Let the memory of John be with us forever
  • 66 years old
  • Born on January 25, 1947 in New York, New York, United States.
  • Passed away on October 3, 2013 in Maryville, Illinois, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Montayne 66 years old , born on January 25, 1947 and passed away on October 3, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 14th February 2019
Happy Valentine's day darling. I saw Mandy yesterday and had early dinner with her. She gave me a heart necklace and cute card. I wasn't forgotten on Valentine's day. I miss you and love you.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th January 2019
Happy Birthday John. You would have been 72 today. I miss you so much. Even though it's been over 5 years it still feels like yesterday. Happy Happy Birthday.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th December 2018
Merry Christmas in Heaven dear one. I miss you so much. I am doing ok though. I know you wouldn't want me to forsake everything. My church and of course Mandy and the family has helped. I love you Carlos.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 10th December 2018
I am late in this tribute. I meant to add one for Thanksgiving but got too wrapped up in things. I miss you everyday. It doesn't matter what day it is or the holiday. I love you Johnny.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 3rd October 2018
Today 5 years ago you left me. I miss you so much and think of you always. You were the bright shining star in my life. I thank you for all the things you did for me with so much love. You treated me like a precious object and I loved having someone love me that much. I love you Carlos! I do have a reminder of that great love and that is Mandy.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 26th April 2018
Happy Anniversary Darling. I miss you so. going to a Walk to Emmaus.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 1st April 2018
Happy Easter in Heaven, darling. Missing you today. Went to church, served communion. Wonderful worship service. I almost went in the aisles to dance. Praise God our redeemer lives. I love you, Johnny.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th January 2018
Happy Birthday Johnny! You would have been 71. thought we would grow old together but I'm the only one growing old. You will always be 66. You made my life so wonderful. From the minute I saw you I knew you were the "one" for me. 25 years is all we had but it was the best 25 years of my life. Life goes on for me but your memory will never fade. I love you and will love you forever.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th December 2017
Another Christmas is here and you are not. I watched Polar Express last night all by myself. I remembered all the times we would watch it together. Maybe someday we can watch it together. I have been busy this Christmas with luncheons, parties and get togethers. Mandy coming over soon to open presents. Remember how she would look when she was little and would open presents. Her eyes would glaze over like a person on drugs. You would be so proud of her. Then we are going over to Sharon's for dinner. I know not your favorite place to be but they all miss you. I love you and always will.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 3rd October 2017
Dearest, 4 years ago today you left me. It seems like just yesterday. I miss you so much. I love you. You are the love of my life and always will be.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 27th June 2017
Johnny, I am sorry I forgot to leave a note on Fathers Day. Went to church and then out to lunch with JD who's birthday was that day! You were the best dad for Mandy! I know she was a daddy's girl and you did a great job with her. I love you and miss you!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 27th April 2017
Darling John, yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful many years with you. I enjoyed every single minute. I wish we could have celebrated many more. I love you.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 14th February 2017
Happy Valentine's Day Darling. Another Valentine Day is here and I have no Valentine. I love you and miss you!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 10th February 2017
My darling today is the anniversary of Jennifer's death - 25 years ago. Thank you for supporting me all those years. You always knew what to say and what not to say. It's too bad she wasn't your daughter. I think you would have helped turn her life around. RIP my dear and my Jennifer
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th January 2017
Happy Birthday in Heaven Johnny. This would have been your big 70 birthday! You will be 66 forever. I love and miss you so much!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 1st January 2017
Happy New Year in Heaven Darling. Holidays and every day for that matter are not the same since you left. I miss you so much. I love you with all my heart.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th December 2016
Merry Christmas Darling! Another Christmas without you my darling. I still miss you as much now as the first Christmas without you. Love you so much Carlos!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 23rd November 2016
It's the day before Thanksgiving and I am missing you so much today. Mandy and her boyfriend/roommate Eric broke up. I am very upset about this but I know if you were here you would have some soothing words for me to ease my anxiety. I am so thankful that I was allowed to be with you for 25 years altogether. I wanted more time but it is what it is. I love you Carlos!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 3rd October 2016
Darling, it's been 3 years today since you got your angel wings. I love you and miss you so much. I still sometimes can't believe that you are gone. I love you!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 19th June 2016
Happy Fathers Day darling. This day is bittersweet for me. I so wish you were here so I could honor you. I know that Mandy would be giving you a handmade card with either Krusty the clown on it or a sock monkey on it - maybe both ha ha. She loved to do that.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 1st May 2016
