Let the memory of Joan be with us forever
  • 57 years old
  • Born on October 25, 1954 .
  • Passed away on October 23, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Joan Justice-Brown, 57, born on October 25, 1954 and passed away on October 23, 2012. We will remember her forever.

What is Success?

To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty;
To find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
To know that even one life has breathed better because you have lived;

This is to have succeeded.

 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Posted by Bronwyn Steves on 23rd October 2018
It was six years ago today that I was sitting in a PBS training wondering where you were. It just did not seem right that you were not there. Later that afternoon when I returned to my office I wrote a quick email below are the contents: Joan, We missed you today. We all thought you would be leading the PBS training. We missed your smile, leadership, and pro-student philosophy. Don’t get me wrong, they did a great job with the training, it is just not the same without you. You are my positive behavior guide. Hope to see you soon. Broni I sent the email at 4:12 that day. At 4:30 my sister in law, Lisa, called me with the devastating news of your passing. You were and continue to be a beacon for so many. I keep a purple ribbon attached to my computer screen and a purple ribbon in my vehicle. You left an indelible mark in my heart and in my life. You are greatly missed. All my love to your beloved family.
Posted by Diana Browning Wright on 25th October 2017
You live on in so many hearts and minds. Great life! A model for us all. Love you infinity! Diana
Posted by Bronwyn Steves on 24th October 2017
I miss you and your smile. Forever in my heart. Broni
Posted by Susie Brayton on 23rd October 2017
Tonight I look at the heavens and say..what are you doing tonight, Joanay???
Posted by Susie Sasquatch Rolph on 25th October 2016
Just last month I was out at the John Pond with family, grandkids and all. We were fortunate to have McKenzie join us. As we sat around the campfire talking and laughing and being silly, I thought to myself that Joan would love being here. And as I watched and listened I saw Joan in Mckenzie as she joked around with the little ones and as she talked to my daughter. And I felt that Joan was there with us. And it felt very very good. It was almost like she was right there sitting in a chair with her smiling laughing face.
Posted by Bronwyn Steves on 23rd October 2016
My dearest Joan, Today marks the fourth anniversary of the news of your passing. I will never forget the moment I heard the news. I keep you with me everyday. I have a purple ribbon tied around the steering wheel of my vehicle and I have a purple ribbon attached to my computer screen at work. I think of your smile and I can hear your voice. You have blessed my life in so many ways. Even with the vacancy your loss has left, you fill my life with wisdom, compassion, and constancy. You have left a legacy that will continue on with those whose lives you have touched. All my love to your beloved children and your family. I miss you Joan.
Posted by Diana Browning Wright on 23rd October 2016
Dear Joan you are gone but certainly never never forgotten. Why was it that so many people said they were your best friend at your Memorial? I think it's because you made everyone feel so special. That would include me. Your joyfulness And wisdom were a gift to all of us. I especially loved your whimsy. You took such great joy in finding silly little things to give to other people to bring light to their lives. What a wonderful life you had! with much love to you and to all those you left behind. Diana
Posted by Susie Sasquatch Rolph on 23rd October 2015
Yay for Joanay ! from Susay and here's to all the French that is not in in the two of us, and to ice cube fights in the alps, and to all the very good times and laughs and singing and good conversation and prayer and the 3 lively, lovely girls she and Richard brought into this world. And praise God this goodness will continue on when I see her in heaven.
Posted by Bronwyn Steves on 23rd October 2015
Joan, I miss you and your smile. The impact you made on all who knew you will endure. You blessed my life and your memory continues to bless and enrich me.
Posted by Kathleen Quinlan on 23rd October 2015
I will forever talk about you Joanie and keep you and your works alive.
Posted by Scott Gutentag on 25th October 2013
Joan was the epitome of positive energy, optimism, and passion. Along with her great humor, I always looked forward to spending time with her at our PENT planning meetings. She is sorely missed.
Posted by Nancy Bravard on 25th October 2013
I look at the "candle lit" and can not help but think about the light that was taken from the world when Joanie died. She was the real thing. To commemorate this week I am reading a book about an autistic boy, autism having been on of Joan's passions. I have realized that by reading about something that was her passion, she has blessed me again. Wonderful book.
