Posted by Susan Neville on June 10, 2021
If you have a quilt that Mom made for you or someone in your family, please take a picture and upload it here. Most have the date she made it on the back so if you have that please include as a caption.
Posted by Mark Jones on June 10, 2021
My name is Mark Jones and I am the son of Jean, who is Joanne's sister.
My best memories are when the Kooistra family moved out to California and our family was able to spend some time with your family. I was still fairly young but it was important to get to know your mom, dad and the whole family.
Years later (1988-1989) I was travelling around the country and Joanne invited me out to the farm they had in Indiana, if my memory serves me well. That was really special to visit Jack and Joanne out there.
That was the last time I saw your mom, although I did talk to her on the phone occasionally.
She was a New Englander that is for sure and is of a generation that will be sorely missed.
I am glad for the times I spent with her (and her family) and I will miss her.
Posted by Lynn Higdon on June 10, 2021
Happy 90th Birthday, Mom!!  Love you much, Lynn & Chuck xoxoxo

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