This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Dunkwu, 50 years old, born on June 10, 1968, and passed away on March 16, 2019. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ehianeta Obinyan on March 27, 2021
JD, Greetings to the Almighty Papa(In Heaven), hope you are keeping to the task the Father give you. TO WATCH OVER ALL YOUR PEOPLE AS WE CRY OVER HOW MUCH WE ARE MISSING YOU !!
Posted by Megg Onyenuchie on March 17, 2021
Keep resting with the Lord dear Johnny
Posted by Sherif Mo on March 16, 2021
You are not forgotten, I hear your peaceful voice in my head. Peace dear friend.
Posted by Uwagboe Imarhiagbe on March 16, 2021
A man of calm spirit, a giving heart, a supporting friend, a genuine individual. It was a privilege knowing you while you were with us. Rest in peace my brother.
Posted by Belinda Oke-Ugbaje on March 16, 2021
Bestest and Realest... Gone BUT Not forgotten! Forever and Always in her hearts to cherish all the fond Memories! You were one Heaven of a guy Bopssssss! Keep on Resting in Peace; and watching over Your lovely Toyin... she’s hanging in so strong. Rest on Beloved.. Rest on Bops JD! ♥️
Posted by Preston Toghanro on March 15, 2021
Gone but never ever forgotten! We love and miss you dearly JD. Rest on in God's bossom
Posted by Ehianeta Obinyan on June 11, 2020
Happy Birthday Brother. I love you loads.
Posted by Nelson Aifuwa on March 18, 2020
hmmmmm, what a gentle soul, you were, always calm and receptive , May you continue Rest in the Blossom of the Lord, adios simpre
Posted by Preston Toghanro on March 16, 2020
Still feels like a dream I am yet to awake from. Continue to rest on my brother. I miss your jokes, banters and joviality. God alone knows best why he allowed it. Sleep on my buddy, sleep peacefully on
Posted by John Osadebe on March 15, 2020
Continue to rest in peace John. Hard to believe it has been one year already.
Posted by Ehianeta Obinyan on April 2, 2019
.…...I can't write anything
..Our FATHER IN HEAVEN pls. End this WORLD.....I' from this day have no more FAITH left in this Man-Damaged place !
Posted by Nwabueze Isioma on March 27, 2019
...The news of your sudden demise came to me as a rude shock. I couldn't even comprehend the situation. Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that I feel. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind in a split second. What happens to mama? Your lovely wife? Siblings? No, it shouldn't have been you. You are (were) one of the most selfless, real and lovable person I know. I hoped for days that the news will turn out to be false...
My consolation is that you lived your life in the service of God... It's hard to miss you but your memories live on.
Je nkeoma.
Posted by Monika M Majchrzycka on March 27, 2019
John wir haben uns vor 21 Jahren in eine Kirche in Oberhausen kennengelernt. Ich weiss Du bist Heute mit Jesus vereint.Du hast Ihn in Herzen gehabt . Mein Bruder wir vermissen Dich . 
Auf wiedersehen John ...
Posted by Olaide Kassim on March 26, 2019
This is a really sad news! Exist of a truly wonderful man. How can one forget those smiles? My God give Mama, your siblings and family the fortitude to bear this loss, knowing that you are in a better place.
Goodnight Eyin!
Posted by AD Kirsty on March 24, 2019
surely will be dearly & lovingly missed gone too soon..
Posted by NELSON AIFUWA on March 24, 2019
Man John D,, I am still in shock of this sad news and also short of words, as I type this message my heart is weeping trying not to believe it, hmmmmm, Rest in the Bossom of the Lord bro
Posted by B O Fayemi on March 24, 2019
I pray his gentle soul continue to rest in peace. Till we meet again .
Posted by Ibrahim Jide Jones on March 24, 2019
May The Almighty God grant you eternal rest, though I did not have the opportunity to meet you personally but I have heard a lot about you and all of it positive, as they say a good tree does not last in the forest, I pray for strength for your family to be able to bear the loss. Wherever you maybe rest on in peace. Adieu John.
Posted by Dan Davis on March 23, 2019
Words are inadequate to describe the shock of receiving the sad news of your sudden exit at the hands of some hoodlums who will never know peace in this world and beyond. I still remember all the times we spent together both at Auchi and Nsukwa as one happy band of brothers. My dear friend you will be missed everyday. I pray Almighty God to give comfort to your mother especially and your siblings. Good night my dear friend and rest peacefully in the bosom of Lord Almighty until that day.
Dr. Dan Davis Okhilua
Posted by Michael Dunkwu on March 23, 2019
Johnny my brother, you ve been my big brother for the past 50yrs of which included the times we fought, quarrelled, argued and most of all the happy times we had just like the one i had with when I called you a few hours b4 the sad incidence.... (Nwa Diokpa), as I fondly call you...I will always have u in my heart and as I step into ur shoes, I pray God to give me the wisdom in leading the rest of the family to a greater heights in Jesus name.
may ur soul continue to rest in peace
Posted by Anthony Agienoji on March 22, 2019
Hmmmmmmm, Johnny my Brother! It was with deepest sadness that I received the news of your demise and I am totally lost for words.
