Keep on running

Dad was a keen fell runner, he claimed to have held the record for running up and down snowdon in his younger years (if you know if this is true or not please let us know).  He completed a mountain marathon and several other races (list still to come).. but running wasn’t about the competition for dad, it was a way of life. He ran almost everyday until he got late onset of asthma, but even that didn’t stop him and he battled on doing what he loved but just a little slower. Wherever you are now Dad you’re still running in our dreams.

It's all about the physiology

Throughout his life he combined his passions with his work and continued to work until his last day! John was a true explorer, pushing the boundaries, seeking new knowledge and new paths to conquer, however always modest and focussed on helping others succeed.

Family Life

John met Sue on a blind date, it was love at first sight and two months later they were engaged to be married. John then promptly went away for 6 months which was a sign of what Sue had to put up with for the rest of their lives! Children followed shortly after and he curtailed his dangerous adventures but continued travelling and working abroad, combining his passion for high altitude with his work in physiology. 

He was a master builder of assault courses, sand castles, cardboard space rockets, garden sheds, and kitchens.... His children are all grown up now and have produced children of their own. John then became the World's best grandpa, loved by all four of his grandchildren. 

Climbing (and falling off) Mountains

Dad had a keen passion for climbing and there are many stories of the peaks he has climbed and the peaks he fell off... Some might say it's a miracle that we are here!

Here are just some of the ones we know of: North wales (almost everywhere), Scotland (most of), a pioneer of coasteering in cornwall, survived an avalanche on Bolivar peak (Venezuela), various places in the Himalayas, the Andes, Greenland, the Alps (including the Matterhorn and the Eiger), and a long list still to come....

The Early Years

Born just before the Second World War, John was brought up during a difficult time. He was evacuated from London to Yatton in Somerset and also Wales, he spoke of occasionally being caned at school (and at home), working part time jobs to help support the family and taking solace in his studies and outdoor activities. Even at a young age John enjoyed helping others. He worked in a youth club, taking younger boys out walking and climbing.

The Full Timeline

1936 Born to Albert and Gladys, Albert a minister in the free church,

1939-45 Evacuated with his mother and two sisters to Wales and Somerset to stay with family

1947 Passed 11plus and attended Enfield Grammar School

1954. Medical undergraduate University London.

1955-1958. Registered as a Pacifist and became a Conscientious Objector, sentenced to 3 years agricultural and hospital work.

1958 - 1967. Medical and Science student Kings/Chelsea, Royal Free Hospital University London. 

1962. BSc physiology University London

1964. PhD physiology University of London

1964-1967, continued training in medicine whilst also continuing research of autonomic nervous system but did not complete medical training.

1967. Appointed to a lectureship in Physiology, The Medical School University of Birmingham. 

1969-1976. Various research posts, Caracas Venezuela, Tokyo Japan, Warsaw Poland.

1974 Married Susan 

1976-1980. Clinical Physiologist, ITU, Dudley Area Health Authority

1976 Edward Born

1978 Rachel Born

1980 DSc "pheripheral and central neural inputs to the sympathetic preganglionic neurone" University of Birmingham

1981 Naomi Born 

1983-2003. Bowman Chair and Head of Physiology; Head of School of Medical Sciences;  University of Birmingham UK. 

1988 Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology 

2000- present. Visiting Professor, Cardiovascular Sciences, Glenfield Hospital, University of Leicester UK.

2003-present. Emeritus Professor, School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Birmingham, UK .  

2000-present. Consultant in Applied Physiology, Royal Air Force Institute of Aviation Medicine (RAFIAM).

2004 Fellowship Royal Geographical Society

2004 Guest Professorship Nankai University

2005 Physiological Society Honorary member

2007 The grandchildren start to be born (William 2007, James 2009, Alice 2011 and Katie 2016)

2012 Honorary Fellow British Pharmcological Society