Let the memory of Joseph be with us forever
  • 51 years old
  • Born on January 31, 1961 in North West Region, Mankon/Bamenda, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on August 14, 2012 in North West Region, Bamenda, Cameroon.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Joseph Sang, 51, born on January 31, 1961 and passed away on August 14, 2012. We will remember him forever.

Posted by QUINTA KUM on 31st January 2019
Lesson Learned !!!!! In Being Kind, Be CAREFUL- Don't Feed Every Dog You See Suffering. Some of Them Just Needed Strength to Bite You! Rest in power until we meet again.
Posted by Geraldine Che Muluh on 31st January 2019
Happy birthday in Heaven uncle Joe. Forever in our hearts. Continue to rest in the Lord's bosom.
Posted by Schola Kum on 31st January 2019
Happy Birthday my Love. Another day has come that we should have been celebrating BUT unfortunately you are not hear. I know you are with the Heavenly Angels and you will continue to intercede for us until that day when i shall join you to part no more. I may never understand what happened and how it happened but i know God has plans for each and everyone of us and my prayers everyday is that those who took you away from me will NEVER have peace in their life and even in the world beyond. RIP my LOVE
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 27th December 2018
Joseph you are still in my thoughts and Prayers. You are really missed and always will be a empty spot in our work place. So until we meet again. Rowena
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 15th August 2018
Family, where has the time gone. As i always and will always say: you are so missed Joseph. My thoughts are always racing of you when I open a folder and see one of your projects that you worked on. May God continue to Bless and keep your love ones. Rowena
Posted by Kum Karmella on 15th August 2018
Hey uncle , How are u doing on the other side? I am pretty much sure You’ve been watching and shaking ur head wondering why we mortals act somtimes as if we will live eternally. They killed u, won’t they die? They obstructed justice and think we don’t know...isn’t there a judge nobody can bribe or compete with? I know u are proudly nodding ur head because this 6 years served as a lesson to the entire family and a handful of well wishers. Yes, we have separated the sheep from The goats. We discovered the real faces of friends who became ennemies.We also discovered dynamic youngsters in the family who fought the real fight to protect ur brother whom they have been trying so hard to tarnish but will NEVER succeed . Nephews and nieces who have been calling ur mother whom u love so dearly and deeply every time She returned from court to console and encourage. Oh yes!!! That’s what you wanted for the family and trust me the new generation KUM’s have been holding through these years. Now we are letting go & letting God . They killed u taking away our tomorrow and all the plans you had for us but what they can never take is yesterday .... the good times still linger in our memories as if it was yesterday . And yes, i love u even after death... cos that’s how a daughter’s love lives on. RIP my son
Posted by Lindzzi Ngati on 14th August 2018
Dear Uncle Joe, I don’t even know where to begin. These past 6 years have not been easy as your assassination has affected me in ways unimaginable and even led me to seek counseling. I recall me, you and my mom discussing college and I said I wanted to go to Spelman and my mom laughed while, you embraced me and said: “you will go to Spelman, you hear me?”. Now today I write to you as a Spelman graduate because you were the first family member that reassured me of my dreams. Over the years the mention of your name could not happen without me holding my breath to fight back tears. Since the verdict of the case was made those tears and period of mourning have transitioned into a burning anger in my soul. You were snatched away from us before your time and to have justice be obstructed because of greed... Your life is not the only thing I lost because the devil interjected into relationships you fought hard to preserve. I pray that you watch over me and the rest of the Pa Ba’s grandchildren as the guilty have cursed us. I refuse to say rest in peace because knowing your spirit for the 16 small years I did, I know you won’t be at ease till justice is served. I take solace in knowing God will fight this battle not only for you but for the rest of the family. Uncle Joe, Rest in Power. Love you always, Lindzzi.
