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John Howard Dyer, beloved husband, father and grandfather, was called home to be with the Lord on July 24, 2020 at the age of 74. John, the youngest of three children to Chester and Erna (Werhahn) Dyer, was born on December 20, 1945 in Great Bend, Kansas. After graduating from Great Bend High School in 1963, he attended Olivet Nazarene College in Kankakee, Illinois.  John attended the University of Kansas his sophomore year and returned to Olivet, where he finished his B.A. degree in Theology, with a minor in Science in 1968. In 1971, he and his family moved to the Pacific Northwest where they still reside. 

John founded and operated his own industrial maintenance supply company, Dynacco Inc., located in Monroe, Washington for 37 years. He was known for his honesty and integrity not only in his business but also in his personal life. One of the highlights of John’s career was in 1997 when his product Dyna-Wipes won Best of Show Washington during QVC’s 50 in 50 Tour. For 11 years, John made multiple appearances on QVC selling his award-winning product.

John was a “bigger than life” man.  He had a great laugh and loved to tell jokes to give people a smile.  He loved God, his family, friends and his church. John was always friendly and positive, thinking of others before himself. This did not change when he was diagnosed with a rare form of ALS called Progressive Muscular Atrophy. He fought a long, courageous battle for over 13 years.

John is survived by his wife of 55 years Sharel, son John (Leigh), daughter Julie (Brian) Mainstone, grandsons Benjamin and Beauden Dyer, brother Donald (Anita), sister Joyce (Jim, deceased) Davis, sister Deborah (Chad) Issinghoff and nieces and nephews Lisa and Scott, Mike, Christopher, Linda, Sharon, Vicki and Steve.  

Donations in lieu of flowers can be made in John’s name to: ALS Association – Evergreen Chapter and/or the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Global Health Fund

Posted by Julie Mainstone on July 24, 2022
Hey Dad! Well, today is Benjamin's 9th birthday and the 2nd anniversary of your passing. It's hard to believe you've been gone for 2 years. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that you were still with us and other days it feels like it's been years. I miss seeing you and hanging out as a family, joking and laughing. You were such a fun and special Dad! We all miss you SO much but take comfort knowing that you're at peace in heaven. You're in our hearts always! We love you and miss you. ❤️
Posted by Lisa Riedell on July 24, 2022
Thinking of you today Uncle John! ❤️❤️
Posted by Julie Mainstone on December 20, 2021
Happy Birthday, Dad on what would have been your 76th birthday. I miss celebrating our December birthdays together and the family teasing you about your infamous sweet tooth. Some of your homemade ice cream sounds REALLY good right now! Yum. We miss you, Dad. ❤
Posted by Lisa Riedell on December 20, 2021
Happy Birthday Uncle John. I was just thinking about you this morning. ❤️
Posted by Sharel Dyer on July 27, 2021
Dear Husband,

It's been a year since you left this world. No more sickness, no more pain, but forever with our Lord. I hold this as truth.

I've wept, laughed, gone through many memories of pictures, videos, stories with our precious family and friends. I'm confident your jokes and laughter will always be a part of our conversations. Like in the poem THE DASH, your life was a big life.

