This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jody Ludwig 45 years old , born on February 17, 1973 and passed away on December 15, 2018. We will remember him forever. He had a heart like no other. When he was good he was great. All of your family and friends will keep your memories alive for your grandbabies. So they know how funny and loving their grandpa was. Always and forever loved and missed

Posted by Tracy-Lynn Lightfoot on February 4, 2019
Gone but never forgotten

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Posted by Tracy-Lynn Lightfoot on February 4, 2019
Gone but never forgotten
his Life
Its been 2 years 2 months and 4 days since you left us. So many questions, so many what is. There is not a person who was in your life that doesn't wish you were still here. Love you forever and always bro

Jody grew up in Kewaskum Wisconsin. He started school at St Lucas Lutheran where he played tons of sports and got confirmed.  He went on to Kewaskum high of course more sports. Married his high school Sweetheart.  They went on to have one son Michael and one daughter Lindsay together. Through Jody's life him and his sweetheart remained friends. Jody is the godparent to a nephew Zachary and a goddaughter Carolanne. Jody also has a beautiful grandson Mason and a Granddaughter on the way. Jody loved all sports he enjoyed telling at the players or refs the most.. He also enjoyed the fact that he was the oldest out of Denise and I.  He liked fishing,bowling, darts, watching movies. Younger years he collected cassette tapes as he got older he collected DVDs. Fly High our love Fly High

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My Brother

Shared by Tracy-Lynn Lightfoot on December 16, 2021
3 years  gone without you here you've missed so much. Your grandbabies are getting so big. Your nephews and nieces are growing larger then life. I sometimes sit and look at your picture and wonder why you and not me? Why ??? Why did you have to leave us?? Nothing in my life has made sense since the day you went away. I've struggled more then anyone ever will. Why you and not me?? Every day I pray you are at peace. When I dream about you, you are perfect in every way. So much love to give. The day you left you took it with you. When??? When does it get easier to accept we are here and you are not? How will we ever understand that love wasn't enough to keep you here? When do the tears and emptiness end?? I miss you so much. 3 years. 3 very long years. Our life's are changed forever.  Our trio is broken. When?? When does it get easier??  Cause right now all I feel is broken. Love you always and forever big brother

My Son

Shared by Vickie Ludwig on February 4, 2019

If you werent complaining about the refs you were making us laugh. You were such a good man. Good dad son bro and friend. Its so hard to believe your gone but there right only the good die young. Oh i forgot to mention good grandpa also. We miss your jokes and handsome face so much. There wont be a day that goes by that i wont miss you and think of you. I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BIG BOBIE!

Shared by Tracy-Lynn Lightfoot on February 5, 2019

I felt you with me last night Feb 4. At first it freaked me out but it was like you had your hand on my arm. It was the coldest feeling I've ever felt. Words will never explain how much I miss you.