I am a few days late but wanted to wish you a happy anniversary. I told you happy anniversary on the actual day but wanted to have it remembered on here. Thank you for being the wonderful husband you were. Also thank you for visiting me the other night. It gives me such great comfort. Also forgive me for yelling at you in the side yard the day before our anniversary when I couldn't get the hose on the faucet to seat right. You had no say in leaving. I was so thrilled to be your wife. I will always be your wife . I love you Carlos.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 27th March 2016
Happy Easter in Heaven John. I'm going to Sharon's and picking Mandy up on the way at her apartment. I miss you today. We would probably not be doing much today as far as Easter dinner but we would be going somewhere for a nice walk like SIUE Gardens. I love and miss you.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 14th February 2016
Happy Valentines Day, Sweetheart. Another Valentines Day without has gone by. You were always a sweetheart even when it wasn't Valentines Day. Love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th January 2016
Happy Birthday Darling, You would have been 69 today but death intervened. You will be 66 from now on. I wanted to spend the rest of my days with you but it turned out that you spent the rest of your days with me. I love you so much and miss you something awful. Everyone says it gets better and I will learn to live without you but the ones that say that haven't lost the love of their life. I don't cry like I used to but I think of you every day and every night.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 31st December 2015
Christmas has come and gone and New Years Eve is tonight. I missed you on Christmas so much. As usual Mandy went overboard with gifts for me. One of the things she got me was a keychain with your picture. It was one of you that I really love with your cammo vest on. I am not doing anything on New Years Eve. I will celebrate with you darling. Maybe you can dance 1 dance with me? I love you so much and miss you doubly so. You are always in my heart. Love and kisses big guy!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 24th December 2015
It's Christmas Eve and I am alone here thinking of you and listening to Christmas music. I think of you all the time as you know. At Christmas it is felt even more. Katie Horrell came by and gave me a bottle of wine. She visited for a bit. She just graduated from Fontbonne College with a BA degree in nutrition and diadetics. Had a nice visit. She had to air a little bit about her mom. She told her mother what she thought and she said she knows you would have been proud of her. You were right all along about her mother. Anyway I enjoyed the visit. Mandy is spending Christmas Eve with her boyfriend Eric and his family. She'll be here in the morning early. Anyway I might go to candlelight service at a local church tonight. Not sure yet. Got a nice card from Cerridgwynne. She has been on this site and still remembers you. I love you Johnny (Carlos).
Posted by Linda Montayne on 1st December 2015
Another Thanksgiving has come and gone without you. Now it's the Christmas season and I am still not feeling much Christmas spirit. It's so lonely here with just me and the cats. Your kissing cousin Rosalie's husband Gary died a few days ago. He was a few years older than she was. Anyway another one has joined that Widows Club which no one wants to belong to. I love you so much and think of you every day and night. I am so thankful that you visit me in my dreams although sometimes they seem so weird. But having you in my dreams is a little like you being here. I miss you so much. I miss your laughter, your sarcasm, your jokes, your daily nutrition tidbit you always told me everyday. I miss seeing you cooking and baking and I miss those delicious baked goods you made. I miss your lovemaking and you putting me on a pedestal. I just plain miss everything about you. I love you Johnny.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 3rd October 2015
Johnny, it's been 2 years this morning at 4:40AM when you got your angel wings. I love you so much and still miss you. Seems like just yesterday. Always in my thoughts.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 27th August 2015
Well, John our little girl is in grad school and working and has her own place in Edwardsville now. It's rather lonely here with just me and the 2 cats. I miss you so much. I saw you last night. It startled me at first because it's been so long since you appeared. I slept so good after that. I will always love you. Trying to find a Tai Chi class but if I can't I will start watching your DVD and try to get peace and calmness like you did. Thank you for everything you did for me. You are my hero. I love you.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 26th April 2015
Happy Anniversary John. I so wish you were here with me to celebrate 24 wonderful married years. I know you are here but we just can't see you. You were the most wonderful thing that happened to me. You loved me unconditionally and I so love that. Please know that I will never ever forget you. You are part of my heart and my soul. I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th January 2015
My darling, another birthday has arrived and you are not here. I have seen you and I feel your presence numerous time. I know you are looking out for Mandy and I. I love you so much. Part of my heart is gone but it's not really gone since it is with you. Someday we will b reunited and that will be a glorious day. Happy Birthday sweetheart.!
Posted by Jean Sisk on 25th January 2015
Happy Birthday John, I know you are watching Linda and Mandy from afar. Just know they feel your presents each and everyday. As you now float thru life just know your family will miss you each day until the time they meet you in heaven. They will do just fine with your guidance from above.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 30th December 2014
Another Christmas has passed and a new year is fast approaching. I miss you as much today as I did last year (the first Christmas without you). I remember all the wonderful Christmases we had for 25 years and I am very thankful to God that you were a part of them. I love you so much and always will. Happy New Year baby!
