This tribute was added by Judith Koutsos on August 4, 2020
I am devastated to hear about Joanne. I have known her for many years - way back to Calusa Business Womens Club and before. I loved her for the fact that she would not hold back but spoke out loud with whatever was on her mind. She was a very powerful and intelligent woman. A great community leader. We need more strong minded women like Joanne. She will be forever missed and remembered. Rest in Peace Joanne.
This tribute was added by Heather Phillips on July 22, 2020
I knew Joanne from Daughters of Penelope in New Port Richey. She was a lovely lady who put her heart and soul into everything she did. 
Joanne, you will never be forgotten in our house while I am still using the Christmas Tupperware I bought from you at our DOP annual bazaar
(and I use it all year round).
This tribute was added by Gigi D. on July 21, 2020
Joanne was a very big part of our West Pasco area. She was an Ambassador with our Chamber and a huge part of our Local Organization of Business and Professional Women of Calusa. I had the pleasure of volunteering with Joanne often. She was caring and giving. We made a great team. My heart hurts for her family. She spoke of you often and loved each of you dearly. Joanne has been missed since she moved a short time ago but it seemed like years since we heard that laugh. I will keep all of you who loved Joanne, as I did, in my thoughts and prayers. This one's for you, Joanne. ggd
This tribute was added by Linda Morgan-Wood on July 20, 2020
Joanne was a great lady and always the life of the party! You could always count on her to make you smile and lift your spirits! She also had a big heart and was involved in so many Pasco organizations, always contributing to whatever cause needed help. She will be missed by so many. My deepest condolences to the family.
This tribute was added by Stephanie Grassi on July 20, 2020
It is so great to see some tributes already and hear everyone's stories! My grandma was quite the character. Never afraid to tell you how she REALLY feels! She is truly missed so much already by so many.
This tribute was added by Jackie Lewnes on July 20, 2020
Joanne was such a great person. She could always make you smile. The favorite part I loved about Joanne was you always knew what was on her mind. She would tell it like it is. LOL!!! That is a very rare and very honorable trait. She was always doing something for others she belonged to more groups in Pasco than I could ever name and she always went above and beyond to help out. Joanne was both a leader and a team player that is awesome! Too many people want to lead but they don't want to be part of the team. I am so proud to have been her friend over the years outside of our networking. Grabbing a bite to eat here and there and just talking and laughing. She was a blessing and she knew I thought of her as a perfect big sister. My own sister was 12 years older and Joanne and I had a much closer relationship. Not to take anything away from her own sister that I know she loves so dearly, cause she definitely does!!!! I pray that all the family will stay and be well and never forget the blessing of such a beautiful lady in your lives, keep her memories and her special traits (gifts) alive!!! Joanne will live in my heart eternal as both a great person and great friend. I miss you Joanne, I know you are at peace, hugs sent to heaven.
This tribute was added by Annette Antonina Santange... on July 20, 2020
So sorry about Joanne. She was a great volunteer of our West Pasco Community and belonged to several networking groups as well as social groups. She was a great person and happy to have spoken to her when she moved near the Orlando area to be closer to family.
May she rest in peace.
Annette & Jim Smetzer

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