Let the memory of Joanne be with us forever
  • 62 years old
  • Born on September 21, 1948 in California, United States.
  • Passed away on August 8, 2011 in California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Joanne Fradkin AKA Nile Cartouche, 62, born on September 21, 1948 and passed away on August 8, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Rebecca Mackie on 11th August 2012
Somehow I think if anyone could read these thoughts in the after life, you could! I still feel as if you are only a phone call away... needless to say I miss you dearly. You were a light in my life that will burn in eternity!
Posted by Margot Montaigne on 7th August 2012
My darling Joanne, Hi Baby!! You're on my mind on this day, as you are EVERY day. I feel your presence so often, and think of how greatly you enriched my life. You were and are a magnificent gift to all of us, and I don't think I ever really thanked you for helping me through the hardest of times, and being so loving and generous in every way. Love always, Margot I'll C U soon!
Posted by Fayette Hauser on 7th August 2012
Thinking of my Darling Joanne today...Missing her very much, With Love from Fayette
Posted by Stephanie Farago on 7th August 2012
Joanne, I have a photo of you in my room when I presented you with a Moon sculpture for your birthday...years ago...I see the picture every day and speak to you and wish I'd said Hello last time I was packing up and escaping from L.A. So I hope you hear me, and imagine we are still in touch...and you are at the Party in the Sky with Steven and Dali...Still in my thoughts, Love, S.
Posted by Barbara Hughes on 7th August 2012
Probably a day doesn't go by that I don't think of Joanne. She had so much wisdom and was definitely an old soul. My talks with her inspired me and changed my life. She was my makeup artist for years, and I recommended her to all of my friends, even out-of-state, that went to her and also loved her like I did. I miss you, Joanne, and we'll meet again some day.
Posted by Rosy Carrera Hernandez on 5th May 2012
Hi everyone! Percy the ripper. (her kitty) any info?
Posted by Rosy Carrera Hernandez on 5th May 2012
I still remember that late evening 8 years ago when you walked in to the salon(I need a blowdry!)as exhausted as I was after a full days work I agreed to blow out your long locks and signature bangs that I grew to cut and style with my eyes closed.ohh and that Spritz Forte and Aveda anti humectant a must! Hypnotic poison(our perfume)All these scents will forever remind me of you.
Posted by Rosy Carrera Hernandez on 5th May 2012
Joanne as I'm preparing for my big day you constantly crossed my mind..I have been consumed in my own wedding craziness, I noticed you hadn't come in..I hadn't felt ur absence as I now used your very special color formula on several of my blondes(Clairol 24 & 36) It's my favorite combo..I only stocked that color for you...
Posted by Fran Ziegler on 30th December 2011
Joanne and I were friends 45 years ago. It was before her makeup career, before Haight Ashberry. We were hippies, some of the first in our high school. Even though we were burning holes in our jeans and playing the spoons to jug-band music, Joanne did wear glamorous makeup. She was a radiant spirit who I never forgot. Thanks for creating this site.
Posted by Fayette Hauser on 24th September 2011
Darling Joanne, I miss you so. Memories of our days at the Russian Embassy will live in our collective Astral Plane forever. God Bless you, my beloved friend.
Posted by Lonnie Delshad on 24th August 2011
Dear Joanne!!! I was so blessed to have you in my life. Your laughter, and your creative make up always made me feel special...You were a great friend, and I will miss you.....Hugs
Posted by Karen Scott on 23rd August 2011
Joanne, You will be missed and cherished forever. My mentor you taught me so much about life and makeup artistry that I apply everyday in life and business. Thank you for the time we spent together and the gift of you.
Posted by Antonio Dubois on 21st August 2011
Dear Sweet and Beautiful Friend: May the beauty and love found in the "Place Of Light" embrace you and keep you for eternity. Thank you for gracing my life and making me much of who I am today as an artist. We shall meet again someday.
Posted by Marci Iglow on 21st August 2011
To my sweet cousin. May you rest in peace. You taught me so much about make-up and we shared so many good family times together. You will be missed.
