Remembering the love, kindness, compassion, humility, and grace Joan instilled on us all.
  • 80 years old
  • Born on February 14, 1934 in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, United States.
  • Passed away on July 28, 2014 in Albany, New York, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved Mother and Wife, Joan Moyer, 80, born on February 14, 1934 and passed away on July 28, 2014. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Madolyn Palmer on 14th February 2019
Will always cherish her friendship, and the memories of our lunches together . Madolyn
Posted by Madolyn Palmer on 28th July 2018
I will always remember Joan and my years working with her on the Bd of Education. Our Lunches with Joan Betty and the girls. Her smile instantly made you feel better. Her advice was always worth listening to. A real friend and soooo missed. Madolyn
Posted by Ginny Moyer on 14th February 2017
I was so unbelievably blessed to have Joan for a mother-in-law. I could not have asked for a kinder, more loving one. She took such joy in her grandchildren, in our times together, and in catching up. Her handwritten cards and notes (often with a newspaper clipping enclosed) were evidence of how much we were always in her mind and heart, even though we were far away. I miss her so much. Happy Birthday, Joan, and I hope it's a wonderful celebration up there in heaven with your Valentine Bob. Love, Ginny
Posted by Madolyn Palmer on 14th February 2017
The years I worked with Joan on the school board, made us wonderful lunch friends. Her smile is firmly planted in my memory, and her words of wisdom. Joan you are so missed.
Posted by Madolyn Palmer on 14th February 2017
They are together now and all seems right with the world. You are both so missed.
Posted by Linda Kubitz on 14th February 2017
Joan lived a life of Love. It is no coincidence that her birthday is the day we celebrate Love.
Posted by Madolyn Palmer on 28th July 2016
I will always cherish the friendship of Joan, during her tenure on the Board of Education, and after our annual lunch Susan, Betty Joan and myself. Her smile lit up the room. Her wisdom gave guidance to me, and her friendship was so cherished. She is missed. Madolyn
Posted by Madolyn Palmer on 14th February 2016
The smile and the friendship will never be forgotten.
Posted by Linda Kubitz on 28th July 2015
We think of Joan often and remember her joyful and loving spirit which lives on in the lives of her children and grandchildren. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you on this day.
Posted by Kelly Morrissey on 28th July 2015
Thinking of you and your family today.
Posted by Madolyn Palmer on 14th February 2015
To day is my wonderful husbands birthday also, and I miss him all these five years. Losing Joan who never forgot to remember me on this hard but beautiful day. I am so blessed that she called me friend and offered her friendship to me. Miss both of you today. madolyn
Posted by Bob Moyer on 14th February 2015
Today was a special day for Joan, and one I could never forget. No, I didn't have to look iup the date. It was broadcast so frequently by restaurants and florists everywhere. We always tried to make it ours alone. Joan liked special dinners while I liked weekends at a B&B where she could shop to here hearts content even if it probably would be returned...
Posted by Helen Nodland on 14th February 2015
A Valentine life of love. It all makes sense! On a day devoted to love, remember your mom, wife and friend with the same. Be joyful she was born, for look at all the happiness she brought to life. Your friend, Helen
Posted by Joe Sutaris on 29th November 2014
Joan set the example for all of us. Her grace, warmth and beauty were obvious and natural. A truly great person that is missed by family, friends and the community. Our deepest sympathy to the Moyer family. Joe and Donna Sutaris
Posted by Dolores Noonan on 27th November 2014
I met Joan in the 70's when I joined AAUW. There I found Joan to be a warm, welcoming and gracious woman. Our paths crossed many times over the years at community functions, church religious classes and as committee members and I marveled at how Joan remained the same warm and gracious person that I first knew. I was especially pleased that at a church function several years ago Joan related that daughter-in-law Ginny, a talented author, was engaged in writing a book about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and asked if anyone would like to share Mary experiences with Ginny for possible inclusion in her book. What a wonderful surprise to see my entry included in Ginny's book. I will have the wonderful memory of Joan each time I pick up my copy of Mary and Me. Joan was truly a lovely Christian woman, loved by her family and all who were fortunate to have been touched by her. My deepest condolences to Bob and the beautiful Moyer family.
