Lets celebrate the life and perpetuate the memory of Joanne O'Such
  • 72 years old
  • Born on July 20, 1938 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Passed away on February 19, 2011 in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, United States.

This memorial is for my best friend and wife, Joanne, who left us all too quickly.

A funeral service and “celebration of her life” was held at the Carmel Mission Basilica on Monday, March 7, 2011.  In lieu of flowers, the family suggests a contribution to the Joanne M. O'Such Memorial Fund at the Community Hospital Foundation, PO Box HH, Monterey, 93942 or to donate through the web by clicking below

Community Hospital Foundation

This site, which is limited-access and not searchable by Google, will capture stories and pictures from all her friends and family so they can be shared with one another along with her grandchildren.  In this way, I hope to celebrate Joanne's life and continue her spirit for generations to come.  Please add your "stories with pictures" to the Gallery section and "stories without pictures" to the Stories section.

The death of my wife was sudden, shocking and tragic. I did not see it coming.  She was the “anchor” of our family, always finding ways to interact and guide, particularly by gentle coaching of our five grandchildren.

As one important approach to provide a lasting tribute to the memory and legacy of my wife, I decided to create a “Memorial Album” of her life starting at age 3 and continuing through our 50 years of marriage.  Actually, during the last three years we spent time together going through old scrapbooks.  Except for those digital images taken in the last 7 years or so, all were from Kodak or Polaroid prints. The older pictures are particularly interesting.

With the incredible help of my brother Bill and his wife, as well as astute editing by my son and daughter (who were all looking over Bill’s shoulder on my iMac at our Carmel home) this Memorial Album was completed in time for the launch of this site.  I hope it helps to convey that I loved her, enjoyed her company and why she was my “best friend”.

