This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Hebert. John was born on March 3, 1961 and passed away on January 3, 2021. May his memory live on forever in our hearts. 

Despite his courageous battle with cancer, John passed away peacefully in his home on Sunday January 3rd, with his family by his side. 

There is great sadness we all feel from losing such a great Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Friend and Coach, but we have peace knowing that he is no longer in any pain or suffering. John was an avid hockey player and coach with a love for hockey almost as deep as his first love; his high school sweetheart, Sandy. John was a fun, charismatic and caring man who always had a smile on his face. Although John will be deeply missed by his family, we know he is in a better place in heaven, likely lacing up his skates; with his leafs jersey on, getting ready for a game of hockey.

As per John's wishes, a Celebration of Life will be held to remember him and share stories once its safe to do so. In the interim please feel free to share any memories and photos in the Stories Tab to help us honour him.

Memorial contributions can be made in his honour to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Posted by David bhumgara on January 6, 2021
My deepest condolences to Sandy, Nicole and Daniel. 

Please know your husband and father was loved by so many people. 

I will always cherish the memories of us playing hockey and joking around before and after games...
Posted by Gerry Iuliano on January 6, 2021
My sincere condolences to all who's life John touched especially you Sandy, Nicole and Daniel. There is really nothing that I can say that will help the pain that you are all feeling right now other than than to let you know that I will never forget John's laugh, grabbing a beer in the dressing room after games, his competitiveness and his inspirational effort to beating this terrible disease he was fighting. It will stay with me forever!  I will truly miss John. There are not enough people like him in this world! My deepest love to you all and may John rest in peace!
Posted by ANDREW SMYTH on January 6, 2021
Such sad sad news. I didn't know John well but our paths met with the both of us on the Board for the Toronto Leaside Wildcats. A great guy, a wealth of hockey knowledge and always sort me out for a chat in person or on Facebook. We have lost a great guy and I knew how much he cherished and loved his family.
My sincerest condolences to Sandy, Nicole and Daniel.
Posted by Tim Cork on January 6, 2021
John was such a wonderful person to be around. I loved playing hockey with him, more than against him! He was an amazing skater and had great hands. Most of all he was a true gentlemen. We will miss you buddy. We will miss your smile in the dressing room on Tuesday mornings. We will feel your presence every time we lace up our skates and head out on the ice.

My deepest condolences to Sandy, Nicole and Daniel.
Posted by Alan Todd on January 6, 2021
I first met John playing hockey together - East York in the MTHL. We became close friends from there. He was a fantastic hockey player and he gave it all every shift. He was also a great friend to many, always laughing and smiling.

His passing will leave a hole in so many people's lives. My deepest condolences to Sandy, Nicole and Daniel.

The number six has been lifted to the rafters in heaven. Play on my friend.
Posted by Tony Gerace on January 6, 2021
Great guy, friend and I really can't put into words how much he will be missed.
He could skate like the wind and played hockey like every game was game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.
John was cared for by many.
We shared a lot of good times over 40 years.
My deepest condolences to you Sandy, Nicole and Daniel.
Posted by gary brind on January 6, 2021
I am SO sorry to hear of this news. When John worked for us at Ole Wolff he was such a nice person to work with and he sure battled hard in the last few years. I know he thought so much of his family and talked about his wife and children a lot as he really adored you all!!! On behalf of the company we send his family and friends our condolences during this very difficult time. Take Care!
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Posted by Donna Gilchrist on January 19, 2021
Sandy, My sincerest sympathies to you and your family. Take care, Donna.
Posted by Michael Kudryk on January 17, 2021
To Sandy, Nicole, Daniel and the entire Hebert family, my most sincere and heartfelt condolences. It’s pretty obvious by all these posts how many lives John has touched and the love and affection for him. I to share those sentiments. He had an engaging personality and a wonderful sense of humour, he was generous and kind and made everyone around him feel welcome, a true friend to all! He was a fierce competitor with great will and determination, the type of person you’d want to have on your team or in your corner. He was a guy everyone respected and was an inspiration to us all! I am fortunate to have known him for so many years and have him as my friend! John will be sadly missed but the great memories we all have will live on!

