This memorial website was created in memory of Johanna Garrison-Slette (Johanna Shigeko). Joshi, as she liked to be called, was the dear daughter of Hilda and Doug Garrison, sister of KJ and Nuance, wife to Eric Slette and loving mother to Bethany Cales and Grant and Aiden Slette. Cherished by countless family and friends. Taken from us way too soon but living on in all of us, forever missed.

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Posted by Angie Sartori on February 20, 2021
Joshi, thank you for all the years of being my best friend and all the love and laughter you brought to my and my family's lives. Miss you stupid incredibly.

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Posted by Angie Sartori on February 20, 2021
Joshi, thank you for all the years of being my best friend and all the love and laughter you brought to my and my family's lives. Miss you stupid incredibly.
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Shared by Angie Sartori on February 21, 2021
Sharing this post from Joshi that really touched me as a friend from Feb 4th 2009:

25 Random Things About Me
1. I wear a bandana at home when I have not washed my hair, and I look very gansta! lol
2. I used to spend my summers in Iceland with my family when I was younger.
3. From state to state I have lived in Virginia, North Carolina, and Illinois.
4. I love it when I can make someone laugh so hard that they snort ( you know who you are!, stop laughing , no wait don't stop..I love your laugh)
5. I hate schedules and "having" to be somewhere on time even though I try really hard, I am always LATE! really I do try!!!
6. I love scary movies, and occasionally I love to watch gore.
7. I am so very embarrased that I still bite my nails sometimes.
8. I love it when my boys try to "sack" me like in football, and when I least expect it I actually go down.
9. I panic when someone needs a ride, my truck always looks like a snack shop got robbed!
10. I will skip getting my mail for a few days, b/c I hate getting bills, and if I don't get the mail, then perhaps it is not there temporarily, and I can enjoy another day or so of "not having to write a check".
11. I HATE my feet, they are so flat, that my husband Eric calls them "jungle feet"
12. I hate how pale, and pasty I have become since I have lived here in Illinois, goodbye olive skin tone!
13. I let my kids splash in puddles because I do it too!!!
14. I LOVE storms, especially the ones where the wind is just so strong you hear the leaves on trees, and in pitch black, lightning will light up the sky and your house.
15. I love the smell of rain
16. I am a really good bowler after a few glasses of wine, but even better of a bowler if I was playing Wii.
17. Snow sports I really do miss....skiing, snowbaording..
18. I am not afraid to bait my own hook when I go fishing, and yes..I love to fish!
19. I wish I was more active in my writings, and art.
20. I saw a water spout when I was in the Gulf of Mexico from our deep sea fishing boat. It was so neat!
21. I have seen the northern lights in Iceland, and wow, they are amazing...!!!!!
22. I thought that I would be lost and alone here in Illinois, because I have no family here or near, but I am grateful for Angie, truly...
23. I love the movies Legend, Clockwork Orange, Labryinth, and some more, but I will be discreet.
24. I will kick your ass in Golden Tee!
25. I am really shy about photos of myself.......
Shared by Angie Sartori on February 20, 2021
Joshi's life story is best told by her family so I will leave that for them. What I can say of her life as I knew it, is she was my very best friend for nearly a decade.  I met her a few years after she moved to Chicago, summer 2008 when her Aiden and my Gavin were babies and we were both working to keep our older boys, Grant and Justin active.  We kept running into each other at the Des Plaines YMCA, smiling and waving "hi" as we rushed Justin and Grant who were around 4-5, to activities. 

When Joshi would see me there, she later admitted she viewed me as a snobby hoity toity due to running around with my well to do aunt (who she thought was my friend) strapped to our babies in expensive Bjorn carriers (which my aunt convinced me to get), ha! I personally was very drawn to her, saw her as *not* hoity toity... just a down to earth potential mom friend with kids who seemed the exact same age as mine which was rare.   I especially noticed similarities i.e. she was basic like me- not flashy, didn't wear jewelry and liked the same kind of pants as me which I considered *very* special- I hated the tight pants in style those days and still loved my loose straight leg jeans.  So... desperate to get her to talk to me as the summer programs were ending (since she showed no interest in me thus far!) and in fear of never seeing her again... and for lack of anything better to use as a momma friend pick up line, I said "I like your pants!" ;)  I did say more than that but Joshi teased me about that first *pick up line* all the time through the years, haha!!

But my pick up line worked, we got to talking and we soon met up for a playdate where we hit it off immediately and Joshi later said she finally realized I wasn't the snob she saw me as and decided we could be friends (:

We then had our first "mom's night" at Bahama Breeze.  Finding it odd there were so many couples there that night, we finally asked our waiter why- turned out it was "Sweetest Day". Joshi and I always laughed about not realizing and that day being our first "mom date". From there on out we always considered it our "friendiversary". 

From there we would often try to get together for Mom's nights every month or so... usually meeting up for dinner and then not wanting the night to end, ending up at a bowling alley or pool hall where we'd always have a blast together.  But somehow Joshi and I would always end up in trouble for really odd reasons like the time she got arrested in *my husbands car* (which I told her to take the next morning to get home since she *responsibly* stayed over!) for old tickets she had no idea she had on the east coast, haha!  Another thing we laughed about through the years.

Some time later I was offered a job at Microsoft and while it was work from home, I knew I needed help with the kids and called Joshi to see if she was up for it. What she didn't know is I had no plans of taking that job *unless* it was HER.   I was so thankful she did take it though and she became our family's care provider for the next five plus years, bringing Grant and Aiden along until they were school age.  The boys all grew very close and so did Joshi and I.  She became like a sister and was like the second mom in the house, often calling my boys hers which I cherished.  You could tell she truly loved them like her own.  Honestly, she was really my care giver too- things could get extremely stressful with work and she was always in tune with that- when I wouldn't come downstairs to eat lunch, she'd pop in to my office with a delicious meal she'd made. When she saw it was going to be a long night for me, she'd make our family dinner before she left.  She was always incredibly in tune as a friend, thoughtful and kind.  And a truly amazing cook!! My boys will never let me forget all the things she could make I can't!!

Some of my favorite memories through those years is Joshi and her boys spending a Friday night with us.  I used to always beg her not to go home and stay the night when it came to Fridays... after a long week I really wanted to hang with her since I didn't get much time for it during the week.  My hubby was also a huge WOW player at the time so I'd be stuck having a glass of wine by myself with two very rambunctious boys.  Joshi would often say yes (sorry Eric!) and we'd sit out by the fire pit letting the boys play out in the yard, have deep conversations,  then tell the boys (not so scary) ghost stories and roast marshmallows.  She was so much fun to hang out with and somehow we never ran out of things to talk about.

Gotta get back to my boys, to be continued!...