Our wedding
John Howard Short
  • 70 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 8, 1944
  • Place of birth:
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Date of passing: Apr 10, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Stanley, Idaho, United States
Let the memory of John be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of John Short, born October 8, 1944 and passed away on April 10, 2015. We will remember him forever.

In lieu of flowers please consider a donation The JHMWS Family Charitable Foundation at http://shortwilkesfoundation.com

Please feel free to use this website to add your favorite photos and stories of John. 


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Joe & Gene Swedish on 10th April 2017

"A friend never forgotten"

This tribute was added by Valer Demian on 10th April 2017

"John, we miss you buddy!
Felicia and Eugen"

This tribute was added by Howard Salmon on 29th April 2016

"April 10th is indelibly in my mind. A shocking loss! John made a huge impact on my life and I miss him. There is not a week that goes by that I don't think of him as events trigger memories. Thank you John!"

This tribute was added by Colleen G on 8th October 2015

"Happy Birthday you have been missed but not forgotten."

This tribute was added by john short on 29th June 2015

"I did not now John ,but Im sure proud to share my name with such a legend.."

This tribute was added by Joni Steinman on 19th May 2015

"Dear Mary, As the shock of losing dear John so suddenly ebbs and is replaced by the roil of emotions and memories, please know that your love for John and his love for you will a steadying influence for you and yours always.  I apologize for this being the way in which you and I are reconnecting after several years off each finding new paths toward our futures, but please do get in touch when you are ready.  My deepest sympathies to you and the entire Short-Wilkes clan at this difficult time.  Warmest regards, Joni Steinman"

This tribute was added by Debbie Neighbor on 29th April 2015

"My condolences go out to the family and friends of John.  From reading about him and looking at the beautiful photos I know he is missed and loved by many.  No matter what, it can truly be said that death is an enemy and soon it will be brought to nothing (1Cor. 15:26).  I have found much comfort in the Bibles promise of a resurrection hope of our loved ones at John 5:28, 29 and hope you will too.  Death was never a part of Gods original purpose, in fact he yearns to soon bring an end to it and the suffering it causes your family and friends.  Revelation 21:4 states: "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away."  I did not know John, but I read his obituary and I hope these scriptures will help to bring some comfort knowing that others care.  If you would like to learn more about the Bibles promises and the hope it brings, please feel free to contact me."

This tribute was added by Mike Romano on 28th April 2015


You'd have been impressed with your memorial service.  Lots of people, some tears and glasses lifted.  As I listened to your eulogists, I'm embarrassed to say I was jealous, yes jealous, because everyone called you, "mentor" and "friend."  I guess I thought somehow our relationship, full of terror, triumph and two irons, was somehow unique, when in fact you touched hundreds of lives.  I guess in the end, I'm just glad you touched mine.



This tribute was added by Howard Salmon on 27th April 2015

"Here are some quotes that I remember from 35 years of John Short. Thank you John.
If He’s Talking, You Should Be Taking Notes
January 19, 2005
1. Sales
• Never appear to be selling
• The other person’s body language will tell you if you are pushing too hard.
• They will give you the price, the purpose and the timing for the project.  They will write the proposal for you
• If you are concerned they will have sticker shock, then throw out an estimated price range.  If they don’t blink at a high number, then assume a follow on.
• Price doesn’t change.  If they want it cheap, be honest.  Someone else may do it cheaper, but we can’t.  
• You didn’t fail if you didn’t get the project; you established a relationship
• You can come up with 6-10 projects for any client at any time that they might need.  Look at their size, their market, their service compliment, their managed care efforts
• Find opportunities to engage in conversations with inactive clients.  
• The size of a project doesn’t matter.  
• Don’t try and sell value if you don’t really have it.  It won’t build loyalty, trust and respect.  
• Use news to just call up a hospital. Do this consistently for 5-10 years, you will never have to market
• For every 5 sales calls One will convert
• "If you can sell $100,000 a year (as a first year consultant) you'll get our attention" (I didn't)

