His Life

John Edd Simpson, Jr.

John Edd Simpson, Jr.
Passed away peacefully at 6:30a on Friday, July 2, 2021
at the Emory University Hospital Hospice Unit in Atlanta, Georgia.

John Edd Simpson, Jr.
Born July 8, 1937 in Clinton, Louisiana to the
late parents of Mr. John Ed Simpson, Sr. and Mrs. Beulah Bryant Simpson.

John, also affectionately known as Sleepy, Uncle June, Grandpa, Mr. Simpson, Sweet Papa and of course Daddy or Dad.

John was the last living sibling of the late Esther Larks, Joe Simpson, and James 'Cornell' Simpson.

John was married to Mildred Martha Johnson and they were parents to 5 children.  From eldest to youngest; Gina L. M. Simpson-Bruce, Gregory J.T. Simpson,
Gwendolyn A. Simpson-Winston, Dr. Gaynell Marie Simpson and Glenn John Simpson.

Gianni Elizabeth Simpson
Ramoan Demetrius Bruce
Alexandra Ireland Simpson
Cree Vianca Simpson
Kirsten Gina Winston
Ralonzo Dorian Bruce
Logan Noah Bishop Simpson
Alonzo Isaiah Simpson
Aliyah Inga Simpson
Chase Taylor Simpson
Chye Sade Simpson

John was also father-in-law to Sharon V. Jenkins, COL. Raphael D. Bruce, Mr. Gregory Lathel Winston, Mrs. Janet Simpson, and Mrs. Birgitte Vittrup Simpson.

Remarried & later divorced to Elmira Robinson Simpson & her three sons and we believe six to seven grandchildren.

John was also loved dearly by a host of family and friends in Atlanta Georgia, New Orleans Louisiana, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Dallas Texas, Brooklyn New York, Batesville Mississippi, Memphis Tennessee,  Maryland and Oklahoma.