, be young adult. Remember when you made me feel old each Bday, I really feel old now.. lol... Love you, see you one day.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 28th May 2018
Happy Memorial Day!!!Love and miss you.. Mom
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 24th April 2018
Posted by Cindy Jensen on 16th April 2018
Well here we are again, the day that you were requested to be an Angel. Although it never gets easy, you were chosen and the rest of us were left with broken hearts. No matter how many days go by I (we) still miss you but we know you are still very near! You may not be with us body but you will always be our guardian angel and still very much loved
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 16th April 2018
Happy Angelversary, 18 yrs, never gets easy. April least liked month. Brings sadness but also joy. I miss u ever day but I love you ever day. Mom
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 11th April 2018
Well kiddo, your ol mom is 64 today! Had a lot of Happy birthday wishes. This day always bittersweet, reminder that just 5 days from now will be the HARDEST day I ever faced. Thoughts of you always put
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 1st April 2018
Happy Easter kiddo... miss you bunches but know you are so Happy where you are. Tell Jesus and rest of family I love and miss them also. I'll be bringing your black jelly beans to Branson on 26th, come get them. Lol... I Love you son with my heart. Nicolas is growing into a fine young man... has a job now... know you proud of him. He loves you... y'all have gr8 day worshiping The Lord.❤
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 14th February 2018
Happy Valentine's Day!! Love you bunches...
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 14th January 2018
Hey kiddo, how's weather in Heaven? We got snow here, it's beautiful. You never let snow stop you. Lol.. lots story memories of you in snow. Lol... Love you!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 1st January 2018
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 25th December 2017
Merry Heavenly Christmas to you Jimbo... know your having a Gr8 Blessed day with Jesus and all rest of family. I love you very much.. miss you but one day we'll celebrate Jesus Birthday together. Till then, tell everyone Happy Heavenly Day. Mom, Nico, Sunshine.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 12th December 2017
Sunday was light a candle for love ones gone, I joined the group at park and little one for you and rest of family gone to Heaven. Love and miss you. .... Mom
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 5th December 2017
Hey kiddo... sorry late Thanksgiving but we were always late keeping in touch... that our way. Haha. I Love you.. Almost Christmas.. see ya soon. Love mom
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 14th November 2017
Good Morning, just saying I love and miss you.
Posted by Cindy Jensen on 19th October 2017
Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in Heaven! Spread your wings and soar in the heavenly clouds. Love you!!!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 19th October 2017
HAPPY GOOD BIRTHDAY MY BOY!! I LOVE YOU!!!! To day the hardest day of year... miss you ever day but today God loaned one of His special creation to me to LOVE and hold. You and rest the family have a big celebration and keep that chair empty beside you for mom cause I'll be there one day.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 7th September 2017
Good Morning... love and miss you. Thinking of you. Dawn had baby Nevaeh yesterday... beautiful baby girl. At the park with Sunshine. Gotta go get Nico so will talk soon. Mom!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 8th August 2017
Good Morning my boy... love you. Jimmy, you, like Jesus, is with me wherever I go. I left your plot yesterday knowing that you are in my heart. I will see you in Heaven if I never go there again. Love you bunches.❤
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 1st July 2017
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 22nd June 2017
Hey kiddo... please tell Grandma I'm sorry for day late but Happy Birthday!!! Love y'all.
Posted by Tonna Chase on 18th June 2017
Fathers Day Jimmy Bell
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 18th June 2017
Wishing you Blessed Dad Day in Heaven... your boy is spending nite here. We had good day. Seen movie "cars 3" ate bbq, Walmart, played with sunshine. He's sleeping now. Good nite son, I love you to Heaven and back.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 2nd June 2017
Sorry bout mess up, today is Nico Birthday, course you knew that! Lol.. my old mind crazy some times. Love you and miss you. Too much going on for me to remember.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 1st June 2017
Morning kiddo, you know what day it is, yep your boy is 18, can ya believe it? Wow what a Gr8 kid he is. You and Liz done good job there. 2 weeks ago he Graduated, now 18. Lots emotions going on here. Missing you, want you here, proud, love,all kinds. I'll give Nico big hug for you!!! (((( HUG)))))). Love you bunch, see ya in Heaven one day!!!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 20th May 2017
Well, your boy did it, gr8 nite... if I could pick a day that I could trade places with you it would be today.. Nico such amazing young man and I know your proud of him, wish you had chance to say to him. I love you son and love your son!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 16th May 2017
Love you
Posted by Melissa DeSalvio on 16th May 2017
Gone But Never Forgotten!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 16th May 2017
Hey Hey kid, thought I lost you there for awhile, could pull up on mom day so here's a happy day from mom to you. Tell Grandma I love her. This flower for her. She probably showed you and dad the balloon from me and Carolyn... love you.. talk Saturday... Nico graduating...