2. Client Relations
• Establish a long-term, personal and professional relationship.  Suspend your biases.     What is good about the individual that you can relate to?  
• Build a friendly relationship.  Look for opportunities to tell the client they are good
• Your objective:  the client retires successful.  
• Loyalty, trust and respect.  A little more loyal to the individual than to the organization.  
• We do a lot of individual and group therapy.  
• Never do something that is not in their best interest.  
• Build long-term relationships.  How can you get them to like you.  Get them talking.
• Give value-added ideas routinely.
• Don’t give the client something he didn’t ask for.
• You are always authorized to fly to a client.  
• Objective is to make sure they retire successfully.
• Your job is to cover his mistakes; his job is to forgive your mistakes
• We must constantly challenge client on new issues they need to consider
• Healthcare is a “good old boy” network. As you go through your career, networking

3. Project Management
• When you compile the data, think about what the client needs to know in order to answer the question  
• Never Assume
• “ROOKIES”- new staff
• When working at a client site we dress like consultants, not like the   clients
• Our job is to say 'No' (talking about feasibility studies)
• What we do is pattern recognition                          

4. Life
• If you make a mistake, own up to it immediately.  
• You’ve all entered a race with John Short.
• Do you want to bet your job?
• Healthcare is a “good old boy” network. As you go through your career, networking is critical.
• Take the high road always
• Raise the water level so all boats will float

      5.    Other
• We reject the leveraged strategy.  You can make a lot of money, but it’s as boring as heck  
• If there are parts left over after repairs, then the manufacturer over engineered it.
• That's twice
• We always fear the spigot will be turned off tomorrow.  
• We are loyal to you.  We trust you.  We respect you.
• Don’t make me repeat myself more than once
• If you get stuck, hold your ankles and call me"

This tribute was added by Dixie Hodson on 25th April 2015

"Dearest Mary,
My heart, thoughts & prayers are with you. Much love being sent your way. Dixie"

This tribute was added by Lori Siedenstrang on 24th April 2015

"Posted for my husband, David:

I met John in June, 1974 when he hired me as a summer intern at his consulting firm, John Short and Associates (JS&A).  For 40 years, John has been my mentor, a business partner and a friend; he has been the largest single influence on my professional life and career.

John was a PhD candidate in economics at the University of Utah in the early 1970s when I was an undergraduate student in that department. He was already a legend: as a graduate student he had co-founded the academic journal, Intermountain Economic Review (IMR); he had established and was managing a consulting firm with real revenue, supporting a downtown office with a paid staff; he owned a popular bar (D.B Cooper’s); he drove a BMW and he had a son. He was a man with a plan, and he was chasing it with his hair on fire.

John published an article in the Spring, 1993 issue of IMR titled “Is Health Care an Economic Commodity?” After examining arguments on both sides of the question, John concluded, “That health care is an economic commodity, there can be little doubt. … health care is not a sacred item immune from analysis … rather it is an industry desperately in need of the application of contemporary economic theory to investigate the efficiency  and equity questions that plague the field. … The theoretical tools are available, but they must be applied with imagination and foresight to provide policy makers with the informational background necessary for rational decision making at all levels of government, as well as throughout the health care industry. The needs are pressing. The time is now.”

John was only 28 years old when this was published, yet his youthful insights lit the path for his life’s work … culminating in his appointments as a Director on the Boards of multiple private and publicly-traded health care related corporations … he envisioned, and achieved, a role at the highest levels of decision making in the industry to apply his “imagination and foresight.”

So how did he accomplish so much? One of his favorite tunes was Kenny Roger’s The Gambler   (“Know when to walk away, know when to run.” … “The secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away, and knowing what to keep.”). However, John was not a high-stakes gambler, but rather the embodiment of the American Dream. He worked very hard … he took calculated risks (won most, lost some) … learned from his losses … savored the rewards of his successes … and, perhaps most importantly, he generously left something on the table for the next guy.

