John & Sharon (c1995)
John David Frazzini
  • 69 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 16, 1945
  • Place of birth:
    Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Date of passing: Apr 18, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Ellensburg, Washington, United States
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there." ― Rumi

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Frazzini, 69, born on March 16, 1945 and passed away on April 18, 2014.

John passed unexpectedly and quickly. Our family is discussing plans for a celebration of life next spring. In the meantime, we would love it if those who knew him would please share your memories here.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jeana Frazzini on 16th March 2017

"It’s after midnight and officially your birthday. You would be 72 today. We had so many good times. You laughed easily and teased incessantly. You were a fierce protector of those you loved. You had a heart that could hold the ocean. Your mischief was contagious. And you also carried a lot of pain. Your disease took you from us long before you died. I hope your burden is lifted and your spirit free. Here are some of the moments I missed you most this year: at my wedding, celebrating Mom’s 70th, when the boys both won their basketball championships (again), when Collin took the stage for the first time as a comedian, our road trip to Denver visiting Donna and your college buddies, taking the boys to Spring Training to see the Cubs and then watching the team go on to win the World Series, when I left my job and was intentionally unemployed for half a year and struggled mightily to find my way, when Griffin turned ten and then Viola turned 16 and Emmett & Jack became teenagers, when we took the kids sledding and ice skating over Christmas Break, when I met Collin’s sister and her family for the first time, and any time I heard Frank Sinatra on the radio. Give Rosie a kiss for me. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Jeana Frazzini on 16th March 2016

"You would have been 71 years young today. We miss you so much!
Your boys won the championship in their basketball tournament last weekend. You would have been so excited. Griffin is such a strong defender and he's intense. Emmett is strategic, focused, and comes through in a pinch. It was his beautifully executed 3-pointer and follow- up basket in the last minute of the game that clinched the win. I can just picture you yelling in the stands and rushing the court at the end to celebrate. We're taking them to see the Cubs at spring training in Arizona next week. I know you would have loved that, too. xoxo"

This tribute was added by Lino Gutierrez on 23rd April 2015

"Just wanted to send smiles to frazzini family. I worked for that awnry sucker in the late 90s... He taught me how to run a business and even took me to seahawks game in the blue prelude... I sure did like that ride. He and Rose and Sharon hold deep places in my heart. Lino"

This tribute was added by Lino Gutierrez on 23rd April 2015

"Just wanted to send smiles to frazzini family. I worked for that awnry sucker in the late 90s... He taught me how to run a business and even took me to seahawks game in the blue prelude... I sure did like that ride. He and Rose and Sharon hold deep places in my heart. Lino"

This tribute was added by Claudia Sikes on 18th April 2015

"My first memory of John wasn't at the pizza place but rather on the soccer field with my daughter. I asked who that was getting so mad, she said mom he threw his keys on the ground! I asked her if that upset her and she said no, better the keys on the ground them me!"

This tribute was added by Kathy Riley on 7th March 2015

"I made pizza for dinner tonight and like many times before I thought of my time working at Frazzini’s in about 1980-1982, where I learned all of my pizza-making skills.  I’m so very sorry to see that John passed away last year.  I hope you have a nice memorial for him.  

He was one of the best bosses I ever had.  Yes, sometimes that involved a little bit of yelling, but you knew where you stood, he was usually right, and you knew there was a big heart underneath it all.  And he really knew how to treat customers and he make the best pizza in town.  I have such great memories of working there, like the crazy Friday and Saturday nights where making pizzas was like some kind of Olympic sport that involved total concentration, agility, and stamina.  What a rush and what a great product we made.

I remember one early December I decided I needed to do some Christmas shopping early so that I could mail presents, but my husband and I were college students with a little boy, we didn’t have much money and we didn’t have the cash to buy presents right then.  I asked John for an advance and I remember that he simply pulled out his wallet and gave me the cash, no questions asked.  It was such a generous and kind thing.  

