Joe Michael Haley
  • 76 years old
  • Date of birth: Jan 23, 1937
  • Place of birth:
    South Gate, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 9, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Capitola, California, United States
Let the memory of Mike be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joe Haley, 76, born on January 23, 1937 and passed away on December 9, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Candace Haley on 9th December 2017

"Your wonderful heart will be on my mind first thing in the morning and has been and always will be until I can be with you again. Happy 35th Anniversary honey and Merry Christmas. I'm sure you hear Bruce's CD everytime I play it, which is quite often. Thank You Bruce. and Thank You Ken and Claudia for your Christmas card."

This tribute was added by Scott Haley on 9th December 2017

"Thinking of you today Dad. You were the best father a kid could ever hope for. We all loved you and will always keep you in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Candace Haley on 24th January 2017

"Hope you're getting the new pictures.The dreams still come no matter how far away you go."

This tribute was added by Kelly Haley on 23rd January 2017

"Happy Birthday Dad!

Thought of you and all the joy you brought to peoples lives today."

This tribute was added by Gary Haley on 9th December 2016

What a total great person and Dad.  You were the best and so much fun...God Bless......"

This tribute was added by Kelly Haley on 9th December 2016

"Love you dad....not a day goes by that we don't think of you and remember the good times we've shared."

This tribute was added by Kevin O'Keefe on 23rd January 2016

"Good morning Mike, Happy Birthday!  Donny Fields and I were just talking the other day and remembering the past days at Haley Engineering.  Donny made a comment that many of us who worked for you have--"at the time I didn't realize that this was one of the best times of my life"!  You did that Mike, Thank you and God Bless!"

This tribute was added by Bruce McQueen on 23rd January 2016

"will  be remembering the good times today, cuz....."

This tribute was added by Gary Haley on 9th December 2015

Was reading Linda's message and I guess you and the rest are having a great celebration.  Uncle Hubert would have been 110 on the 5th so say hello to him for me and tell him we miss him everyday....."

This tribute was added by Kelly Haley on 9th December 2015

"Good morning Daddy,

Many hearts that you've touched are waking up today with loving memories of you. Still seems like yesterday we were sharing laughs and smiles and hugs."

This tribute was added by Candace Haley on 23rd April 2015

"I had another dream this morning, you weren't so sick.  Purdita's been gone 9 months now, is she with you?"

This tribute was added by Candace Haley on 23rd March 2015

"As I read through your tributes again I feel you have touched so many hearts, with the love you had for life. The kindhearted, soft spoken and most wonderful human being that ever lived, you are in a place that cannot be reached except in dreams, for I am so thankful you come to me in them."

This tribute was added by Candace Haley on 24th January 2015

"You'll always be my boy no matter how far away you go.  You always wanted to go to Casa Blanca by the boardwalk for your Birthday.. Remembering all we shared for thirty years couldn't have been more perfect.  The dreams I have about you still come and will forever Thank God.  I look @ your picture on the glass table and it's like your are right next to me again.  You gave my everything"

This tribute was added by Kelly Haley on 24th January 2015

"Happy Birthday Daddy,
Thought about you all day and felt your presents :0  I feel your love everyday, and will always remember your strength and tenderness.  You taught me love and compassion and I will carry that with me always.  Seems like yesterday we were walking on the wharf having gelato. I was driving home from a benefit tonight and Credence Clearwater was jamming on Deeptracks....love how we sung together and jammed to music...time spent with you was always so in the moment and full of joy. Love you always, miss you :( Wish you were hear to straighten things out....
Love Kelly"

This tribute was added by Linda Evenson on 24th January 2015

"Well Mikey, today is your day. I went through my day as if you were here celebrating number 78. Being your younger sister, :-) , I missed reminding you of that!  JoAnne's birthday is Sunday the 25th and daddy's was the 12th so I am picturing the celebration you are all having.  I am so thankful for the fun memories I have of our lives together. Love you always.  Your Linda Lou!"

This tribute was added by Scott Haley on 23rd January 2015

"Thinking about you today Dad. Sure miss you and wish you were still here. You were one of the greatest guys ever."