Posted by Ilene Waterstone on 19th August 2011
Joanne, you were a shining light, a sweet, gentle, generous, gorgeous soul. As Fayette said, you longed for the ether. I hope it's soft for you, my friend. Say hi to Mommy Fradcakes & your marvelous aunts. Love forever, Ilene
Posted by MichaelBrave Heart on 17th August 2011
we will forever keep in contact though the astral. This is not a good bye. This is a hi honey!
Posted by Alexandra Mistral on 16th August 2011
Dearest Joanne, You appeared in my life to show me another way I will forever be grateful.... You changed my life.You were my guiding angel. Thank you for your light. We will meet again. Love you forever.
Posted by Boudoir Queen on 13th August 2011
Joanne, You changed my life. You were always there to show me the way. I can't believe it's been 25 yrs. I will miss your voice. The "hi honey" on my answering machine. Birthdays won't be the same without you calling. Your in my heart forever. I'll see you again my friend.
Posted by Terre Bridgham on 13th August 2011
Fly high Joanne. Your kindness to me 35 years ago is memorable. Thank you for being utterly fabulous. xoxo
Posted by Mark Younger-Smith on 13th August 2011
Memories of conversations on astrology, Egyptology, music and just about any subject your mind could wander to, Joanne would keep your interest piqued...What a great soul
Posted by James Tuttle on 12th August 2011
Much, much love to my dear fabulous Joanne! I know you're having such an amazing time back in pure positive energy but thank you for the time you spent here with us. Now I don't know who I'll call on Hallowe'en, though. Kiss.
Posted by C.J. Deering on 12th August 2011
Good Bye Dearheart.. Funny, lovely and forever remembered.
Posted by Margot Montaigne on 12th August 2011
Thank-you to Stephanie Farago for submitting the beautiful photos and text about Joanne and Steven Arnold, located in the above section entitled "Her Life"
Posted by Margot Montaigne on 12th August 2011
TO ALL JOANNE'S ANGELS : I've upgraded this site so you can upload unlimited full-sized photos, videos, and music. Also feel free to add stories, bio, etc. please contact me if you need help. Thank you all so much!!
Posted by Stephanie Farago on 12th August 2011
I think Joanne was born September 21 and she was a Libra. I will try to find some photos to share of our adorable friend.
Posted by Stephanie Farago on 12th August 2011
Dear Joanne, I miss you already my dear sister. Remembering all the laughter we had, the fun smoking bidis and endless storytelling about our karass, but I can't get used to the idea that I won't see you for awhile. I imagine you in the best company in the party in the sky!
Posted by Joanelle Romero on 12th August 2011
Precious Joanne "Keep shinning your light so I can see you over here, you showed me how to live sober, I would not be here if not for you, I'll see you in the universes of the universes, precious precious Joanne"
Posted by Michael Hackett on 12th August 2011
Thanks honey for all you gave me. We went through so much together on so many levels, crying, laughing, growing. You were the keeper of my history. I would not be who I am if you hadn't been who you were.
Posted by Steven Solberg on 12th August 2011
It was a blessing to have shared this lifetime with you Joanne. Spirit blessings and peace be upon you and your loved ones. I will always cherish the memories of the times we spent together!
Posted by Pandora Edmonston on 12th August 2011
Our Dearest Joanne, Your wings are filled with blinding light, you soared into bliss. You are one of the sweetest souls that ever graced this planet. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I will love you throughout eternity.
Posted by R.A.L. West on 12th August 2011
Dear Joanne! I see you flying in the most fabulous wings! I know you are free and sharing your beauty and glory in inspired release through the forever-heavens. God bless your sweet soul always; and thank you for showing up in my life!
Posted by Margot Montaigne on 12th August 2011
I just learned that my precious friend, Joanne, got her wings. i quickly set up this page so people could post memories, pics--whatever you feel. I'll see you upstairs, dear friend.

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