Posted by QUINTA KUM on 14th August 2018
Six years has come and gone by, yet it seem’s like six days to your siblings and mom. Many accusations have been written in the papers and online about the Kum family but Brother Joe we know you would be proud as we stood united in your name to bring justice for you. I know our monetary efforts in contributing for the lawyer and numerous flights back home during the case has shown you and the world that the love we had for you will continue to overflow. As your killers were released we know your spirit will not be able to rest peacefully. Know that your absence in our life won’t allow us to rest either. The fight is now in God’s hands and those responsible and used as an accessory to free the guilty shall not rest either. Your nephews/nieces/in-laws/true friends and well wishers will continue to pray for your justice so you to can rest. So you know that at least you have some genuine people still existing in this world. We fought a good fight, as you know your murderers were punished for six years, we wish it was longer, but it was just one united Kum family against 11 families, and those Judas that worked very hard in trying to deceive us, to block and prevent justice are just as guilty as the rest of them. We are happy as a united family because it’s not only what you would’ve wanted but we gave your murderers a preview of what is coming for them and what will continue to follow them the rest of their life. Karma waits all those involved whether it be their donors or sponsors. Rest In Power dear brother, because we know peace is far from you. But console with the fact that IT IS WELL WITH THE KUM FAMILY
Posted by Stacey Kum on 14th August 2018
My Daddy, Today marks 6 years since you were snatched away from me and I feel as if I’m still falling into an abyss. Unlike those who get to go back to their daily lives, I still feel a vacancy. You were a part of my daily life for 16 years and it feels like my life has been on pause since you passed away. To say “I miss you” can not encompass the true feeling I have when I think of you and the moments we would have shared. They took you away from me before you could see me make you proud, my graduation day came and went with no hug or congratulations from you, that day I really felt your vacancy. Although your spirit is with me and you are watching over me, I wish you were here. Some say that time heals all wounds, but your death is a wound in my heart that never seems to heal. As time goes on, I just wish that you were here more to fix things that have been broken. That love and unity we once had as a family has deteriorated, but I know that you can bring us back & that is what I pray for. The only day I was waiting for has come and passed, leaving me with more questions than answers. As I have told you confidently in my prayers only GOD knows why your verdict was made on the premise of a LIE. I remember how you used to test my strength when you were around but these days you chose to test my FAITH. I am still the strong young woman you raised me to be and I know that is why you were testing my strength with your verdict. Daddy, you know my HEART and you know that it is pure. As an only child, daddy you were my best friend, my confidant, my teacher, and a ROLE MODEL to me. I know it pains you to see me cry but my tears have not ceased from falling, but neither have my PRAYERS. The truth will come out and your killers will begin confessing one by one with their OWN mouths. Jesus has the final say!! Rest Easy Daddy I Love You Your One and Only Daughter, Stacey Kum
Posted by Schola Kum on 14th August 2018
My Love, good morning. Another year has come and gone without you. I cannot imagine that it's been 6 years since you left us. I feel like it just happened. But i'm happy that as the days go by, it brings us closer because our time to meet and part no more will soon be near. My life has been so empty without you and the world is really a useless place to stay. I do not know who to trust any more. It's been 6 years since those who were suspects for causing your death were locked up but on 7/23/18, they were all released. Waooooo, what a wasted world where people can use money and bribe their way out and get away with murder. They might have been free from the eyes of the world, but they are never going to be free in the eyes of the Lord. As long as tears continue to come out of my eyes, it will continue to burn those of them that planned and killed you. I leave all of them to their consciences and it will be judging them one by one. You blood cannot be spilled for nothing, it is still very fresh on the ground and until justice is done, your killers will never be free. And if they were all innocent and the killer was still out there all these years, i pray for forgiveness for them. Our daughter should not be a topic of discussion as a stepping ground for their freedom. I'm sure you know who killed you, i/m sure you are aware of all the problems that are going on in the family because of your absence, unfortunately the devil has taken a greater chunk of all. I pray that the family will find peace and come back as one because the more there's argument, the more the devil takes advantage of and plans more evil. You have been sleeping for so long my dear and seeing all these things happening and you are not doing anything to solve it and especially when it starts to touch your own daughter. The talk in the family now is that she caused the release of all those people.....through what means, i have no idea, maybe in their dreams. But i know that only God alone knows the truth and i pray that God will bring the truth out someday and they will be peace again. At first, i was angry but after chain prayers, i came to a realization that it is just human nature and as human beings, we most look for things to hang on or we most blame someone or something to get a justification. At this point, there is no more anger in me, i pray everyday for everybody for God to show us the right path to follow, LET JUSTICE AND VENGEANCE BE OF THE LORD. It is well my love, Rest in peace Schola
