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June 25, 2019

I feel like I’m there already. 34 years without John sucks.  You just never get use to it...

My suggestion- Have a toast raise it high and give him a wink!

Love to all. Brend

Miss yous all

February 13, 2018

I think of all of you often and miss seeing you. Hope all is well with the family. Best birthday wishes to Frank Jr, is it 60 or 61? My wife and kids are doing good. Joanne & I are on Tenerife right now, spending the winter in the old world. God bless you all. Power to the people! M.

best birthday wishes to

Demolition derby days!!!

June 25, 2017

Ok. So I was remembering the demolition derby days and how horrified I was watching him participate in this insane hobby.  One time watching was enough for me.  I did film him once with Jimmy  Pierson, Jamie, and Billy "TT"  Rothman. His car was killed. I believe a bug. He started climbing out while others were slamming all over the place.  Billy Gouch was the Mad Hatter in that race.  I climbed the fence screaming to stop the race and for him to get back in the car.   I was spent. My nerves were shot. Never again would I go witness this with him as a participant.  Heres some history and  general clips of demolition derby in Long Island.  Just for fun and to bring up the old feelings we all feel slipping away.  Well grab some back!!  Lol luv Brenda

Happy Birthday in Heaven!

June 25, 2017

61 years with most of those birthdays in heaven.  I know he has been an angel watching over me and mine. I posted the GW invader I bought 2 years ago.  If anyone has a picture of John with his. Please post it for sweet memories.  I may have mentioned this story before but here it is again.  This little boat in reversed colors was my first boat at 13.  John took it for s "spin" to put it sanely.  His spin was a fly by under Henny's pier. (Now know as the Bayhouse)   Sliding and flying doesn't work well when going under a pier between wooden pilings.   John survived but the boat didn't. Ripping the side off it took numerous days and layers of fiberglass to restore it.  He did do amazing repair work!  A man of many talents and desires to test the limits of anything mechanical or not. Including his own body.  

Out of sight but never forgotten.  With love in my mind, pain in my heart, and tears of joy in recalling treasured moments in time.  I'll love him through eternity.  Brenda

May 22, 2017

This is a perfect picture for Frankie, Since anyone who knows him is aware that he was always a space cadet and Star Trek afterschool tv junkie. He was the craziest pilot when starting out at Zahns airport. I still have nightmares when he practiced stalling the one engine planes with me.

Wow 31 years

May 21, 2016

So a life time has passed. Still amazing memories of a dynamic guy!   I've purchased a yellow and white GW invader just for the memories.  It's still an awesome horrifying ride!  John Michael is 31 today and is the opposite of John except for being so generous and sincere. The personality is the same but actions are completely opposite. Reserved, private and cautious are the things John didn't know!  Let's get some stories up this week and send me some pics to post. Frank is 85 and still boating Annamarie is 40.5 again. And has colorful hair( you have no idea). Blue burgundy. You name it.  Me I'm a middle school science teacher, 55 with blonde and purple hair. John 31. Breanna 16 Terrence 15 Lol. Working hard living life!  Frankie is still flying, physical therapist, married with a 2 year old daughter and a 22 year old John paul. Not a day goes by where I wish I could say something about Johns kids- but he didn't get that far!  Loving memories until we meet again need to be shared.  I'll post again later. Love to all Brenda 

Two Lifetimes!