One of John’s directorships brought him to Austin routinely, and he would invite Lori and me out for drinks and dinner. We dined with him in late February, and reminisced about the last 40 years.  We agreed that age 70 was now the new 50; we caught up on the achievements of our respective kids and grandkids; he beamed about the success of the new children’s hospital in Nepal that he had helped launch; he was excited about an upcoming family trip to Africa where he would complete his goal of fly-fishing on every continent on the globe. He was happy and as content as I have ever seen him. John will be missed, but never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Rocky Anderson II on 23rd April 2015

"It doesn't seem possible that John is gone. His wry wit, his tremendous patience, his incredible competence at everything in which he engaged, and his many passions will live long into the future. I admired him enormously.
It is so easy to see John smiling, quiet, laid back, and often quite bemused by those around him.  He watched me miss a two-foot birdie putt (which I took a full minute or so to "set up") and chuckled about it for years -- as he did at the memory of me falling off a raft into the river while fishing with him in Idaho. (He WAS patient with me as I attempted to golf and fish with him and Steve!)  
John was so well respected by everyone who worked with him, including during his tremendous public service as one of my appointees on the Airport Board.  When John spoke, everyone knew they needed to listen.  He was smart AND wise. I'm grateful to John for being one of the rare really great people -- and only wish there had been more time with him.
I wish Mary and all his loved ones the best -- and hope their sense of loss is mitigated somewhat by realizing how fortunate we all were to have him in our lives."

This tribute was added by Karen Scheid on 21st April 2015

"John was a good Teton Valley Lodge neighbor and friend, not to mention fellow fly fishing enthusiast.  His wit, kindness and enthusiasm for life will always be remembered.  We are so sorry for your loss, Mary. John will be sorely missed.
Fondly, Karen & Dean Scheid"

This tribute was added by Donna Lee on 21st April 2015

"I'm so sorry for your loss.  He contributed so much to this world.  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him - though, far too short of time.  I pray that his love, energy, compassion, and vision live on in his family, friends, and all the lives he touched."

This tribute was added by Vanessa Jimenez on 20th April 2015

"Just want to send my condolences to wife, family and friends. I unfortunately didn't have the pleasure of knowing John. I don't know why but while I was creating a page for my loved one I came across his page and I started reading the stories that family and friends had posted and it really touched my heart. He was a wonderful human being. I recently lost a very closed loved one. So I know how much you might be hurting. I was told that they will forever be in our hearts and we will miss them deeply but that life will eventually teach us how to live without them. May you find peace and closure in your hearts. May God Bless you."

This tribute was added by Gigi Jamison on 19th April 2015

"John, your quick wit will always be a fond memory for me.  The guiding star in the life of my friend Mary - know you will be missed but never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Amy Nyberg on 19th April 2015

"John, you leave us too quickly, but you gave us everything you had and more. Your insight was always so simple, getting right to the core of a problem. You were humble, never arrogant about the challenges of health care (and of the modern world), instead always taking one small step forward. You elevated us all above our own potential, which is the greatest gift any human can give another. And you made this very hard work fun! I know you weren't done, but you gave amazing skills to so many people, we will continue to pass it on. I hope I make the best use of all you gave me. Thank you."

This tribute was added by Nancy Alcabes on 19th April 2015

"My sincere condolences to Mary and the rest of John's family.  I worked for John at both JS&A and Phase 2.  It is a tribute to John's intelligence and instincts that I both learned so much and worked with and met such amazing people during those times. There are so many John Short stories.  It still makes me smile to remember the entire JS&A office marching across the street one Friday afternoon to celebrate John receiving his PhD.  Every bottle of champagne in the New Yorker was consumed by early evening. We all felt proud and John was beaming.   I'm so very sorry for your loss."

This tribute was added by Lynn Jensen on 18th April 2015

"John has been a big part of my life for nearly 50 years.  He was always a great friend, listener and counselor.  I tried to be the same for him.  We took some really great trips with Tom Reardon, Doug Walta--to Bordeau (1999) and Tuscany (2002)--and then with our spouses to Oceanside OR (2013).  Our lives have been  greatly enriched by our long friendship.  I miss him immensely."

This tribute was added by Mike Todai on 17th April 2015

John and you have uplifted and impacted lots of people in positive way in USA and abroad. I feel very fortunate  to know you both and opportunity to learn many things about building relationship, taking care of family, work hard  and have fun. You both have been incredibly humble, kind, generous and make people feel at ease and at home. I was not a big fan of scotch till I met John and tried MACALLAN Scotch on the rocks!  Prayers, Love and hugs. You are in our hearts and in our prayers. Bina and Mike"

This tribute was added by Mary Pat Welc on 17th April 2015

"So many fitting tributes for a great mentor, neighbor and friend and the family he loved so much.  Hopefully you can take some comfort in knowing just how much John meant to so many.  Thank you for sharing him with us. Thank you John, for helping me to stretch and achieve things I never dreamed possible."