Posted by QUINTA KUM on 23rd July 2018
Hello my dearest brother, how i missed you so much, i just want to thank the almighty God for giving me a wonderful brother like you. After six years of prison time your killers were released today by the help and financial support from their main" SPONSOR". Is a new and beautiful day to the kum family, We fought a good fight and they were locked up for six years. The world has passed its own white washed judgement., but the final judgement lies in the hands of our almighty Father who said "TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED." GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD. I love you you, will always do. It is well with our soul. Love from your beautiful and blessed family. ADIOS
Posted by QUINTA KUM on 15th August 2017
My dearest brother, its been five long years that you leave us behind, but your love your kindness and good heartedness left a finger print in our hearts that can never been forgotten. We love and missed you so much. You would have taken a bullet for any of us cos that was the kind of loving brother you were. As a family the least we can do for you is to bring justice to the heartless, ruthless and devious act that was committed. Justice and justice alone is the least we can do as family. Many of the murderers are already paying the price, (YES THEY ARE BEHIND THE BAR WHERE THEY BELONG). I have faith that with divine intervention by our almighty Father, the LION OF ALL BATTLE, THE DEFFENDER OF THE WEAK AND POWERLESS. The one that hold the whole world in his hand, our alpha and omega that declared in his own word that vengeance is mine, will fulfilled his promise, by bringing all your killers and the master planners to judgment. Until then farewell until we meet again to depart no more.
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 15th August 2017
It is another year gone by and you are still missed. I will always miss and think of you everyday that I enter into our work place. Your spirit is always hovering over the work place. I feel a sense of peace and relaxation just thinking of the good times that we shared as family/coworker. God be with all of you. Be Blessed.
Posted by Stacey Kum on 15th August 2017
It is still hard to believe that 5 years have really passed. Since yesterday I have been contemplating whether I should leave a tribute because your spirit still feels very alive in me. I am grateful to have you looking over me and protecting me. I am grateful for the vivid memories that we shared as father and daughter.Daddy I love and miss you. I pray that your spirit continues to follow me and that God will bring justice and peace to our family. Rest in Perfect Peace Daddy, From your loving daughter - Stacey Kum
Posted by Schola Kum on 14th August 2017
I can't believe i've been living for 5 years without you, waoooo. What an evil and empty world that we live in. Vanity upon vanity, yet some people behave as if they are immortals and that they will carry everything they have on earth with them to the grave, vanities of life. The most important things are the great memories that you created while living and that is exactly what my family and friends did today. started our day with meditations, prayers and fasting then remembering all the good times we had together. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your life. I'll always miss you my love, no matter what life holds for me. RIP
Posted by Doris Neng on 14th August 2017
Uncle Joe, even after five years, thinking of you still brings a smile to my face but also this sadness that does not seem to go away.your presence is felt all the time and I can't even express how much the family you left behind miss you.A tear dropped out of my eyes thinking of you, it is a tear of laughter because you had this way of saying the most outrageous and funny things and I just thought of some. Uncle smiled with us and rest in the arms of our mighty father for ever.
Posted by Geraldine Che Muluh on 14th August 2017
Five years but it still feels like yesterday. I am at work and can't stop thinking about you and the fun moments we shared for the few years in knew you. Uncle Joe continue to rest in peace till we meet again. You will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Schola Kum on 31st January 2017
Hello my Love, it's been 5 years since we shared a special dinner on your birthday but today me and our daughter had to fast and pray all day, knowing that you are with the Angels interceding for us. May you continue to rest in the bosom of our heavenly creator until that day we shall join you to part no more.