You are in my heart - Forever Missed
Posted by Julie Mainstone on July 24, 2021
Hi Dad. I woke up this morning at 2:28 a.m. and thougt about last year, receiving the early morning call from Mom around this same time, telling Brian & I that we needed to come to the hospital. We rushed there, hoping to be able to let you know once again that we loved you...but you had already left this world and were in God's loving arms.
I know you are at peace now but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you and miss you. You were an amazing father and example of a God- loving Christian. I miss your advice, encouragement, and all the times you would remind me how much you loved and appreciated me. I feel so lucky to have been blessed with parents like you and Mom. Not everybody in this world is fortunate to have that. I just wanted you to know that I love you and I'm thinking about you. I miss my Dad.
Posted by Dwayne Butler on December 20, 2020
Hey Big Guy, I was just setting here thinking what I would love to do today and that is to come out to your place and swing on your big rope swing and eat you home made ice cream. It was the best.....see you soon,
Posted by Dwayne Butler on November 24, 2020
Hey John, I am sorry it has taken me so long in getting back with you but I have not been too well lately. It seems like just yesterday we had our last meal together here in Spokane at the big BQ house. We did like to get together for the breaking of bread, that was for sure. You were a wonderful friend and I looked forward to you coming over to my job in Monroe and telling jokes and hearing you laugh. All my employees enjoyed your friendship. Remember how we used to talk about the Lord's return and what was happening in the Middle East, and about the return of Christ. Well, you got a head start so I'll be looking for you at the front of the line when He returns. I know your family will miss you but so will all your friends.
Posted by Steven Brigance on September 12, 2020
John was one of the first people we met in the neighborhood. He always had a smile and story to tell, he was encouraging and a big part of our neighborhood gatherings. We will miss him. Our daughter also sends her best wishes. She remembers talking to him on her walks with Nash when she stayed with us. Our prayers are with his family.
Posted by Amanda Anderson on September 11, 2020
I met John when my sister and I started attending Life Community Church a few years ago because we were students at Northwest University. I didn't know him for very long but I was blessed by his kind smile whenever we passed him by. I had a just a few conversations with him, but I'm so very glad I did. My condolences to his family.
Posted by Lisa Riedell on September 10, 2020
Uncle John - what an amazing man. It was clear that he loved his family, neighbors and friends. So kind and generous - I truly don’t think he ever met a stranger! I never lived very close to Uncle John and family - usually half a country away - but I could actually feel his presence through all the distance. Such a kind & gentle soul - he was full of joy for life and in turn filled others with that same infectious joy. And laughter - you could not help smile when you talked with Uncle John. He had the ability to listen, validate you and put a positive spin on just about anything. The proverbial glass half full was actually 3/4 full with Uncle John.  

I remember as a child the first memory I have of Uncle John - Ice Cream. Our family was visiting and he made homemade vanilla ice cream. I remember being in the kitchen, laughing, having fun watching him make it. Happy summer day - and such a happy memory. I recall I thought he was a genius at the time! To this day, vanilla ice cream brings me back to that kitchen, the happiness of that that day - Uncle John.

Uncle John will be missed. He was loved and gave love unconditionally. He was a gift to the world. My thoughts and prayers are with you now Uncle John, Aunt Sharel, John and Julie and their families. 

Posted by Katie Brand on August 29, 2020
We will miss so many things about John, but most of all his huge smile and continuous optimism, even in dealing with his ALS. We were privileged to be in a care group with John for many years and always appreciated his knowledge of the Bible and great story telling. He was just a great human being and we will miss him so much.
Brian and Katie Brand
Posted by Craig and Darla Brand on August 26, 2020