This tribute was added by terrry srokosz on 17th April 2015

"Dear Mary,  
We Mary are very sorry for your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.  Vic really enjoyed talking to John about horses...
Love  Molly , Vic  and Terry"

This tribute was added by Apryl Haynes on 17th April 2015

"Mary, We are so sorry for your loss.  You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. We are grateful to have spent time with you and John last summer on the Seton Heritage Pilgramage last summer.  

Praying God's Comfort and Grace for you in the coming days.
Robert and Apryl Haynes (Fellow Pilgrams)"

This tribute was added by Harrilyn Collins on 17th April 2015

"Mary, our hearts are with all of you as you gather to celebrate Johns' remarkable life.  As memories are shared about his love of family and friends, and stories are told of his adventures and the passions he dedicated himself to, be comforted in knowing his was a life well lived.  Love you -  Harri and Larry"

This tribute was added by Louis Brusatti on 17th April 2015

"Mary and all...Know you are in my thoughts and prayers as your morn the loss of John.  I will offer mass for him this afternoon with the Moreau House students at SEU.  I will always remember our time together on the Seton Heritage Pilgrimage.  Blessings!"

This tribute was added by colleen welch on 17th April 2015

"Mary, I am so sorry. He was such a unique man and I learned so mucch for him.Take comffort from yourr family and friends and memories. and the fact that he died doing something he loved"

This tribute was added by Gwen Duyck on 17th April 2015

"Mary, we are so sorry to hear of John's sudden passing. We are hoping that the love of friends and family will help to see you through, and that time will bring you brighter days. You are in our hearts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Bill Hannegan on 16th April 2015

"Was this the Dr. John Short who lived on Lindell Blvd in the 1980's?"

This tribute was added by Dalia Tijerina on 16th April 2015

"Mary,  you have been on our minds since we heard of John's passing, and we can't tell you how sorry we are for your loss.. We had the opportunity two meet John a couple of times and what we always found amazing was the love you both had for one another.  You both were so truly blessed to have found each other. We love you and your entire family. You are in our hearts and in our prayers.

Much Love
Rey & Dalia Tijerina"

This tribute was added by Peggy Barrett on 16th April 2015

"Mary, you and John had the love affair we all admired. You both adored and cherished each other. John's humor and vision and your endless energy truly engaged us all.
John gave me opportunity and vision. He had high expectations for us all. As a CEO later in my career, John stopped by the hospital one day in Austin and said he wanted to see how his budding CEO was doing. I said , Well, I would call it a late bloom wouldn’t you John? We both laughed.
He came to an open house at the HIH before we built the freestanding hospital and I picked him up at the airport. I missed a turn, and John said, don’t you know the way to your own hospital Peggy? I was so nervous but we made it on time. When he was ready to leave, he motioned to me. I said, you want me to drive you back to the airport? He said yes but I will navigate so we can get there! We both laughed. John always had a great sense of humor and was truly one of the most intelligent persons I have known in my life. It was a privilege to work with John and Mary.
May God’s strength and John’s love sustain you dear Mary in this tragedy"

This tribute was added by Alicia Bremer on 16th April 2015

"Dearest Mary – There simply aren’t words to express the depth of the heartbreak and compassion I feel for your loss of John. This is profound and I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I heard the news.  The tributes to him here, and to you both, are deeply touching. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you and your family.  I know you are surrounded by friends and loved ones, and I hope you will count me among them.  My love and prayers and condolences are with you all.  Much love,  Alicia"

This tribute was added by Wendy Whelan on 16th April 2015

"You all have my most sincere condolences, and I am very sorry for the loss of a wonderful brother-in-law who was also a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend.  You are all in my thoughts."