A couple years ago my folks passed away and in one of my Dad’s drawers I was so happy to find a Frazzini’s Pizza Place t-shirt (with the rainbow) that I had given my Dad when I worked there.  I grabbed the shirt and still have it now.  (The ones I had were worn clear out and long gone.)  I plan to keep this other one a long time.  Thanks for everything, John.  
Kathy Riley"

This tribute was added by Jeana Frazzini on 15th February 2015

"Celebration of Life: John David Frazzini (3/16/1945 – 4/18/2014)

Friends and loved ones of the Frazzini Family are invited to join us to remember and celebrate:

Saturday, March 14th
3pm – 7pm
Brooklyn’s Pizzeria (formerly Frazzini’s Pizza Place)
716 E University Way
Ellensburg, WA

For those traveling for this celebration, a block of rooms will be reserved at Quality Inn (1700 S. Canyon Road, Ellensburg, (509) 925-9800)."

This tribute was added by Jim Toole on 6th August 2014

"I just heard about the loss of Frazz.  John was a huge part of my basketball career at CWU.  It was my game day lunch grinder that John would have ready for delivery everyday.  Each game he was there rooting us on and had passion for us as a team.  He became friends with not only myself but with my mom and dad.  A true icon of Ellensburg and CWU athletics.   Loved that guy.  Toole"

This tribute was added by jane rocha on 14th May 2014

"John's many friends at Northshore Senior Center in Bothell want you to know how much they miss John.  He was a bright light in our lives and kept us laughing.  He was a great addition to the coffee bar and we always looking forward to him being there.  Chuck, Joanne, Austin, Jane, Ted and Joan want to me to let Sharon know we miss him."

This tribute was added by Krista Smith on 1st May 2014

"#2: So many good memories. So many years. My favorite memories of you involve you watching our "baby doll" and how much fun you would have together. She is heartbroken, and remembers all of the good times you had together."

This tribute was added by Rick Sorenson on 1st May 2014

"The Italian Stallion!  John and Sharon were incredible to us Bulldogs and anyone lucky enough to be on the Frazzini Babe Ruth baseball team.  The spirit and support were not surpassed by anyone.  I will never forget the CWU Wildcat games or the thursday (and weekend) night pizza feeds.  Thinking of you Sharon, Dave and Jeana."

This tribute was added by Jeff Crowe on 1st May 2014

"I will always remember when John came into to the Central/Eastern b-ball game dressed as Rocky for the first time...priceless!  Then he topped himself at another Eastern game later dressed as, and carrying, a chicken.  He was sealed forever in our hearts.  But fondest Frazzini memory was the time I stole a kiss from my now wife of 30+ years literally under a table at the Pizza Place after a CWU Theater Arts rehearsal of Fiddler On The Roof.  Let's lift our glasses to John...the memories are many!"

This tribute was added by Ken cadieux on 30th April 2014

"Sad news to hear.  My thoughts and payers go out to John's family.  I remember Friday and some Saturday nights at Frazz's.  One night in particular where John counseled my friend Rod and I over many pitchers after closing.  How was a great man!"

This tribute was added by Karen Perkis on 30th April 2014

"I will always remember John getting up at the luncheon following Jack's funeral to announce that I would always be a member of the Perkis family!  It brought tears to my eyes then and it does now, remembering it!  Love and peace to all of the family.  RIP John!"

This tribute was added by Robin Carlson Petersen on 30th April 2014

"The one thing we will always remember about our  4 years at CWU was John Frazzini...From his amazing energy at our CWU basketball games (especially against Western) To his pizza restaurant by campus, which we frequented often.  Frazzini's pizza was amazing!  We are very sorry for your loss, our prayers go out to the family. Ron & Robin (Carlson) Petersen"

This tribute was added by Martha Smith on 30th April 2014

"So sorry for your loss. He touched the lives of many.
Much love to your family.
Martha (Hunt) Smith"

This tribute was added by Rocky Rothrock on 30th April 2014

"Some of the best memories in high school were made on Thursday nights during football season when the football team gathered at Frazzini's for pizza and fellowship.
It seemed John never forgot a person he met. I had the pleasure running into John a few years back and his smile was the same that day as when I first met him."

