Posted by Kim Taylor on July 26, 2016
I can't believe it's been 6 yrs already. It's still so hard for us all here without you. You would be so proud of Truett. He is doing so good for himself. Cody has 1 more year of school then he's going to the Navy if all goes well. And you wouldn't believe how tall he is. Allie is a spitting image of you girl. She is so pretty. We don't get to to see them very often and it breaks our hearts. But we love them so much! I know your shining down on them. And I know you will forever be there guardian angel. We all Live and Miss you as much today as we did 6 yrs ago.
Posted by Kim Taylor on November 6, 2014
We'll girl it would be the big 4-0 this year n I know the tears would have flowed worse then the big 3-0 ever did. But u would have loved the next phase of life! And I know you would have embraced with grace as always. I know you are shinning down on these 3 beautiful babies you have. Truett is a Fireman! Cody has his Drivers Permitt, and Allie is definetley a mini you. They are 3 little awesome Angels! We miss you SOOOOO much! Time does not heal the pain. Just makes you realize how much you could n should have done! And Rhonda is so lost on Black Friday w/o you. I just can't fill your shoes when it comes to shopping! Lol! There are still a lot if issues going on. But I know your watching over and things will work out if we just trust God and believe there has to be a reason. I know you have all the bells and whistles going off tonite for your Birthday! We LOVE you and THINK about you everyday! And you are always in our HEARTS! Happy 40th GIRL!
Posted by Kim Taylor on November 10, 2011
Happy B-day girl. I know you are watching over us. Please give us alittle help down here. You know what's going on. And it's just a big mess. I miss you so much. And I know the kids do too. Please shine your light on us. Love you bunches. You are always in my heart!

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