Shared by Libda Watts on July 23, 2020
I've known Joanne seems like forever so many meetings , lunches and parties. A friend that you knew would be there you could share stories and catch up .  I will miss these times and think about you when groups return when I look around the room I will think about you and miss the friendship we all shared.  Miss you my friend.
                                     Linda Watts

"Big Red"!

Shared by Stephanie Grassi on July 23, 2020
Aunt Joanne was such a kind woman. We used to call her Big Red -- yes, because of her red hair; the “big” though came from her bigger than life personality and her big heart. She was gentle, thoughtful, sensitive and caring. She had a wicked sense of humor, and found joy and smiled and laughed all the time.


I remember once when my mother was living in Port Richey, she stopped by for a visit and my mom was out but on her way back home. Aunt Joanne asked me if there was some coffee made, and if there wasn’t -- she told me sweetly -- that when there was a guest over, I should make some. I was in my early teens but gave it my best shot. How hard could it be? I had seen my mom do it a thousand times. A couple of scoops of ground coffee from the can, a pot full of water. Well it turned out so weak it was the color of light brown water. “Oh my gawd,” she said and smiled and tried to dress it up and took a sip and pretend that it was ok but it wasn’t. And so we poured it out and she talked me through how to make a second, strong, real pot of coffee -- probably my first. And there was an Entenmann's coffee cake close by -- and she coyly said that she might just have a little piece.


I remember her Feast of Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve -- the care she had obviously taken in prepping the meal and setting the table was appreciated by me. It warmed my heart. She really was gentle, and kind, and sensitive -- and even though her personality was larger than life, and her smile could light up a room full of many people, she was soft, and thoughtful, and happy. That’s how I remember my Aunt Joanne -- our Big Red. I loved her and she will be missed.


In looking through her Facebook photos today, these are three that really stood out for me.

From her Nephew, and published Author (obviously!) Dennis Petrone 

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