“Rock ’em, Sock ’em, old time hockey! Lets go boys!” - John

Rest in peace buddy!
Posted by John Wilkinson on January 17, 2021
I extend sincere and deep condolences from our entire family - John, Jane, Katie and Connor. Our family benefitted greatly from John's kindness, support, selfless commitment to others, patience, and hockey acumen. I witnessed John coach hockey at a challenging and high level - and he consistently put the players first. Katie benefitted greatly from these years. The best part of that was that he coached alongside Nicole which showed for me that the example of community spirit, the willingness to give back, and a profound love of sport flows from one generation to the next. My warmest memories of John, Sandy, Nicole and Daniel are sharing time with them during the Sweden - Finland extravaganza. These are wonderful memories - made possible by John's leadership, coaching skill, and the warmth of family and friends. Although we have not seen each other recently, please know that we cherish our memories of John and we are proud to have known him.
his Life

John Hebert

Early Life:
John grew up in Toronto, ON, with family ties in Shediac NB. 
He attended Monarch CI, where he met his high school sweetheart and wife Sandy. John and Sandy have stayed together since high school for over 40 years, making a wonderful life together.  

John worked in the Electronics Industry in Sales for majority of his career. He loved all of his jobs and numerous companies he worked for. We always said he was a born sales guy as he was so outgoing and could talk to anyone, making friends everywhere he went. John always said he was grateful for all his jobs, people he met and travelling opportunities.  

As many of you know, for John, hockey was life. There was nothing John loved more (well maybe his family but its a close call). John grew up playing hockey and continued throughout his adult life. He even managed to play while battling stage 4 cancer. Managing to still be better than most of the guys on the ice. He has told us, numerous times if it weren't for hockey he would not have met so many great people. Most of whom he remained very close friends with till the end.

Tuesday Night hockey at McCormick was something John looked forward to every week. John started playing with this group of guys over 40 years ago and always enjoyed the conversations over drinks after the game at the Rhino. As they grew older both Daniel and Nicole were able to join him in this Tuesday night league, and having both his kids playing right along side of him was a highlight for John. 

Tuesday mornings at St.Mikes. John played with these guys for over 10 years. He would always say he hated waking up that early, especially in the winter, but was always so glad when he did. 

Thursday Night hockey in Richmond Hill. John often reminisced about the great chemistry on and off the ice and often would hang-out in the dressing room chatting until the wee hours. 

Friday Afternoons at East York. John always said it was the best way to start the weekend, playing two hours and then ending up at the Dora Keogh pub afterwards for drinks and great conversation. 

Hobbies/ Interests
John was always the life of the party, always wanting everyone to have a great time. He had a great love of music as he prided in having almost 6000 songs on his Itunes. His family agrees though that Metallica and the Tragically Hip were definitely his favourite go-to's.  

He had a love for motorcycles (albeit to Sandy's dismay) since he was young. John enjoyed his annual Friday the 13th rides to Port Dover to partake in everything motorcycle related. He made friends everywhere he went and John really cherished his latter afternoons spent fixing up and restoring his Honda.

John loved adventure, and always looked forward to the annual Hebert camping trip with Sandy, Daniel and Nicole. Whether it be cliff jumping in Elora Gorge with Daniel, Hiking or playing cards together as a family on a rainy camping day John enjoyed every minute. Especially since he never lost a game of rummy. 

He loved spending time with his family, and always made sure to never miss any of Daniel and Nicole's hockey practices or soccer games. John was a dedicated father and coach, and devoted countless hours volunteering his time with many organizations over the years, including partaking in the board of directors for Leaside hockey. He enjoyed throwing BBQs in the backyard, gathering family and friends for good food, a few drinks, and a game of darts.

John will be remembered as a loving, kind, out-going, funny husband, father, son, brother and friend. Even while battling cancer, recovering from the numerous surgeries and on-going chemo and radiation treatments, John never complained and often was smiling and joking around with anyone around him. Often times, its hard to fathom why such an amazing person is taken so soon. The only solace I can take peace in, is that he lived more than most people do in his short years on this earth. My dad did not believe in God, but he did believe in the Hockey Gods and I know he is already playing hockey where ever he is. 