This tribute was added by Clint Simmons on 30th April 2014

"So sorry. John was so good and friendly to us poor, broke college kids. An evening out to Frazz's meant putting all our quaters together. But so worth it. John even remembered all our names. RIP good man."

This tribute was added by Will Snowdon on 30th April 2014

"Baseball didn't know what chatter was until Johnny invented it on 2nd base. He had more spirit than the whole team! I know no broader smile than when Fuzz introduced me to Pix. Sharon, you were his life-long angel. I knew no higher pride than when John introduced his new-born son. David, we talked long & emotion filled how John would try to be the caring father for you that  he missed from his dad. Jeana, you possess the beauty & spark of your mom & I hope, the fun-loving spirit of your father. My thoughts of John are always shared with a smile. Bless you all as you pull together as his family. May you recall the good memories  together. I recall the good times as one of his friends of 55 years!"

This tribute was added by Corrine DeRosa on 29th April 2014

"What a loss. I have such fond memories of John. I can't help but remember the Headhunter/Pizza Place Softball team in red, white and blue.  Great times.  All the celebrations at the Pizza Place.  By the way, I still haven't found pizzas or salad that compare.  Even after our softball days, our regular family Friday nights were at Frazzini's Pizza Place.  John was a very special man. My prayers are with you Sharon. We will all see him again in heaven.  Can't wait for the big party!!"

This tribute was added by Chuck Wood on 29th April 2014

"I worked for John and Sharon at Frazinnis Pizza Place while attending CWU 82-84. John was my boss, friend and mentor. I laugh when I read about those who remember his voice. I always thought John was half lungs and mouth, but his biggest part was his HEART. I have so many great memories of John. John and Sharon treated me like family . I just heard today that John had passed. I was praying that the news was wrong. I am so sad. My life was greatly enriched by knowing John. I remember going to a Seahawk Denver game with John and Sharon. John was painted half Bronco orange and half Seahawk blue. There are so many fond memories of a great guy. I am so sorry for your loss Sharon, David and Jeana."

This tribute was added by Bobbi Moore on 29th April 2014

"So sorry to hear of Johnny's passing.  Saw him at the 50th JHS reunion.  He was always so much fun.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Bobbi (Votaw) Moore"

This tribute was added by Sharon Frazzini on 29th April 2014

"Dear all you great family and friends,THANK YOU so much for the good memories, yes John did have a wonderful sense of humor and laugh,, he was very generous, an active supporter of CWU and Ellensburg, loved sports, loved kids, loved making pizza, loved talking and yelling, but most of all he loved his family and was so very proud of all of us, he will be greatly missed. He definitely lived his life according to his favorite singer, Frank Sinatra's song "My Way", when ever I hear this song I will remember the man I loved with good memories."

This tribute was added by Bill Burke on 29th April 2014

"I don't think I can add anything that hasn't already been said, but a big part of anyone growing up in the 'Burg in the 80's was John Frazzini- his amazing family restaurant, his community support, and his spark plug personality - soccer, support of EHS sports, football dinners, dates, and his love of the Broncos..... Thank you John for being part of my life."

This tribute was added by nancy bailes on 29th April 2014

"He was a very special guy!   Worked with him at JCPenneys when he was asst. manager.   He was always busy running here and there fixing things and making improvements.   Later after he left and when I occasionally ran into him he always had a big hug for me, asked me about my family and always talked about his in such a loving way!  He was a very proud father of his two kids!   He had a huge heart and I'm sure he will be missed!   Thinking of you Sharon, David and Jeana!   So sorry for your loss ....and praying you'll find comfort in all the happy memories!"

This tribute was added by Donna Frazzini on 29th April 2014

"I will miss my Uncie Boy! He could make you laugh beyond breath!
My prayers are with him and our families. Gigi"

This tribute was added by Monica Fiorito on 29th April 2014

"John was a formidable character during my time at CWU. The sense of family he and Sharon created is etched in my heart forever. Much love to the family."