May 20, 2014


Well it's been 29 years since our John has journeyed into another adventure.  29 years ago at the age of almost 29, iIt’s been two of his lifetimes!  How the time just rolls by.  It seems like there is so much to do every day and absolutely no time to reflect and truly relax and enjoy the little things anymore.  That is why the memories we hold of our carefree youth are treasured.  Remembering and realizing the limited responsibilities we had and visions of grandeur as being the things that made us shine and allowed us to ...well just be us! 
Funny that I knew today was coming and yet I awoke and completely forgot it.  Most of the day I was off but in a good way.  I looked at my student's faces (7th graders), and smiled, as I watched them do the silly things they do every day that make me crazy.  They are just starting out and haven't a clue that these are some of the memories they will treasure in years ahead.  It wasn't until I wrote the date on the board that it hit me of today being John's anniversary.  I just sighed in disgust of myself, as usual, since I seem to do the same thing every year.  Especially since my son John has a b-day tomorrow, you would think I was on my game.  I guess I just feel that since I think and talk to him often that it is really just another day for me.  The birthday...I always do the right thing! Driving home from work I passed Kings Plaza and stopped at a light.  I felt as though someone told me to turn my head and look, it was weird.  I turned and looked and there on the Raymour and Flannigan window was a large picture of a relatively young man with arms crossed, looking at me with those half moon eyes that twinkled at me.  At first glance I thought it was John's face...but no...Just a resemblance... One striking enough in the eyes to freeze me. I smiled and knew that John was looking at me the way he did when he would straighten his back and cock his head abit with a smirk.  It was mesmerizing.  I just looked and said, "You're a jerk' I see you, I get it".  It seemed like time stopped for several long minutes.  Then the light turn and I reluctantly moved with the traffic at about 2MPH.  I just didn't want that moment to leave but I realized that like every loving moment...they have to come to a temporary end.  Temporary is the key word.  I know my beautiful brother was looking at me because a sense of nothing but happiness came over me.  I giggled all the way to Breezy, about how ridiculous it may sound.  I wasn’t looking for it, my head was on flowers and plants I just picked up from the Brooklyn Terminal Market for my classes and not on John, yet John was thinking of me.  Sending me a message that he loves me and is always with me and that everything is okay--like a big joke,-all through the eyes of a man in a picture.
I told --not asked-- him to watch over my children and Frankie's because they need his guidance.Hopefully that was a good idea! LOL . I know it was:)
I will love him forever and while I am not in a rush, I look forward to being a part of his world again.. I know he is in mine--
    God bless our friends and family that we have been separated from and watch over those that we can access.  Everyone try to remember to make time to see anyone that comes to mind.  There is never enough time in the day, days in the weeks, years, and decades.   Before you know it you’re spending the $100 on flowers or a plane ticket to pay respect.  Just get up and pop over to a friend you haven't seen in over a decade and say "Hi, got anything to eat?", Want to go to Randazzo's for plain fried shrimp with sauce on the side and an extra biscuit!" or I'll meet you at Brennan and Carr's for a rare beef platter!

Love to my friends and family,  Brenda Jean

P.S. Frankie is 56 and has a 30 year old beautiful wife, Allison which has just given him his second child, Ava Nicole, this April.  With John Paul (22) they are a beautiful happy family!

Annamarie is driving home from Florida and Frank just drove in from Florida- they are still in love (LOL) and would love to see you or hear from you. Same place and phone number-- Frank is getting the boat ready and Anne is mixing mojitos- Old parents—I think NOT!!

Me, I'm good—teaching science, very happy, fat and wrinkled,...and blessed with an amazing family!

SNL Wild and Crazy Guy!

May 22, 2011

Well...short and sweet...John loved John Beluchi, we all knew that!  He would do his own versions of a SNL episode, maybe they should use them. John would mess around with his girlfriend Gail at the time playing Samuri Warrior, Beluchi style, on his queen size water bed.  That's when he lived on Ave. S or Bedford Ave in bklyn with Joe Colletto.  He was jumping up and down with some type of sword and Gail would be screaming as they flopped around the wavy bed and exactly what you would expect--certainly did happen...He punctured the bed and flooded the whole apartment.  What a mess but he thought it was the funniest thing, so did Gail.  I think Joe was alittle put out...but he wasn't a saint either! Joe use to throw darts at my ankles for fun ...sick puppies but thanks for the memories!


The Fan

May 20, 2011

I would like to share one of my memorable times with John to all of you.  I was in my younger days a big fan of  wrestling the years of Bruno samartino,The Cheif,Captain Lou Albano etc...I would go to Madison Square Garden every month with my friend Leon Liberman,he was the jewish kid that lived across from Mathew grandfather would always say "where are you going with the jewish kid" he liked to be called the Captain because Captain Lou Albano was his idol.So here we are going to see wrestling on a Saturday night with 12th row seats I was in heaven,just before the match started I hear a call..HEY EDDIE...EDDIE you blind bastard..guess who was calling...yup John Delisi..what are you doing here I asked ,he was all reved up for the fights ,he said he was there to abuse the wrestlers,I noticed he had a shopping bag with him I asked what do you have in the bag and he replied YOU'LL Leon said "he's up to no good"..when the first fight started everyone was throwing paper at the bad guy everyone exept John..John in his shopping bag had a sack of tomatoes and he was throwing them at the wrestlers like he pitched for the Yankees..he asked if I wanted some I replied "your sick and need some help" he just continued throwing them and hitting the wrestlers...until security spotted him.It was a full house that night so when the security showed up around where John was sitting John gave the bag to the kids sitting in back of him and both kids were kicked out of the arena .He was laughing because he did'nt get thrown out...just another night out for John.