John and Sharel have been an important part of our life since they moved to Kirkland in 1978. John had an amazing love for the Lord and people and longed for every one he came in contact with to accept Jesus as their personal savior so they could share the peace and joy in the Lord that he experienced and one day join him in heaven.
John loved prophecy and went on several archaeological digs in Israel. He would light up whenever end times were talked about and often wept when sharing about one day worshiping God around the Throne of Glory.
John and Sharel were an important part of our Care Group Bible study for decades. We always appreciated John's insights and knowledge.
Craig and I looked forward to a show and dinner on Saturdays for years. As John became less mobile those Saturdays changed to cooking dinner together and watching movies at their home.
We feel very fortunate that we were able to travel to Italy with them in 2013 and see the great Utah parks on a road trip in 2015. Wonderful memories.
John loved his family and always put them first. He also always loved, accepted, and prayed for our family and referred to our girls as his daughters. They knew they were loved by John and Sharel.
John, we know you are in heaven now worshiping at the feet of Jesus. We know you have spoken to the Apostle Paul and held our baby girl Summer on your lap. We miss you John and thank you for all the wonderful memories. We look forward to seeing you again in heaven. We love you, Craig and Darla
Posted by Misti Bailey on August 25, 2020
I work with John's daughter, Julie. I never had the occasion to meet John (although we were frequent buyers of his awesome product, Dyna-Wipes) but knew him through Julie's stories and photos. I don't know of a closer-knit, more loving and supportive family. Julie is an amazing person and the more I hear of John's sense of humor, care for others and great laugh the more I see him in Julie and know that his qualities were shared with his children and grandchildren. Heartbroken for this beautiful family. Love, Misti & Travis
Posted by Bob Goodman on August 24, 2020
I first met John when he married my sister Sharel fifty-five years ago. From the beginning it was apparent that this was a special young man. Over the years he has proven to be more than special.
We live in Michigan, so visits were sporadic. Yet each visit was a Joy. As my family grew so did the number of those who loved and appreciated him. He was truly a member of the family. We will truly miss him.
Posted by Gill and Patti Weaver on August 21, 2020
Everyone will agree that John was a bigger than life person. He was always so positive and upbeat even through the years he lived with ALS. We remember the many years of Bible study together and John’s deep knowledge of prophecy and his love for Jesus and his willingness to share that love with everyone. One day we arrived at John and Sheryl’s house and John, was out in the street in his wheelchair, talking to two little girls about Jesus. This was the type of person John was, a person who cared deeply about others no matter how old or young. It has been an honor to have known him for all these years. He has been an inspiration to all of us who knew him and he will be greatly missed.
Posted by Jan Moo on August 20, 2020
I had the opportunity to meet John & Sharel back in 2013 as they had their Dynacco business located on the property when I started working for the owner of the warehouse. I loved to talk to John when he came into the office with his many stories. He was very interesting to talk with and almost always left with one of his funny jokes. I was saddened for both him and Sharel when he knew what his future would bring and he was forced to give up his business and leave our warehouse in Monroe. Many thanks to Sharel for bringing John by the office to visit us not long ago. My thoughts are with Sharel and John's family during this most difficult time. John will certainly be missed!

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Posted by Julie Mainstone on July 24, 2022
Hey Dad! Well, today is Benjamin's 9th birthday and the 2nd anniversary of your passing. It's hard to believe you've been gone for 2 years. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that you were still with us and other days it feels like it's been years. I miss seeing you and hanging out as a family, joking and laughing. You were such a fun and special Dad! We all miss you SO much but take comfort knowing that you're at peace in heaven. You're in our hearts always! We love you and miss you. ❤️
Posted by Lisa Riedell on July 24, 2022
Thinking of you today Uncle John! ❤️❤️
Posted by Julie Mainstone on December 20, 2021
Happy Birthday, Dad on what would have been your 76th birthday. I miss celebrating our December birthdays together and the family teasing you about your infamous sweet tooth. Some of your homemade ice cream sounds REALLY good right now! Yum. We miss you, Dad. ❤
his Life

This was a letter written to John Jr, Leigh, Julie & Brian on John & Sharel’s 50th Anniversary

John & Sharel Dyer – August 15, 1964

Starting Point: Kankakee, Illinois 1963 – Olivet Nazarene University

JOHN HOWARD DYER: We first met getting our mail at the college post office. I would make brief comments about the weather, “Nice Day”. She would smile at me and keep on walking. I guess the attraction wasn’t instant for her. I remember one day looking at her as she walked across campus. Her hair was long and pulled up in a French Twist. She wore a green skirt, blouse and flats. I was instantly attracted. My dorm room was on the second floor, room 203, above the post office. Going to lunch with my roommate, Wesley, I said: “Wesley, you see that girl coming out of the post office?” “Yeah” he said. I said “I wouldn’t be surprised if I married her.” “What?” he said. “What’s her name?” My response: “I don’t know, but there’s just something about her.” Wes said: “Man- you’re nuts. You’ve only been here 3 weeks.”

SHAREL TRUE GOODMAN: I remember seeing him on campus carrying a large brown leather briefcase and saying “Hi!” to just about everyone he met. That may have taken these snobby college preppies off guard as they were trying to walk across campus looking “cool”. It got my attention. He tells me for him it was “love at first sight”. For me, it was flattery, but not so sure. Things were complicated because I had a guy back home. I wasn’t prepared for Kansas to come into my life. When he smiled the dimples on each side of his cheek popped. WOW – So cute! His clothes were not in style with the required button-down collar and the ivy-league look, but he didn’t care. I think as we got to know each other, that’s when I realized more and more…this guy was the real thing. No pretense. No snobbery. He was John Dyer from Great Bend, Kansas. He took you just as you were and this was the real him. It started to click for us.

