Let the memory of Joanne be with us forever
  • 50 years old
  • Born on July 3, 1962 .
  • Passed away on November 27, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Joanne Cooke, 50, born on July 3, 1962 and passed away on November 27, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Michael Hood on 27th November 2018
In loving memory of my sister HoHo I can't call you on the phone anymore but in my heart, I talk to you often. Love & miss you,
Posted by Nancy Day on 3rd July 2018
Happy Birthday Joanne. We miss you and love you. Can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years that you've been gone. Remembering your last Birthday all of us spent together.
Posted by Michael Hood on 3rd July 2018
Joanne we celebrate your birthday today even though you’re gone .. Precious memories, of You can’t help, but live on.
Posted by Michael Hood on 29th November 2017
Hoho, I know you would be with us today if Heaven wasn't so far away.
Posted by Nancy Day on 4th July 2017
Hey Joanne, wish you were still here with us.Think about you frequently. Watch over your girls help them with their decisions . I really wish you were here to help guide them. We love them but there's nothing like a mother's love.
Posted by Michael Hood on 3rd July 2017
There are no goodbyes for us on your B-Day, Wherever you are in heaven, you will always be in my heart.
Posted by Michael Hood on 27th November 2016
Joanne, I look at your smiling face in all my photos; Memories flood my mind as I touch the mementos From the happy times you and I have had, But now these bring tears and make me sad; For the time together went by in a wink, Life was not as long as we'd like to think. We will never forget you HOHO. Your 2 daughter are very lovely and doing well. May God Bless them both as you look after them from above. Brotherly love,
Posted by Nancy Day on 3rd July 2016
Hey girl, thinking of you today wishing we could celebrate your Birthday! Just saw a little clip from your last 50th Birthday party and saw you for a few seconds. Wish it would've been longer! We love and miss you ! Have a Happy Birthday❤️❤️
Posted by Michael Hood on 3rd July 2016
Hi Joanne, another memory of your birthday that we will never forget you. Even after your life is gone In our hearts your love lingers on Jo Even after you have left our sight In our thoughts your light shines bright as the sun Even after you are gone In our memories you forever live on. We all miss you
Posted by Michael Hood on 4th July 2015
In loving memory of my sister Joanne on her special day 53 years ago. I can't call you on the phone anymore but in my heart, I talk to you everyday.
Posted by Nancy Day on 27th November 2014
Joanne, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with your girls and our family. You will be missed as well as Dad. We love you both! Brittney and Shawna are pursuing the path to their careers and you would be so proud of them . We love you and will miss you today❤️
Posted by Brittney Sine on 27th November 2014
Hey Mama. It's thanksgiving & it's been 2 years since you've passed away. You were taken away from us so soon. I miss you like crazy but I think about you everyday & remember all the good memories. You'll never be forgotten Mama. Rest in paradise.
Posted by Michael Hood on 28th November 2013
Joanne, growing up together creates a special bond. The playing and laughing brought us closer together. The fights and struggles only made us stronger. You have been the kind of Sister that every Sister should be. My heart was broken without a warning no words spoken you were taken away. someone said you could not stay. Even though we're far apart I always have you in my heart You are free now Joanne to live your life in eternity. R I P Joanne
Posted by Nancy Day on 27th November 2013
Joanne we all miss you so very much. Your girls are doing great and you would be so proud of them. You are their inspiration. Its still so very hard to realizeyou aren't with us,it seems as you are just on vacation. We all wish that were true. Hope you and dad have found one another and know in your hearts that we love you very much and think of you and dad all the time.
Posted by Brittney Sine on 27th November 2013
Mama, it's been one year. One very long year without you. I miss you like crazy and I know everyone else does too. Not a day for by that I don't think about you and our fun memories together. I wish you were still here with us but I know you're happy and no longer suffering in heaven. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, Mama. You're in our thoughts. I miss your cooking. :(
Posted by Shawna Sine on 27th November 2013
Hey mommy. It's been a year now since you have been gone. I miss you so much. It breaks my heart that your not here with me. There is not a day that goes by where i don't think about you. I miss everything about you. I hope you have a wonderful Turkey day with grandpop neil and munchkin and smokey. I bet your giving munchkin all the spray cheese in the world.love you.
Posted by Shawna Sine on 3rd March 2013
Hey Mommy, I Miss you so much. Everyday i just look up at the sky and said i wanna be with my mommy. I want to hang out with you again and have those good conversations. I miss you more then anything. Nothing is the same without you, it never will be.You were a wonderful woman and will always be missed. You will always be in my heart. Me and britt are trying to be strong. we just miss you.
