you will never be forgotten untill the day we meat again in our hearts and mind you will always be god gained a beautiful angel the day he gained you <3 and I'm jealous ur up there with him and not down
  • 34 years old
  • Born on January 20, 1970 in United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on September 17, 2004 in glasgow, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joan Roberts, 34, born on January 20, 1970 and passed away on September 17, 2004. We will remember her forever. She had two little girls joanne &  elizabth and two beautiful grandchildren hayley & demi-lee who sadly she never got the chance to meet. Daughter of alexander Roberts & elizabeth Armour sister of Tracey Darren Alexander & niomi. And much loved aunty of darn stephanie caitlin & kayleigh brogan chelsea and so many more would take me all night to write lol but she was a woman who could un doubtably cause a fight in a empty room but she was the most loving caring person ive ever known and i miss her more than i could possibly put into words LEDGENDS DONT DIE MUMMY THEY SLEEP FOREVER  Forever in our hearts angel sleep tight x 

Posted by Joanne Roberts on 21st January 2016
Morning mummy <3 time I got up and got the girls breakfast Ready, then nursery time for our Hayley and Demi's not Feeling to well the now it's just a wee winter cold but she's grumpy with it just like I used to be <3 I'm going to go just now mum but I will come back on here later loveyouuuuu mega much xxxxxxx
Posted by Jean Lochrie on 20th January 2016
Oh hen can't believe it is that long since you left us all hope you are smiling down on us all all the stupid things we all got up to you are missed so much hen sleep tight with the angels hen till we meet again shine bright xxxx
Posted by Catherine Walker on 20th January 2016
Remember that baby face n smile and funniest wee laugh xxxxxxx
Posted by Catherine Walker on 20th January 2016
G.b.n.f happy heavenly birthday cuz hope ure having a ball with ure dad (uncle alex luv n miss you dearly xxxxx♡♡♡♡♡
Posted by Joanne Roberts on 20th January 2016
Miss you every second of everyday my angel Missing you more than a could put into words mummy My head just doesn't seem to wanna forget the past cause It's only thing keeping you here is your memory But the past is sore the past is when I lost you the past is Also when I was with you and could speak to you and cuddle You, sad thing is after 11 years am still expecting you to come knocking Then reality hits all over again and I am left with the worst possible Memory stuck in my head and that is the last time a saw your beautiful Little face and how a walked out that morning when I wish I stayed with You the thought of u dying in that house alone rips me apart, am sorry Mummy now I'm living with the fact. But I will always love you Nothing can or will ever change that your my wee angel and a swear a will look after and protect Lizzie with my life that you can be sure of she's too cute mum just a mini you she's the biggest poser out I swear but she's beautiful just like you & as for my aunty Tracy she's just amazing am sure you already know that but she's gotten me through it All she's the one I look for now because I can't have you but It Doesn't mean u mean any less to me as you don't, she gives them Special hugs for you and takes on all my problems ect ect because were all family and family stick together and may a add we have a crazy one at that fucksake trust you to leave me with these bunch a Looneys lol but I love them all and we all love you and miss you so much xxxxxxx sleeptight angel and happy heavenly birthday mummy bear ( your simply the best ) old dear xxxxx
Posted by Chelsea Dempsey on 20th January 2016
Posted by Chelsea Dempsey on 20th January 2016
Another birthday without you
Posted by Marion Irvine on 20th January 2016
GBNF Joannie u are sorely missed by a lot of ppl xx
Posted by Joanne Haggerty on 18th September 2015
I'm going to bed now mum just wanted to say goodnight & I love you <3 sweetdreams <3xxxxxxxx
Posted by Stephanie Roberts on 18th September 2015
Miss you so much auntie jojo hope ur up there partying hard with papa in tam love you wee woman in there no a day goes by that a dont think about use hope use r proud of me in the family gbnf R.I.P wee woman
Posted by Chelsea Dempsey on 18th September 2015
miss&love you lots
Posted by Joanne Haggerty on 18th September 2015
Hi mummy I know I've not wrote to you in a while just so much going on but last week we scattered your ashes with papas and we kept some ofcourse I've got some for me &lizzie because after all this time a still can't let you go, I've never needed you as much as I need you now though it just seems the more I have of you the more I long to see your wee face again, just can't seem to get my thoughts straight the now mummy, could be doing with one of your hugs. Every year this gets harder every birthday or event just leaves me wishing you were here. Am trying to do the best I can for you n my dad but life just keeps throwing things in my way, Hayley's now 4 she's such a wee drama queen lol loves to dance and sing and last week she was holding your ashes and gave u a kiss and tells everyone tht my granny Joanie with the biggest smile on her face and Demi well she's the mini version of Hayley lol nearly 2 and today we gave up her pram cause she's a big girl now and likes to run lol, anyway old dear that's it for now will be back soon & untill then just know your in my heart and my he's 24/7 love you so much mummy bear <3 xxxxxxxx
Posted by Joanne Haggerty on 17th October 2014
I miss you so much enjoy your time up there and dont be sad have and party i love you so much have a great time make it last forever love lizzie xxx <3
Posted by Joanne Haggerty on 16th October 2014
You should see your crazy grand daughter dancing about like a wee diva takes after her aunty lizzie :) miss you so much mum just want to speak to you and here your wee voice even just one last time xx
Posted by Joanne Haggerty on 18th September 2014
So many times ive wanted you so many times ive cried so many words unspoken so many answers n questions unknown <3 i miss my mum n my children will never know you n it kills me everytime i think of tht :'( still sometimes resent you for leaving me but most of the time i just miss you more than anything there are so many things that hurt me but the majority is just me thinking of your laugh your perfume you cuddles wen you will just hold me for wat felt like hours
Posted by Catherine Armour on 17th September 2014
Not a day goes by that we think of you and miss you picture youre wee baby face shine bright love you cuz g.b.n.f xxxxxx
Posted by Joanne Haggerty on 17th September 2014
i love you my beautiful angel xxx
Posted by Joanne Haggerty on 17th September 2014
10 years since i heard your voice or gotten one of they much needed cuddles :( so many things left unsais & unfixed <3 cant explain how much i need you right now stressing out coz i know no matter how hard i try n no matter wat i do im never gonna see you again 10years later n im still not accepting that sleep tight my angel ledgends dont die they sleep forever mummy <3 xxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Joanne Haggerty on 26th September 2012
miss you so much mummy :) xx

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