This tribute was added by Lani Medina on 16th April 2015

"I had the privilege of working with John at Phase 2 Consulting in the early 90's. He taught me a lot and I have great memories of those years. John had such enthusiasm in everything he did. He touched so many lives and will be greatly missed. Sending love and prayers to his family at this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Bill Papanikolas on 16th April 2015

"Dear Mary and family members.  Please accept Gillian and my condolences on John's passing.  He was a great guy.  I will always remember John with admiration and fondness, and the time we put in a bid to run the Salt Lake Visitors and Convention Bureau. I watched in amazement as John made our final pitch to the "Selection Committee."  After John finished the half-hour presentation there was a brief pause, then the entire committee arose and gave John a standing ovation!  Selection committees are not suppose to do that!  But they, like anyone who knew John, couldn't resist his intelligence, good humor and charm.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.   Bill"

This tribute was added by Patrick Sweeney on 16th April 2015

"John will be missed by all. My heart goes out to the family. I worked with John  in the late 80s while at the SD Foundation for Medical Care and recently reconnected with him. He was a true "Mensch" . My prayers are with him and the family."

This tribute was added by kate fornelli on 16th April 2015

"Mary I'm so sorry for your lose. May god be with you and your family and help you through this time. God bless you! Sending my love and prayers.   Kate"

This tribute was added by xuan mao on 16th April 2015

"Dear Mary: thank you and John for bringing so much joy for me!The days on the ranch are part of my best days in my life. Live on, Come on!"

This tribute was added by Melissa Hansen on 16th April 2015

"Sweet, Sweet Mary,

I pray that God will comfort your soul and that through the love of your family and friends, your heart will be lifted.  I pray that your precious memories of John will sustain you, bring you peace, and raise you up.  May we help strengthen you as you bravely go forward in the knowledge that you will see your dearest John again.  All our love,
Melissa Hansen and family"

This tribute was added by Laurie Jaccard on 15th April 2015

"Mary, it is amazing how much John impacted so many people in so many different ways.   And you two together were so dynamic and incredibly generous, kind and adventurous.  You had such great times these past years, it sure has been fun watching you smile and look so happy.  It brings me to tears when I think about you - because I know John made you so happy as you did for him.   Prayers and Love, Laurie and Scott"

This tribute was added by joanne berryman on 15th April 2015

"You and Mary have always been there for me. I feel a void that I cannot explain.
I am here for whatever you need."

This tribute was added by Jackie Field on 15th April 2015

"John, thank you for loving our Mary and bringing her such joy and friendship.  i wish i had the opportunity to meet you but one can't help but feel your spirit in pictures and all these loving tributes.  My prayers and thoughts are with your loved ones who i know will miss you forever.  Some holes can never be filled but we can learn to move around them with God's grace.  Love you Mary."

This tribute was added by Claire Willman on 15th April 2015

"23 years we worked at RHB together.  Reach for the stars, take risks, learn from them, create a vision, find a way to get there, with great humility and gratitude.  What a generous and compassionate man.  Your flight hours are now endless in heaven.  Thank you John!"

This tribute was added by Jim Webber on 15th April 2015

"It is very sad to hear about the tragic death of John Short. Please pay my deepest condolences to Mary. I will light some butter lamps at Boudha Stupa.

Tsultrim Lama, Kathmandu, Nepal"

This tribute was added by Olivia Dyson on 15th April 2015

"I can't believe John is gone. I guess it's still the child in me that thought he would live forever. He was a very kind man and patient man. I remember running around Shannon's house growing up and John's presence was calming and warm. May he rest in peace and I hope he knows his presense will be missed and never forgotten."

This tribute was added by Tim Charles on 15th April 2015

"Mary:  I believe I had the pleasure of meeting you just once.  As you can see from the notes posted, John touch each of us in special ways.  He was one of the brilliant and visionary leaders in our industry.  He was generous to me during a particualy challenging time and I am grateful.  I flew with John in his twin engine cessna accross the country and back,  I consider that time with him to be one of the wonderful intellectual adventures of my career. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers."

