My Daddy was a great father. He loved and cared for us. He gave us values and disciplined us. He directed us Spiritually and tought us to pray the Rosary every evening. He was a great husband to my Mummy and helped her to raise 12 children. My Father was so proud of us. He did not want his children to have jealousy so he made sure that we were all dressed the same. Daddy used to love to see all of us at Church sat in one pew looking a like.
Christmas time was a very beautful time and he used to lay the table with so much cakes and sweets before we went to Midnight Mass. When we return from Church Daddy would light fire works and we used to gather round the table and enjoy all the food and drinks. 
Later part of his life Daddy was an Ambulance Driver. He was such a caring, charitable and a loving person to everyone. Sometimes he will work till late and come home early hours bringing us take away meals. He would wake us up and ask us to join him. We used to love it. These are the little things we remember about our Father. 
Sadly he went to God when we were still young. I was only 15 years old. I am only sorry I did not have much time to get to know my father. My Mummy was very upset after Daddy died. She was left to look after all the children. Thank God my Brother Andrew was a Doctor and my elder sister was a Teacher and they supported Mummy.
We love you and we miss you very much Daddy. Thank you for all your love for us. Please be happy in Heaven Daddy. I am sure you must have met up with Mummy. We pray that you will enjoy the company of Angels and Saints. May God reward you in heaven.
Your loving daughter Julie, husband Suri and children, Andrew, james and joseph.