This tribute was added by Cynthia Zumwalt on 10th December 2014

"I'm reminded how loving and happy he always was to see his grandchildren and family. Always a huge smile and warm welcome to all...and never sparing  the Haley humor! Fond memories of a gentle man."

This tribute was added by Linda Evenson on 9th December 2014

"How can a year ago seem like yesterday and forever at the same time?  I reach for the phone to give you a call and am immediately reminded that you won't answer.  My "Hi Mikey" will not be answered with a "well hello Linda."  And that little laugh that always followed.  I smile and ache at the same time.  Blessed that we had those years and times together and saddened that the time went by too quickly.  What I learned, when our sister JoAnne passed, I still employ in my life today - doubled with your passing - "Enjoy the moment, it's your only chance at it!"  I thank God for you, my loving brother."

This tribute was added by Gary Haley on 9th December 2014

"Mike, you were the greatest cousin!  We grew up together in the late 40's and early 50's.  What a time we had and a wonder we didn't drive your folks and Linda crazy at times.  South Gate was such a good time for two adventurous boys.  Rest in peace Mike and so you know, my son whom I named after you builds models and is a genius with his hands just like you were...."

This tribute was added by Linda Evenson on 18th August 2014

"This is a hard week with preparing to lay you to your final rest next to Mother and Daddy in Duvall, WA, this Saturday, Aug 23, 2014.  I miss you every day and am so blessed to have had you as my big brother.  I love you to heaven and back!"

This tribute was added by Linda Evenson on 11th March 2014

"Mikey – thinking of you today with sadness at your passing and laughter at memories of our childhood.  I was like a little puppy dog, sitting beside you just waiting for you to pat my head and say “good girl, good girl.”   You were always so helpful, like the times you showed me the best places to hide when playing hide-and-go-seek.  No one ever found me.  Of course later in life I realized everyone had gone on to play something else.  You shared your extensive knowledge of survival with me, like when you had me sneak into the house and steal potatoes.  We’d go to the vacant lot next door, you would show me how to dig a hole, put a fire in it, rub mud all over the potatoes, and throw them into the hole to cook.  Made for yummy eating.  How about the great water fights, cans connected with string (our cell phones) so we could talk to each other at night between our bedrooms, me turning the lights off on you when you were emptying the garbage into the garbage can behind the garage, etc. . . . .  Who could have had more fun with their brother than me?   I miss you terribly but am thankful for my wonderful loving memories.  They soften the ache."

This tribute was added by Rhonda lawrence on 9th March 2014

"My best memories of Mike are:  his twinkling  & infectious smile!  His generosity, charisma, good looks, athletic abilities & build.  He was a super father & grandfather.  He shined as the epitome of "cool" and was extremely smart & business savy!  He loved people and everyone loved him too!  Mike you will be soooo... Missed, may God Bless you & keep you - until we meet again! Xoxoxo"

This tribute was added by Kevin O'Keefe on 23rd January 2014

"Happy Birthday Mike,
It was a great team that you formed at Haley Fire Protection.  As a owner it was always nice of you to join in on all of the activities after work in the shop.  What a laugh and a smile you have.  After sending you a note about me hitting 25 years in the trade I really appriciated your thank you note back and the kind words about me being your first and best apprentice!  Giving back to us made it easier to go on daily.  Chris and Scott, we grew up together while at work.  Scott it was nice to get to work with you again and talk about the old days and the health of Mike.  Candice, I know Mike is still in your heart and your memories, remember that he is in many others prayers also.

This tribute was added by Kevin Ruble on 20th December 2013

"Our heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Haley family on Mike's passing, and particularly to our dear friend Kelly, from the Leadership Evergreen Class of 2013 - Kate Bober, Tupper Briggs, Cindy Detlefs, John Erlandson, Nancy Grant, Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt, Mark Hayes, Tarah Howard, Kappy Kling, Denise Patrick, Pandora Reagan, Donna Reardon, Kevin Ruble, Colleen Skates and Sharon Trilk."