Posted by Lindell Hicks on 4th October 2014
You are missed by everyone. I know how great of a husband you were to my sis and a great father to Mandy. You were full of laughter and joy. You will be always in our thoughts and memories.!!!!!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 3rd October 2014
Darling, it's been a year and I miss you as much as the day you left. Thank you for appearing to me last night. I felt such comfort. I love you forever and ever!
Posted by Jean Sisk on 3rd October 2014
Dear John, Linda and Mandy have made it to the 1 year mark. They have had their tough times, but with your guideance they have both pushed on. You will continue to be their bright light in the sky and they will continue to look to you to carry on their future. Smile down on them as they move about this earth. Linda and Mandy you have come far but have further to go. Just remember John is watching out for you as a light in the sky.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 24th July 2014
Summer is in full swing and think about how much you loved summer. The Highland Pool is probably not the same without you being there 3 times a week and diving 20 times each time and climbing the Climbing Wall at least 2 times. I have not been there because it is too hard for me to not see you there. Maybe net year. I love you and miss you sweetheart.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th May 2014
John, on this Memorial Day weekend you are in my thoughts even more than usual. I miss going to the pool with you even though it was usually a little too cool, It's been a little over 7 months since you left and I miss you so much. I love you sweetie.
Posted by Brenda K Landers on 25th January 2014
Happy birthday John! You are greatly missed!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 25th January 2014
Happy Birthday to my sweetheart! Oh how I wish you were here to celebrate it. Last year when we celebrated your birthday I never thought that would be the last birthday we would celebrate. I love you so much and always will! Nothing seems the same and I miss you so very much!
Posted by Linda Montayne on 8th December 2013
Dear John, As Christmas approaches I think of the 25 Christmas's we enjoyed and each one was splendid! You always started playing the Christmas songs on Thanksgiving and didn't stop until well after Christmas. You always laughed at me when I was setting up the tree and trying to get the lights going. Sometimes when Mandy was older you would make a bet with her as to how long it would be before I got aggravated and started to lose my temper over the Christmas lights on the tree. I will miss that so much. Yes, I did get aggravated about the tree this year and I am sure you were laughing also. You made Christmas so wonderful for Mandy and I and it was such a pleasure to see your reaction to your presents. We always had to wait until you had a cup of coffee while Mandy patiently waited for the unwrapping of the gifts. You always had a wonderful gift for her - you always made sure it was something she was wanting. I might have ordered it but you told me to get it even though sometimes it was a little expensive. Nothing was too good for your daughter. As we open our presents I will think of you and hope you are sitting in your chair watching. I even have a gift for you from me. I love you John (or should I say Carlos, Chico or Choco?
Posted by Sue Reis on 8th November 2013
Linda, they leave us all to soon but they are forever in our hearts. God bless you and Mandy and please find peace that he is at rest with God. ♥
Posted by Pam Roderick on 7th November 2013
John, may you rest in peace. Your fight is over and you are now with God. Linda, I didn't know John very well, but I am so sorry that he had to leave you when he did. He is up there watching over you and Mandy.
Posted by Charles Biggs on 6th November 2013
Linda, I went through this nearly 5 years ago and have an idea of what you and Mandy are going through. I still miss my Joanne terribly, but I can assure you the pain of your loss will lessen with time. You will always have your memories of John. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers and if I can do anything, please let me know.
Posted by Brenda K Landers on 6th November 2013
So sorry you left us this soon. I know you are missed by many. Especially your wife and daughter. Watch over them John.
Posted by Jean Sisk on 6th November 2013
John may you find peace in Heaven with God. Linda and Mandy, may you find peace with each other keeping John's memories alive in your everyday life. You are all three in my heart as the days pass and you learn to except your new future. Remember it is all in God's hands.
Posted by John Dorroh on 6th November 2013
I knew Carlos (John) just a short time, but he taught me about passion. His passion for his food preparation, his dedication to keeping his weight down...truly amazing. Carlos spoke often about his apparent love for Linda and Mandy. He made a huge impression on me and I miss him very much. It's not right to not see him walking all over Highland. He was everywhere! His spirit remains.
Posted by Bev And Cari Storey on 5th November 2013
Peace be with you John, and may Linda and Mandy also find peace in your passing--as Linda says Gone to Soon
Posted by Lindell Hicks on 5th November 2013
He will be missed by many. Love you John!!!!! You will always be in our hearts and memories.
Posted by Linda Montayne on 5th November 2013
To the love of my life - gone too soon

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