In Memory of my Loving Sister~ Amazing Mother~ Beautiful Daughter~ Ray of Light kind of Friend... "JOD" ;) *Cody"Bear" (Bubba)* Her wonderful, caring, kind, funny & full of love SON (13yrs old in 2013)... LOVE YOU Jod & Cod! "Aunt Reese" Trace
  • 42 years old
  • Born on October 25, 1971 in Highland Park, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on December 13, 2013 in Schaumburg, Illinois, United States.

I found this site & thought it was pretty cool... So I started this page in memory of & to honor my lil' Sis' way too short, yet fully lived life.

(She sure had way more guts, spunk & outgoing of a personality to live more of an adventurous life than me)~

Jodi Ann Staples-Fisher ("Jod" or "Jo")
10/25/1971 ~ 12/13/2013

She is SO Missed & Loved~ Forever & Always.

For me & our 42yr lifetime relationship, I am Eternally connected with her beautiful Soul & she was "my person" in life who loved ALL OF ME, even the ugly stuff & I for her too- We'd do pretty much anything for her (watch the movie "In Her Shoes" and you'll totally get Jod & I, our whole lives). If you're a Sister you'll understand this next sentence HaHa ;)P

Jod, when we're together again- I'm gonna hug you so tight & we'll cry for a bit cuz of missing each other.... BUT then- I'm gonna bitch you out & we'll spar for a bit cuz of you leaving my ass down here, trying to figure out how to live without you!!!

"Because without you, I don't make any sense!"

*Cody "Bear" (Bubba)- Her son, my nephew- I hold you in my Heart & & Soul forever Mr. Man... and keep my promise to Mom/Jod; to do my best for you as she would. NOTHING can replace her, but please always remember & KNOW; whenever you need anything or have a bad "miss Mom day- need a hug,ear or good, funny stories/memories to cheer me up & make me laugh day"- I am the next best thing for memories, stories, "mom advise" as you become a fine young man & walk this incredible journey we call Life, etc *So you call me, email me, write me, whatever- whenever, for anything... As she would be for Jimmy (my son, in my place if it was reversed as we promised each other & even talked about for some reason in 2009?!). We made a "pact" with each other in 1987, when your cousin Jimmy was born & she bought me that Gold Baby Ring I've worn around my neck since 1987 (which I want YOU to have if anything happens to me to wear around your neck~ since it is "a piece of HER" as far as I've always seen it)~ That pact was that if God forbid anything happen to either one of us... the other would take care of each other's sons/kids!

I Love you Cody "Bear" ~ Always & Forever, Aunt Reese 

P.S.- I've really missed you since 2008! I've never felt so disconnected or "out of touch" with you your whole life like it's been since 2008. ;(  So, I hope somehow even though you're far away now, we can goof around on the net, etc like we did when I had to move to OKC back in 2008, okay goofball?! ;)P

Posted by Tracey Staples on 30th July 2014
Miss you baby..... ;(
Posted by Tracey Staples on 22nd July 2014
I LOVE you, I MISS you, I NEED you... WISH you were HERE! My soul sister, best friend, partner in crime, my EVERYTHING- who is the ONLY person on this Earth who knew me almost better than I knew myself & I could tell all my secrets to, knew all of my past, helped me get through life, was ALWAYS there (when no one was), could make me feel SO loved like no one else could... She could also drive me insane too HAHAHA... *Watch the movie: "In Her Shoes" < her & I were blown away thinking "did they write that about US?". LOVE & MISS YOU, Lil Sis- more than words Jod!! Love Always & Forever, Trace

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