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  • 65 years old
  • Born on August 23, 1946 in Sioux City, Iowa, United States.
  • Passed away on February 20, 2012 in Dublin, Ohio, United States.

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John “Jack” Allen Copeland, Jr., 65, of Dublin, passed away February 20, 2012 at Riverside Methodist Hospital after a brief yet courageous fight against cancer.

He was born in Sioux City, IA on August 23, 1946 to parents Lois Anne (Hansen) and John Allen Copeland, Sr., both US Army veterans, Lieutenant  and Captain, respectively, who served in Europe during WWII.  Jack graduated from Hinsdale Central High School in 1964 and Northern Illinois University in 1968.

He had successful business careers in the food processing industry in both the Chicago and Columbus areas, retiring in 1998 as the VP and General Manager of Stephan Machinery Corp.  As an engineer-at-heart and true entrepreneur, he formed several companies over the past decade.  He was the most proud of his latest business, PorscheMesh.  Jack was very creative and insightful with developing new after-market parts for Porsches and loved racing his own Porsche Cayman S in driver events at Mid-Ohio racetrack, although he did most of his racing at stoplights against easy targets. 

Since childhood, one of his favorite hobbies was designing and building radio controlled planes, cars and boats, one of which won an international award for its design and speed.  He was a talented musician, self-taught 5 string banjo player and enjoyed performing in bluegrass jams throughout Central Ohio.  He was an avid golfer, experienced fisherman and an aficionado of WWII history.  Known for his charming disposition, Jack was well-loved by many friends and family. For many years, he participated with his daughters in Indian Princesses and was the Cubmaster of his son’s Boy Scout pack.

He greatly enjoyed spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren. He was nicknamed “Bean-pa” by his young granddaughter and since then all of his grandchildren called him “Bean-pa.”  There are many grandpas in the world, but there is only one “Bean-pa.”  As well as being a founding member of Wedgewood Golf and Country Club, Jack was a member of Northwest United Methodist Church and Mensa International. 

He is survived by his best friend and loving wife of 26 years, Rhonda (Houston) Copeland; his children Julie (John) Kelly of Orland Park, IL, Kelley (Phil) Lilly of Powell, and Jason Copeland of Lisle, IL; grandchildren Victoria and Josie Kelly, Megan, Elizabeth and Rebecca Lilly, and John “Jack” Copeland; parents, Lois and John Copeland of Ft. Myers, FL (formerly of Hinsdale, IL);  brothers Wade (Bonnie) Copeland of Atlanta, GA and Victor (Mary Beth) Copeland of Willowbrook, IL; and many nieces and nephews.  The family will receive friends on Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 1-3 p.m. at Rutherford Funeral Home, 450 West Olentangy Street in Powell, with a memorial service immediately following.  In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) at, or to your favorite charity.

