joanie and I playing horses

Shared by Bunny Dorf on November 22, 2012

joanie and I have known each other sence we were 1yrs old we lived across the street from each other.As we grew up her Emily and I were always together, but Joan and I had this passion for horses so we'd go get these 4by 4 peices of wood and make horses heads drew there faces on them even made them have a mane  then we'd take my dads saw horses put the head on them and a tail too.We thought we were real cowgirls and we'd pretend  we were riding off the sunset.when as we got bigger really did go ride horses every sat. my mom would takes and wait for hours so her and I could ride .And in the end  Joanie really got to live the dream of her ranch and horses.I'm so happy she did.Thats just one story I can tell I  have alot more

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