Shared by Aletha Nortila on May 16, 2020
I would pull up to take him for outings and he would say I got to get my hat, or i need my glasses, get me some water.  and i would say were gone be late. He said, you set that time i didn't. Your gone be late.   Then he would say I don't have no time to be there that's you and who you set it up with. my people wait till i get there.  I said to my self what am i gone do with this man and God said walk arm and arm a learn everything that he  was willing to teach.

Go until i get the right one.

Shared by Aletha Nortila on May 16, 2020
My parents went to the grocery store and when they returned the fridge was on stock,  I mean it was loaded. I jus being nosy trying to see what i could sneak and pulled the fridge door a little hard and the eggs fell out and hit the floor  later mom went to the fridge and said who's been in the fridge?  Well i did not say anything so he said I'll start at the oldest whooping all the way to the youngest until somebody learns how to tell the truth. Schanda got it Christine was always more afraid of spankings and before he could spank her she said I did it i did it and I said thank You for older sisters. 

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