This tribute was added by Peggy England on 29th April 2014

"Cousin Johnny Boy was the funniest person I have ever known. He had a laugh that was so unique & contagious - it will live on in my mind forever.  He was very clever, witty and loved pulling pranks.  I will always remember how generous he and Sharon were to me and my family when we visited them & my Aunt Rose.  I will miss him."

This tribute was added by Gina Ryan on 29th April 2014

"Wow. My mind is flooded with so many memories of John and his awesome family.  So many hours spent hanging out at Frazzinis with childhood friends,  eating turkey chef salads at lunch, all of the amazing parties at the Frazzinis house up on Radio Hill, his big happy smile and warmth when interacting with us ill never forget. Ellensburg has lost an 80s cultural icon. Sending love, prayers and peace to the entire Frazzini family during this time of grieving."

This tribute was added by Karen Whelan on 29th April 2014

"Oh My!!! This shocked me! Made so many many years of memories flood to the forefront. My early college days Frazzini was my first local connection. Playing softball and eating massive amounts of pizza! As I got older just knowing John  and his upbeat nature was wonderful. Thanks for the memories John!!!"

This tribute was added by Dani Pacha on 29th April 2014

"Dear Sharon and family, I was so sorry to hear of John's passing. As I told David when I heard the news, John's gregarious personality will always be part of my memories of high school. I spent many wonderful days at your house, and I'll never forget John's energy and jovial spirit. May you find comfort in your memories of John during this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Barb Monteith on 29th April 2014

"THE ITALIAN STALLION!!!!!!  I worked for John while going to school and playing ball at CWU.  What I loved John's strait forwardness and honesty.  I learned a lot about business integrity while working for his.  John, you will be missed.  So sad to hear of his passing.  My heart and prayers go out to all of his friends and family."

This tribute was added by brandon stout on 29th April 2014

"I remember delivering produce with my pops, produce Al to a great pizza shop known as Frazzini's.  Walking into this place was a treat for the senses.  The smells, the tastes and the voice of one John Frazzini.  His laugh was one of a kind.  Listening to him and my dad BS one another was an art from.  I miss the days of walking into that place and seeing the entire family working hard to get ready to sling out some pies.  Love ya John and the entire Frazzini family!"

This tribute was added by Glacier Kingsford Smith on 29th April 2014

"My memories of John are all blended together- kind of like impressions overall, but what DOES stand out, loud and clear in my mind, is his voice.  I can hear it now- just as it sounded, and yes, just like Curt said, there was a lot of mirth(?) and highjinks there . . . It makes me smile."

This tribute was added by Michelle Grose-Bray on 28th April 2014

"I'm sadden to her of John's passing.  Its been almost 30 years since I've been in E-burg, but as a CWU B&E club alumni, I'll always remember John's support of all students and the happy times he gave us all at our meetings.  Life for me at CWU would not have been the same if it weren't for Frazzini's. RIP John and my thoughts and prayers are with the family members."

This tribute was added by Donna Frazzini on 28th April 2014

"Reflections from your sister

Shared by Donna Frazzini on 04/28/2014

John was: Endearing, friendly, had an infectious laugh, was dynamic, a CHARACTER, loved playing games, an avid sports fan, funny, my business partner, was generous, kind, a wonderful caregiver for our Mom,  brother, friend.
I will miss him forever!"

This tribute was added by ann jennings on 28th April 2014

"Best pizza in town, no one has come close. I will always remember John's smile and support for the community. Good guy"

This tribute was added by caron lange-van orman on 28th April 2014

"Thanks for the memories...your enthusiasm at sporting events, the countless team gatherings that were held at Frazzinis for kids, the iconic ceiling tiles, and of course, the incredible pizza.  You are forever etched into our memories and hearts, John Frazzini.  Sending peace and strength to your family."

