A moment in time

Shared by Doug Holley on January 29, 2012

Shared by Doug Holleyon 01/28/2012

  A moment in time,

 Jodi:  there are (4) beautiful children that treasured her, will always treasure her and cry for a mother whos body left this earth far to soon. Two beautiful daughters and two nice looking boys are part of her amazing story, part of her rich legacy. They will carry her, as I do, every where they go, knowing that shes watching over them, guiding them gentley down the rite path. And every time they hear the waves crashing on the beach, a smile will accompany the tears as they hear her calling out to them, telling them, not to cry, Saying, I'm home now & the pain is gone. She is where she was most happy and at peace, at one with her ocean. But, we mis her, we need her and the comfort she gave when we felt alone and felt like nobody understood us, Jodi did. She was always there to wipe away the tears, catch us when we fell, pick us up off our knees, bandage our cuts and bruises (she was the best, most caring compasionate nurse that every wore a stethescope & listened to a heart beat; when it was breaking, she held it together for us) and could truly mend a broken heart.

  As pretty as she is, it never ceased to amaze me how tough she was. She accidentaly (my fault) rode my four wheeler backwards off a 12 foot high creek bank. I heard her call out to me but, when I turned around I didn't see her. I ran to where she was last and saw her at the bottom of the ravine under the four wheeler. She hit her head on the handle bars and wore a scar above her left eye with pride, as a reminder of another perfect day together, laughing, in love with eachother and living life like there was no tomorrow & Not so much as a whimper from her. I jumped down the ravine, threw the bike off of her, wipped away the blood on her face, and when we realized she was ok, laughed to tears and thanked G-d for keeping her safe. It was only the next day when she realized how hard she hit and how hard it landed on her leg.

  Another time, I watched, in horror as she was schooling an abused/neglected horse an he ran her into the steel column then threw her to the ground. I was about 74 feet away and heard her hit and have the wind knocked out of her. She stood up, calmly brushed herself off, told me and everyone else around that she was ok then practiced what she preached; she got back on the horse and finished her ride when she decided it was over. Was she angry at the horse? She never even raised her voice at this misunderstood, beautiful horse. What she did is fall in love with him (as she did every horse) and worked until the horse known as "Zanthus"  was paid for and became her own.

  I could write forever about this amazing person that I was so so fortunate to be able to call my best friend. As I told her so many times, "my vocabulary isnt large enough to decribe her justly". If you were fortunate enough to know her, if she "let you in" you know what Im saying is no exageration. It doesnt come close to telling her story.

  Thank you Baby, for loving me, for showing me what true love really is. I mis you Jodi. Nothing will fill the void your leaving this earth has caused. The only small sliver of peace that comes from this tradgedy is knowing you dont hurt anymore. Knowing you dont have to take all the meds, not stop the pain; she was always in pain, but to help ease the discomfort. As much as I loved every inch of her beautiful body, she wept in pain every day saying she hated it and what it was doing to her, crying out to G-d to take away the pain and all I could do is hold her, tell it was going to be ok and we'd find the answers & relief. My guess is that most never knew how bad she hurt all the time. She hid it from us well, never wanting pity or to be teated "special" tho she was surely that.

  I have so many wonderful memmories but, I wanted more. I cant begin to say how many times I told her the words of the song by Lonestar, "One more day", so perfectly described how I felt, I told her I'd never get enough of her;  I didn't, not even close to enough.                                                                                                                                                                                     The lyrics to "One more Day":

"Last night I had a crazy dream  A wish was granted just for me,               it could be for anything, I didn't ask for money or a mansion in malibu, I simply wished for one more day with you.                                                            One more day, one more time, one more sunset, Maybe I'd be satisfied, but then again I know what it would do, leaving wishing still for one more day with you.                                                                                                          First thing I'd do is pray for time to crawl,                                                             I'd unplug the telephone & keep the TV off,                                                             I'd hold you every second & say a million I love you's,                                  That's what I'd do with one more day with you.                                      One more day, One more time, One more sunset  maybe I'd be satisfied  but then again, I know what it would do, leave me wish'n still for one more day with you".                                                                                                                 

 I mis you Jodi,                                                                                                                            
\I will forever be yours,                                                                                                Love, D (twitch)



She is the best person I've ever known


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