Let the memory of John be with us forever
  • 86 years old
  • Born on May 19, 1927 in leeds, west yorkshire, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on January 26, 2014 in leeds, west yorkshire, United Kingdom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Adams 86 years old , born on May 19, 1927 and passed away on January 26, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jamie Adams on 26th January 2017
Hi grandad its been a long time since I last posted on here. I can't believe its 3 years today you left us to go to your new home in the sky. I hope your doing amazing ans relaxing as much as you can. I hope you like what I did to your grave :) sorry about the plastic flowers but it looks nice. Still think about you so much :( and miss you dearly. Well a lots happened over the years I passed my driving test got a nice little car. Still I'm going to the gym and now I'm training in martial arts. I hope I'm making you proud. Well as always I'll finish with I love you so much and visit me when you can xxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 19th May 2015
Hi grandad sorry it's a little late but I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope you have had a amazing day up their in the clouds. I have thought about you a lot today but never a un-happy thought always good memories and big smiles. Still wish you was here with us all so we could put things rite and meet and listen to your stories and spend some quality time together like we all loved doing. You genuinely are one in a million and I can't wait to see you again for a catch up and a cuddle :) I might be a bit older now but never too big for that. Again a big happy birthday I love you so much for ever and always you will always be in my heart and mind for ever and always love Jamie xxx
Posted by Becki Adams on 19th May 2015
happy birthday grandad love u lots and always xxxxx from becki xxxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 31st January 2015
Hi grandad love you so much just wanted to say I move you and miss you just as much I love you how's heaven,? Xxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 22nd July 2014
Hi grandad sorry it's been so long for me to write. Hope your doing well up in the stars I'm pretty sure you have settled in well now I still think of you all the time. I'm sorry I haven't visited were you lay yet but I promise I will do soo. I seen you in my dreams a little while ago my father was their it was the best but you didn't speak in my dream but I didn't care because I could see your face and it was like you never left. I don't know how things work up their in heaven but I hope Obe day you are allowed to come visit e and talk to me I just want to say hi and how much I love you. Grandad you are amazing and you filly heart with joy just of the thought of you I love you so much. Xxxxxxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 19th May 2014
happy birthday grandad i wish you was down here so we could spend this amazing day with you. I love you so much i hope your having a lovely birthday up their xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Becki Adams on 19th May 2014
Happy birthday grandad forever missed love you forever and always from becki xxxxxxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 24th March 2014
good morning granddad just me checking in again hope your ok and well up their.Their still is not a day go bye I don't think of you and miss you so much some days it feels painful other days its a joyful feeling because i know my life is a good one because i had you in it to teach me the wrongs and rite's always their for me tell me your story's play your organ for us all growing up. It is the little things at such a young age we never appreciated but i would give any thing for it all again Sunday dinner at granddads while we sat down and talked and you played the organ for us :) just the thought of that brings a great big smile to my face. I hope this will also be your plan on that big day we are re-united again. I keep getting this really strong feeling that I need to go to your house in seacroft and visit you then I realise you are home with your family I don't understand this feeling granddad I keep thinking its you trying to tell me some thing then I just think i'm going crazy lol. Work and gym still going well and driving lessons coming along great i'm still sticking to the promise i made you i finally feel like i'm becoming a man and doing every one and my self proud i know you will be looking over me with a big smile on my face. well granddad im going to get of but ill check in next time as soon as i can I love you with all my heart more and more as the days go bye <3 take it easy up their. And as always come visit me as soon as i can ill be waiting xxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 8th March 2014