Posted by Art & Jeanette Durham on 27th November 2014
Joan & Bob were among those too rare a couple that we are occasionally blessed with having in our lives. Joan was an especially kind, gracious and caring person. We wish we could have spent more time with her to get to know her and share more with her than we did. It seems that limited time is a harsh reality in all our lives… not enough time to enjoy the good that we wish we could. Which re-enforces our trust and hope in Jesus’ promise in the Lord’s Prayer that; through His Kingdom, Jesus will soon right all wrongs, restore life to our lost loved ones via resurrection to paradise on earth… when He has “God’s Will done on Earth as it is in Heaven…” (Matthew 6:9 and John 5:28) We look forward to that paradise and greeting Joan as well as other resurrected dear ones when we will have the time and circumstance to enjoy healthy, peaceful eternal life. Our prayers, comfort, support, thanks and promised hope go out to all her family and friends on our untimely loss. Art & Jeanette Durham
Posted by Helen Rees on 27th November 2014
Joan Moyer was a "class act." Her grace and charm, her quiet work ethic, her warm smile when greeting, and her sincere interest in others as they talked, all helped to make her a wonderful role model. Her dedication to education, and girls, was evident in her work with AAUW and especially the creation of Career Week at OHS. For those who were fortunate enough to meet and worked with her, she was an inspiration who will be greatly missed.
Posted by Tom Fallon on 26th November 2014
Dear Joan, It is difficult to contemplate the coming weekend as we return to Oneonta for the first time since your passing. However, thoughts of the part you played in our lives warms us; the teachers in our schools who told how wonderful our big sister was; the visits to Saint Rose where we found again how popular and well thought of you were; marriage to Bob and the birth of Terri, Kathy, and Scott created the emergence of an extraordinary wife and mother. While we are saddened by our loss, we know that our mother, father, brother Jerry and your many friends and relatives who have passed on are elated to greet you again. God bless and rest in peace.
Posted by Fred Whittet on 26th November 2014
Bob, Kathy and I came to know Joan through the many bank affairs and trips taken together. What great fun we had. I had the pleasure of working with her on the Y board and found her to be most sincere and dedicated in improving the services they provided. Please know that we keep her in our thoughts and prayers. Fred & Kathy
Posted by Evangelista Dorothy on 24th November 2014
I am so sad to hear of the passing of Joan. I met her as we were in the same golf league in Jupiter, Florida. We would play together often and she was always sweet, calm, and a pleasure to be around. We shared a laugh together as we both wore at times, identical capri pants! She will be missed.
Posted by Helen West on 24th November 2014
Today was a sad day for me. I called you, Bob, to get your new address and found out Joan had died four months ago. I am so sorry. We met so many years ago, saw each other only occasionally for we lived so far away from each other, but one had only to meet Joan once to know one had a friend. I will miss her. She was such a special person and will never be forgotten.
Posted by Katie Kotz on 23rd November 2014
The start of our friendship with the Moyer family began in the early 70’s when their son, Scott, and our son, David, started as cub scouts. She welcomed us to the area so pleasantly. Joan always had a smile and very quietly both Bob and Joan have made the lives of many people significantly better through all their contributions in the community. Joan was always gracious, friendly, giving, and positive. She will be missed by all. Jack and Katie Kotz
Posted by Jeanie Scarzafava on 21st November 2014
The photos all show that Joan was a caring, warm and happy person. It is always how she greeted others, whether it be at the Cooperstown Farmer's Market, or at an important board meeting. I miss her and know she is still keeping her warmth around her loving family, and especially you, Bob. I am so sorry I am away for the Celebration of her life. May we all continue to celebrate her life by having more Grace in ours.
Posted by Suzanne Hollist on 21st November 2014
It is difficult to pay a tribute to Joan in words. She moved with such quiet, generous, grace. While we touched many times in the community, I knew her best as we served together on the Oneonta School Board. In that capacity, I admired the way she thoughtfully considered each issue and always voed with integrety. I consider it a great priviledge to have called Joan Moyer a friend in this life and hope I can associate with her in the life beyound this earth. Suzanne Hollist
Posted by Kathy Dragon on 21st November 2014
Written by Barb Waters: "I have known Joan since she was a roommate of my sister, Joan, at St. Rose. We became good friends in 1964, when Moyers moved to Oneonta shortly after we did.. We were in Welcome hagon, AAUW, a bridge group of 8. Through AAUW we enjoyed starting consumer classes for Head Start parents. we joined the AAUW evening Book Group then formed the morning group.Through this group we took many enjoyable trips together to Albany, Canajoharie, Utica, NYC and MA. We worked on several church committees together. We served on an ESC committee because of her leadership and dedication to it. After several surgeries Joan arranged with Joe to come to our house to check on me She was always thinking of what she could do for others. This led to Isabelle Niles, Connie Wood and Joan joining me for lunch during their lunch time to make sure I had what I needed. We continued lunch get- togethers for well over 20 years, Our last was at Bella Michaels a little more than a week before she left us. How little did we know there wouldn't be another lunch date as we were planning it. It broke my heart to learn I wouldn't be able to talk with her again. She was the dearest friend I could ever have and I miss her so much. I am grateful I was able to consider Joan my friend for so many wonderful years. Love to the family, Barb Waters"
Posted by Linda Kubitz on 21st November 2014
Alan and I wish that we could attend Joan's memorial and pay tribute, in person, to a very beautiful lady. We are blessed to have had Joan in our lives; she is the mother of our son-in-law, Scott, and the Moyer grandmother of the grandsons we share, Matthew and Luke. We will think of her with our love and our gratitude on November 29.
