This tribute was added by Cathy Jackson on April 7, 2020
I’ll remember many days Joan spent at the UU church,
conversations on the back deck with friends,
setting lovely tables for potlucks and other occasions,
   with her creative genius,
previewing materials online for Life Long Learning classes,
cooking tasty dishes to share, like her amazing chicken salad with red grapes,
cleaning closets and
climbing up and down the attic ladder to store decorations,
meetings of all kinds,
sharing her abilities in giving back to others.

My favorite picture here is the one with Joey (Joan is holding a coke can) –
their faces show the connection of deep love between their hearts.
This tribute was added by Ellen Nielsen on March 24, 2020
Joan, I went to the beach early Sunday morning and thought of all the times we walked on the beach together--the time we found the dead loon--the time we watched a green turtle digging her nest--all the sunrises. And all the conversations--your wit and your gift for words. You are still out there somewhere, part of the tide and the wind and the huge sky. I miss you.
This tribute was added by Stephen Frieg on March 24, 2020
As a neighbor of Joey and Sharon I must say that I never met the lady but, judging by the way Joey is, I'd say he lost one fantastic mother. She raised him right and - I believe - she'll continue to improve our world through Joey and every person Joey meets. Class acts produce class acts. Prayers.
This tribute was added by Eva Sullivan-Knoff on March 23, 2020
Joey, we are so deeply sorry for your loss. Our earliest memories of you and your mom are when you visited Chicago for the summers. Your mom was so lovely, witty, brilliant and creative in countless ways, warm, kind, giving. I was privileged to read a few of the things she had written and was touched through her gift and expression.
We loved the way she and your uncle bantered, the beauty she created in gardening with your aunt or redecorating. Our family warmly remembers our Christmas Eve gatherings.
She was a woman of beauty that had so much to give and offer to others.
She will be deeply missed by all who knew her.
Peace to her memory and love to you.
Eva, John, Andrew, and Bea
This tribute was added by Sandro Galindo on March 23, 2020
Your mom sounds like a pretty special woman. I'm sorry for your loss.
This tribute was added by Michele Austin on March 23, 2020
I met your mother through Ann, my step-mom. It was years ago when I came to Florida to visit. Ann and Joan were out by the pool, sipping wine and talking. I sat down and was immediately taken with how beautiful and gracious your mother was. I was in awe of this woman sipping wine in the early afternoon, in her swim suit, with perfect red lipstick on! In the years following I had many opportunities to get to know your mother better and what really stuck out was....she was as beautiful inside as she was outside.
I am sorry for your loss and will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to meeting you in Florida to honor your mom.

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