I’ll love you forever, Joanne …

Click here to visit Joanne's Memorial Album

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Posted by Joan Little on 18th February 2018
Joanne, you taught us so much, and left us with many gifts that take us to good memories each time you are remembered. We miss you a great deal and think of you often. Much love, Joan
Posted by Joan Little on 19th February 2017
A silent Retreat got in my way yesterday!! Matt and I had five days and it was " glorious " done on Thomas Merton. I know you of all people understand!! So today is the day to say that I am thinking of you today, and many days, with love and smiles. You are missed, Joanne. Much love, Joan
Posted by Fred O'Such on 18th February 2017
Joanne my love, Its now 6 years since you left us. The 19th of February is always hard for me. You know that I still love you dearly. Yet I need to also move on with my life. Thanks for all the fond memories. Love, Fred
Posted by Bernadette Grove on 18th February 2017
You are missed and never forgotten. You were not here to tell me how turning 70 was going to feel. So, I am winging it. Love you Sister.
Posted by Nan Nelson on 18th February 2017
Joanne-Please give my dear sweet Foster ahug and kiss from me-Love,Nan
Posted by Fred O'Such on 20th July 2016
Joanne It's now been over 5 years since you left us. Your whole family still misses you deeply. And so do your friends. I still love you, even though I have "moved on with my life". Your husband, Fred.
Posted by Bernadette Grove on 19th July 2016
Thought of you several times today. Took out my kayak for a solo ride, watched eagles sore over my head, and a heron was startled by my appearance, just as I decided the black raspberries were not quite ready for picking. I mentioned to my friends today that today was your birthday, and we celebrated you. I now sit on the porch of my favorite location on the Sassafras, and think of you as the day draws to an end here on the East Coast. You are my big sister, and I miss you.
Posted by Nan Nelson on 19th July 2016
Joanne-Gus and I sat on your bench yesterday looking at the wonderful beach-we miss ya-Happy B-day-Love,Nan
Posted by Joan Little on 19th July 2016
Hi Joanne, We are celebrating you today!! I know that Puccini will be singing a Happy Birthday rendition to you on this beautiful day!!! I think of you often and still feel your loveliness!! Love, Joan
Posted by Nan Nelson on 18th February 2016
Joanne-Another year and still greatly missed-Love,Nan
Posted by Fred O'Such on 18th February 2016
My Love, It's now five years since you left me. It will be an emotional day for me. I'm rebuilding my own life, but our love, in its own way will endure foreover. Our five grandchildren often comment about our wonderful times together. Love, Fred
Posted by Joan Little on 18th February 2016
Joanne, angel that you are, you have showered many blessings on your family.You are loved, you are missed. You put a smile on our faces. Love, Joan
Posted by Bernadette Grove on 18th February 2016
Remembering you dear sister. I love you!
Posted by Foster Nelson on 21st July 2015
Joanne, I sure miss you saying "I like it!"
Posted by Foster Nelson on 21st July 2015
Joanne, I sure miss you saying "I like it!"
Posted by Nan Nelson on 19th July 2015
Joanne-I talk to you daily as Gus and I walk past your bench--Miss ya Much love-Nan
Posted by Bernadette Grove on 19th July 2015
Happy Birthday to you, Joanne! Hope you get and can feel my love for you. Miss you and think of you often. Was talking about you extensively last week. It is still hard to use the past tense in those conversations. You still are my favorite sister. :)
Posted by Joan Little on 19th July 2015
I know Joanne, that you hit the ground running there!! I also know that there is a big celebration going on for you today; you were always a well loved girl!! Thinking of you today in a special way. Happy Birthday to you!!! Love, Joan
Posted by Foster Nelson on 18th February 2015
Joanne, four years since our last visit and I still miss you. You were a dear friend and traveling buddy. Sending lots and love and fond memories your way.
Posted by Fred O'Such on 18th February 2015
It is now four years to the day since I lost Joanne. Although I have to move on with my life, I still think of her often. I miss you, love. Fred
Posted by Joan Little on 18th February 2015
Thinking of you Joanne in a special way today, with fond memories, admiration and love. You are missed in a very "big " way, yet your presence is felt and you will always be remembered.. With my love, Joan
Posted by Nan Nelson on 18th February 2015
Joanne-Much love-Miss ya -Nan
Posted by Nan Nelson on 19th July 2014
Joanne-I will always think of you and miss you-Love Nan
Posted by Foster Nelson on 19th July 2014
Joanne, we do miss you! We will especially miss you this summer when Dianne and Ted show up in Carmel in their new Airstream RV. You always wanted an Airstream trailer so we know you will be similing when they show up in their Airstream. Love, Foster
Posted by Bernadette Grove on 19th July 2014
Hello to My Sister, Joanne. Spent time with your son, David and his family most recently. David and Shelley so kindly entertained Shawn, his daughter, Maia, and me for a week. Maia saw much of the place you loved and called home. Saw Fred in Carmel, with a ride to a lovely restaurant down toward Big Sur. Your presence was felt and you were missed. Your home still has the touch of quality and beauty of which you were so proud. I love you, Joanne. You were not supposed to die.
Posted by Joan Little on 18th February 2014
Fred and family, Joanne's presence is still very vivid, and her spirit is alive in a lovely serene way, just so like her. Thinking of Joanne, and all of you with warm thoughts and love. Be Blessed......Joan
Posted by Fred O'Such on 18th February 2014
Today (02/19/2014) is the third anniversary of the day I lost my wife, Joanne. She was much too young! It's going to be a quiet day of reflection -- reflection on all of the great experiences we shared together over 50 years.
Posted by Nan Nelson on 18th February 2014
Joanne-Not a day goes by that my heart aches for my loss of your friendship-Love always-Nan