Posted by Jim Sibert on 20th February 2018
Still missing you big John. We had so many laughs. Am playing golf today and thinking of all the fun we had winning the Old Pal much to Bruce's chagrin. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Gary Barton on 20th February 2017
Still thinking of you Big Bubba. Tonight we laughed and talked about the time you came to Zac's 5th birthday party and brought a picture of yourself with your pet dinosaur to prove that you've been around for a loooong time. :)
Posted by Jim Sibert on 23rd August 2016
Missing you Big John. Remembering all the humor and laughter. Happy birthday up there.
Posted by Gary Barton on 20th February 2016
Thinking of you John as we depart on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer. Cheers Big Bubba!
Posted by Stephen Reynolds on 20th February 2016
God Bless from Steve who used to work at the "Weenie Works" as you kiddingly referred McDonald's as being!
Posted by Jim Sibert on 20th February 2016
Still hard to believe you are gone Big John. Still missing you.
Posted by Gary Barton on 23rd August 2015
Hey John, I attended a car show today, saw a customized Jeep and thought about you. Actually, still think about you often. Makes me smile. Gary
Posted by Dee Dee Barton on 22nd February 2015
John, I still think about you often and your name comes up often in stories told. You remain a benchmark in so many ways. Always your friend, Gary
Posted by Jason Copeland on 20th February 2015
I cannot believe it has been 3 years. Love you, Dad.
Posted by Jim Sibert on 20th February 2015
Still missing you John. Golf season is not the same without you.
Posted by Bob Niehaus on 21st February 2014
There were several times when I recall John regaling us with his banjo playing. John was never shy about using an opportunity to show off his amazing banjo skills. Known as "Banjo Boy" to several of us, I was lucky enough to have a private (or nearly private) concert with John several times. The first time was when my wife Joan and I visited Rhonda and John with our 2 year old son, Bobby. It was summer, and Bobby was wearing these little kid sun glasses. During the visit, John broke out the banjo and started playing. Bobby joined in, wearing his sun glasses and pretending to play an imaginary guitar. They formed a great "Banjo Boy/Blind Mellon Chitilin'" duet. We laughed until we cried. We all miss you greatly John. Hope you're still playing in heaven.
Posted by Gary Barton on 20th February 2014
Hey Big Bubba, Yeah it's me, little bubba. :-) All is good and the Bartons think about you often. Been racing Porsches past couple years. You'd love it. Imagine you in my crew and cheering me on. Miss ya BB, LB
Posted by Jim Sibert on 20th February 2014
Missing you Big John. I need a laugh.
Posted by Jason Copeland on 25th December 2013
Merry Christmas, Dad! We are wondering what gift you would have purchased "for" Rhonda that maybe, just maybe, she would end up giving to you! We love you!
Posted by Kelley Lilly on 23rd August 2013
Happy 67th birthday, Dad. I can't believe you've been gone a year and a half. I miss you and think about you every day. About a week ago while I was driving, "Dueling Banjos" came on the XM7 channel. I called Rhonda and we laughed so hard...thinking about "Dueling Kitties," of which I will not go into detail. Happy Birthday, Daddy! I love you!
Posted by Jason Copeland on 23rd August 2013
Happy Birthday, Dad! We're raising a glass to you at 7:00 tonight. We love you and miss you.
Posted by Jason Copeland on 16th June 2013
Happy Father's Day, Dad. We miss you!
Posted by Mary Erickson on 20th February 2013
We certainly had great times at Belam. I still find myself giggling at your sense of humor, John. Hoping you and John Erickson have hooked up and are playing some golf!!
Posted by Bob Niehaus on 20th February 2013
John, You were larger than life when you were still with us. Now that you're gone, your legend seems to grow even larger as we all look back and think about how much you achieved in your life, and how many lives you touched.
Posted by Kate Shem on 20th February 2013
Uncle Jack - We miss you and are thinking about you today. I'm going to have to have a banana split in your honor - just like we shared when I was 10 years old. Kate, Ray, Maddie and Will
Posted by Jason Copeland on 20th February 2013
HI Dad- I can't believe it has been a year. We miss you very much. We will be drinking a scotch tonight in your honor. Love you! Jason
Posted by Jason Copeland on 26th December 2012
Merry Christmas, Dad! You were definitely in our thoughts and hearts. We love you!
Posted by Jason Copeland on 23rd August 2012
Happy Birthday, Dad! I will enjoy a combo form Portillo's tonight with Jack! I love you and miss you.
Posted by Kelley Lilly on 23rd August 2012
Happy Birthday, Daddy. I think about you every day and miss you very much. Love, Sissy
Posted by Jason Copeland on 17th June 2012
Happy Father's Day, Dad. We miss you and love you. I'll be sure to raise a glass of cheap scotch in a dirty glass tonight.
Posted by Todd F on 8th April 2012
John still probably working on new designs for Caymans! What an amazing mind and kind person! You did good, John.
Posted by Ian Schenkel on 24th March 2012
What an amazing guy. A gentleman in every sense of the word. You are the last of a dying breed John. Thanks for everything. I've used your wisdom often and will continue to rely on it. I'll miss you and all of the great times we shared.
Posted by Jason Copeland on 1st March 2012
Many Porsche folks visit the website below. There is a thread about Dad that is very nice and shows how many folks he touched with his business and passion in a short period of time.
Posted by Diane (Reynolds) Johnson on 27th February 2012
We had many great times as Naperville neighbors (1981-84)! If we weren't at your house on a Friday night, you'd ask where we were! Remember Peter, Paul and Mary... Leaving on a Jet Plane...over and over again!? We loved your children as if they were our own! Thanks for enriching our lives. May you rest in peace knowing the happiness you brought so many others. ~~~~ .
