Let the memory of Joel be with us forever
  • 27 years old
  • Born on October 3, 1986 .
  • Passed away on April 20, 2014 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Joey Poiriez, 27, born on October 3, 1986 and passed away on April 20, 2014. We will remember him forever. Please share your photos and memories.

Posted by Reeder Pamela on 20th April 2018
Thinking of you Joey and sending your family love.
Posted by Yvette Pompa on 3rd October 2017
Happy Birthday Joey! Miss you. love you still.
Posted by Reeder Pamela on 20th April 2017
You are in my thoughts often Joey
Posted by Yvette Pompa on 20th April 2017
Hey Joey, Thinking about you all the time. Miss you so much. Keep watching over all of us. Love you!
Posted by Georgia Poiriez on 20th April 2017
Hard to believe its been 3 years, miss you so much! Haven't been able to finish your story, still too hard for me especially when you could have had so much more life to live and experience. I think about you all the time, the past, who you could have become, the good, the bad, so many sleepless nights. It's nice to see all these tributes and people who cared. RIP my angel, I love you!
Posted by Nick Meyer on 20th November 2016
I never met Joey, but he was my idol growing up skateboarding. Id watch his video parts almost everyday to get pumped to skate. Id try copying his tricks & even clothing style. His style & fearlessness were incredible. I always thought he was underrated. With more time in the spotlight he would have easily been one of the top names recognized in skateboarding. I recently found out he had passed, & wanted to write this to give thanks to him for being largely responsible for inspiring the great times I had in skateboarding. Thank you Joey. Rip.
Posted by Yvette Pompa on 3rd October 2016
Happy Birthday Joey! Love you always. Miss you always.
Posted by Jon Dillehay on 3rd October 2016
Happy 30th big dog.
Posted by Yvette Pompa on 20th April 2016
Dearest Joey, I think of you always and will. I miss you so much!! Keep watching over us and keeping us safe, I love you.
Posted by Robert Trytten on 20th April 2016
Thanks for being real. forever missed homie see you in heaven.
Posted by Reeder Pamela on 20th April 2016
Thinking of you today Joey
Posted by Tom Benner on 5th October 2015
I'm still thinking about you and missing you!
Posted by Georgia Poiriez on 3rd October 2015
Happy Birthday my sweet Joey. Miss you so very much!
Posted by Yvette Pompa on 3rd October 2015
Happy Birthday Joey! Always in my heart. I love and miss you very much!
Posted by Omar Andres on 22nd April 2015
Joey , I did not know you, but I read your story, you're the inspiration to many, i from Colombia, You were a true skater! rest in peace brother by .Omar Otero
Posted by Tom Benner on 20th April 2015
Your still I my thoughts very often, I miss you!
Posted by Yvette Pompa on 20th April 2015
Dear Joey, You a may have left us but I feel you every where. You are so missed. I know you are watching over us and taking care of us. I love You so much. You will forever be in my heart.
Posted by Stacy Brougher on 20th April 2015
Can't believe it's been an entire year:((( miss you every day. I love you.
Posted by Georgia Poiriez on 20th April 2015
It's hard to believe its been a year today since you left us. It feels like it was yesterday that you were here, full of life and looking for the next place to go skateboarding. We miss you so much, I wish you were here now so I could hug you! I love you with all my heart! RIP my sweet boy.
Posted by Marc Barnes on 24th November 2014
I just heard the news and I feel like crying. Dude your skateboarding was forever my inspiration and its super sad to hear that you're gone. Respects to all your family. Rest in peace, fallen soldier and skateboarder.
Posted by Devon Ries on 3rd October 2014
Happy Birthday Joey.. Miss u bro.. sad to hear you passed while i was away but you'll always live on through me and the rest of your friends and family. Much love my dude! -devon
Posted by Yvette Pompa on 3rd October 2014
Happy Birthday Joey! Always thinking of you. Miss you. Love, Yvette
Posted by Andre Poiriez on 3rd October 2014
HB, man. How's the ridin'?
Posted by Stacy Brougher on 3rd October 2014
Happy Birthday cuddlekins. We started our relationship right around your birthday two years ago. I remember bringing you a cupcake while you were playing football with your friends at Mission Bay on your 26th birthday. I love you and miss you more and more everyday. Wish we were going to Benihana to celebrate. RIP my love
Posted by Jon Dillehay on 9th September 2014
You were such a sick skater I never met you but through old videos and dvds alone I could tell you had serious Heart and Talent. Much respect! Rest In Peace
Posted by Chris Sarenana on 6th August 2014
Damn my homie joey. it was sad as hell to hear about what happen. your missed down here by many many people who still find it hard to believe you have left us. we all love you joey! we miss you and hope one day ill make my way up their and soon you somday! god bless you homie! all those good times we had down in the COLONIA will never be forgoten. my prayers go out to your family and loved ones. stay up homie!! Watch over us all as we remain here in this messed up world!
Posted by Stacy Brougher on 30th July 2014
Taking a six month chip tmrw. Wish you could be there to watch me. Miss you every second. I love you!!!!!!