Where/how does one begin to describe your persona.
I can’t believe that you’re gone my friend. I can’t believe that it’s the end of the road, a glorious light extinguished.
Did you wonder whether your life mattered? Then let me tell you that it did! a lot.
Did you wonder whether people would remember you? Then let me tell you that I will remember you always.
In a bitter moment, another angel has found their wings and set off on a flight back to the loving arm of our loving Father.
I am comforted in the knowledge that you’re now in a better place; resting in the arms of our Almighty Father. You will be forever missed!
Johnny, rest in the perfect peace of God. Amen
Posted by Uwagboe Imarhiagbe on March 21, 2019
Johny-be-good. One of the best ever. Peaceful, kind, always willing to help, never saw him angry or raise his voice, always encouraging, positive. May your soul rest in peace my brother. You will forever have a special place in the hearts of those that know your worth.
Posted by Judith Akangbou on March 20, 2019
John May you soul rest in perfect peace.
We will all meet one day at the feet of Jesus to part no more.
It was sooooooo soon but we cannot question God
Rest on brother.
Posted by Gloria Oboh on March 19, 2019
JD gone so soon. It all happened like a dream. Asking ourselves is it really true that the theif came and took you from your wife, family and we your GAPF FAMILY. Remembering like yesterday when you got married to your beautiful wife. Today you are no more. Can't question God. May God give the strength to your wife, family members and us all to bear this loss. ... I pray to God to give enough strength inner strength to your wife to bear this profound grief. JD may your departed soul rest in peace ✝✝✝ YOUR EYE'S IS ON THE SPARROW, AND I KNOW HE'S WATCHING OVER YOU. GONE TO SOON✝️✝️✝️
Posted by Sherif Mo on March 19, 2019
Honestly I don’t know what to write. It’s 3 days now I heard and I’ve been fighting to suppress the fact. Too many great moments we shared. Only on one subject you loved most we disagreed but we still agreed.
We talked straight to the heart of issues. You drove looking for me in Germany thinking I had been arrested by the German Polizie. You soft yet brave!
John I asked you why relocating to Nigeria. I will save forever your response in my heart. You were alive 3 hours after the shooting, how typical of you. I’m from sadness to upset. We lost a very good man! The Lord keep you and continue to use you for his glory. With a very heavy heart goodnight bro! I’m still in shock. Forgive us oh Lord. Help me to understand oh Lord and be our shield. Thank you Jesus!
Peace be with you my dear friend John Dunkwu!
Posted by Godwin Morka on March 19, 2019
Good night Bro
Posted by Ike Lawrence on March 19, 2019
Rest In Peace Johnny. You’ll be forever missed.
Posted by Megg Onyenuchie on March 19, 2019
I am still numb and speechless from the thought that you are no longer here, my dear big bro and friend Johnny, always played this big brother role throughout my time in Auchi Poly. I am so glad we found ourselves on the Gap forum and I got the chance to thank you. You always prayed and loved the Lord. Now you are wth the Lord forever
Rest in peace dear Johnny. Amen
Posted by Richard Legemah on March 18, 2019
Johnny, the news of the sudden way you were snatched from your wife, family, and friends shocked us to our foundations. Our consolation is the fact that you’re resting in the bosom of our Lord. You’re greatly loved and won’t be forgotten. Psalm 9:9-10-The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Adieu JD May your gentle Soul Rest In Peace.
Posted by Egbe Omorodion on March 18, 2019
Death could not hold Jesus down, it can't hold you down too.
Posted by Lilian Obaze on March 18, 2019
Hmmmmmmm! Johnny O! Johnny O! I am looking for my Johnny! That use to be my signature for you. You confided in me, we prayed together! Oh death! Where is thy sting? The pangs of death took you away in cold blood!
My heart bleeds but my confidence is that you are resting in the Lord. May God comfort my dear Toyin.
Posted by Ifeoma Nwauwa on March 18, 2019
Philippians 1:21 - To live is Christ and to die is gain! Heaven gained you my brother, John. The pain is so deep but we hold on to the assurance that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord and saviour! Good night dear brother. See you in the morning even as we continue to ask God to give us the fortitude to bear this humongous loss. May the Lord bring comfort to the heart of your dear wife and every member of your family.
Posted by Edosa Izevbokun on March 18, 2019
You will forever be missed gone but not forgotten
Posted by Tony Oguns on March 18, 2019
JD, you will be greatly missed. I was really looking forward to meeting again with you and other great GAPians in October. I am humbled by the great moments you've had with some of us personally and remotely. John, you have gone too soon. May you find rest in HIS bossom. God bless your soul our brother and dear friend.
