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The Memories

Shared by Kayla Pruitt on October 22, 2018

While this is not a single story, an amalgamation of memories come to mind when I think of my grandfather. Sleeping over his house, falling asleep to TVland, and waking up in the morning to his Sunny Side up eggs and trying on his robe (which was always way too big on me). Drawing him pictures and writing notes to hang up in his office. The stuffed animal he got with me in 2004 in Alaska..I still sleep with this every night (even at 23 years old). Watching him complete sudoku puzzles effortlessly, and always beating me in a game of cards. 

The memories are endless and consistent; you could always count on his smile to make you feel better, and his deep chuckle to remind you of what actually matters - family. I love and miss you endlessly, Opa. In my lifetime, I hope to accomplish a fraction of the things you have done in your 90 years.

Fun and Games

Shared by Loren Pruitt on October 22, 2018

A memory that always makes me smile when I remember my Opa (as he was fondly known as by his grandchildren), was when I would sleep over at my Oma and Opa's.  As many would probably concur, Opa and I had very similar thought processes, and I took after him with my love for puzzles and games of strategy. I have so many memories of completing jigsaw puzzles and him teaching me how to play chess (it was always a short game because Opa always won), but one of my favorite games to play with him was Battleship when I was little. We would both work so hard to figure out what the best strategy was to place our ships so that the other would have to work hard to figure out where the ships were hidden.  I appreciate that he never went easy on me even when I was really young.  We always had so much fun together, and I will always miss the twinkle in his eyes when either one of us were close to winning!

His chuckles

Shared by Karen Sidorov on October 22, 2018

Onkle Johannes was my father's best friend.  He and Anita were like family to our family.  My sister (Ingrid) and I are "Irish twins" (only 10.5 months apart on age).  I can remember from when we were very young, that he would always (jokingly) call me Ingrid and my sister, Karen.  And I would stamp my little foot and say "I'm Karen!!!"  And he would chuckle.  I will always remember that chuckle.  Because he did it every time I saw him.

I hope he and my father are drinking beer and playing chess.

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