Shared by Gloria Thomas on November 15, 2020
I still hold you so close in heart and soul more dear as each day passes. I wish to hear your voice and see those eyes look at me. I miss you tremendously.  My heart still holds you always and will continue.  My one true forever love was you ❤.  

Todd and Myself over the years

Shared by Gloria Phelps on March 25, 2016

 We met in 1997 and we became friends instantly.  Those blue eyes caught my attention  and that smile as well. He always made me laugh with his remarks and his funny laugh he had. Over the years we became so very close and we had a special kind of love that grew between us that was extra special with so much spark that we would have fun one minute then we would argue the next and after a few weeks all was good again. He gained my undying love and my respect and my trust because of the friendship and the love we shared between us. Todd is a part of my heart and my soul and my spirit always has been and always will be. We had one unique relationship that no one really understood but us. Those baby blues of his and those long dark eyelashes  would melt anyone's heart quickly. I loved what all we shared and what all we had together that will always be close to my soul. He was my true connection . 

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