Why Joan was so Great

Shared by Jon Baird on March 28, 2020
I've known Joey since we were 13. My family moved to Florida from South Carolina during my Eighth grade year. I picked up skateboarding as a lifestyle pretty quickly. There were kids in my neighborhood (which was pretty far out 40) who inducted me. I met Joey while out skating with some mutual friends. The first day I met him, I spent the night at his house. So we could wake up early, which for me was never before 10am, and go skateboarding all the next day. I remember worrying to myself that I was going to forget his name. I did forget his name.

I met Joan that night as you may have assumed. I feel like I remember it perfectly but I'm sure I've gotten it wrong. Joan was watching the Pelican Brief when we got in. It was a little after dark, which she was never a fan of.

So I show up in this woman's home who has never met me and I'm with her son who I've known for probably three or four hours at this point and she welcomes me and makes us dinner. And it felt like I may as well have known them both my whole life.

I lived in Florida for a few short years, and spent a lot of time in Joan's home. Joan was always engaged with us as angsty teens, we would have conversations with her about current events, our plans for the future, and our problems and she was really there to offer judgment-free reflection with only kindness in mind.

I knew Joan as a teacher, a mother and mentor to one of my best friends in life, and as an individual with the capacity to give themselves to others unendingly.

Joan's life was an example of who you can be if you are motivated by love and personal connection. Our lives were all enriched in knowing Joan, and we keep her memory with us in practicing kindness, patience, and understanding.

A Poem by Joan Thate (MOM) Art Appreciation 101: The Quiz

Shared by Joey Thate on March 22, 2020
Art Appreciation 101:  The Quiz

  1. When accidental window light picks out a staggering spot on the painting so you see that particular space for the first time in a brilliant beam of cognition
    1. There it is, what had not existed before
    2. Although almost certainly it had
    3. Where were you?
  1. When that happens, and now you know, once more, ambush windows can disclose an infinite stream of revelations beyond heart breaking because they are so profoundly
    1. Demanding
    2. Hidden
    3. Alive
    4. Momentary
    5. Again, where were you?                                                                                                                                                       Joan Thate   2009

Untitled Poem by my Mom

Shared by Joey Thate on March 22, 2020
"It’s already been said
It’s already been sung
It’s already been painted
and already hung
It’s already been carved from stone
It’s already been molded of clay
It’s already been wrenched into three acts
and already performed as a play
But, while under our unexceptional sun
There is, we’re pretty sure, nothing new
It cannot be your whole truth
until it wriggles live out of you."

Joan Bergstrom 2010

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