Posted by Bob Moyer on 20th November 2014
Yesterday, November 19th was our 54th wedding anniversary. As I read and re-read these tributes to Joan, I realize how fortunate I was to be chosen to walk with her on her journey. She changed many people's lives as she moved quitely through life while leaving a touch of herself for all to share.
Posted by Helen Nodland on 20th November 2014
In my mind's memory, there is a sunrise hike - up a mountain side - while your family vacationed together. The ever energetic Kathy was rallying the fam to join her. Who did? Her mom! I remember the picture of the triumphant mountain toppers as the sun warmed their smiling faces. Having traveled the world with Kathy, I feel I know Joan through Her. Smart, vibrant, enthusiastic, curious, always ready to go! My heart is with you all as this lovely woman lives forever in your hearts and memories.
Posted by Erna McReynolds on 19th November 2014
Joan was a wonderful person in so many ways. In many years of working with on various charitable activities, not once did Joan criticize others. Never was there a bad mood or bad day. Joan was always positive and able to see the best in all situations. She knew how to work and to inspire others. We were lucky to have had Joan in our lives. Erna and Tom Morgan
Posted by Christine Amos on 19th November 2014
Joan was always warm and welcoming. Joan's smile, intelligence, and charm made it a pleasure to serve with her on the ESC board. Such a lovely lady in every way.
Posted by Paula Holleran on 7th October 2014
Joan was a lovely, good person. She was a joy to know these many years, and I always enjoyed time spent with her at our 'Conversations on Health' meetings. . She was truly style and grace personified. I will miss her smiling face, and will never forget her.
Posted by Cheri Albrecht on 30th September 2014
Joan and I were friends and served several organizations together. She was a warm and caring friend and always a "lady". She and Bob are people I deeply respect. The were a great team. She always helped raise funds for worthy organizations. She is the one person I have never heard an ill word about. She was loved by everyone who had met her. She will be deeply missed and it is a loss for the community.
Posted by Deborah (Fallon)Piacitell... on 30th August 2014
I have such warm memories of Joan, my father Bernard's cousin, growing up in West Stockbridge. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with all the cousins at Tom and Mary's home, which later became my father's home until he moved to AZ. This is a beautiful memorial. I am so glad to have found it. I will share it with the rest of the Fallon family. My dad passed on March 3, 2013.
Posted by Polly Crosby on 27th August 2014
The Negrini family lived next to Joan's in West Stockbridge. There was always so much love and friendship between us. We are deeply saddened by your loss, and will surely offer prayers for Joan as we treasure the memories of Joan, her parents, siblings and family. Bless you all.
Posted by Marsha Sarver on 19th August 2014
One of my most memorable summers was in Cooperstown with the Moyer's during my college years. Bob and Joan were so welcoming and kind that I felt like they adopted me. They worried about me as my own parents would during the week I decided to take a solo bike trip through Vermont! They were such gracious hosts and I loved their ritual of cocktail hour. There was always a delicious meal and good conversation. Joan was such a wonderful mom, beautiful lady, and so classy.
Posted by Madolyn Palmer on 18th August 2014
I worked with Joan in many capacities both at the school district and the college. She was a friend we lunched at least twice a year, and enjoyed our family stories. Her smile could light up a room, and she always had a positive word for every situation. I lost my husband and they had the same birthday, She never forgot. She will be missed....