This tribute was added by Steve Szykula on 14th April 2015

"Decaf coffee, ham and eggs, pretzels , diet coke,
Mickie's Big Mouth Beer, flying , golfing, fly fishing , great scotch and red zins, preparing steak or speghetti or speghetti and steak, attending the NCAA final 4s, and about a hundred , twenty dollar bets on Super Bowls and golf and ncaa basketball March madness,  leadership with compassion,
Leslie , Leo, Amy , Shannon , Meghan, Levi , grandchildren , his brothers, and so many friends , 9 pm bedtime until he met the love of his life Mary who stretched that to 930 are reflections of John.  I shed tears of sadness for our loss and celebrate the fact that I loved John and was able to spend so many great times with him and his family and friends and most recently a vacation week with John and Mary.  
Steve Szykula"

This tribute was added by Robert & Della Johnson on 14th April 2015

"Dear Friend,
The more enriched a person makes our lives the harder it is to bear their loss. Our hearts go out to you and all your wonderful family.
Wrapping our arms around you."

This tribute was added by Pat Cooper on 14th April 2015

"John, you will be missed.  You always treated me as though I am capable of becoming something greater and I always pushed harder.  That 28 year support and pressure has been much appreciated.  Thank you for being there, listening and loving my friend Mary.  You will always be in my heart.  

Mary, I know he is the love of your life as you were his.  Who knows why God gives us such a gift and then takes it away.  However, John’s presence, generosity, warmth and spirit will always be in our hearts.  Your strength of heart and spirit will get you through this difficult time."

This tribute was added by Stefani Spencer on 14th April 2015

"My husband and I were married at the Diamond D in June 2013.  We were to be married on the dock but the weather was terrible.  The day before our wedding, on his way out of town, John offered to let us be married in his home if the weather didn't improve.  It did, and we were married on the dock.  But I won't forget his kindness to someone he didn't really even know."

This tribute was added by Vash Brumitt on 14th April 2015

"John was a special friend.  I feel a great loss in his passing away and will miss him terribly even though we lost contact with each other."

This tribute was added by Melanie Rehberg on 14th April 2015

"Oh Mary….I am so sorry.  My heart breaks for you and your wonderful family.  He was such an amazing, sincere, accomplished, generous soul….such a loving soul is sure to live on and be cherished by many forever."

This tribute was added by Nancy Moore on 14th April 2015

"Dear Mary,

Rich and I have such marvelous memories of you and John together.
Such love, laughter, intellect, compassion and joy.  Our hearts are broken knowing your loss and feel the world has truly lost a great friend, father, husband, mentor, teacher, and wisdom keeper.
We are ever so grateful that we have had the chance of knowing you both and our tears are flowing.
Nancy and Rich Moore"

This tribute was added by Molly Tyson on 14th April 2015

"Hi Mary-
I'm sorry we haven't been able to connect these last few days- the time has flown by but please know you are in my thoughts. So much love to you and your family. I know your heart is breaking too. Lots of love to you and yours, Molly Tyson"

This tribute was added by Cathy Knight on 14th April 2015

"Dr. Short was an inspiring leader, a mentor to many, and a man who embraced life fully. I remember he loved his family above all, and he always put you first. His untimely passing is a blow to many and leaves a giant void, though the legacy of his wisdom and "joie de vivre" live on.  Mary and Leonard and family - I wish you peace and courage during this very difficult time."

This tribute was added by Karen Edson on 14th April 2015

"Dear Mary,
My heart is heavy, and my thoughts with you and your family during this difficult life passage. The tribute and photos are wonderful. I wish I had known him."

This tribute was added by Richard Oliver on 14th April 2015

"John was a good friend and colleague.  A true visionary!  

I'm sure he now has a new set of wings."

This tribute was added by Patti Williams on 14th April 2015

"I considered John to be on my "personal board of directors".  I went to him for counsel and advice - I trusted and respected him for his intelligence, wisdom, and perspective.  How lucky we all were to have him touch our lives.  And Mary, he was lucky to have a fun and bright woman like you at his side!"

This tribute was added by Dinny Trabert on 14th April 2015

"Oh Mary, I have thought so much about you and your family!  I'm sorry I didn't get to meet John personally especially after reading these amazing tributes to him.  Please know my prayers are with you as you navigate through this difficulty time."

