Let the memory of John be with us forever
  • 66 years old
  • Born on November 12, 1951 in Connecticut, United States.
  • Passed away on April 20, 2018 in Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of my father, John Anderson. We will remember him forever.

Dad wanted all of his friends and family to celebrate his life when he was gone - share stories together and remember him when he was healthy and happy.  

FLORIDA SERVICES:  Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 5-9pm Location:  Pinchers N Ft Myers 2360 1st St SW Fort Myers, FL 33901 Contact Alan Fontaine with questions @ 386.315.4597

CONNECTICUT SERVICES:  Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 from 6-10pm. Location: Bristol Polish American Hall / 541 North Main Street. Bristol, CT 06010

For those who will not be able to attend, please leave a message below.  


OBITUARY:  John George Anderson Jr., 66, of Fort Myers, FL passed away on April 20, 2018 at 7:47AM with his children at his side. He was born on November 12, 1951 in Waterbury, CT to John George Anderson Sr. and Mary (Kiriako) Anderson. John was a successful Entrepreneur with the most current business being the Owner of an Aggregate Mine. His life’s passion was on the race track; John began racing in the Northeast as soon as his feet could touch the pedal at the age of 16. Once he had conquered the drag racing circuit, he found his greatest achievement and happiness behind the wheel of SK Modified race cars for the next 20 years. He was an avid NASCAR Racing enthusiast and also enjoyed golf, and billiards. He is survived by his children, Jennifer Anderson-Humphrey; Jaime Anderson; Shawna Anderson, and Alan Fontaine; his sister, Mary “May” Rotondo; his 2 brothers, William Anderson Sr. and David Anderson; his 2 grandchildren, Jace and Jade Humphrey; and his faithful dog, Oreo. John was preceded in death by his father, John George Anderson Sr. Arrangements are in the care and trust of Cremations by Baldwin Brothers.

Most people know John as “JA”. He traveled every inch of the country in his 18 wheelers (under radar, of course). =)

He loved playing in the huge sand boxes with his monster machines - a dirt dog to the end!

John’s personality was larger than life - his quick wit and quick fist kept everyone on their toes. Those who was fortunate enough to ride in the passenger seat with JA had the ride of their lives. “Hang on with both hands - it’s checkers or wreckers when you are riding with me!”

JA lived life in the only lane he knew, ‘The Fast Lane’, and he took everyone along for the ride.

Generous to a fault, he wanted to share his wealth and experiences with every life he could touch, and he did. There are a thousand stories and a thousand laughs in his memory - he wanted us all to remember him this way when we celebrate his life.

Loved by many, cherished by all.

His life IS his legacy, and his memory will go on forever.