There were a few bumps along the way: the guy back home; John’s family freaking out about how serious we were becoming; our youth and having little money ($175 to start our life together). But upon return from Christmas break,Kansas and Michigan were merging. We were only 18. Not a care in the world. Love would concur all. We were married August 15, 1964 after our Freshman year in Detroit, Michigan.

REFLECTION: Marriage can be a fulfilling part of your life with the sharing, giving and loving. It’s truly great to have a friend and partner who understands and accepts most of the quirks about you. With marriage you commit to being “all in” even during those inevitable times that bring out anger, frustration and selfishness. A good marriage is a process of maturing. For us, it only came with our original love for each other and our faith in Jesus. It’s messy. It’s hard. But so are all relationships. Love is never stagnant. Love alone does not concur all. Sometimes it’s faith, sheer determination to get through this; holding on to the vows made; looking at others who have not made it and others who have. It’s always a choice. After 50 years, even after 10 years, you will not be the exact same person. Don’t take each other for granted. The goal is to grow together rather than apart.

I still love him. He still loves me. We made it to 50.

FOR OUR CHILDREN AND WHOEVER READS THIS: This is our story. Yours will be different. That’s okay. You are going to face things in your life different from ours. We truly believe that the principles of love in the Bible are an essential ingredient to marriage. We wish for you to be kind to one another, love one another, forgive on another and do more for the other than they do for you – no matter how many years you share your lives together.
I Corinthians 13:4-7

With all our love – Mom & Dad

Recent stories

“GOD broke my heart to prove to me he only takes the best...”

Shared by Wendi Gapp on March 23, 2022
I just wanted to share with you some memories/stories about John. For me it took untill now to write on this page … I didn’t know what to say or how to say it…
John  had been my client for three years I saw him on a regular basis twice a week. 
John always made my day,  always had a smile - twinkle in his eye , and a bad joke to share . Being John’s caregiver you never know how you’re going to react to what he might say next. Always entertaining! I don’t think there ever was a “bad day”  He was so positive and so much fun!
He always loved it when Sharel had an errand to run ! He’d say “go make yourself a coffee” and “grab a few snickerdoodles on your way back in” he’d say “come watch the debate with me!” I would tell him I have chores to get done, he’d say in very stern voice  “I’m the Boss…” then in a softer voice “at least until Sharel gets back” “So take a break, let’s watch some tv” and he’d laugh. I never was into politics but listening to John commentate always cracked me up! 
He would have me sneak him a candy bar now and again … this might have been his way of saying that I was a  bad cook … but he always ate the food I prepared with more bad jokes and laughter.
  John’s been a great friend to me an excellent client. The love I have in my heart for him and Sheryl,  is like family. I was not ready for his passing, 
I have stories to share that may not be appropriate but are definitely funny and humiliating at the same time . I could write pages but a couple of these memories stood out …
I would come in and help John after his shower -it was always 100° or more in the bathroom ( if you knew me, I was the one who just couldn’t hack the heat) I pick up towels and clean the chairs wipe down the floor etc… after replacing the bucket into his shower chair I turned around to finish drying the floor … when John says , (what I thought I heard ) “Wendi’s going to bolt”meaning it’s very hot in there and I said “yes I am” and he says no and repeats what I thought he said again … then the third time he says “no no Wendi, you’ve got my BALLS !”  That’s when I noticed that I had pinched him between his seat and the bucket… I was mortified he laughs and for the next several weeks I had to hear about “Balls”no matter what kind of balls they were it always ended with “do you remember”… I didn’t want to come back to work ever again! but I just couldn’t stay away! John’s sense of humor was contagious, even though the ordeal of that was traumatizing I continue to head back to the house twice a week. 
Sharel & John always made me feel welcome . another memory to share … but pictures might be better . I love looking at the deer that would come to John’s glass double doors watching John’s reaction- loved it when he told me to go grab Sharel‘s BB gun to whack them in the butt because no matter how many times Sharel would try the deer just kept coming back to feast on her trees and bushes and boy did they! (By the way Sharel’s Mother’s Day gift was this BB gun… ) Although I was still mortified and still listening to the bad jokes pertaining to “balls”John definitely had a heart of gold! The love he had for Sharel was inspiring ! He would have me sneak around ordering her presents and picking up cake and flowers for her on many occasions… these two where the perfect match! 
On one 4th of July John had given me a red white and blue cowboy hat that he bought at the game the weekend before -super giddy he was , I ware that hat proudly in Montana and here on regular basis! …. Every time I think of them a hummingbird stops to hover in front of me, 
Another favorite was getting to “test” John’s homemade ICECREAM, that was the best! That and the occasional piece of cake, pie or banana bread, always with fancy coffee to back it up! 
right about now I bet your wondering what this caregiver did for “work” to tell you the truth… naw,this was the most fun ever.  I looked forward to seeing John & Sharel always! The conversations were and still are some of my best memories I shared with you both!
I have been so blessed to have had the pleasure of taking care of you both! 
I love you❤️Wendi