I Love You John and your missed by all the lives you touched...R I P 

special CYCLONE rides

January 18, 2011

John and I would head for coney island every now and then to ride the cyclone.One night we had the bright idea of trying to get out of the car while we were going up the 1st hill, which was very slow. Neither one of us wanted to go first so we had to choose to see who would be the, lucky one? Turns out I won so John had to get out. As the car proceeded slowly up John wigglid his way out from behind the safety bar, which was a joke anyway. John is out standing on the floor in front of the bar while I had a bear hug around his waist while I was safely positioned IN MY SEAT!!! As John climbed out a woman in the back started screaming for him not to jump.LOL Half way around the ride John told me I could let go and he could hang on by himself. We deceided to go again only this time we would both get out. WHAT A RIDE IT WAS AND I DON'T MEAN THE CYCLONE. I MEAN THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MY FRIEND "JOHNNY D"

John is missed now and will be in my heart and thoughts always!!!!!!

Brenda, I am on facebook would love to talk to you.

Joe Coletto

Riding with my Bro!

August 21, 2010

While I'm remembering--some of my favorite times were, Riding on the back of John's motorcycle, barefoot and in a red and white candy stripped bikini with John's 7' Boa Constrictor, Jaimie, wrapped around me.  Heading in and out of Sheepshead and Rockaway was a blast.  Another is driving in dad's peanut butter and jelly colored, long, boxy, Lincoln Continental with John driving and Patricia Lynch and me hanging out of the sunroof slightly undressed....not me of course! That Pat Lynch really made John crazy,  he just loved that tall, lean, lanky, sensual, Irish redhead that wouldn't give him a tumble! 

Lighting up the Bay Night Sky with Rockets!

August 21, 2010

Lets keep in mind some of the incredible moments that keep us smiling laughing and amazed, because I can't imagine anyone having anything otherwise!  So one that comes to mind is the time Neil and John were on the Bay late night in... I believe... the summer of  1980.Neil had a entire case of ocean going distress rockets.  They were 2 stage distress rockets that went up to about a thousand feet or more with orange parachutes.  They were speeding back and forth between the docks in the channel in front of Breezy in John's orange and white 16', 2 seat, Allison Craft with a 200 HP Black Max engine( the biggest engine made at that time-of course).  At about 70 MPH sitting one directly  behind the other, they set off about a dozen flares which lit up the whole sky from Breezy to Coney Island to Plumb Beach, that it looked like orange daylight.  They were speeding around and then noticed the lights of NYC Harbor police boats, Gateway Park Police, and the Coast Guard coming towards them so to evade them they speed off towards Gerritsen Beach. John with his bad nighttime eyesight( to say the least), see that the police weren't just waiting for them at the Gerritsen Beach Bridge but were actually blocking the entire middle entry way into Gerritsen.  Neil saw this with his eagle eye vision and  told him to make a u turn and head into Sheepshead Bay. They went to the Old Bay End Marine where Neil worked and they quickly pulled they boat from the water and put it 3 stories high in the racks. They proceeded to the Sheepshead Bay Diner, ( was on the corner of Sheepshead Bay Road and Emmons Ave.) to be out of sight and get a snack.  As they were sitting down the park police came in and since Neil knew them well and worked on their engines he asked the police what was going on (Neil--pushing the limits!) and they said they were looking with a full search force for a little race boat shooting off distress flairs.  These two on the water have made way to many unbelievable boating stories, that as I get them from the horses mouth, ( Neil's that is, I or he will post them. Hearing something new is what keeps the memories alive with a big smile and occasional outburst of laughter.  Remember that in these stories no harm was done, maybe some nuisance to some, but never harmed anyone!


