Let the memory of JoAnne be with us forever
  • 46 years old
  • Born on April 21, 1967 .
  • Passed away on March 1, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, JoAnne Marie Hughes, 46, born on April 21, 1967 and passed away on March 1, 2014. We will remember her forever.

A mass will be held in JoAnne's honor March 21st, 9:00 AM at:

        St. Ceilia Church
        2732 Culver Rd.
        Rochester, New York
        (585) 467-4286

If life is a game made for everyone and love is the prize, JoAnne’s life was replete with prizes given to her and by her.

Charitable Donations can be made to http://aartomball.org/.  This is an animal shelter with a "no kill" policy and JoAnne so loved her dogs over the years.  Please put "In Memory of Joanne Hughes" in the Description on your order.  Any amount is welcomed.

Posted by Yola Schlegel on 1st March 2018
Where has the 4 years gone. Seems like yesterday we were having a picnic at my moms and playing bocce with the family. so young, so beautiful, so kind and passionate person she was. She is missed but never forgotten. May she watch over us always as she will always be in our hearts and in our memories.
Posted by Leslie Sanfilippo on 1st March 2018
We were so privileged and blessed to know Joanne as a child and as the beautiful gracious loving niece to us and so much to so many more. Our thoughts and prayers go out especially to her Dad, her mother, her husband Michael Her son Turner and her daughter Elizabeth and to the family.
Posted by Wendy Mervis on 1st March 2018
Can't believe how much time has passed. Joanne you are missed, loved dearly and I was honored to have shared so much with you.
Posted by Wendy Bleier-Mervis on 15th May 2017
Can't believe it has been 3 years. My memories are so vivid of the fun times we had and your laughter. So glad I had the years to spend with you with all of the teams we played on. You touched so many lives and are truly missed....Wendy
Posted by Mary Dyrland Webster on 22nd April 2017
Frank and family. There is an angel watching over you.....to keep you safe and always light your way....and her name is JoAnne. Thinking of you today and wishing you well. Love, Kathy Dyrland Webster
Posted by Frank Marafino on 21st April 2017
It has been over three years since JoAnne's departure and I miss her on a regular basis. At this writing on this day JoAnne would have been 50 years old. For those of us that reading this know that each day is a blessing and I am truly grateful for each day I have above ground. And I am very blessed to have had JoAnne as my sister. Love Always, Frank Jr.
Posted by Mary Nemcek on 2nd March 2016
JoJo – miss u babe - wish you were still here with us. Love you always, Auntie Mary Ann
Posted by Yola Schlegel on 1st March 2016
Always in our hearts, your smile, your kindness, your beauty. Your laughter with your children as you played games in Lena's backyard on family reunions. God has you as an angel. Watch over us as we keep you close to our hearts. We will always love you Joanne.
Posted by Margaret Chalmers on 1st March 2016
Miss you!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Your Loving Sister Margaret
Posted by Frank Marafino on 1st March 2016
Not a day goes by that I don't think of my beloved sister JoAnne. I miss you a great deal and love you dearly. Your brother Frank.
Posted by Leslie Sanfilippo on 21st April 2015
We miss her and will always remember her lively heart and beautiful smile...hugs to those she left behind Thankful we had her in our life and had some time with her...Matt and Leslie Sanfilippo
Posted by Yola Schlegel on 21st April 2015
We love you and miss you. Your smile, your kindness, beauty and the love you shared with us and others. God Blessed us with you . You will always be in our hearts. An angel in heaven.
Posted by Sharon MacRae on 1st March 2015
You are always remembered sweet friend <3
Posted by Leslie Sanfilippo on 1st March 2015
We think of you often Joanne and of your family you left behind...You are missed. So thankful we spent time with you before you went on to heaven. Heaven is a brighter place because you are there...Love You
Posted by Francine Beth on 1st March 2015
Thinking of JoAnne and her loving family today and always. XOXO
Posted by Wendy Mervis on 14th March 2014
My heart is broken and I am so sad. Prayers and thoughts to the Marafino family. Many fond memories with Joanne. Wendy Bleier-Mervis
Posted by Marie Weaver on 10th March 2014
To my wonderful niece JoAnne, She was a wonderful person, a wonderful mother and wonderful wife. She was a wonderful christian and I know she is in a wonderful place, she is in heaven with the Lord. I will miss her very much. I send my love to her family, her two wonderful children and her husband. Love Aunt Marie and Uncle Lester
Posted by Mary Dyrland Webster on 9th March 2014
Frank. I am so very sorry to hear about JoAnne. I didn't know she was sick. May JoAnne's journey into peace take her to a happy place and may the light of heaven gently and quietly flow into your spirit and bring healing to your heart. My sincerest sympathy to all the family . Kathy Dyrland Webster
Posted by Francine Beth on 7th March 2014
JoAnne was a true gift. I'm so fortunate to have shared some of the best parts of my life with her. I'm truly shocked by this news as I didn't know she was in a battle for her life. A life cut short, but certainly well lived. She truly touched my heart and will forever have a piece of it. My love & prayers to Michael, Turner, Elizabeth and Family. Rest in Peace my dear friend, JoAnne......until we meet again Downstream. XOXO
Posted by Leslie Sanfilippo on 4th March 2014
Joanne we are so thankful that we were able to spend some special moments with you over the last several years...God blessed us with getting to know you again after many years apart. Our hearts are saddened for your family and ourselves, but the Spirit of God within us is rejoicing as you are now in the most beautiful place you have ever seen with the one who loves you best, Jesus. Be more blessed Joanne with all those who have come to meet you, Your Grandmother Jane, who loved you so well here, Your Grandpa Ralph, Cousin Matt. We will miss your smile and laughter here, but now you have joined a great company of those who have forgotten sadness and sighing...Until we see you again Your Uncle Matt and Aunt Leslie