Posted by Carol Follett on 13th August 2014
Bob our deepest sympathies to you and your family. You are in out thoughts and prayers. Carol and Rick Follett
Posted by Margaret Mccarthy on 13th August 2014
With my deepest sympathy to you and your family. I played golf with Joan in Florida and always found her to be a beautiful person inside and out, always gracious, kind and thoughtful. Her passing will be deeply felt by many. Margaret McCarthy
Posted by Ron Brzenk on 9th August 2014
Bob We are so sorry for your loss. We will remember Joan in our thoughts and prayers. Ron & Karen Brzenk
Posted by Linda Kubitz on 8th August 2014
I will miss Joan very much. Although we lived geographically far apart, we stayed in close touch through our shared family – Scott, Ginny, Matthew and Luke. Joan was Matthew and Luke's grandmother, too, and together Grandma Joan and I (Grandma Lin) loved to share the stories, news, and events in the lives of those two little guys. We even told each other, on several occasions, how wonderful it was to be able to talk and write about the boys as much as we wished and not worry that we might be boring someone else. I will greatly miss sharing that very special grandma bond with Joan. Besides being a wonderful grandmother, Joan was a charming and lovely lady. When Alan and I visited Joan and Bob in Cooperstown in 2012, they could not have been more hospitable. Joan managed to spoil us completely with her excellent cooking, great conversations, and loving presence. I treasure all of my memories of Joan and am very grateful that she was part of my life.
Posted by Mary Barnard on 6th August 2014
Bruce and I were lucky enough to have had Joan and Bob in our lives for many winters at Ocean Trail in Jupiter. We swam, golfed and had many wonderful times together. She will be missed by all who knew her. Our sincerest sympathies, Mary and Bruce Barnard
Posted by Keith Dragon on 5th August 2014
It has been over a week and I still can’t begin to understand the loss my family has encountered. My mother in-law, Joan passed away with her children and her husband nearby. It all was a gift, but we all have been trying to understand the experience of the loss of an amazing person. Joan embodied grace, presence and a positive view of the world very few people I have encountered do in life. I am forever honored to have been in her presence as a person, more so I am in awe of who she was as a person forever seeing the positive, giving beyond herself or anyone ever does. The greatest honor I have with respect to her life was to know she was my one and only mother in-law. I will forever be grateful of the lessons I learned as she guided me through life, as I knew her, but I am more grateful of the lessons I will learn from her even after leaving the world I know here and now.
Posted by John Fallon on 3rd August 2014
Joan was my loving sister and best friend througout our single lives. She had such great spirit and loving care especially during down times. She was an anchor in the family. I will never forget her . Welcome her home Jerry!!!
Posted by Dee on 2nd August 2014
For many years, I worked with Joan on various committees or projects while members of the AAUW organization. She was always a great person to work with, be caused she had a very willing spirit. She went about her tasks with a smile and helpful attitude. I always found her very enjoyable to spend time with regardless of the circumstance. She was a special person!
Posted by Pete Barberio on 2nd August 2014
Our condolences to the Moyer family ! Joan will be missed by everyone fortunate enough to have shared time with her. Such an outgoing,happy person. She made the world a much better place.
Posted by Douglas Gulotty on 2nd August 2014
Our deepest condolences to the Moyer Family in the loss of Joan, first loving spouse, mother, and friend to so many others. May the memories of her easy smile, the acts and wonders of her light spirit and strong heart, come to fill the void now occupied by grief. She was and will always be known for her gift of self. We are saddened by the loss while once again lifted by her spirit. Doug and Cherie
Posted by Alan Kubitz on 2nd August 2014
It was Linda's and my pleasure to have crossed life-paths with a beautiful person like Joan. Our daughter, Ginny, was most fortunate to have married Scott and to have acquired such a wonderful in-law. Joan's spirit will always be reflected in our mutual grandsons, Matthew and Luke. Our condolences to Bob and the rest of the family.
Posted by Anne Fallon on 2nd August 2014
An Irish Blessing for Aunt Joan: May the Road Rise Ever To Meet You May the Wind Always be at Your Back May the Sun Shine Warm on Your Face May the Rain Blow Soft on Your Field And Until We Meet Again… May God Hold You In the Palm of His Hand
Posted by Joyce Broe on 2nd August 2014
We are deeply saddened by the loss of Joan. We'll always remember her as caring, compassionate and thoughtful to us and many others. She was most influential in keeping ESC alive and we were fortunate to work with her on this. Our sympathy goes out to Bob and all the family. She will be greatly missed in this community by all. Our sincere condolences. Jim and Joyce Broe
Posted by Carol Chesser on 1st August 2014
Our sincere condolences go out to Bob and family. Joan was a pillar in our community. Oneonta will surely miss her. We will always remember her loving smile and how she genuinely was always there when needed. Carol and Doug Chesser

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