Posted by John Sestilli on 1st May 2018
To Sparky, many fond memories of Friday nights at Stafford. And Saturday nights at the park Many happy memories of us trucking together. You will be sadly missed. Johnnydumptruck!
Posted by Pete Beal on 25th April 2018
..Look up the word one of a kind and you will find the name John Anderson Jr. ....If you wanted to have more fun than a person could stand you needed to be with John Anderson Jr ...Even if you were only around J.A. one time you would remember that moment for the rest of your life ...That was because John was bigger than life ...That rare one in million type person that could just make you feel like hey that guy lives life wide open and has so much fun doing it the way life should be i want to be like that guy too....I was a race car owner and raced against J.A. for a couple decades ...In the SK days John was the guy to beat he was at his very best and you needed to be more than your best to beat him ...After years of battling him a crazy thing happened and he ended up driving my car one day.....Boy did that peg the fun meter ...I am grateful that i had many years knowing J.A. ...I will never forget him till we can meet again ...P.S. love the photo in the helicopter reminds me of a 1987 thompson speedway banquet were someone showed up there in one ...i will give you one guess who !!!!!!
Posted by Ignacio Villarreal on 23rd April 2018
Old man I will miss you but I will never forget about you thank you for all your help all the advice you have done for me I love you man I will miss you rest in peace Nacho
Posted by Abby Randazzo on 20th April 2018
I believe the real testament of a life well lived is by those that we leave behind who will remember us. I knew you through your daughter and I can say she will live and breathe your memory every day. Rest In Peace that your memory lives on through her and many others!
Posted by Arlene Santamaria on 20th April 2018
Posted by Regis Beaudoin on 20th April 2018
Hey Moe.... That's what he called me when I saw him. To me John was bigger than life it's self, always a laugh an smile. I had the honor to have him drive for me and me work for him in FLA. I have to say the best times of my life. John was always flat out no matter what we were doing,work,having a drink or riding our stump pullers (motorcycles). Thank you so much Old Man for being a part of my life and me a part of yours. '' That's The Deal" To the next time we meet, I Love you Bud !!!!!!!!
Posted by Bones Bourcier on 20th April 2018
Man, SO many memories ... But there was one road trip to a NASCAR race at Watkins Glen, NY, that comes to mind. On the ride back to Connecticut on Sunday, John was running his usual 100 miles per hour on what is now called I-86, west of Binghamton. As we came over a hill, there was a New York State Trooper driving in the other direction. The trooper obviously noticed how fast we were going, because he jammed on his brakes so hard that he damn near stood that patrol car on its nose. Knowing that the trooper was going to change direction and chase us, John kept the throttle down until we got up and over the NEXT hill, and then he pulled over to the shoulder and stopped. About 15 seconds later, that trooper came flying over the hill, and as he realized he was passing us at about 120 MPH, he locked up the brakes and laid down rubber streaks that looked about 100 yards long. When he finally finished backing up to where we were parked, he walked back to John's window, visibly angry. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" the trooper bellowed. To which John replied, with a grin, "Just sitting here, waiting for you." John was just the best. Adios, mi amigo. -- Bones
Posted by Malinda Rotondo on 20th April 2018
When I think of my uncle, I remember that huge smile and his laugh. He loved life, he loved his family and man did he love racing. Everyone has so many crazy stories and I laugh bc the crazier they are the more true they are! I am blessed to have been a part of his life. You will be missed, rest in peace Uncle J
Posted by Cheryl Screen on 20th April 2018
You will be missed by every life you have touched. Until we meet again fly with angels....
Posted by Jaime Anderson on 20th April 2018
Daddy Darlin, you are my north, my south, my east, my west. My working week and Sunday rest. This world will never be the same without you but I am so thankful to know you are at peace. I promise to follow your lead and be the person you taught me to be: free and without fear! It’s you & me forever - in this life and the next! Je suis pret!!! Love always, Jaime Baby
Posted by Mark Scott on 20th April 2018
Mark Scott 26 mins · ... Rare are the people you meet in life who are the kind of people who make life exciting just by being around them. John was such a person. I can't think of anyone I ever knew who lived their life completely on their own terms, John was the exception. From the first day I met him in 1973 and for the next seven years, my life revolved around John and Modified Stock Car Racing. I was lucky enough to be part of the Pit Crew for John and the number 11, Modified Race Car. We raced at Tracks all over New England and were regulars at Stafford Springs Motor Speedway and Riverside Park. To me, John was the best Modified Driver, I ever saw...he was fearless on the Track and no one could get more out of a Racecar than John. We were just a group of friends and family who believed in John and were willing to follow him anywhere and do anything to get the #11 to the track week after week, year after year. I treasure the memories of the time spent working on the # 11 with John during the week, getting it ready for the weekends at Stafford and Riverside. We lived and breathed Modified Racing, it was our whole World and John was our leader. I hope his Family knows how much he was loved and admired by his friends and how much we will treasure always the memories of our times together. He was a true friend and in my eyes he was a Hero, a man I looked up to and admired. I never felt more completely alive than when I was with John, everyday was an adventure, everyday something exciting happened. I miss those days and I will miss John...goodbye my friend.
Posted by Sarah Wolf on 20th April 2018
I only had the opportunity to meet you once, but I’ve been blessed to have the amazing daughter you raised as one of my nearest and dearest for the last decade. She speaks of you like most men wish their daughters would, with pride, respect and love. Your presence on this Earth will be dearly missed by all that knew you, but most intensely by her. Sending love to all of John’s family and friends and especially you Jaime. We love you! Sarah & Greg
Posted by Melanie Yardley on 20th April 2018
I have many fond memories of Uncle John, mostly from the 80s and early 90s. Trips to Stafford and Riverside to see him race were always fun. As a kid, he would always amaze me. If we did a push up, he would do clapping push ups. If we went roller skating, he would skate backwards past my wobbling body. If we played pool, he’d do it one handed and sink the shot. He seemed fearless and unfailing to my young eyes. What a great example of sowing ‘you can do anything’ seeds into a child’s heart. “The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation,” -Corrie Ten Boom
Posted by Julie Madrigal on 20th April 2018
Fly high, John. Sorry I never had the chance to meet you, but I am lucky enough to have your daughter as a dear friend. Thank you for raising such an awesome badass.

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