An exemplary human being

Shared by Savio Lobo on August 13, 2019
If I had to say one thing about Jojo, I would say that she was a role model for living a beautiful and full life. She used her talents in every way to enrich everyone that she connected with. Her presence immediately elevated the energy of everyone around her.  Jojo not only cared about people, she gave them her time and treasure. Joan was action.. whether it be serious business or fun.. we could all count on it happening!

My earliest memories of Jojo were watching her graft roses and take care of the garden in Colaba... even in Malad she grew those beautiful ferns inside glass containers. By then she was pretty much the only J at home and made time to play scrabble and card games and took care of planning fun and constructive things for me in the evenings.

Through my teenage years and beyond she always went out of her way to advise me.. Even though I was ungrateful and argued with her at the time, she never turned her back on me and patiently coached me. To this date I remember exactly when she told me that I should read some more about world affairs, after which I actually developed a real interest in it.

It was lovely to spend time with Sneha and Viru and get some lunch from her kitchen. She allowed Sneha to go on motorcycle rides with me which was a pleasure for both of us ! Over the years, she always tried to include me on outings even though I was sometimes young for the group and I will be ever grateful for that. I’ve enjoyed every trip or outing she planned, the sumptuous food she dished out, the hours of discussions, her thoughtful and tasteful gifts…I wear the two Kurta tops from Khadi emporium she bought me last, all the time.

Even when I brought my gora co-workers to India, they were immediately impressed by her. They enjoyed their evening with Keith and Joan so much. For the rest of that trip, whenever I asked them to try something they asked me “would Joan approve ?”.

Jojo  did so much for us, physically and emotionally and has been a rock for my mother and sisters and I am so so grateful to her. 

Cheers to Jojo… and to the exemplary life she lived!

Words cannot describe the amazing person you were

Shared by Samantha Correa on August 16, 2019
Dearest Aunty Joan,
All these years I’ve known you to be the kind, helpful, wonderful lady next door... I’ll never forget all the help and support you gave me when I planned to move to Canada to peruse my studies. You were my guiding light steering me towards my goal.
Even though you were in pain, you suffered in silence, always with a smile on your face. The last time I spoke with you, a month ago, you were still smiling with not a complaint about your pain and suffering.
You have touched so many lives and reached out to as many people as you could. You will always be fondly remembered for the amazing person you were aunty Joan. I miss you, but know that you are in a better place, watching over us each and everyday making sure we don’t mourn but instead live the life of service that you taught us to live.
Love you always 

Always the Thoughtful Aunt

Shared by Jason Rodrigues on August 12, 2019
It was a couple of years ago, I was probably 35. I made a surprise visit to Mumbai and landed on Christmas eve. As usual Casa Feliz was buzzing with activity and kids etc. I cant remember if it was after midnight or lunch the next day, kisses hugs and presents were handed out. Having arrived with no notice i did not have anything under the tree, so i sat around watching while the gifts were opened and thankyous were flowing. After all that activity was pretty much done and minutes later Joj emerged from inside with a gift wrapped for me. I was 35 with no expectations, but it was Christmas and i was still her nephew...

Mischief managed!

Shared by Rebecca Rodrigues on August 7, 2019
Looking back at all my memories of Joj, there's a common thread - fun, laughter and lot of mischief. She was the epitome of an aunt: lavish you with love and presents, take you out for your favorite meal or on an adventure, entertain your silly stories, be interested in your life and milestones, let you get up to all the things your mum and dad would never, and essentially, spoil you rotten. 
I was lucky to spend my childhood in Mumbai, which often meant weekends and holidays with Joj and Keith. With trips to the beach, park, swimming pool, chaat stand; favorite food, games and movies at home, drives, etc., they packed our time together with lots of fun.
This little nugget is from 2006, when I visited Mumbai for a few weeks. One evening we went out for dinner, and then piled into the car to go home. But wait, Joj pulls out a bottle of wine, glasses and an opener... in the car! After partaking in the libations, the evening continued with a walk along Juhu, and Joj charming an auto driver to let us take pics in the rick. After that, there was probably ice cream, late night chats, and more. 
Somehow despite leaving us all too early, she managed to squeeze in a lifetime's worth of awesomeness. I will miss you loads Joj, but I suppose I'm lucky to have another angel looking out for me.

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