Posted by Veronica Bergeron on 4th March 2014
I will always remember JoAnne with a smile or laughing. I will cherish the memories of Sunday dinners at my house or her house growing up and all the family holidays that were spent together. I am thankful for the recent family get reunions and the time our families were lucky enough to spend together. Aunt Veronica
Posted by Tracy Knutson on 4th March 2014
JoAnne was a beautiful, courageous and overall amazing women whom I admired tremendously! We spent a lot of good times cheering on our boys in AAU and Klein Oak Basketball. Joanne always had so much spunk and energy that even the worst of games were entertaining! I’ll never forget when we got to be in ‘fill in’ coaches for ½ an AAU game. Joanne was the head coach and I was her assistant…of course the boys won because we were the Best Coaches Ever! Believe me when I say…it was all JoAnne. JoAnne had such an infectious personality and was loved by so many. She will be truly missed but never forgotten. Her time here was way to short but her legacy will continue on through her two incredible children, Turner and Elizabeth, and wonderful husband, Michael. I pray God Bless them and give them strength in this difficult time. Hugs and Prayers, Tracy Knutson
Posted by Ron Hughes on 4th March 2014
We were so blessed to have JoAnne as a cousin. We will always treasure the times our families shared together here in Michigan. Love to all, Ron, Clarita, Brandon, Nichole and Miles Hughes
Posted by Frank Marafino on 3rd March 2014
My dear sister JoAnne, was a loving mother, wife, and sibling. I recall a great many wonderful times we shared as siblings growing up and later in life too. There are far too many to recount here but allow me to share a few. As kids we were close enough in age to play together and share mutual friends and interests. We would play sports together, compete in card and board games as teammates and opponents, and we attended concerts and sporting events together. During the summer of 1980 we held our own “Olympics” for the neighborhood kids and JoAnne competed in many events and won several medals. Another time, September 1982, I took her to a concert at Rich Stadium in Buffalo NY, featuring The Clash and The Who – we were big Who fans. We had to lobby hard with our father to let his youngest daughter, 15 at the time, accompany her then 18 year old brother to an all-day Rock concert. As adults we had occasion to vacation together. In the past few years she met some of my close friends and they immediately took a liking to her – joking with me that she was too kind and beautiful a person to be my sister. Recently I visited her in the hospital and came to meet many of her more recent friends. It was no surprise to me that JoAnne’s friends came calling to see her in droves, and from all phases of her life. Childhood friends from age 2 along with college friends and recent local friends came to see her. It is a family trait that we acquire and keep friends – something our father is well known for. If life is a game played by all and love is the prize, JoAnne’s life was replete with prizes given to her and by her. And in the end I am certain she knew this. She lead a full and wonderful life, albeit too short. Being her older, and only, brother, I knew JoAnne her entire life. I am eternally grateful and thankful to have had her as my sister. I will miss her. With All of My Love, Frank Marafino Jr.
Posted by Frank Marafino on 3rd March 2014
Charitable Donations can be made to http://aartomball.org/. This is an animal shelter with a "no kill" policy and JoAnne so loved her dogs over the years. Please put "In Memory of Joanne Hughes" in the Description on your order. Any amount is welcomed. Our Sincere Thanks, JoAnne's Family
Posted by Patty Skeans Kilpatrick on 3rd March 2014
JoAnne was an incredible mom, loving wife and a friend of so many. I am praying for her family. While I am so saddened by her loss, I know she is now the guardian angel to not only her family, but by all those who loved her and she loved right back. Love and my sincerest condolences to her family. Patty Kilpatrick
Posted by Yola Schlegel on 3rd March 2014
Joanna, What a gift to mankind. Such a sweet person, loving wife and mother. A kind, generous, heartfelt woman. A person you would just fall in love with. Her personality was above most. She struggled at times but tried hard to persevere. Her love for her family gave her strength and courage to deal with the obstacles in her life. She was very courageous. My love and prayers for her children and loving husband, sister, brother and father. May God give them strength in their time of sorrow. Joanna may you carry your angel wings and watch over them. We love you alot. Your loving cousin and my family.
Posted by Yola Schlegel on 3rd March 2014
Joanna, my darling niece. What will I do without you in my life. I love you so much. I am grateful for the time we spent together and my love for you and Mike and children. Your smile, and sweet voice will be in mind each day. Your life was short on this earth. I know you are in heaven with your grandparents, my son and other beloved family members. You are an angel in heaven as you were on earth. God Bless you, my dear. I love you. Auntie Lena
Posted by Mary Nemcek on 3rd March 2014
My dear niece JoAnne I love you honey. Your life was too short - I am selfish and wanted you to be here with us longer. My heart is breaking. I recall many wonderful times together. I feel especially blessed remembering Seneca Park hikes in your youth and most recently this past summer. I am going to miss you. Your children - how sad - how hard for them. My love and prayers for Michael, for each family member who will miss you so much - but especially for your children - we love you Turner and Elizabeth. God give us strength in this loss. Blessings. Auntie Mary Ann & Uncle Dave

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