August 3, 2010




August 2, 2010

John lives in our hearts and always will. This goes out to all of you, who are now his many brothers and sisters that keep his memory alive with joyful thoughts. Within us all , he is still with us. Just because he is not seen does not mean he is not there. He watches and smiles and even laughs as he waits to welcome and embrace us . I know he is holding front row seats for all of us. Don't be afraid, play the game to the best of your ability and know that one day our usher will be waiting to joyfully escort us all to something wonderful.  Much love to all of you.  Brother , Frank Paul DeLisi

That Little Yellow Boat

July 31, 2010

I remember coming home and seeing John fiberglassing a giant hole in the bottom and right side of my little yellow GW Invader.  The only words I heard after my scream was..." Oh no she's home"...Don't worry Bren, I'll have it fixed within the hour..better than new. " And of course a following RAAHHH!  Who was there for that? So I heard he was flying under the Rockaway Point dock that day....

The high bars at Henny's

July 30, 2010

I remember how talented John was on the high bars at Henny's. I also remember several times seeing John or Frank zipping really fast under the dock with the small little yellow boat. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of John. Wish I had some pictures to share. Just before our family moved in 1975 to Washington my dad sold John his old 1966 Volkswagon bug.  I think I heard later he blew up the engine ( Probably seeing how fast it could go from Roxbury to the Point).   Rich Wheeler

kind hearted

July 30, 2010

when I was first married and had my daughter John always would stop to see the baby , One night he stopped by and noticed the rear window of my car was shattered I had plastic over it.He knew  that times were hard and I didn't have the money to get a new one The next day when I came home from work there was a new rear window for my car in my yard ,

That is the way the way I remember John he would do any thing to help...  

Skiing off the ferry

July 30, 2010

One thing about John I will never forget is the day he skied off the back of the Rockaway Point Ferry . Some one got on the ferry with ski rope , as the ferry pulled away from the rockaway point dock they tied it to the railing John jumped off the dock with skis on grabbed the rope and up on skis he went, he went half way to Kennedy,s dock and let go.  

Your silver anniversary in Heaven

July 29, 2010


Dearest John
1985-2010- Your silver anniversary in Heaven
Sadly lost to us 25 yrs ago but never for one minute forgotten. It seems like (as they often say) yesterday!
It’s real funny as I think back on my first 25 yrs and these past 25 or so, they were truly golden years in time with John. Since my infancy knowing him and till this day, no one has touched me so sincerely and honestly, or made me laugh as hard as John could. A true friend who would be there for you any time.
 As I often do when I look back, all I see is beautiful Fun and Sun filled days full of funny stories! Such as the time we were very young and next door neighbors racing our HO cars and trains competing who could make the longer track or fastest toy car or set up the most spectacular crashes! Some 10 of us neighborhood kids throwing multitudes of snowballs from his corner yard in Brooklyn house and hitting all the windshields of cars to the point they couldn’t see, while running, after the driver got out to kill us. Or having one kid buy an ice cream from the ice-cream truck while the other kid on the block was taking them out of the other icebox (I’ve paid them back since). All the street sports, Skelly, Tops, Dodge ball, Stickball, Hockey, Bikes and Mini Bikes- on and on all day long.
 As teenagers and older once again as neighbors in Breezy Point, was truly a very exciting time and full of antics. I guess what’s most memorable to me was him always borrowing Brenda’s race boat and flying in and out of the dock and anchored boats while us feeling so indestructible, Skiing, building boat huts, Girl hunting, or just tinkering on some Car or Boat he bartered for. As anyone who knew John there was never a dull moment day in and day out and he’d always be busy making an exciting time out of whatever was going on.
Since I’m a firm believer that we are put together with our Friends or Family in our lives because we need their unique understanding of us, John’s lesson for me was about loyalty and directness. It was truly devastating why he was taken so early from us in his life.
I’m very apologetic and distraught I can’t be at this 25th memorial. However it is sincerely unavoidable. I promise now to all there to be up next May and have high hopes to see all at attendance this year. Anyhow, my love and support to Big Frank, Ann, Frankie, Brenda-Terry, and kids. As I’m sure all at this memorial feel, John is with us always.
Love Always
Matt Messana

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