Posted by Inger-Lise Lohan on 27th February 2012
Our thoughts goes out to the wife & children/grand children of John Jr AND his parents Lois & John Sr. We've learned about the Copeland family activities via Lois & John, both when visiting in Florida in 2000 and through correspondance, mail & internet. Loosing a dear familly member is never easy - loosing a child is the worts, no matter the age. We think of you. Love Inger-Lise & family
Posted by Loye Copeland on 26th February 2012
When Jack was just a few months old in 1946, Katie and I baby sat for him while John and Lois went to a movie, or something. We are probably the only living relatives, other than their parents, who knew Jack when he was an infant. We saw him grow up, mature and become a great father, grandfather and otherwise a successful, interesting and man full of life. Along with you, we will miss him
Posted by Stephen Reynolds on 26th February 2012
John.... May you RIP and thanks for the good memories of being Naperville, IL, neighbor/friends in the early 1980's and for the "Preppy Handbook" and Preppy apron..... You will be missed!
Posted by Peter Reeg on 26th February 2012
I will never forget the countless evenings we spend in hotels working together for Stephan all over the U.S. Our discussions, drinking sessions and all the fun we had. The hospitallity you and your wife showed me, and the excellent steaks you loved so much to prepare. Fair well John there is always a place in my memories for you.
Posted by Dick Myers on 25th February 2012
Oh - the memories.Great neighbor, my wonderful handyman, crazy car driver, funny golfer,strong drink maker. Which brings me to one memory. At his dinner parties, he asked "want one for the road". Sure but make it weak. He thought that was code for make it "a stiff one". For years, I hated that "one for the road drink" until we talked. He is up there still laughing, Bye old friend.
Posted by John Galvin on 24th February 2012
You never know how much time you have with someone in your life and I must admit the 9 months I was fortunate to have had John in my life have changed me forever. We met at a Porsche show over the summer and we got to spend his last big Porsche ride together to Atlanta Motor Speedway this past November. What an amazingly passionate, creative and fun-loving guy. I will miss you Big Bubba!!!
Posted by Desiree Mettille on 24th February 2012
John was my friend and Mentor whom I worked for at Stephan. John would guide me through the high's and low's of the sales game. He'd tell me "it's a Roller-Coaster kiddo! Enjoy the Peck's and and push through the Valley's." The many fun-filled colleague dinner's at my home, always incharge of the bar-b-que. Doing flip-flops in the livingroom fir my daughter. I'll miss you Coach!
Posted by Amy Ayers on 24th February 2012
John and his wife Rhonda were like a part of our family here. We respect him for all that he has accomplished in his lifetime. John will always be cherished in our hearts, he made us all laugh and smile. His courage was contagious. Rhonda has been so strong and we would like to reach out our hands and hearts to her in this time of need. God Bless, Ford Family Dental
Posted by Jon Myers on 23rd February 2012
One of my favorite memories with John is when Rhonda pulled in and my brand new Porsche's front end was splattered all over the driveway to install mesh. I had a paniced look on my face and Rhonda said don't worry. John knows what he is doing. And sure enough, we (hand me the tools) actually got it put back together. Big Bubba, we will miss you!
Posted by Jon Myers on 23rd February 2012
We first met John and Rhonda at the new member Porsche Club dinner in early 2007. They sat us together with the other new members, the Bartons. Kicking the tires about our new cars, John said we need grill mesh to protectect the radiators in the front end of our cars. He took the concept and created a business. A great friend and mentor to our son. Next post, Fun in the driveway
Posted by Robert Mativi on 23rd February 2012
I fyou've never had John's smoked barbecue ribs you don't know what you've missed! The first time he ever cooked them for us he then surprised us by whipping out his banjo and playing a few tunes. Whatta guy. John, MiYoung and I will miss you dearly.
Posted by Jason Copeland on 23rd February 2012
Dad's creativity and engineering ability led to the start of his own business. Check out his creations! Very impressive, Dad.
Posted by Clark Purdy on 23rd February 2012
Bette and I have known John for approx 15 years and have been close neighbors and close friends. John has amazed us with his humor, intensity to any and all of his undertakings. His dedication to his neighbors resulted in being the chef at Quarry picnics, arranging for all the Quarry needs thru his dedication as treasurer. Who else could shoot carpenter bees and accidently smash Rhondas Cr
Posted by Denny Vincent on 23rd February 2012
I worked for and WITH John at Stephan for several years, and he was a wonderful person to work with. He taught me a lot. John & I shared our love of golf & cars. Denny & Diane
Posted by Machelle Walton on 23rd February 2012
I always remember cheap scotch and a dirty glass. I have been listening to "hello Darlin----" in my head all week. Can't believe how much I am remembering his voice. John you will be missed
Posted by Julie Kelly on 22nd February 2012
I really miss you Beanpa. I will keep working on my banjo skills for you! I love you alot. -Love Victoria :)
Posted by Julie Kelly on 22nd February 2012
Dear Beanpa - we miss you sooooooo much love josie
Posted by Jason Copeland on 22nd February 2012
I miss you dad. We're planning one hell of a party for you. I know you'll be there with us. Cheap brown liquor and a dirty glass! Love you.

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