She created a family of hundreds by spreading her love of one little black cat.
  • Passed away on April 6, 2015 in Florida, United States.

Joan came to our lives as a hospice patient frenetic about the welfare of her black cat, Isis. So much did Joan love Isis that she was paying rent on her apartment - no longer needed - so Isis would have a place to stay. Her sole dying wish was that Isis would have a loving home.

An amazing young woman named Dorian found Isis a loving home. In return, Dorian and a growing number of her cat-loving friends (and acquaintences and strangers!) received a bounty of love and community we never could have expected. Those of us who participated in the #IsisAndJoan movement in any respect were touched, and we grew to think of Joan as our family.

Joan passed this morning peacefully, with her newfound family, knowing in certainty her beloved Isis was in adoring hands. 

The story of Joan and Isis is here:  

Thank you, Joan, for all that you gave us. We will never forget you. 

Posted by Michaela Haugabook on 6th April 2018
It's been three years and I still think about you and your baby Isis!!!
Posted by Jude Ayer on 10th April 2016
I think of Joan so often. Even though I didn't get to hold her hand and pet Isis, she was my friend. I think of the picture of Joan with her arms outstretched, when Isis is first brought to visit her, and the look of love and contentment when she holds her. The picture of the sunset posted after her passing made me cry again. I hope to have a death so peaceful.
Posted by Linda Mastrototoro on 7th April 2016
Such a beautiful person with a kinda heart.
Posted by Michaela Haugabook on 6th April 2016
I can't believe it has been one year. Miss you Joan!!
Posted by Michaela Haugabook on 12th April 2015
Oh sweet Joan, you are so missed!!! RIP sweet lady until we will meet!!!
Posted by Janet Crisp on 8th April 2015
Miss you Joan!!
Posted by Linda Mastrototoro on 7th April 2015
It all started with a little cat. The love that we feel for Joan all began with that. Sweet Joan you will be missed. May you rest in peace in our Lords arms and be at peace knowing you have touched so many of our hearts and Isis is being well taken care of.
Posted by Kathel Mallory on 7th April 2015
May you find peace dear Joan. Your love for your fur baby, Isis, was so beautiful. Your story showed she meant more to you than your own well being. I know you will meet agin.You have inspired so many of us to do more to help others.
Posted by Jenny Slack on 7th April 2015
Joan fought hard to give her fur-girl a safe place to call home. In return, she gained a community of family. Rest in peace, Joan.
Posted by Jeanne Volk on 7th April 2015
Rest in Peace now, Joan, all is well. Your beloved Isis has a home, and you will remembered by so many for your love of a black cat who brought so many together. You made friends all over the world, when you had no one. What a beautiful gesture of people reaching out when they heard your story The people who came into your life will be forever changed by your story. Thank you for showing us what it is to die with dignity, and how to reach out when help is needed. For those who stepped forward to help, your generosity in giving such love, time and effort to help Joan will be admired and remembered always; what an example you have set by your selflessness. May you be blessed with all that is good and holy. You hold a special place in our hearts. We will pay it forward in your honor. Thank you. With love, Jeanne Volk
Posted by Akrine Lenaerts on 7th April 2015
Joan, in only A few months we became friends, very close real friends, I wish I would have known you longer, but even though, U took a piece of my heart with you, and I never thought I would miss you SO much... But boy do I..... You will always have A special place in my heart, and I will miss you forever. And yes I will bring you your lobster the day of your final Good Bye, this is my promise to you!!! I love you and always will... RIP my sweet friend love always xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Jude Ayer on 7th April 2015
Goodbye Beloved Friend whom I never had the fortune and honor to meet. Rest in peace, I know we will meet some day.
Posted by Christina Morgan on 7th April 2015
It has been such a blessing to watch the love that was poured out for this dying woman and the kitty she loved so much. The world is a better place because of this love. Hopefully, we can all find opportunities to show others this kind of love. May God bless everyone involved in making Joan's last days beautiful and peaceful, and May God also bless Isis and her second mom in their life together. I'm so happy I got to be a witness to all of this <3
Posted by Delta Neutral on 7th April 2015
RIP Joan. Your love for Isis was sent around the world. Your love and your life had incredible meaning. Thank you for sharing that. You and Dorian have inspired me and many others to 'pay it forward'. We will miss you.
Posted by Jan Marshall on 7th April 2015
Dear Joan, thank you for loving Isis so much, that you put her welfare and care above your own, ensuring she would be safe even after your death. You showed such love and compassion for your beloved cat ~ so it's hardly surprising that we all returned that love and compassion to you. You will be greatly missed by so many. You also showed us all how to die with dignity, smiling and living in the moment, right until your gentle end. We should all be so brave. RIP dear lady, may you be comforted by the knowledge that Isis is loved and well cared for in her new home, until you can meet again. Bless you.
Posted by Sharon Lovell on 6th April 2015
Much love and light to Joan's memory xoxoxo
Posted by Victoria Baehr on 6th April 2015
Joan you will be missed !

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