My heart

Shared by Amber Huffman on February 17, 2011

I never got to meet her <3. My Grandma Huffman.. It is one of the things that I feel deep inside.. it hurts me. But, all of the videos, stories, and pictures I hear from everyone lets me know she was a wonderful and beautiful woman, with a poweful personality and unmoving love for others. I have been told throughout my life by a few close family members that they believe because she passed just before my birth.. I have her soul or am part her. I have always loved that :) .. I just wish that she had held me once... that I felt her touch... just once. My mom tells me that just when she found out she was pregnant with me, Grandma Huffman looked at her and said that she knew I'd be a girl... considering my mother wanted a girl prior to that and ended up with 3 boys instead, its really amazing she knew it was me. Times have passed in my life that I just wish she was here, because although I didn't meet her... I really do miss her.. I decided long ago that I wanted to be a good girl in life so that I'll be sure to go to heaven.. so I can meet her. I have her middle name and I couldn't be more proud.. Amber Marie Huffman... I love all of my family and wish we were all closer... I miss you Grandma... and I know you're with all of us .. I love you <3

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