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 7th May 2017
And it begins, your boy is graduating, doesn't seem he should be that old and sure don't seem you been gone that long. So proud of young man he is.. only thing could be better, you were here but you are in our hearts. Very emotional time for your ol mom. I love you son to Heaven and back.❤
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 29th April 2017
Hey kid, need a favor, would you please ask God to have it stop raining? Lol
Posted by Tonna Chase on 16th April 2017
Easter Sunday Jimmy. 17 years since you left this earth! Laid my momma to rest yesterday....it's been a rough few days! Guess nobody gets outta here alive! I'm sure you have seen her by now! Look out for her Jimmy! Tell her I love and miss her! I love n miss you too! It is going to be another long day! Maybe I'll just go back to bed and sleep it away again! Catch on the flip side old friend! Much love n Happy Easter!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 16th April 2017
Jimmy Bell, what can I say. So many feelings, tears, love, sorrow, loneliness, joy, 17 years ago the worse things possible happened. I know you in Heaven with God and I know some day I will be with you again but the days in between are hard. I miss you so much. I love you and I wish a Happy Easter.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 10th April 2017
Just thinking of you and want to say hey....
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 14th February 2017
Happy Valentine's Day, love you, miss you . Tell all Family the same. I'm sending you a balloon. ❤❤❤
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 1st January 2017
Posted by Tonna Chase on 1st January 2017
Happy 2017 Jimmy Bell
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 28th December 2016
Thinking bout you, just sayin"LOVE YOU"
Posted by Tonna Chase on 25th December 2016
You, my friend are still loved and terribly missed! Weird Weather for December! Hasn't really seemed like Christmas much at all anyway so guess the weather makes no difference! Ah well, almost 2017 guess we will see what it brings! Catch ya on the flip side!
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 25th December 2016
Hey there kid, Merry Christmas in Heaven. Missing u and all the rest of Bells with u. Know y'all havin gr8 day, celebrating with JESUS on His birthday. Save a spot for me, looking forward to day I'll be with y'all. Love you with my heart, Jimmy James Bell.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 24th November 2016
HAPPY THANKSGIVING KID, LOVE AND MISS YOU!!! Tell Grdma, Grdad, JT, Larry, Angie, Matt and mist important, JESUS... Luvs and ((((Hugs))))). Save a chair for me, I'll see y'all one day.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 19th October 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY!!!!! I LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS I DID ON THIS DAY 42 YRS AGO...... I just sent you another balloon. Hope u got it. Every morning when I go to work I look for a star and first one I see is you. Been waiting to see you hanging from it like you would hang from bars. Lol. Tell the whole family there, I love all yall and will see y'all soon. You have a Gr8 day in Heaven..Love you JESUS!!!?? Love, your Momma
Posted by Tonna Chase on 19th October 2016
Jimmy Bell... today you would have turned 42...I wonder what you would think of this world. Miss you everyday. I'm friends with your momma and I get to see her posts and memories. I get to see and follow the life of your son...he is a very handsome young man and he brings a lot of joy into your mother's life. I am happy for that. You click those heels together today and do that Jimmy Bell stomp...they say it's gonna storm today...but I'll know it's you stomping like you do! Wish you were here so we could celebrate with you ....but that was not to be! Instead we will think of you and some of the many memories that we have and we will smile, maybe smiling through some tears but none the less...it is your day. Take it easy, you will forever be loved and missed.
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 21st August 2016
Morning Jimbo, had a Great surprise last night, Chris brought Lloyd over to see me.Great to see him. love every chance I get to see any of them. makes me miss you bunches but still love it. I LOVE YOU, SON.MOM
Posted by Joslyn Bell on 15th August 2016
omgoodness, Nico started Senior year today, so emotional, very proud of him, but reminds me hoe much you missing, brings tears to my eyes. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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