hi granddad sorry I have not spoke in a while a lot has been going on. we had a really nice send of for you I cried all the way through :( I know if you was their you would tell me to stop been silly and keep my chin up. That promise I made you that day I am sticking to and doing really well the best I have I a long time I know you would be so proud I regularly look up in to the sky and tell you I am doing it and I get this really nice feeling all through my body it feels just like you are sending all your love and it feels so good. I am so sorry I did not make it the other day I felt so bad my heart sank but I had a feeling that you would not be angry. During the week when you left us to go home with the angels I was so angry sad upset and lots more feelings I could not control until the special day were we got to celebrated your life. I got this unbelievable good feeling as I looked out of the limo window up at the sky it was like I knew things would be better and you are always here and I know we will meet again and carry on were we left of and that feels so amazing it fills my heart with all these great feelings. It is these feelings that have aloud me to do so very well these past few weeks I am like a completely different man and I love it you gave me so much hope and happiness through out life and still not to this day you carry on giving me this and i will never be able to show how much i appreciate this until we meet again. I love you with all me heart and will do for ever you are my world my hero and my guardian angel rest well and when the day comes that I get the honour to speak and give you a big cuddle again we can have a rum and black together. See you in my dreams xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 12th February 2014
Hi grandad its me again im sorry I havent visited you on here for a while. Ive just seen your little memorial thing in the yourkshire evening post it was really sweet but I was just a little bit upset the rest of the family was not mentioned in this but I know you dont need are names in a news paper to know we all love you dearly with all are hearts. Well I got a picture of dad the other day I was so happy its just how I remember you makes me smile when I look at it :0). Eventually im going to get it coppied onto a canves for the rest of the family mine is going to go on the wall infront of my bed so you will be the first thing I see on a morning when I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to sleep just to make my day go a little bit better. Well grandad ill be sure to check in for another chat soon take it easy I love you with all my heart ♡ xxxxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 2nd February 2014
Hi grandad sorry I haven't spoken in a few days. Well its been just over a week since you left us to go home I hope you have settled in ok now grandad. I think ive come to terms with it a little bit now I know your in a better place were you will never have to suffer or feel scared and this makes me happy altho I still find it very difficult. I know your with me and us all I can feel you with me every were I go its a really nice comforting warm feeling I get just like the feeling I got when I use to vesit you here. I started my driving lessons a few days ago really enjoyed it I think I wont be half bad at this driving stuff :) me and my partner are going to stop smoking very soon I know this will make you feel better and proud. Ive started weight training again going to try get in shape and sort out my life. Im going to get of now and get some sleep ill write to you tonight good night god bless you sleep well with the angles I love you so much grandad xxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 29th January 2014
good evening grandad Hope you ok and having a nice day. I start my driving lessons tomorrow i'm very nervous but can't wait. I have a new woman in my life she is polish her name is jagoda she is really amazing it's a shame you didn't get to meet her you would of liked her. I don't know if any one let you know but i started a job just under 2 years ago witch i believe im actually quite good at and doing well. I will write later grandad enjoy your evening love you so much xxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 28th January 2014
hiya grandad it's me again i just wanted to tell you how sorry i am for not coming to visit you when you better in your new home i really thought you didn't wan't to see me but now i know that wasn't true and it's killing me inside I have so many unanswered questions but it's ok i know we will meet again one day and i really can not wait. I hope your new home up in the sky is a great and wonderful place were you can relax and have a very good time.with the rest of the family. I think about you more and more as every single day goes by but that's just because of the amazing man you was and still are today. Dad has been taking the news that you went home quite bad but don't worry he's a good strong man he will be ok we will all stick together and get through this. well i will check in on you everyday grandad have a lovely day and i love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Becki Adams on 27th January 2014
Hi grandad cant stop thinking about u walking about like a zombie,got few complaints at work today for looking so miserable maybe i am been selfish coz ur finally where u want to be and finally happy with the people you love suppose its only fair that you see them too as we've had all this time with you they finally couldn't bare not seeing you thankyou for letting us spend all this time with you i will never ever forget you ever please don't forget me and please no how much i loved you god bless grandad give nana,uncle john n rest of family i never had pleasure of meeting a kiss from me love you xxxxxxxx
Posted by Jamie Adams on 27th January 2014
HI Granddad I hope your having a good time up their in heaven. We all miss you so much down here but we know your in a better place were their is no suffering and you don't have to feel scared no more. say hi to the rest of the family for me up their and make sure you come see when ever you can. I love you so much and i hope you understand how proud i am to have a amazing man like you in my life. R.I.P granddad gone but never forgotten <3 xxx

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