Posted by Alfredo Haito on 8th July 2014
I will never forget how you and your Skateboarding inspired me and my friends. I just don't have words for this tragic event. I hope the lord holds you forever in heaven. It is very sad to loose one of the good ones…. Best wishes for you and your family Joey, Alfredo Haito Lima - Perú
Posted by Stacy Brougher on 2nd July 2014
Missing you...nights are the hardest :( I love you
Posted by Stacy Brougher on 12th June 2014
Missing you. I love you so much.
Posted by Stef Stutz on 7th June 2014
Baby, I am still in shock! I wake up and I feel like I am in a dream. I miss you so much I ache. I look at my phone waiting for your call or text and your picture to pop up! I will always carry you in my heart, until we meet again my love, forever Stefani
Posted by Stacy Brougher on 1st June 2014
Listened to old voicemails from you today, loved hearing the sound of your voice. I REALLY miss my cuddlekins. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you:((((
Posted by Stacy Brougher on 24th May 2014
Your memorial is today and I'm sick to my stomach....you know how much I wish I could be there....you are always on my mind. You meant everything to me and I am having the hardest time accepting you are no longer here. I miss and love you forever!
Posted by Daming Lin on 23rd May 2014
what happened!?
Posted by Robert Trytten on 23rd May 2014
Rest in peace joey skate on in heaven brother
Posted by Stef Stutz on 19th May 2014
where should i start?... my heart goes out to your family but this got me twisted too. We only knew eachother 2 years but it felt like i had known you in a past life your the only man that could see thru me. I remember the first time i seen you, you were just my type ..tall, with dark hair and a gentleman. ... I was so nervous the first time we talked i remember the first time you called my house and you asked me on our first date. That was the first time i got to see you skateboarding. I was impressed b/c i could tell how much time and dedication you put into your passion by how talented you were. That made me believe in you i knew you could of accomplished anything you truley wanted but i fell for you because you had morals and you were brought up right. I loved the way you cared for your sister and mother. Your respect for women to the way you never raised your voice to me made it hard to be apart from you. Whenever you texted me 911 get here ASAP i came runnin. And even the times i ran out of gas and you and frank swoop me up put gas in my car and you told me it didnt matter if i had money you just wanted my time. awww my jojo ! im gunna miss going to the casino with you, you R da only person that could make me laugh the whole drive bacc when i lost all my money. You were the only man allowed in my moms house and you were welcomed like family. You were the one i leaned on and even when i was wrong you still protected me never let others change your view of me. I miss watching you lay in my bed with all your tattoes while i scratched your head while we watched movies ...i cant breath or eat without you miamor, the pain i feel right now is worth it just to got 2 know your love i felt lucky 2 be your girl. i love you and il never forget you-stef
Posted by Frances Stutz on 16th May 2014
Joey this is such a shock, you were just at our home on April11th. I will always remember your sweet smile and gentle disposition. I still see you at my kitchen table eating spaghetti bolognese, and offering to help with the dishes. This is such a tragic loss to your family and those who loved you. There are no words that could ever console your loved ones! Just know we are praying for you and your beloved family! My daughter Stefani truly loved you and will miss you! We will attend the memorial for you! With our deepest sympathy, Stefani & Frannie
Posted by Stacy Brougher on 12th May 2014
Joey, my cuddlekins.....I miss you so much and can't believe I never get to see you again...I think about you all the time, so many times I want to pick up the phone and call you. And every song and movie reminds me of you, damnit this is so hard. I know what we had was real and will never forget the good times we had together....the only thing that brings me peace is that I know the suffering is over for you, And that I will get to see you in heaven someday. I never loved a guy as much as I loved you, you came into my life during a difficult time and your presence made me so happy...I could always be myself around you. I wish this was getting easier but it isn't, I would do anything to see you one last time. I love you Joey. You will always have a piece of my heart.
Posted by Andre Poiriez on 12th May 2014
Ride on, little brother.
Posted by Dave Carlson on 4th May 2014
We hadn't seen each other in years, but I always held a positive image of you. I was saddened to hear of your passing - you had extraordinary talent and commitment to your craft. My heart goes out to your loved ones, and this is one of those times where I hope there's something on the other side, so you can have moved on to something positive. We will remember you through your videos and our memories. Rest in peace.
Posted by Tom Benner on 2nd May 2014
I still cannot accept that your not with us. I keep waiting to see you come through the door, or maybe see you just hanging out on the couch. I don't want to believe your gone, so.. Your always gonna be with me in my heart and my thoughts. Your still here with us Joey, I'm not letting you go! You've been too much a part of my life. To me, you were my son, and you know I've told you that. I love you and will keep thinking of you.
Posted by Reeder Pamela on 1st May 2014
You will always be here in our hearts Joey <3 Pam and Devon
Posted by Dan Navarro on 29th April 2014
Forever in our hearts, never forgotten RIP Joey
Posted by Georgia Poiriez on 28th April 2014
My dear Joey you are so loved. We are all missing you so much! You are forever in my heart my sweet baby boy.

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