Posted by Mick Founts on 24th October 2013
I will always miss Joan and will always be blessed to have known her. In some respect, time softens, while it also magnifies. For me it does both... I miss you Joan.
Posted by Lorna Marion on 23rd October 2013
Driving to school this morning and every morning for the last year, from Stockton to Escalon, I often think about you Joan-a remarkable lady that I had met at Farmington when my son was a brand new infant. Our private conversations about the joy of parenthood....He's riding with me to Dent now and on that daily drive I say silent prayers for your girls, sweet lady.
Posted by Bronwyn Steves on 23rd October 2013
Joan, I can't believe it has been a year. You have touched so many lives. You have profoundly impacted mine. You were a blessing to all those who had the privilege of knowing you. Your beautiful daughters are a testament to your life and they carry on your commitment to helping others. My thoughts and prayers to Richard and the girls.
Posted by Cindy Wong on 23rd October 2013
Just thinking of you and your girls. I'll never forget the joy and love that was on your face when we last spoke. You have inspired so many and I am honored you were part of my life.
Posted by Kathleen Quinlan on 23rd October 2013
On the train thinking about our time in San Francisco and walking up to Coit Tower. It's rare to find a friend like you to be "real" with. I miss you buddy and will try to have a beer with two olives today. Love Q
Posted by Diana Browning Wright on 23rd October 2013
I miss you dear dear dear friend. I think of you so often and wore the necklace you gave me a year before you died today. You live on in our hearts......your life mattered to so many.... love Diana
Posted by KATHERYN SCHUT on 17th April 2013
I just found out today about Joan's passing. I met Joan four years ago when I attended her training for Behavioral Intervention Case Manager. My mother passed away during the course of this training and Joan was so compassionate with me. She even called to make sure I was ok. We had an instant bond. I saw her again in 2011 when I became certified under her guidance. I will never forget her
Posted by Teatsy Nichols on 18th March 2013
I just found out about Joan today through contacts at my school in Concord. I knew and interacted with Joan professionally, but always felt she was a friend because of her warm, positive personality. I never made a phone call to Joan, nor saw her on the school site that she was not happy, kind, and exhibiting an enthusiasm for life that was contagious. You are missed, Joan.
Posted by Mary Anne Klenske on 21st December 2012
I have not posted anything until today. I was so affected by Joan's untimely passing...I had only known her a couple of years through PENT. At our last two day planning, I was priveleged to sit with Joan at dinner where she invited me to "cuddle." Joan, I wish I had been given more time to get to know you better. My thoughts are with her family this Holiday...
Posted by Shogo Okamoto on 15th December 2012
Joan was really kind, gave me a smile and talked to me a lot, though I couldn’t speak English well.
Posted by Teri Ede on 27th November 2012
I was lucky enough to have been a part of her PENT team :) She always had the best smile! I will miss her.
Posted by Laure Eysséric on 23rd November 2012
Joan, it's been one month... I miss you so much! Love you for ever.
Posted by Julie Marconett on 23rd November 2012
I have known Joan for over 20 years. I met her first by substituting in her special day class, and then we knew her the last 15 years as parents with a special needs child. She was there for us when we went through the hard process of getting a diagnosis, and in the years since, working with our son as an SLP and program director. She will be missed, and we're glad to have known her.
Posted by Sheila McGuire on 16th November 2012
Joan and her family are so dear to my heart. Joan was such a great support for me as brand new teacher 16 years ago. She taught me so much about Special Education and taught me to celebrate the positives. I will never forget when she brought me dinner for my son and I after I had been sick for a few weeks. It was so thoughtful and so Joan. She will surely be missed but never forgotten.
Posted by Nancy Hopple on 12th November 2012
Joan is so loved by so many, including me. Her warmth, intellect, charm and graciousness were infectious. In 25+ years that I knew and worked with her, I never heard an unkind word from her or about her. Though we are all grieving, I feel so blessed to have known her. She is still smiling, loving, laughing, teaching...no doubt about it.
Posted by Kaye Osborn on 10th November 2012
I met Joan at Lakewood School while she was a paraprofessional in a Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing classroom. Joan enriched and enhanced each day with her friendliness, her compassion, and her love of children. She brightened the days and lives of those around her. She will be missed. She was a gift to all! Her spirit will continue to shine!