My Memories of Uncle John

Shared by Scott Dyer on September 8, 2020
Uncle John was a big man in personality and stature. Instead of intimidating he was Love personified. Like a teddy bear one could rough house with he was also the person one felt happy to be near. His tone of voice, laugh and attention to living out what his Savior had given him was the best medicine for those who needed a lift… or just understand they were cared for. The source of his love of others was his understanding of Jesus' love for him and all mankind. There simply cannot be enough John Dyers.

I remember I once had a 1-2 hour long talk with Uncle John when I was home during a break from college in Iowa. I had become a Christian a year or two before and was mystified with John's passion to uncover the ashes of the red heifer. I learned that finding these ashes was one of many great steps that needed to be completed before Jesus comes again, not as a Lamb to slaughter but as a triumphant King. Uncle John loved the idea of directly participating in Christ's return.

I had led our supper prayer earlier that night saying - "God is great, God is good let us thank Him for our food, Amen". I was still learning about prayer. He coached me to pray using my own words and thoughts. He was a gracious teacher.

In 2006, my family of 6 (my wife, Teri, and I with our 4 kids - Ian, Abby, Patrick and Grace) took a 3 week vacation out West and spent a couple of days with Uncle John, Aunt Sharel, Julie and Bryan as well as John Jr. who had just started seeing Leigh, his wife to be. Everyone in my family can recall various aspects of that wonderful time together. We were not strangers but felt as if we had been there for years. How can this happen? Love. The love of the John Dyer family emanates from the Savior. While we did not meet any friends of theirs during that trip, I can only imagine that others would feel the same way. Uncle John's infectious love of others spread within his family and was poured out to those in the extended family.

I talked with Uncle John a few days before he passed away. Barely able to breathe he asked about Teri and each of my children. While the distance kept him from loving on them in person, he was more than curious - he cared for each of us. How can a person be so focused on others unless there is an ultimate Life-Giver? Until the very end he cared for people as if it were his calling from God. The world cannot have enough John Dyers.

Each of us has a choice in life for how we must live. Uncle John's choice was to follow and honor Jesus. As all believers, he was not perfect - yet it was through his humanity that made him accessible and attractive. I truly wish I had spent more time with my Uncle for I know that we both share a love of the same Savior. It is a mystery to many, but life-giving to those who have accepted Him into their lives. My prayer is that those that do not know Jesus would think again and look at a life of a man that lived through a nasty medical condition and understood what we have on Earth is temporary. Uncle John finished the race well and is with the Person he loved.

Jesus said "Come all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." (Matthew 11:28-30). Uncle John understood this and lived it. We can do nothing less.

Thank You God for allowing me to know, a glimpse, of a man that loved You and is now with You forever. Thank You for his life well lived. We all miss him, yet have comfort knowing his place is with You. Amen.

Much love,

Scott Dyer


Shared by Sharel Dyer on September 7, 2020
Card - Janice Butzke