This tribute was added by Walter Concepcion on 14th April 2015

"John Short legacy

Life is full of surprises there are thing that we do not have control over. For example, if we are born rest assure that we will die. But whatever happens in this life span  we are in control. Everyones life is full of obstacles and crucibles that shape us. I am an example of the previous statement. I had a dream, that at times seemed very unattainable  and with the help of many good friends and mentors I was able to accomplish it. I wanted to be a CEO of a hospital and Dr. Decardenas and Dr. Short helped me accomplish my goal. Mary, I have to tell you that I am very grateful to have met John. I will remember him as a quiet an thoughtful individual,  an avid fisherman, a mentor,a friend but above all an unique human being. I was recently at a CEO and Medical Director's meeting and 90% of the presentation was geared to what the future holds within our industry. I kept  thinking about what John had told me many years ago and that at time it seems so out of reach and he called it bundling. This is an example of one of many of his accomplishments he was a man of many visions. Furthermore I am deeply sad for his death but knowing that he lived a full life. I am thankful  for all he has given us. I am an example of his legacy. I assure you that his legacy lives on. He will be missed but not forgotten. I am always grateful and during this hard time and in the future if you need anything it will be pleasure to help.

Walter Concepcion

CEO West Gables Rehabilitation Hospital"

This tribute was added by Michael Henderson on 14th April 2015

"Dear Mary, Leonard, Ron and the Short Family.  Over 28 years I have known John as a mentor, friend and fishing companion.  There has never been a finer gentleman among us than John.  We are sharing in your loss.  He leaves a legacy of working hard, playing hard and being one of the best story tellers of all time."

This tribute was added by Felicia Costea on 14th April 2015

"You have touched us for a moment and will live with us forever.

Eugen and Felicia"

This tribute was added by Dr. Gary Young on 14th April 2015

"Dear John Short Family and Friends, What a loss! Too young and very untimely, Mary, we grieve for your and out loss.
I came to know John after working with him on his engagement in Camden at Cooper--and we genuinely appreciated each other, and learned from each other--me, more from him. An honest, good-humored man of intelligence and compassion, We miss you John!"

This tribute was added by charles berry on 14th April 2015

"John was one of the best and most effective expert witnesses I used over the years. We went through some difficult times and issues. He did so with humor, grace and great intelligence."

This tribute was added by Jayson Chitwood on 14th April 2015

"John was a great leader, mentor and friend. I learned a great deal and grew as a professional while working with him. I'm thankful that we were on each other's paths. Gone too soon!"

This tribute was added by Lina Hauk on 14th April 2015

"Deepest sympathy and condolences to the family.  I very much respected and admired John Short.  I'm glad I knew him."

This tribute was added by Rick Carter on 14th April 2015

"This single life changed my life second only to my own father.  John you are my teacher, mentor, guide, and friend.  Thank you times infinity. See you later..."

This tribute was added by Rick Sordahl on 14th April 2015

"John, Dana and me are grateful for having the privilege of meeting such a humble, gracious, generous man. You made a large impact on how we view and live our lives.  You were a great business partner, fishing partner and dearly missed friend.  Don't catch them all. Love, Rick & Dana"

This tribute was added by Rachel Langley on 14th April 2015

"When a great man dies, for years the light he leaves behind him, lies on the paths of others. Thank you John for all the memories and the love you have given to all. You will be missed"

This tribute was added by Felicia Costea on 14th April 2015

"John, you left too soon, dear friend! Eugen and I would have loved to do that trip to Romania together, as we talked about not long ago and also come visit you and Mary. We will now come see your place, but instead of spending priceless time in your company we come to say a last goodbye to the great man you were. Condolences to you Mary, stay strong and be assured that John has become one of the brightest stars on the sky! We treasure the great memories we have together and love you both."

This tribute was added by David Demarest on 14th April 2015

"I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting and spending time with John at the Diamond D in the fall of 2013, working with him on the irrigation project and sharing a beer or two on the deck of his home at the ranch.  I would very much have enjoyed the opportunity to know him better.  I know he will be missed by many and I wish his family the best in this incredibly difficult time."