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 31st January 2017
Have a Blessed (which I already know that it its) and a great celebration in your Heavenly Home. Just think of us and smile down on us every now and again. But still know that you are forever missed. My buddy, my pal. Forever..Happy Birthday..
Posted by QUINTA KUM on 31st January 2017
Happy B day my dearest brother. Thank God for his goodness and faithfulness. HE HAS REVEALS THE DEEP THINGS OF DARKNESS AND BRINGS UTTER DARKNESS INTO THE LIGHT. God said in his own word, I will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed. It is mine to avenge I will repay and again the Lord will judge his people. Amen. Thank you Lord for your word and faithfulness, because all your promises will come to pass. In the mighty name of Jesus. Shame to any body that don't want Justice. The devil can fake, pretend, blackmail, betrayed, bribe, try to prevent justice, but God promises to his children is the same yesterday, today and for ever amen. RIP
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 7th December 2016
Hi my friend ..again the Holiday is upon us and as always you are greatly missed. Continue to let your light shine down on your love ones. You are still truly missed. God Blessing continue with your family and love ones. Rowena
Posted by Schola Kum on 7th December 2016
Hello my love, was just thinking about you. This is a period/month of celebrations and thanksgiving with families but i feel so broken just because you are not here for us to celebrate together. I might have friends around me showing me all the love but it will never be the same like with you. I miss you so much but i thank God for blessing me with you in my life. RIP my love and continue to look over us. Our daughter is making us very proud. continue to intercede for her please.
Posted by QUINTA KUM on 16th August 2016
My dearest brother, my beloved brother, my father,that the devil, our enemies, full of hate and jealousy snatched you from us so viciously.I missed you so much, its been a hard , hard four years, but we give God all the glory. We your family will not sleep until justice is being prevail. The devil is doing everything in their power to prevent justice. But our mighty father who is the warrior of all battles will crush them underneath his feet, he will defeat them so bad and bring them to shame. All the power of darkness and principalities shall die in Jesus name, all the plots of the devil, burn and destroyed them in Jesus almighty name will pray amen. Brother we missed you so much.
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 16th August 2016
Friend and coworker forever. Joseph, wow, how time just seem to keep on rolling, but your absence will always be a lingering presence with us all. May God continue to Bless and allow his light to shine down on your family and hold them together. God Bless and always a friend... Row
Posted by Stacey Kum on 14th August 2016
My loving father, today makes it 4 years since you became an angel. I Thank God that you have been guiding my steps each day. Please continue to be the light that shows me the way through the dark. I Miss You everyday but you raised me to be a strong young lady so I shall continue to be strong for you. I Pray that your spirit will always be surrounding me. I Love You Daddy & Continue to Rest In Perfect Peace
Posted by Schola Kum on 14th August 2016
My Heavenly Angel!!!! Another year has come and gone without you but i feel your presence every time and especially when i'm going through something, an indication that you are watching and guiding me every step of the way. Thank you my Love. You are with your heavenly Father, running the errands that we will never know. You were so good on earth and even better in Heaven because i feel all your manifestations every day in my daily activities. May you continue with your Heaven works until that day when i shall join you to part no more. Today we will light a candle and thank God for His continuous protection and Love. RIP my LOVE
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 2nd February 2016
Wow, when they say time can slip away and waits on no man, how true that is. Joseph my friend and co worker, still missed and Prayers are still being put out in the universe for all your family, friends and love ones. May God Bless and keep you all. My dear friend Joseph. Rest in forever Peace.