This tribute was added by Larry Hibbard on 19th December 2013

"Mike you always made me feel so warm and welcome in your home one of the nicest guys ever! And thanks for sharing your love of cycling with Cris and Scott and all of us, such a positive influence on the world,"

This tribute was added by Pat Haley on 14th December 2013

"Although we went to the same Junior and Senior high schools, I remember only  seeing you at the bicycle racks in Jr. high……that bright red hair caught my eye!  We didn’t have classes together or  “hang” with the same people until after we graduated.   Just think how prophetic it was seeing you among all those bikes,  when cycling would become such a big part of your life.  Later on all three of our children, Cris, Scott and Kelly would become interested in biking, also.  

You were a wonderful, caring father to them and helped so much when they were little, and later on in Scouting.  In fact, it was through Scouting in Saratoga, CA, that you became interested in biking because an older fellow (he must have been in what, his 50s???)  was biking so well you took it up.
I remember the pleasure you had in taking Kelly to the Father-Daughter Dances and the two of you  putting up the Christmas lights on the house each year…..don’t know where Scott and Cris were!  Camping and water-skiing were fun-filled times.  Later, we would have three grandsons, Ryan, Zachary and Chase…..and then Zachary and Joy gave us two great-grandsons, Seth and Noah.
The years pass quickly and we are reminded how each day is a precious gift that we should use wisely to express our love and appreciation  of one another and those friends we hold dear.  You will be missed, but not forgotten."

This tribute was added by Candace Haley on 13th December 2013

"Your Kind & Loving Heart & Mind has left this World today.  How can a lifetime be put into words of Love and Devotion.  The last hour we had, not seeing you breath or hearing your heart beating anymore we will share forever.
If Tears Could Build A Stairway, And Memories A Lane, I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Home Again.

Michael  Michael"

This tribute was added by frank galli on 13th December 2013

"Scott, my thoughts are with you and your family. You are good friend.
  Love, Frank"

This tribute was added by Lauren Henry on 12th December 2013

"I knew Mike when I was a child, he was my older cousin, I liked him because he was kind to me. Lots of memories from throughout my life and my experiences with Mike have made me appreciate the time spent in his presence. It was always pleasurable and fun."

This tribute was added by Teresa Lopez on 12th December 2013

"What an honor to have known you Mike; so many wonderful memories from the Haley Engineering days, I will always remember your happy smile!"

This tribute was added by Katy Augustine on 11th December 2013

"Hey, Mike!  Thank you for my FIRST real job, ever.  Your Team at Orvin Engineering taught me how to work hard, have fun and be responsible.  I'll never forget those days.  I think I made $2.85 per hour and was thrilled.  Just know that you touched many lives.  I'll be seeing you again some day. Rest in Peace.  ~ Katy (also a neighbor)"

This tribute was added by Dixie & CD Patterson on 11th December 2013

"Our greatest loss is not spending enough time with our west coast family -- we dp treasure the few times together.  May you be at peace with Mike's passing - it will leave a big void forever.  But remember, grief will pass when your memories bring a smile to your face instead of a tear to your eye.  Our love and sympathy, Charlie and Dixie Patterson, Wimberley Tx."

This tribute was added by Fernando Cancel on 10th December 2013

"Going to miss mountain biking with you"

This tribute was added by sharon hill on 10th December 2013

"My most vivid memory of my Uncle Mike was the first time Aunt Pat brought him to Arizona to the ranch.  My sister, Susan, cousin Bev and i were peering out the window as they drove in.  Here came a suped-up, Chevy (i think) that was so low to the ground it barely made it over the dirt road.  We were absolutely swooning over how COOL  he was and I've never lost that feeling.  He lived his life  with  gusto and had fun.  The way it should be.  He will be greatly missed by all of us here in Arizona."

This tribute was added by claudia avicola on 10th December 2013

"I treasure memories of times together, from South Gate to the beach in Port Ludlow. ~ the twinkle in your eye, your sense of humor ~ you have a piece of my heart, dear cousin!"

This tribute was added by Bruce McQueen on 10th December 2013

"so many of my happiest memories included u, cuz....just hope u were aware of the existence of all this love when u were alive...."

This tribute was added by Linda Evenson on 10th December 2013

"No one had a better or more loved and adored brother than you. You have filled my life with sunshine and your passing has left a hole in it that can't be filled.

"Fly, fly little wing
Fly where only Angels sing
Fly away, the time is right
Go now, find the light.""

This tribute was added by Scott Haley on 9th December 2013

"We will miss you and love you forever!"

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