John leaves behind his loving wife Sandy, children Nicole and Daniel, mother Ella, brother Bob and many close family and friends. 
Recent stories

Another Hebert Story5

Shared by Victor Hebert on January 11, 2021
Just By Chance 
I ran across Mr Hockey in this website. He sounded so much like my father so I thought I would share a bit of his history since as you can see my dad and I iproudly carry the Hebert name that my grandfather brought to Detroit from Belle River so many years ago.
My dad loved sports, he started all 4 of us siblings with speedskating so we toured Michigan every winter to attend the many winter carnivals in the small towns "upNorth" When I got to the age where it was obvious that I was not going to the Olympics, my dad was eager to keep me and my brother on skates so he organized a hockey team in the newly organized league for teen age boys> The league played all its first season games at Olympia Stadium. We had the first and only black hockey player on our team.
Later, after college we had a team in an industrial league that played at Gordie Howe's rink in the suburbs. My dad play on the team and got into the most fights as players from other teams would tease him and call him "Old Man".
I'm sure John and my dad will enjoy exchanging stories up yonder. And if any of hid decendents ever get to the bay area of CA, give me a shout and it will be my treat to take you to a Sharks game (when Covid is over)

Mr Hockey

Shared by Victor Lim on January 8, 2021
My deepest condolences to Sandy, Nicole and Daniel and to the Hebert family.
In the 30+ years I've known Johnny, I'll always remember the moments we shared playing
in the beer league with the Nighthawks winter through summer, to tourney's in such places as Ponte Claire, Trenton, Ottawa & Montreal and of course Tuesday nights at McCormick in beautiful Parkdale. To golfing down in Hilton Head where all he'd use is his trusty 6 iron,
quite efficiently to my surprise.
But nothing was more evident to me was his love for his family and his passion for the game of hockey. He played with such tenacity that on most nights he'd be come out of the scrum bleeding from the bridge of his nose. Never back down from anything or anyone, no matter how BIG. Traits passed down to Nicole and Daniel as witnessed. These are some of the memories I'll treasure about John.
Rest in Peace Captain, Coach, Commissioner and dear Friend.


Shared by Lou Ceccato on January 7, 2021
I met John Hebert in 1992 at Tuesday Night Hockey at McCormicks Arena. A tradition that started back in 1982 and continued till COVID-19 interrupted our lives last March. Tragically now I feel that the heart of Tuesday Night Hockey has been taken from us with the news of Johnny’s passing.

Yes that’s right. To all of us his name is Johnny. Never John during hockey. Just like I am Louie. It’s our hockey names. Over the years as he walked in the dressing room I would great him with a “JOHNNAY!!!”

It was obvious right off the bat from the warm up the he was a smooth and natural skater. During the game I also learned how great a hockey player he was as well. Over the years I had been a recipient of many of his hooks over the years. Johnny loved to score and always played forward. I usually played defence. We would battle each other like two competitors do playing for the Stanley Cup. That elusive Imaginary Cup that all used-to-be’s or never-was’s play for when playing shinny.  His dressing room banter, stories about work and family, were always fun to listen to. He was a natural leader in the room as well. A welcome addition to TNH is Nicole and Daniel. The apple does not fall for from the tree. All of the Hebert grit were factory installed to both of his two beautiful children who are both what we like to call the “Regulars”.

The Tuesday night tradition of after hockey beers was just as important to Johnny as much as playing the game. Johnny and I both took turns needling anybody who didn’t come. This is where I really got to know John Hebert the man. A deeply honourable and honest man. A caring and loving husband and father. A real friend who always gave it to you straight. Without the BS but without being insulting. A rare gift.

A few years ago we were all shocked to learn about his cancer. I’ll never forget him telling us in the dressing room as we were lacing up. We were teasing him about having a routine colonoscopy when his face was blank. He was trying to smile as he told us the news. I swallowed hard, held back the tears. I followed his lead and went out for the skate. He battled cancer as as hard as he played and lived his life. He bounced back so many times I thought he was Superman. In the end what I’ve come to realize is that John Hebert was a SuperHuman.
Johnny I will miss you but I will never forget you. You were a good friend and confident over the years. remember, if I get the puck behind the net, start skating up and curl into the centre so I can feed you the puck.
Your friend with love, Lou Ceccato
RIP Johnny
My deepest condolences to Sandy, Nicole, Daniel xo ❤️