Posted by Stacey Kum on 31st January 2016
My loving father, all day I could not help but imagine how we would be celebrating your birthday if you were here with us. I Thank God for the Birthday's that we did spend together as a family. Although you are not here physically, your spirit is always next to me. I pray that you continue to be my guardian angel. Have a Blessed Birthday as sit near our Father God in Heaven. With Much Love, Your Daughter
Posted by Schola Kum on 31st January 2016
Hello my Love, I'm writing at this hour because i was hoping for some miracle to happen and behold during our quiet moment of prayer with our daughter near your picture, i felt your spirit present around us and i there i knew exactly that you are around us celebrating your birthday with us. Oh!! how we missed you physically. we try to keep up with our tradition of celebrating our birthdays but today we decided to just pray and pray and get that spiritual fulfillment. The most consoling thing is that you are with your Father and sitting at His right hand and interceding for us. May you continue to join the heavenly choir and sing those songs that filter to us down here on earth and continue to protect us. Happy Birthday my dear, and may your candle continue to shine on us and protect us. lots of love from your wife.
Posted by Samuel Duala on 31st January 2016
As I remember this day that God sent you to this planet of ours,I continue to thank the Almighty for your life and the impact it had on mine as well as on many others.Your Good work can't be forgotten.You live forever Joe.
Posted by COMFORT NCHEAWAH on 31st January 2016
Happy birthday in heaven dear. The good side of this is that you are with your father rejoice but we miss you. Keep on ib Interceding for us.
Posted by Geraldine Che Muluh on 16th August 2015
3 yrs and still no answers but I trust in God. One day, just one day justice will prevail. Continue to rest in perfect peace my dear uncle Joe.
Posted by Samuel Duala on 14th August 2015
It's been three years that we have been wandering and reflecting.You made a great impact in our lives.Joe,we miss you.We thank God for the strength to carry on.We know we will see you someday as you wait for us.Amen.
Posted by Cheryl Jones on 14th August 2015
It's been three years since we received the horrible news that you had been taken away from us. But Scripture tells us to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. That is exactly where I know you are. My dear friend, co-worker and Christian brother you will be forever loved and missed. Until we meet again....
Posted by Stacey Kum on 14th August 2015
My loving father, another year has come and gone and my heart continues to weep. I still can not put my pain into words. Our family memories are still fresh in my mind, and those memories are what keep me going. No one and nothing can ever replace you. You were the greatest and most loving dad anyone could ask for. 3 years of mourning and counting, it is still unbelievable. I pray that Justice will prevail. I know you will always be by my side. I love you and miss you so dearly my angel, my daddy
Posted by Schola Kum on 14th August 2015
My dearest husband, Another year has come and gone without you. There are days that i feel like you are just hiding and one day you'll come back to me even though i came and saw you buried but miracles do happen and i always hope that one day that miracle will happen in my life and i'll see you again. I wish there was a way to skip this day in my life and let me wake up from this dream that i've been dreaming for the past 3 years. Father help me to wake up from this dream........Ooooh God
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 14th August 2015
Joseph, indeed time waits for no man. Just wanted to let the family know that my thoughts and Prayers are with them. And my thoughts are always swinging in your direction. I really miss you and it is easier to handle daily, only because I know if there is a Heaven and I do believe in my heart of heart that it exist, I know you are sitting on the right hand of our Maker. So I don't have that to worry about and life gets easier. But none the less you are still truly Missed.
Posted by Lindzzi Ngati on 14th August 2015
Today makes it 3 years since you were snatched away from this world. Years that haven't made facing the reality of your death any easier. But if there's one thing you left us to remember you with, it was your strength. Your death was a complete shock for everyone, but that's how the great ones always leave this earth. The love & joy you brought to this world will continue to foster within the family, just what you would've wanted. Your legacy will continue to spread to the world through you nieces, nephews & grandchildren. Our angel in Heaven, we love you & you will always remain in our hearts.
Posted by Doris Neng on 14th August 2015
Uncle,After all this time I still miss you, you were my father, my brother and my confidant. Now I have nobody to make me see the joy of being married. It really suck that you left us. I miss you and will never stop talking about you. You are my measuring stick and I have not seen any that come close. I miss you uncle!!!!