Posted by Nan Nelson on 20th July 2013
Posted by Foster Nelson on 20th July 2013
We miss you Joanne but have so many fond memories of our good time together in Carmel, Fort Worth, Club San Antonio trips and those fun times overseas with you and Fred.
Posted by Julie Breitfuss on 19th July 2013
I knew it was a special day today - Not only was it Joannes birthdate, but Curts as well....July 20th - a wonderful day for 2 very special people :)
Posted by Foster Nelson on 18th February 2013
Fred, thinking of you and Joanne today. Her death has left a big void in Nan's and my life. But we have great memories of her and all our good time together. I know she is happy to see you doing so well. All the best, dear friend.
Posted by Joan Little on 18th February 2013
Fred and Children, Joanne was always an "easy love" for me. Her warmth, enthusiasm, engaging personality, all, gave me pure joy. Her spirit is still a presence that I find inspirational. "Amiciatiae nostrem sempiteram fore"!! Love, Joan
Posted by Foster Nelson on 21st July 2012
Fred, I think of Joanne often and recall the fun and interesting times and trips we shared. And I notice most every day the photo we purchased together in Croatia. In fact I am looking at it now as I write this note. And I sure miss Joanne saying "I like it" in that special way of hers. Love, Foster
Posted by Bernadette Grove on 19th July 2012
Today I celebrate my sister's life by putting flowers from my garden into the container that once held the candle that was lit everytime I thought of Joanne. I will continue to think of her this Friday, as I participate in another activity she enjoyed--outlet shopping. I miss you Joanne.
Posted by Lois Wursta on 19th February 2012
I can't believe it's a year. Joanne is still very much in my life --I was accustomed to hearing from her everyday, checking up on me. I am always asking myself what she would think about this and would she love that. I miss her news, her views and her humor. She gave me some good laughs, she always had a story. Miss you Joanne! Love, Lois
Posted by Priscilla Galakatos on 18th February 2012
JoAnn I miss seeing you on the bicycle at the gym reading one of your books, your would stop reading and we would discuss the book or the latest movies. Most of all I miss your smile and sweetness that you projected.
Posted by Joan Little on 18th February 2012
Fred and Family, Once one met Joanne, one never forgot her. The lovely memories that she left us have helped the year pass in a comforting way. She will be forever loved and remembered.......Be blessed.......Love, Joan
Posted by Karen Gorman on 19th July 2011
We are thinking of Joanne today on her birthday as we retrace some of her favorite walks with Fred. Especially in Florence and Bellagio we continue to cherish such wonderful memories of Grammy in one of her favorite parts of the world. Love, Karen, Bill, Trip & Elizabeth
Posted by Gail Stypula on 16th March 2011
I had the pleasure of working with Joanne at the Resource Center for Women in Palo Alto, during the 1980s. As a loyal volunteer, she helped women in many different ways. It was an honor and a joy to know her. Gail Stypula
Posted by Betsy Collard on 8th March 2011
I knew Joanne from the Resource Center for Women and that was a long time ago. She and I worked together on any number of projects and she always brought such fun to anything she undertook. There was such a caring and loving woman, always cheerful and happy, and whenever you were with her you couldn't help but be happy too. She was a wonderful woman!
Posted by Dianne Bohlman on 7th March 2011
Dear Fred and Family, The Mass for Joanne was one of the most beautiful Memorials I have ever attended! Last evening and the web-site are all reminders of Joanne's lovely spirit, beautiful smile, fun sense of humor and how she loved her family. Her gracious tours of your home with my Mother and later my Sister with all our fun stories will be forever remembered.I will miss her! God Bless, Dianne
Posted by Anne Kowals on 5th March 2011
Dear Fred and Family: Uncle John and I just received Richard's email notifying us of Joanne's sudden passing. We are so very sorry for your great loss. Joanne was a very sweet lady. We are very grateful for all the photos we received from Joanne over the past years which we have kept and cherished. Our love, thoughts, and prayers are with you and your loved ones in your time of grief.
Posted by Peggy Kalekos on 5th March 2011
What a wonderful tribute to a great lady. It is so nice to see that Joanne lived her life with as much joy as she projected. She will be missed.
Posted by Julie Breitfuss on 4th March 2011
Dear Fred and Family, I am so sorry to hear of Joannes passing. I will never forget Joannes company on all of our trips together, I will always think of her as the #1 Spa girl . She will be sorely missed, but always remembered. Never gone, just gone ahead. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Curt and Julie Breitfuss
Posted by Gail Scearce on 3rd March 2011
Dear Fred and family, What a beautiful memorial you and your brother created in honor of Joanne. Bill and I will never forget the postcards of encouragement Joanne sent to Bill from the "hood" when he was recovering from surgery. We loved Joanne's bright smile, cheery greetings, sage counsel and caring ways. She will be sorely missed in the "hood". Love you always Joanne. Gail and Bill
Posted by Marsha Dodson on 1st March 2011
Dear Fred and family, Joanne's obit was the most beautifully written I have ever read---such a tribute to the person we all loved. Our Houston son and his family are moving next week and we are needed here to help with the children. Our thoughts will be with you on Monday. The web site is a wonderful way to celebrate Joanne's life. With love, Marsha and Sam
Posted by Priscilla Galakatos on 1st March 2011
Fred and family, What a sweetheart Joanne was! George and I are very saddened at her passing. She always made me feel very special with her beautiful smile and that twinkle in her eyes. She had a presence that we will all miss tremendously! God's Blessings and His comfort to all that loved her. Love, George and Priscilla

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