Posted by Shawna Sine on 3rd March 2013
i miss your voice and i miss hearing from you. Im trying to start couponing with you, it makes me really sad you were the only one who didnt complain about helping me. you made couponing so much fun even though you made me mad sometimes because you just did not understand, but i was just being a brat. Im sorry. thanks for helping me so much. i love you.
Posted by Brittney Sine on 27th January 2013
They say it'll get easier with time. I think it's getting harder. I miss you mom. More than ever. ❤
Posted by Brittney Sine on 1st January 2013
Happy New Year! I love you!
Posted by Shawna Sine on 31st December 2012
Hey Mommy, Im really sad right now! Im gonna be all alone for New Years, I Miss you so much. i have realized that you would do anything for me, i miss everything. Without you im so alone and lost.I try everyday to smile and to keep my head up but its so hard. No one is like you! You were perfect you were my best friend. I Know that people love me but no one shows the amount of love you did
Posted by Shawna Sine on 25th December 2012
Merry Christmas Mom!(: Ily So much and i miss you more then anyone could explain. Ima miss your stockings and presents and just the way you made chriatmas so special. First Christmas without you and it doesnt feel right. Please let me be strong for britt. Ill write you in the morning ima get some sleep. Night sweet seeams mommy
Posted by Brittney Sine on 25th December 2012
Merry Christmas Mom. It's not the same without you but I'm trying to stay strong for you. Watch over us, you're my guardian angel :) I love you and miss you so much. <3 hope your enjoying Christmas in heaven. I know you always made it special when you were here for me and Shawna.
Posted by Ron Cooke on 24th December 2012
Mornin' hon, gettin' ready to go to Bob Evans for my birthday breakfast like we used to do. Been pretty lonely without you, I still feel your presence, still expect to see you coming downstairs, still find myself being quiet early in the morning...miss you baby, miss that smile.
Posted by Brittney Sine on 23rd December 2012
Mama, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and it's just so different without you. Everything reminds me of you. Shawna and Tricia did stockings this year. My favorite part about Christmas that you did for me. I miss you so much. I can't wait till we can be together again. It doesn't even seem like Christmas without you here. I love you so very much. I'll never forget you. You're the angel on my tree
Posted by Brittney Sine on 18th December 2012
I love you Mama! <3 thinking about you. I miss you.
Posted by Shawna Sine on 15th December 2012
Good Afternoon Mom. I Miss you. Mom i got the job , i know you were there helping me. I miss you more and more everyday. Did you see the cupcakes i made for dads birthday? Wernt they cute. I know you would be proud. Mom help take care of the little kids that lost their lives please. They need someone to teach them things like you taught me. I love you bye
Posted by Shannon Webberson on 15th December 2012
oh joanne i was devestated when i saw the news that u passed i teribly regret not comin to see u this pa st summer u were a very true friend to me an iam gona miss u sooooo much u were there for me when i needed a shoulder to cry on the last time i spoke with u we had a tat an i want to say iam sorry i wasint there for u i will miss u dearly friend rest in peace love shan
Posted by Brittney Sine on 15th December 2012
Just wanted to say you're on my mind and I miss you so much. Sweet dreams Mama. I love you. <3
Posted by Tricia Doswell on 13th December 2012
Joanne, I really don't know what to say other then Brittney and Shawna miss you so very much. I know that you and I didn't get along alot of the time but you will be missed by alot of people and im just happy that your not in pain anymore and you are with god
Posted by Brittney Sine on 11th December 2012
Hi Mama! I check your page everyday. I miss you so much. Finals are coming up, wish me luck. I think about you every second of every day. It's so hard without you here. I feel so lost. I love you mommy! So much. I wish I could've helped you. I wish you didn't have to go. :( I need you mom. Now more than ever. Please watch over me. My angel <3 sweet dreams. I wish I could talk to you :(
Posted by Shawna Sine on 11th December 2012
Good morning mom. I Miss You a lot. Please take care of me and brittney. Let her do good on her final exams and please help me with this math test that i have this morning. Im gonna try to make christmas the way you did it but im not gonna be as good as it and plus it will never be the same without you and your silly little gifts. I wish you were here you were my best friend . Ily♡
Posted by Neil Hood on 10th December 2012
Jo--I know you are reading this and I know you have heard me talk to you thru the lord. I wanted to say a few words at your services but I was so tore up I just could not. As your Dad I loved you your whole life and now that you are in God's house all you have to do is turn a little and you will see me no matter where I am. You will remain in my heart forever.Till we meet again.
Posted by Melanie Houston on 10th December 2012
Hey you, its me!!! Saturday was A LOT harder than what I thought. My brother walked, my mom cried, and my father got up and spoke. LOL. I am SO stressed over finals, but visiting your page somehow made me feel better...thank you!! I hope you know how missed and loved you are. Keep watching over us. Xoxo.