Posted by Schola Kum on 21st June 2015
A Father's Day without a father!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy father's day my dear husband. It is a very difficult day for us without you. I got up this morning and turned around the bed and there was no one for me to say happy father's day to. You were my husband, father and brother, all in one. Our daughter has no one to hide a father's day card behind her and ask "DADDY GUESS WHAT?" and the two of you will hug each other and you'll try to seize your gift from her, and that was just the fun that made the day. We really miss you my dear. May you continue to intercede for us until that day when we shall meet to part no more. Your wife Schola
Posted by Rev. Maurice Akwa on 3rd February 2015
Still fresh in our memories. I know what you would have done for this birthday. Happy birthday in heaven. Remain in our prayers as we try to be a source of comfort and consolation to your wife and daughter. RIP
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 3rd February 2015
Yes, Joseph this is your co-worker but most of all your friend. You are truly missed and I know you are looking down and smiling as always. You are always in my thoughts, and when i hear Dan say "Jo" come to my office, I look up, knowing that is what he called you, but no such luck, he is speaking to a young lady in the office whom he also calls "Jo". Just know you are "missed". your frined always and forever.
Posted by Schola Kum on 2nd February 2015
Just thinking about you because i'm faced with a situation now that if you were around, you could have provided an easier solution for me. Please i need you to come and talk to me, show me what to do. Hope to see you soon my love. Your wife
Posted by Schola Kum on 31st January 2015
My dearest Husband, another year has come and gone without you. Today is your birthday, Stacey and I continue to try to keep the tradition on how we use to celebrate our birthdays BUT this time it is different because instead of eating and going out, we tend to fast and pray for the whole day knowing that you are with us as we fast and pray and we also know that the only way we can feel your presence is through prayers. We really miss you but we thank God for the years that you were with us. Please continue to protect and intercede for us because a lot of unanswered questions are still lingering out here and until then, i will never have a peace of mind. My lonely nights continue, i cook food and nobody to eat with, i come back to the house and nobody to talk with etc, etc. This is not the type of life that we had planned to live. Rest in Peace my love, forever your dearest wife Schola Kum
Posted by Stacey Kum on 31st January 2015
Happy Birthday Daddy ! I came home from school to be closer to you. I know that you are smiling down upon us and enjoying your birthday with the Lord. Although I can count the years you have been gone, I can not count the amount of blessings you have been showering upon me and mommy. I pray that you continue to smile and be our Angel! You will remain in my heart forever. I love you Daddy. Have a blessed Birthday
Posted by Hannah Ngati on 15th August 2014
My Dear Brother, Its been two years and I still cannot do this. I am still waiting for answers. However, as a family I want to assure you that we have grown closer, stronger and I know you are so proud of us. Until we meet again keep giving us that energy, inspiration as you have always done.
Posted by Cheryl Jones on 14th August 2014
Joseph: Wow! It's been two years since you were called home to be with Our Lord. Time has flown by which means each day brings us closer to seeing you again. Until then....you are missed and loved! Your Sister in Christ.....Cheryl Jones
Posted by Doris Neng on 14th August 2014
Uncle Joe, I can not believe its two years now.when ever I sit on the couch I hear you asking Stacy to get me tea or something to eat,you were my rock at my weakest.you accepted me with all my craziness and made your home mine for ever.we love you and you will forever be missed. You rock uncle!!
Posted by ROWENA JOHNSON on 14th August 2014
Joseph, wow..time has just passed right on..but not without a thought of you in my Prayers.. for your family, because I know you are just fine. You are the ray of sunshine that beam down on us on the brightest time of the day. But it doesn't mean that you are not missed, because you definitely are.. alway a friend and co-worker..Row
Posted by Geraldine Che Muluh on 14th August 2014
Eh Uncle Joe, like a joke it's been two years since you left us without a good bye. Well as I always say, God knows why and He is always in Control. You may not be here physically but you'll always be in our hearts. We love you even in death. Miss you Uncle Joe.May your gentle soul continue to rest in the Lord's bosom.

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