Posted by Felicity Tao on August 17, 2017
I don't know Joel personally, but I was at his funeral and moved by how much he was loved by everyone there. He definitely left a huge impact on many people who came into his life and his big heart was valued, cherished and remembered by many. I am so sorry for the Cornette family to lose such an amazing son and brother. I hope you will get a little comfort from the fact Joel left a true legacy for people to hold tight. He will be remembered and continue to live in the hearts of many.
Posted by Ron Vaughan on August 17, 2017
Prayers to the Cornette family during this week of remembrance. I truly pray that you all find peace and share moments you remember about your son and brother. God bless.
Posted by Jane Weiler on August 17, 2017
I never had the privilege of meeting Joel in person, but I’m inspired by the way he lived his life. His confidence, pride and competitive spirit were balance by his humble kindness and compassion for everyone around him. The impact he has made on so many lives will continue through Joel Cornette Foundation and his legacy will live on for future generations. #33 “WE ARE STILL HERE”
Posted by Janet Grueter on August 17, 2017
In life and in remembrance, Joel continues to inspire and motivate us to be our better selves. May all the shared memories of Joel and all those special moments in between bring comfort to the Cornette family-always.
Posted by Dan Calonge on August 17, 2017
Although I never met Joel, it is clear to me how much he meant to so many people. We would be lucky to have as many admirers when our time comes. I hope that this time of year always brings great memories of a beloved son to the Cornette family.
Posted by Jennifer Howard on August 16, 2017
Thinking of the Cornette family this week, may you find some comfort together and in the many memories of love and family. We'll all do our part to keep Joel's legacy alive and strong. RIP #33
Posted by Shantelle Wilson on August 16, 2017
As a young fan of the game, Joel was kind, uplifting and supportive with me. I admired him so much and found so much love in his presence. Joel treated me as a little sister and I miss him dearly. I'll never forget his tenacity on the court, nor his kindness off the court. Keep watching over us, Joel! We love you!
Posted by Tammy Burns on August 16, 2017
Not a day goes by that Joel and the Cornette family are not in my thoughts and prayers! Cherish the wonderful memories and may you always feel his love! 

Joel was such a shining light in so many people's life and brought so much joy to everyone around him. #33 will forever live in our hearts!
Love you...Chris and Tammy

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