This tribute was added by Thomas Rieger on 14th April 2015

"Mary, it was with deep regret that I read the news about John. I am so sorry to hear about your loss - my heart goes out to you and your family. With warmest thoughts, Tom Rieger"

This tribute was added by Marty Felsenthal on 14th April 2015

"I was fortunate to be introduced to John through my good friend Tom Cooper and had the pleasure of working with him at Vericare. I'm a better person for knowing him. He was a bear of a man. Tough on the outside but hugely warm and supportive on the inside once he took a measure of you. I enjoyed all my work with him, I learned a lot from him, he made our company better, and he drove people to realize their highest potential. He was a very special person."

This tribute was added by Daniela Quilter on 13th April 2015

"Mary, so sorry to hear about John.
Please remember that your St. Louis yoga gang misses you and we keep you in our thoughts and hearts."

This tribute was added by Scott Phillips on 13th April 2015

"To a great friend and mentor.  Thank you for your honesty and guidance.  You helped me to be better and I am going to miss our discussions and your insights."

This tribute was added by Tate Tripple on 13th April 2015

"My crew and I had the opportunity on several occasions to work on John's Log Home at the ranch. I thoroughly enjoyed it every time we were there. John and Mary were always so kind and hospitable. John was soft spoken, easy going, and always in a good mood. These are qualities shared by my own Dad and the reason I looked up to him. The long work days were usually followed by dinner with the crew and John's family. John seemed to have and endless supply of good stories about flying, fishing, and plans for the ranch. He was passionate about the things he loved. I was fortunate enough to get some fly casting lessons one night from John. In 20 minutes he improved my cast more than 20 years of practice. I will always be thankful chance I had to work on Johns ranch property and for all the good times had doing it. Thank you John for the lasting impression you left on me and my guys. You will be missed. God bless the Short Family."

This tribute was added by Joanna Cruciat on 13th April 2015

"We are forever grateful for the time we had with John...What an absolutely wonderful, easy going and happy man. We will miss you forever and will keep our wonderful happy memories in our hearts! Mary, my love, you and the kids have our love and hugs and deepest condolences, from Nick and me, mama and papa and all 'The Canadians'!"

This tribute was added by Franki Loftus on 13th April 2015

"Mary, so terribly sorry to hear of John's  untimely passing. He was the most generous, genuine and life affirming gentleman that I've had the honor  to meet. His love for you, for his family and for life just radiated from him. He will leave a huge void on this planet, Sincere sympathies and love from Roger  and me."

This tribute was added by Melanie Bales on 13th April 2015

"Mare's- My thoughts are with you at this time.  I was just thinking about some of the great times us girls had with you and John at the St. Louis house- I don't know why this memory came to mind, but there was one dinner we had on the back porch...(most likely some good steaks and some good wine!)...me, Lauren and Megan went around the table asking for song requests (some sweet tunes to dance to!) and of course John made us play Dire Straits! Haha of course we didn't want to, but we couldn't say no to him! It's such a little, seemingly insignificant memory, but that is what life and relationships are made of!  I will never forget that night and the many others we enjoyed.

I'll also never forget John's support and encouragement as I started my teaching career...he was an outspoken force when it came to urban education and I was inspired by how much he contributed to schools around St. Louis! He will be dearly missed."

This tribute was added by Emily Eliason-Sybrant on 13th April 2015

"For Leslie. Dads are so special to us as woman. He seems like a wonderful father to you. It shows in your charm and humor. Love you so much and grateful we are friends and co workers at CBC. Bless your sweet sweet heart for healing and peace. Em"

This tribute was added by Thomas Wagner on 13th April 2015

"I wished I would have gotten to know you better we never should let time  slip away until its too late. I know my sister will miss you everyday."

This tribute was added by pat fitzgerald on 13th April 2015

"Mary, please know that all the yoga group in St. Louis sends their most sincere condolence on this loss ... please stay strong ... we love you - patfitz"

This tribute was added by Lauren Young on 13th April 2015

"Thinking of you every day, Mary.  The many years of being welcomed into your home and your life with John has made such an impact on my life.  John's kindness and warm spirit will always be missed.  Sending all my love to you and all of the family."

This tribute was added by T S Laster on 13th April 2015

"A true gentleman and a gentle man. What a treasure to have as a friend. Never to be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Colleen G on 13th April 2015

"John you will be missed and I'm thankful that you were a part of my life"

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