Posted by Matilda Orhewere on March 18, 2019
Hmm. Not so easy to put down the right words to express my heartfelt grief and shock at this unpleasant news. No doubt we all have that one common debt to pay but it is our prayer that we fulfill our purpose and have a better walk with our maker. To be distracted and cut short in ones prime is not part of the plan at all. This is painful; very painful indeed.
Lord God, I pray you comfort his wife and family; Lord comfort his friends and wellwishers.
Father please grant John eternal rest in your bossom. Amen
Sleep GAPian John until we meet at the feet of Jesus.
It is well. Amen.
Posted by Ibie Nwankwo on March 18, 2019
John you will be missed so dearly by everyone who has had the privilege of knowing you. Words cannot fully express how we feel, but I am comforted in that you're before God your Creator in worship. Rest in Peace my dear brother.
Posted by Benedicta Attoh on March 18, 2019
JD, your passing came to us in GAP with a rude shock. We already feel your absence but we do not mourn like those who have no hope. Our hope is in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the power that raised Christ from the dead raise you on the resurrection morning. Rest on JD, we will forever miss you.
Posted by Rita Onyenuchie on March 18, 2019
You will be missed
May your Soul Rest in Peace.
My dear friend Johnny!
Posted by Omonigho Olumese on March 18, 2019
My darling easygoing unassuming amiable evergreen, smiling brother has left us without a bye! Dear JD , I know you were cut short of so many dreams and visions ! I know you had much to accomplish not relenting of your many accomplishments! I know you wanted and wished for  a better tomorrow for Nigeria ! I know you saw the best in everything that was the push that made you invest in your dear fatherland ! Sadly, I know now it’s deep rich red soil was not able to fight for you when you needed that help which meant the bridge between life and death ! I also do not know what was going through your mind within those last critical minutes of your life’s valley of decision !However,I do know the angels of God were waiting to take you airborne into glory! We shall always miss your amiable nature ! Please look down on us from heaven ! Watch your wife and family ! I love you brother ! You have left an indelible prints in our hearts! Sleep on brother but don’t forget to ask God for quick vengeance on those who sent you ;a complete gentleman per excellence to an early cold grave ! I could go on and on but it’s because my heart still hurts ! I couldn’t sleep last night ! The medication didn’t work ! I thought we be hugging you in October at the reunion but is never going to happen ! We shall always miss your gentle soul! Rest on brother ! GAP has lost a dear big heart! Babyface loves you !
Posted by Yusuf Abdulkadri on March 18, 2019
This is a great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a fellow Gapian and brother.
Very shocking and unbelievable news of his death.
May the Almighty Allah grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.
May his gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Anthony Ogbue on March 18, 2019
Hmmmm Johnny, you are certainly a rare gem, am consoled by the fact that you are currently seated with the Lord. You will be sorely missed.
Posted by Victor Afe on March 18, 2019
John Dunks Awwwwwww, you'd declared you'll go to the moon and back for me, it takes a special soul to make such special declaration. And what a sad one a special soul wasnt given the chance to pass at the appointed time, you were rather taken. The God you worhip who allowed it knows why and just as knows best. Rest perfectly in God's own peace in his bosom where you belong until we meet never to be parted until then you will be dearly missed. Awwwwwww John Dunks.
Posted by Modesta Gbemudu on March 18, 2019
I am still in shock but my consolation is that it is the lord who gives that also takes. May God console those you left behind especially your mum and your dear wife Toyin. The GAP family will not forget you. Adieu John and may the good lord grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Anthony Ugbiyobo on March 18, 2019
We have lost a rare gem. A pioneer of change, witty and gentle. May his soul rest in peace, Amen
Posted by Belinda Oke-Ugbaje on March 18, 2019
Yet to meet you in person; but you appeared larger than life.. so full of laughter and a very fun person. So happens we have loads of friends in common!, sigh . Still gutted by this shocking and painful death; but, By and by; we would understand it better. Rest Rest Rest in perfect peace JD... no more pain and struggles in this imperfect world! Rest on bops!!! ♥️
Posted by Preston Toghanro on March 18, 2019
My favourite Aburo who always had a smile on his face, hard-working to the core and highly intelligent. Will miss you too much.. Will forever love you great Gem!
Posted by John Osadebe on March 17, 2019
Johnny, you will forever be missed.

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Posted by Ehianeta Obinyan on March 27, 2021
JD, Greetings to the Almighty Papa(In Heaven), hope you are keeping to the task the Father give you. TO WATCH OVER ALL YOUR PEOPLE AS WE CRY OVER HOW MUCH WE ARE MISSING YOU !!
Posted by Megg Onyenuchie on March 17, 2021
Keep resting with the Lord dear Johnny
Posted by Sherif Mo on March 16, 2021
You are not forgotten, I hear your peaceful voice in my head. Peace dear friend.
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You would have been 52 today. Guess you are celebrating with the angels up there. Happy birthday pal