Posted by Brittney Sine on 9th December 2012
They've been asking me to write on her for over a week now but I just don't know where to start. I love you so much. I know we fought a ton but I regret ever second of it. I regret telling you goodbye that day you called all upset; but I don't regret telling you I loved you. It was the last thing you ever said to me. I miss you so much Mom. Nothing's the same without you. We'll meet again.
Posted by Norma Enoch/Perry on 9th December 2012
Sweet Joanne, I remember you from high school and am saddened by your passing. You were such a wonderful caring person. My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to your family. I know they will miss you deeply but can rest assured that you are in Gods loving embrace. Gods speed old friend.
Posted by Pam Brown on 9th December 2012
I went to high school with Joanne, she was such a sweet person, who always seemed to be smiling! My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. She will be missed by all who's lives she touched. God speed. You are now in gods loving embrace!
Posted by Ron Cooke on 8th December 2012
you got me throught it hon, thank you so much. I hope you liked the service. You're with your daughters now, and somehow that makes the hole in my heart feel smaller. As we've said to each other, love's a forever thing, you'll always be with me. Sure wish I could hear your voice one more time...rest easy, my precious little lamb.
Posted by Carol Phil on 8th December 2012
Joanne, was my privilege to meet you at Jennette's wedding shower, you were such a hoot with the camera and made all of us smile, you lit up the room. You are loved, you will be missed.
Posted by Brandon Cooke on 8th December 2012
We will all be there today for you and forever for your kids. Hope you know now that there were people that cared. Help us look after your kids. I know you love bikes and my club will be there for you too. Rest in joy and peace.
Posted by Becky London on 7th December 2012
Joanne was one of the sweetest women I have ever had the privledge to call my friend. Rest in Peace sweetie, no pain, just love. We will miss you!
Posted by Ron Cooke on 7th December 2012
Thank you, hon...I can feel you beside me with your arm wrapped around mine, and your head on my shoulder. I know you will be there whenever I need you. A big part of me goes with you tomorrow, please help me make your day right for you. I love you always.
Posted by Nancy Day on 7th December 2012
Tommorow will be hard Joanne for all of your friends and family which loved you. I hope you know how much you were loved.Looking through some of the pictures I have and forwarded some to Brittney and Shawna shows your beautiful smile! We alll love you and miss you. Rest in peace Joanne.
Posted by Michael Hood on 7th December 2012
In loving memory of my little sister Joanne. Whom for the longest time growing up I called her Hoho and still do. My sister, I will always remember what she said, I WILL see you on the beaches. Well Hoho, I will see ya on the Beaches in heaven one day. You will be in my heart & memories forever!! May God Bless your daughters with his Goodness!!!!
Posted by Michael Hood on 7th December 2012
I no longer need to worry about you dear sister (Hoho) knowing you're finally at peace. God Bless you, I will always have a peace of you in the corner of my heart. Thank you for giving me so many signs in order to let me know you're happy once again. Thank you Joanne for the years we shared. Forget you not we never will.
Posted by Shawna Sine on 6th December 2012
Good Morning Momma (: Thanks for watching over me with my math quiz. I sat there for twenty mins sttuhhling to think of what the answer was then suddenly a new answer popped into my head and i felt so confident about it. Thanks.. Please help me with todays quiz, and ley me get threw today. Im very tired as you know i couldnt sleep. Well i love you mom and i really miss you. ♡♡
Posted by Jennette Munnelly on 6th December 2012
Joanne My beautiful big sister... I love you so much! I know you are in a better place and God is watching over you. I promise I will look after your georgeous girls. We will all definately meet again in Hawaii. I am gonna miss you. Love your little sis Jennette
Posted by Nancy Day on 6th December 2012
My Dear sister, we love and will miss you forever! I have a hard time reading these tributes it's so hard. Jennette and I will always be there for Brittney and Shawna! We will see that you are in Hawaii once again!the one day I prayed to give me a sign you were at peace and okay, then a heart shape cloud appeared and Kiana took a picture of it. I know you are at peace and with God.
Posted by Shawna Sine on 5th December 2012
My mother was a wonderful woman. She had a very big heart. She loved the beach and always told me that she was going to take us to Hawaii but she never got the chance. So we will be making a trip to Hawaii just for my mom. My mom was a very strong women she went threw a lot. If you knew my mom she had a beautiful smile , just imagine that smile and always know she is watching over us.
Posted by Ron Cooke on 5th December 2012
Joanne, my wife,your smile lit up my world. I'm so sorry for every time I let you down, and I'm so grateful for every time you forgave me. Your love will remain in my heart, your face will remain etched in my soul. We saw each other laugh, and we felt each other cry. We knew each other's pain, and now I can feel your joy. Rest gently in God's arms my love, you were the best part of me

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