One of the Good Guys

Shared by Richard Sager on 10th January 2019

When my brother Chris and I were young, going to visit our Dad and work was the highlight of most weeks. The realtors at his office treated us like gold and John was at the top of the list. He always took a strong interest in everything that we did and was never too busy to talk with us.

I always loved hearing his stories about travel all over the world and following his pictures through the years via Facebook have been inspiring.

John will be missed by so many and I will always remember him fondly for being one of the good guys.

My deepest condolences go out to the famil

Who is bringing the donut's?

Shared by Duane Hahn on 9th January 2019

I knew John thru BSF as I was in the admin team and John was a leader. We met as a group every Saturday during the year and I was in charge of deciding who would bring the treats for each Saturday. After finding out that John had a daughter who owned a bakery in Boulder, I attempted to get John to volunteer to bring treats for more than the required number of times, to no avail.

When I think of John the word that comes to mind is "gentle". He had such a gentle way about him along with such a soft voice. I always looked forward to his responses to the Study questions. John had a special way of expressing himself and it was very obvious that he Loved the Lord and embraced studying His Word. This world needs so many more John's. He is the light that many Christians never become. He carried himself in a humble, compassionate way. I will sorely miss John and I know he is in a better place with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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