This tribute was added by Duane O'Keefe on 28th April 2014

"Many thanks to John for supporting my Babe Ruth team for my formative teen years.  My time in baseball was a great escape from an alcoholic house full of abuse.  The contributions allowed me to be in the hands of adults who took an interest in me and made me see another way of healthier living."

This tribute was added by Claudia Sikes on 28th April 2014

"The world is a little less brighter without John in it. Happy that you coached my daughter all those years ago even when you scared her it was always in fun."

This tribute was added by James Alexander on 28th April 2014

"Here's my favorite memory of John:

John was refereeing a game before our game one Saturday morning. We started showing up about 30 mins early as usual, and would watch John finish reffing the game, then start prepping for ours.

This particular game, the "Purple" team was giving John a lot of crap all during the match. Bitching about calls, etc....

All of the sudden, John blows the whistle and announces: "This game is OVER! I have heard enough shit from the Purple team, and the game is DONE!!" Then walked off the field.

Our assistant coach looked at us and said: "Guess who's in a great mood this morning?" Followed by a collective groan from the entire team......LOL

We walked on eggshells for that entire match....:-)"

This tribute was added by curt webb on 28th April 2014

"wow i just lost a piece of my childhood. we always went to pizza here, whether with friends, family or even just playing video games and hanging out for the always fun vibe. Visits to the house (the Frazzinis were also neighbors) were also big fun. I think of John and immedietely start laughing because of all the highjinks and laughter which my friend Jeana (John's daughter) certainly inherited. A sad day indeed"

This tribute was added by Victoria Perkis on 28th April 2014

"John was the man that brought humor to the family. Nights spent playing games and laughing will always be my fondest memory. Was a rare day that he didn't make someone smile or laugh. I'm going to miss that the most.
Loving Sister-in law"

This tribute was added by dennis waugaman on 27th April 2014

"John's sense of humor and laughter brightened many days at Jefferson HS and even 50 years later at the reunion. He will be missed dearly."

This tribute was added by Jim Percival on 25th April 2014

"John David or as we knew him "the Fuzz" was and will always be a part of a very tight-knit group of guys known as "the trench coat gang" aka the "ski coat gang" aka the "weenie whistle gang".  John was very special to all of us, and yes, his antics and laugh were contagious.  We loved him and alway will.  He is a part of us all.  Love to you Ms. Sharon , David, Ms. Jeana and all of your family.  The Lords Blessings to you all."

This tribute was added by John Wheeler on 25th April 2014

"John would bring a smile to every ones face in the halls of Jefferson High. His laughter @ humor were contagious. You couldn't be down when John was around. It was so good to spend time with him at the 50th reunion, just wish Pix would have been there. God Bless"

This tribute was added by Shannon Condon Butters on 24th April 2014

"I will remember John's impish smile and laughter. His face would light up as he talked. My love is with you, Sharon, and family. Hold onto your special memories."

This tribute was added by Jim Garramone on 23rd April 2014

"cousin John,my fondest memories of you are when you were johnny boy ,many years ago. you would sing at weddings, you had a very good voice and the courage to sing in front of many people.                               GOD be with you"

This tribute was added by Jody Oravits on 23rd April 2014

"It's too bad you had to leave us so soon. Your sense of humor was absolutely delightful. Always a smile and a big hug. You guys helped me out so much while I was in high school. Thankfully I was able to graduate because of you guys! Just so you know as promised I followed through with helping others."

This tribute was added by Charlotte Magno on 23rd April 2014

"My dear uncle I will miss your laughter. Your sense of humor is one I have admired since I was just a little girl. May you rest now and forever in the arms of the angels at peace. Aunt Sharon, David, Jeana & the boys - you will all be in prayers. I am so very sorry for your loss. Love you all."

This tribute was added by glory wilson on 22nd April 2014

"Tears roll down my cheeks as I think of the loss of John Frazzini. ..
At the same time...a smile comes over my face as I think of his laughter...his spirit and energy he brought to CWU.
John always gave the best hugs. He was a generous man and I will
Never forget the many things he did to help me and my daughter.
Hugs to Sharon. Im really going to miss him."

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