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Shared by Shelita Diakite on July 10, 2021
My deepest sympathy to Mrs. Gwen an her mother an siblings I met Mr. John when I was Gianna caregiver he was a very nice man an I enjoyed sitting an talking to him Mr. John will be missed I was saddened when I heard about the passing.May God bless an keep this beautiful family up in prayers.Love always Shelita Diakite. ❤
Shared by Demetriel Poche' Bailey on July 8, 2021
What an awesome tribute in honor of cousin "Sleepy"! I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your families.  Yall look great! I will always cherish the moments that we spent together as children. My sister, Crystall, has 1 daughter and she calls me "Tante" inspired by my memories of Tonti, "Beanie" & Mildred!
Sorry my mom, Brenda, Crystall and I won't be there to give you guys support.  Know that you are in our hearts and prayers!
What a blessing it was for you to have had the time to create memories with "Sleepy "!
Sending our love,
Cuzns, Brenda, Demetriel & Crystall 

Special Tribute to Gwennie-Primary Caregiver

Shared by Gaynell Simpson on July 6, 2021
When my  Uncle Joe, a strong, loving father figure in my life, father's last sibling passed away,my dad really gave up as he grieved the loss of his final sibling. He dearly missed his siblings, and it was really sad to see him give up his golf clubs, stop going out with his friend, Fritz, and retire to his living room. It was apparent from his behavior and attitude; he was ready to leave this world and be with his family. I strongly believe the love and compassion, we as family had for him, sustained him to continue each day. My father's children each played different roles in his caregiving. A few examples include my oldest brother, Gregory, kept him on some weekends; I and my oldest sister (Gina Bruce) took him to his health appointments, followed by our family gathering at his favorite restaurant, AppleBee's. 

In this tribute, I am especially acknowledging my middle sister Gwendolyn-Winston Simpson, who is an employed, mother of two beautiful adult children, with one adult child having special needs. I am forever grateful and thankful to my middle sister, who tireless provided day-to-day care for greater than five years. As a researcher in caregiving, I am aware of the multiple demand of caregiving (e.g. caring for her adult child with special needs and my dad) can have on your mental and physical health. Gwennie, YOU, did it and you made his final days as peaceful as possible.

Gwennie, I just want you to know from your youngest sister that I sincerely appreciate all you have done. I love you for keeping him with meals, cleaned, and providing him with emotional and instrumental support during his toughest times. I strongly believe if dad could have spoken following his stroke, he would have thanked you and shared his love for you with all his heart. Since, he could not, I am here to say, you are acknowledged, appreciated, and loved by your youngest sister for all that you have done.

With all my love, 


Remembering with Love, Grace, and Compassion

Shared by Gaynell Simpson on July 6, 2021
I work as a clinician and instructor in the state of Georgia. I always tell my clients, “Your parents did the best they could with what resources they had". Meaning they could only express love to you based on their own emotional resources. One of the attributes I learned from father was to be an independent, self-sufficient, African American woman.

My father did the best he could during extremely difficult periods in my life. Throughout my young adulthood, my father provided shelter and support. As an older adult, my dad always checked in to see if I was well cared for and had my needs met. If I were short on cash, I knew I could call my dad, and he would find a way to provide.

I loved the moments we had as a family spent at Applebee's, following his doctor's appointments at the VA. I remember moments of us watching a game together on a Sunday/Saturday or even talking over the phone about the game. One thing we had in common was the love for music. My father loved music! He would sit in his living room chair, watch music videos, while dancing in his chair, and singing lyrics.

In closing, Dad, I will miss you dearly and I cherish our moments of laughter, comfort, and joy. Dad, you are going home to be with your siblings and parents. They will welcome you into their arms and hold you close, providing you comfort as you journey onward. As I always wrote on your celebration cards, from your smartest, talented, and beautiful, baby girl. I will always love you with grace and compassion.


My Dad the Athlete and Scholar

Shared by Gregory Simpson on July 3, 2021
For those that don't know, my Dad was a fantastic athlete playing multiple sports as well as according to him the smartest guy in school. As I grew up in Gerttown I'd hear the stories from his friends on some of his team heroics on the basketball, football and baseball field. To me he seemed to be just as proud of his scholarly abilities and expected all his kids to be just as smart. I don't think we let him down ...

My Dad, Tennis and Arthur Ashe ...

Shared by Gregory Simpson on July 4, 2021
Every one knows that I play tennis but few folks know why. I picked up a racket July 5, 1975 because of my Dad. On that day Arthur Ashe won Wimbledon and believe it or not my Dad gave me the inspiration to pick up a racket for the very 1st time. I never knew he even knew who Ashe was much less ever heard of the game before. Even though my Dad never played he loved Ashe's civil rights stances and his blackness! He hated Jimmy Conners who Ashe was to play that day for the championship because of the disrespect he had shown Ashe all that week plus Ashe was a big underdog in that final. Dad liked underdogs! I remember like it was yesterday when as I tried to exit the house he told me to  sit down and watch this event. I had no idea what was going on but my Dad's on going commentary was a perfect blend of man and blackness that I'd never shared with him before. Ashe pulled off one of the greatest upsets in sports and I was hooked on tennis forever. I still play weekly, my Son and one of my daughters play and hopefully someday future generations will too. All of this because of my Dad and his love and respect for Arthur Ashe.

BTW, I met Ashe a few years later and I wasn't disappointed!

Best Advice my Dad EVER gave me ...

Shared by Gregory Simpson on July 3, 2021
We Simpson's seem to always be trying to save the world. If I walked out the store with 20 other folks I'd be the one the poor soul looking for lunch money would pick out. I'll never forget my Dad pulling me aside one day after finding out I'd spent my last dollar helping someone with something and he looked me in the eyes and said, "Boy before you can ever save the world you need to save yourself 1st! Get yourself together, invest in Gregory, build that foundation, THEN you can do for others in need!" I needed to hear that ...

My Daddy and the Dogs ....

Shared by Gregory Simpson on July 3, 2021
We have two dogs that my Dad had this true love hate relationship with. He'd come from his room looking for them and they would always be outside his room when he was here but behind the little gate. He'd threaten them with his cane smiling from ear to ear and they'd just look at him like the last supper! I'd always tease him and told him I'd sic them on his old butt if he got out of line. He'd always respond with with how he still knew how to throw them bows!

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