Posted by Bronwyn Steves on 2nd November 2012
"You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire" from "Biko" by Peter Gabriel. Joan you are a fire whose flame will never go out. You are the fire that burns in me that guides me to be the person I should be. You blessed my life. I miss you.
Posted by Kim Morton on 30th October 2012
Joan's spirit and generosity have been well described in the comments of others here. She was also one of the best collaborators I have known and a very highly skilled educator. I learned from her every time I was with her. I feel lucky to have known Joan.
Posted by Lindsay Wright on 30th October 2012
I can picture Joan sitting on my mom's couch in the morning wearing Goofy PJs and a big smile. She radiated warmth, kindness, and acceptance. I only spent a few evenings with her, but I feel like I knew her because of her incredible compassion and love for my family. We were really looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with Joan this year. I feel very grateful to have met her.
Posted by Dathel Sahlberg on 29th October 2012
Joan was a very special lady. She will be missed by all. I will always remember her reading the poem at my moms 74th birthday. I'm thankful to have had her as a friend. You girls are very special too. My love and prayers will be with you now and always.
Posted by Chris Opdycke on 29th October 2012
Yes to know her was to love her. I spent my 4th through 12th summers with her. Everyday, all day. Of all my best, fondest, funnest, memories of summer, she is in every one. We had such fun....... What a gift she was, I am so glad we got to get together again this last April. I only wish there were more. Selfish of me. Fly with the angels now Joanie xoxo
Posted by Kathleen Quinlan on 29th October 2012
This is just impossible. I am not ready to remember her as she is still living in my heart. My dear Friend, my dear Cousin. she helped me with my Son in a very dark time. Inconvenienced herself to help our Family, a true Angel, and look Joanie, how beautifully he turned out! So much due to you. Remember walking throughnSan Francisco? Our "sleepovers"? I will not let you go in my heart.
Posted by Mick Founts on 29th October 2012
Joan just "got it." She got life. She got family. She got friends. She got kids....she just understood all of this. I will never "miss her" because she is so much a part of me. I look at her girls and know that Joan lives on in not just my heart and memories, but in the legacy she has left with her girls. I know that they will "get it," too. In Joan's honor.
Posted by Rebecca Valero on 28th October 2012
At our last PENT leadership meeting Joan kicked off her shoes to be 'more comfortable', when we all started to laugh at her 'casual attire' she crawled under her desk to collect her shoes, laughing the entire time....I didn't know Joan long, but she always made my heart laugh!
Posted by Cathie Orr on 28th October 2012
I have spent many hours since I heard about this tragic news asking the question why? I finally came to the conclusion that the only possible reason is that The Lord needed help with the children in Heaven. Joan would be the perfect angel for this purpose. She was a beautiful person with a heart and soul to match. She helped my family through some very trying times as we fight for our sons best
Posted by Les Bua on 28th October 2012
Words cannot express how much Joan has meant to our family these past 30+ years. She loved every one of us as we love every one of them. Our times together with "The Wild Bunch" were always fun and crazy, She lived life as it should be lived, with excitement, laughter and most of all love. Our memories of her will be a part of our lives always.
Posted by Susie Brayton on 27th October 2012
When I first met JJ Brown she had STRAIGHT hair; she was so cool, polished, and professional. And then, I went on a trip to Europe with her and Richard and a group from Escalon, and I found out she was crazy,.. random,.. Oh so fun! and her hair was CURLY! just like me ! A friendship began that has stretched through time, miles, children, prayers, fun times and much laughter.
Posted by Joyce Christeson on 27th October 2012
To know my sister was to realize how funny/creative she was. Since we don't live near each other, we called when we could. Within this past year she called and within that conversation she said "...just call 1-800-ILOVEMYSISTER", and I did. Our direct line has now been disconnected, and only the memories remain. As the shattered glass that remains at the site, so is my heart :(
Posted by Mona Todnem on 27th October 2012
Joan ALWAYS made me feel so special and SO LOVED - even after 28 years and being so far away. I will always LOVE HER and always be so thankful to her for being such an important part of my life.
Posted by Patte Hegg on 27th October 2012
To know Joanie was truly to love her.

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